Help,I addicted to that drug named Haikyuu!! These two weeks were full of sketching.Here are some of them: I decided to post this set ‘cause I was doing a lot of haikyuu sketches all this time and now I have enough stuff to show you:)

  • what I say:noya and tanakas relationship is cool
  • what I mean:why the fuck does tanaka refer to him both by his last name and -San when noyas out there dropping ryuus like it's going out of style. what happened in their friendship that caused this to be the norm is noya just a casual motherfucker and if so why doesn't tanaka take that as a sign he can do the same I mean for all we've seen tanaka isn't any kind of overly respectful person he cusses at opposing teams and mocks his underclass men so why would he draw the line at how he addresses his best friend

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I was tagged by kageshini1 and noya-the-little-crow so I will answer both question sets (to be fair) and then tag people so yeah:)


1. What is your favorite animal? :)

Probably cliche but I just really love cats man.

2. You were loudly singing the opening from attack on titan and a member of your family (parents, brother/sister) walks in, what do you do?

Run awayyyy

3. Would you rather be a ninja or a wizard?


4. What do you think about Kageyama Tobio?

My sooonnnnnnn

5. What’s your favorite soundtrack?

I actually don’t know, maybe the soundtrack from RENT, if that counts?

6. Tea or Coffee?

I don’t really like either too much D:  probably coffee though?

7. Dragons or aliens?

Dragons. No questions asked.

8. What color is your pillow?

Brown with multicolored peace signs

9. How do you feel about white-haired characters

I cry everytime, they didn’t deserve it

10. What anime cracked you up the most?

School Rumble or Gintama!


1. Do you like mochi?

Haven’t had it D: but it looks good

2. Would you rather stay up during the night or wake up early?

Stay up during the night

3. What is one food that you could never ever give up?!


4. Do you like roller coasters?

Never been on one 

looks terrifying but fun

5. You ever see a real palm tree?

Yes, when I was in Florida when I was really young

6. Where would you go first if you could teleport to any location in the world?


7. What is something you like about yourself?

Uhhh. I generally try to stay positive/am a positive person.

8. Have you ever seen the movie Treasure Planet?


9. Sweet or salty?


10. What is your current favorite OTP?

Just one? D: Uhhh really feeling Ichiruki rn.

My questions!

1. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

2. What’s your favorite number?

3. Do you collect anything?

4. Is there a song stuck in your head right now, and if so what is it?

5. Would you rather go scuba diving or sky diving?

6. What’s your favorite season?

7. When did you get up today?

8. What is a memory that you’re fond of?

9. Coke or Pepsi?

10. Have you ever prank called someone?

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