Things I cry about loudly and often:

-Nishinoya refusing to play in official matches until Asahi came back
-Asahi coming back to the team
-The face Nishinoya made when Hinata said, “Look, it’s Asahi-san!”
-“Now that you said that, I’m fine.”
-Asahi stopping Nishinoya from picking a fight with Aone and staring him down himself instead
-Nishinoya saving the ball with his foot
-Asahi beating the Iron Wall and screaming afterwards
-“I’m the ace, but you guys are heroes.”
-“I like the sound of that!”
-Nishinoya receiving Asahi’s jump serve like it was nothing and asking Asahi to spike his toss; bonus points for Asahi’s reaction
-Asahi agreeing to spike his toss before understanding what he was saying
-“Even Nishinoya, who seems perfect, is still improving.”
-Asahi and Nishinoya practicing together, one-on-one, alone, together, /alone together/
-The two commercial breaks, especially the one where Asahi claps after Nishinoya’s Rolling Thunder
-Asahi’s serve, Asahi’s back attack, Asahi’s pipe attack, Asahi’s killer spike, Asahi spiking past/through blockers… Asahi doing anything remotely ace-like
-Nishinoya cheering for Asahi literally all the time
-Nishinoya waking up early and choosing to wake up Asahi specifically out of all his teammates (bonus points for Suga suffering alongside him)
-Asahi successfully spiking Nishinoya’s toss and the two of them freaking out about it
-“That was awesome, Asahi-san!” “Thanks!” “Which one of you is supposed to be the senpai here?”
-Tanaka gloating and Nishinoya saying, “Yeah, but Asahi-san’s scoring more.”
-Azumane Asahi
-Nishinoya Yuu

Yaku: its tight at my shoulder
Noya: really!?

Suga/ Iwa >
Tsukii/ Kuni >
Koga/ Lev >
Kinda/ Yama >