Okay y'all know how hinata always talks about fighting someone but we all know he ain’t bout it but LOOK What if he pisses someone off and they jump him after school (the one day Tobio has to stay back for a test or something). But anyway he gets really bruised up and really bloody and he just somehow manages to scurry home to his room without being caught by his mom or little sister. So the next day he comes to school with his uniform jacket zipped all the way up and his sleeves tugged all the way down and he suddenly wears glasses now?? Shades??? He literally avoids contact with anyone and skips the one class he has with Kags, Tsukki, and yams n Kags is like have you guys seen shoyo? And yams says that he saw him briefly 1st period but after that he disappeared (cue salty Tsukki: “hopefully he got sick” Yams: tsukki wtf is your damage) Hinata seriously considers not even going to practice but that literally goes against his religion so he decides against it. He came prepared tho and when he walks through those double doors (It literally took him hyping himself up for 10 minutes just standing there before he walked in) everyone finds it odd that he decided to wear a long sleeve shirt and leggings cause he NEVER does that. Noya comes bounding over to start their pre practice hijinks but hinata is acting WEIRD like he’s giving these short answers and is literally stretching out in the corner 15 feet from everyone else. Kags is like beckoning him over like “dude come over here wtf” but suddenly hinata can’t hear So when its time for them to do a scrimmage ((or whatever you call it in volleyball Idk anything about this sport besides the point)) hinata is trying his best to seem all revved up and back to normal but he can’t focus. And as if nothing else can go wrong Kags decides to set to HIM and normally he’d be LIT but now he would rather just do business as usual ((er…business as… Unusual??)) He jumps and his sleeve rolls up but it’s too late because Noya doesn’t receive it and Kags chokes Literally the gym STOPS Before hinata can even breathe right Kags has his arm in his hand and yanks his sleeve down and the bruises are still purple and blotchy and cue tanaka already yanking off his shirt like “Noya lets go get expelled” and Noya’s like “BET” and literally this is probably the first time daichi considers not holding them back but he does anyway cause he’s a dad Takeda and Ukai come running up and takeda takes him aside despite the protests and death threats from the team So he gets hinata to begrudgingly explain and he says that he is obligated to take this to the principal so his protests are in vain but word gets back to the team and they are LIVID BOY like they are H O T even Tsukki!! Like he’s like cool about it but thats still his lowkey pal and like YOU JUST DONT DO THAT So fast forward to the next day at lunch and Kags and Hinata are tossing and spiking and suddenly hinatas attackers come out the cut like “so you wanna be a snitch?” And they start pullin up but Kags drops the ball and get rIGHT in between them like “back up” and the lead punk lame boy gets in his face like “Or what” And then TANAKA AND DAICHI ((WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IKR)) APPEAR out of NO WHERE like “he said BACK UP” and it’s like those scenes out of edgy musicals and literally the whole team pulls up out of THIN AIR behind them and boy do they look ready to f i g h t So it’s like a tense stand off for a moment before the lame boys finally back off like “you lucky shoyo” and classic hinata’s like “YEA YOU BETTER RUN PUNK BOY” and the crowd that has accumulated to watch the confrontation cackles and Kags ruffles hinata’s hair like “come on dumbass lets go to practice” I mean they get a lecture on the proper non violent way to deal with a bully by takeda later but it was still pretty lit

Things I cry about loudly and often:

-Nishinoya refusing to play in official matches until Asahi came back
-Asahi coming back to the team
-The face Nishinoya made when Hinata said, “Look, it’s Asahi-san!”
-“Now that you said that, I’m fine.”
-Asahi stopping Nishinoya from picking a fight with Aone and staring him down himself instead
-Nishinoya saving the ball with his foot
-Asahi beating the Iron Wall and screaming afterwards
-“I’m the ace, but you guys are heroes.”
-“I like the sound of that!”
-Nishinoya receiving Asahi’s jump serve like it was nothing and asking Asahi to spike his toss; bonus points for Asahi’s reaction
-Asahi agreeing to spike his toss before understanding what he was saying
-“Even Nishinoya, who seems perfect, is still improving.”
-Asahi and Nishinoya practicing together, one-on-one, alone, together, /alone together/
-The two commercial breaks, especially the one where Asahi claps after Nishinoya’s Rolling Thunder
-Asahi’s serve, Asahi’s back attack, Asahi’s pipe attack, Asahi’s killer spike, Asahi spiking past/through blockers… Asahi doing anything remotely ace-like
-Nishinoya cheering for Asahi literally all the time
-Nishinoya waking up early and choosing to wake up Asahi specifically out of all his teammates (bonus points for Suga suffering alongside him)
-Asahi successfully spiking Nishinoya’s toss and the two of them freaking out about it
-“That was awesome, Asahi-san!” “Thanks!” “Which one of you is supposed to be the senpai here?”
-Tanaka gloating and Nishinoya saying, “Yeah, but Asahi-san’s scoring more.”
-Azumane Asahi
-Nishinoya Yuu

Yaku: its tight at my shoulder
Noya: really!?

Suga/ Iwa >
Tsukii/ Kuni >
Koga/ Lev >
Kinda/ Yama >

Karasuno in a camping
  • Noya: * climbing in a tree * BRO LOOK I AM TARZAN
  • Noya: *falls*
  • Tanaka: BRO I GET YOU
  • Tanaka: *misses*
  • Kageyama: i told you that you couldn't do fire
  • Hinata: shut u- * puts own hands in fire * * screams *
  • Kageyama: there goes the sun
  • Suga: daichi could you help me with the this?
  • Daichi: you are so beauti-
  • Suga: what?
  • Daichi: nOTHING WHAT DO U WANT??
  • Tsukkishima: * trying to kill a mosquito* "tch"
  • Yamaguchi: * mosquito stops in yamaguchi face *
  • Tsukkishima: *SLAP*
  • Yamaguchi: tSUKKI
  • Tsukkishima: soRRY
  • Asahi: guys i need to go to the toliet.....WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE HAVE NO TOLIET??