Version 0.23 Lewd Warfare!SQMi0TCL!wQNVsYPkMaHYH5ZuEoWHZFPtfZnmXJWUq1jf7YLH7D4

- UI Changes

- Turn Based Mode

- Difficulty

- Save/Load System

- Additional Map Controls

- Clickable Skills

Long Winded message from Noximous I asked him to write a blog update though its a little to long. I’l forgive it this time as its been a while since we’ve had a update.

Noximous back here. It’s been, some significant time since our last update, sorry about that! But we have been working hard. (Except of course over christmas and new years where we drank a lot and that was about it.)

And so, without any further Ado, I present to you, update 0.23!

Time to go through what we did..

Updated UI
With some of the big changes we made, we needed to update the UI somewhat, we’ll be honest, it’s still not pretty, but it works for what we need it to do. (We’re coders, dang it, not artists!)

It’s not changed too much, but the tavern and menu buttons are now in the top left corner, and the resources in the top right.
The main change, is the nice big bar at the bottom for the new unit selection, and the end turn button.. That’s right..

Turn based map!
That’s right, instead of that weird, not quite really how it should have been real time world map, it’s now turn based. so let’s go over just how that works.

When you select a country, instead of just picking up a unit, it will bring up a list of units you can select at the bottom of the screen. Each of the listed units has a checkbox you use to select them. Once you have selected the unit (Or units) you wish to move, you click the move units button, it adds them to the cursor, and you move them as you used to.

The movement works the same, placing the units where you want them, initiating fights, etc. The main change being, once you have moved a unit on a turn, it becomes exhausted, the check box disappears, and it cannot be moved again on the next turn.

Once you have finished your conquering and such, you hit the end turn button, which does a few things, refreshes your units, ups your resources, and starts the enemy turn.

Slightly Improved AI and Difficulty
When you load into the game, you are given an option to choose a difficulty. This difficulty will determine how often the AI moves when you hit the end turn button, simple difficulty and has no bearing on combat at present. but it’s something!

When I say slightly, I mean slightly, probably not worth mentioning, but i’m going to anyway, because that’s the kind of person I am. The AI before, would always follow exactly the same path and get stuck frequently once it met too much resistance. Now, it follows a random path, and then get’s stuck randomly when it meets too much resistance.. It’s not perfect, but nowadays it tends to do a bit more, so that’s nice.

Saving and loading!
Awwwhh yiss, it’s about time!

That’s right, saving and loading is finally in, after much duress to my poor compatriot in the coding, he got it working, what a champ. At present, you can only save one game. In the pause menu, you can now hit a save button, it might seem like it does nothing. but it does! The next time you open the game, you can hit the load button and jump right back into the game!

Like I say, at present there is only currently one slot, so sadly you can’t have a save for both Arcanist and Draconic.. but.. It’s a step!

Various Quality Of Life Improvements
We had a few requests as to things that would make the game a bit nicer to play, and have put some of them in.

First Inn position. This was something that bugged me a bit. the position of the first place you can recruit unit not being available when you start, a little silly, so now, the Inn is on the starting place! Yay!

Clickable abilities. In combat, instead of just using the keyboard hotkeys, you can now click the buttons to activate them. yay!

New map scrolling. You can now use WASD and the arrow keys to scroll the map, as well as a good bit of classic edge scrolling.

That’s it!
Sadly, no new dialogue or arty stuff. But.. That said.. we’ve got some nice art stuff coming up soon, that you should all get hyped for ;) hope you all enjoy trying it out, and as usual, do let us know if there’s anything more you’d like to see, or if you find any problems! We love hearing your feedback

Ciao for now!