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Your tattoo is gorgeous! What made you get it and how did you come up with that idea? Do you have any others :]

Thank you! n_n

I’ve always found the kingdom hearts logo’s beautiful, even before I knew where it was from. I’d seen images around and loved them so much. Eventually, a year or three ago? two/three, I got into KH and found out they were the symbols. I’ve a lot of great memories from the game/fandom and most importantly, I met some people who really changed my life. that tattoo is both there because I love how it looks, but also for those people.

I don’t have any others as of now, but next year around my 21st birthday, I’ll get either the wings of freedom tattooed on my back [ quite big ], or the triforce from the legend of Zelda on the inside of my arm. Not only because they’re from series I love, but A. Zelda has been a part of me since I was a baby, and it’s dedicated to my father. I always watched him play the games. He would tell me not to touch his game-files in case I fucked up. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old, and I barely see my dad, but I love him a lot.

The wings of freedom are pretty obvious. I might be ‘new’ to the fandom, but when I was 12 I’ve always said 'when I get a tattoo, I’ll get wings on my back!!!“, which I still want to. At first I thought of getting outlines of a group of birds done on my shoulder, but the moment I saw the wings of freedom, I fell in love. it’s a different design that the regular standard wings, and I’d be able to have them done much bigger than when I get two non overlapping wings. God, getting the black wing coloured in is going to hurt like a bitch LOL.

So uh. there you have it.