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Yesterday’s fluffy guests for the surprise Lunafreya shoot were in fact WOLVES. You have not been kissed until you have been kissed full on the mouth by a wolf.

@somelikeitblue and I did this shoot with a nearby educational facility/team that uses these animals as ambassadors to educate people - often kids - on the role wolves play in our ecosystem, and to debunk myths about them in general. Logan and Cana are so well-behaved and obviously very loved…I can’t wait to show you guys the end product! And shout-out to Lopti for being a trooper as my human tripod even though neither of us could feel our fingers. 


So a while back I finished playing Final Fantasy XV’s main storyline…

& I couldn’t help but save all the photos Prompto took of the Fam and literally went out to a store to print out all of them. 

Got to make a real album out of this. Photos came out awesome. My heart was crying. I treasure them all. 

I have no regrets.

I’m totally in love with this awesome photo! Thanks to Noriyuki Works for AMAZING and SPECTACULAR work!
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