nox draws stuff


Probably gonna regret this later, but I wanna keep up with drawing and paintings as much as I can while working on projects and commissions on the side. So I’m gonna try and incorporate daily doodles/drawings ( If time and energy permit it ), even if they’re the most simplest and messiest things I can come up with on a whim when I’m not polishing and working on other goodies! Kinda wanna experiment and do some personal studying, all that fun stuff :’) 

Y’all can follow my twitter for these said daily doodles/drawings however, because chances are I won’t post the singular daily stuff here, but rather post them as a giant photoset when there’s been enough created for a tumblr post! 

For now you can just enjoy this super random Lunafreya, I want to draw her in a bunch of different clothing and outfits, her wardrobe seriously needs more to it!


some more ffxv doodles…….

the first ones are me being cranky that Luna never got to go camping. I remember playing the game for the first time and naively thinking she might get to hang out in the party as a guest character later but I WAS A FOOL anyway I feel cheated

also some sad boys and a big fish

“There are easier ways to commit suicide, son…” ~ Agent Thomas Steele

OOC - Another piece I’ve had bouncing around for a little bit, since I love creepy!Steele so much… I had to do this, y'all understand that right? Had to do this. The teeths were gonna eat my brain otherwise. 

Agent Thomas Steele belongs to blackest-ops, as does his universe. Don’t reuse this without permission from Steele!Mun. 

Indomitable Will - James-005

Done in the beginning as a brief sketch that was going to be a baby Spartan, it ended up changing into… well this. 

A friend’s (ODSTAdrianFii’s, didn’t know if he wanted me to say or not) vision of James-005, the most determined of the Spartan-IIs. Slightly post augmentation and recovery.