“I trust you,” comes out of Percy’s mouth in a breathless hurry, and he doesn't realize he’s pinned Nico against the wall until Nico’s hands are up and cradling his face. “I do, and I want you to—I’m just—do you really want me like this?”

Nico’s so close to him, and it strikes Percy that he is there, pinned to the wall, only because he wants to be. He sees, again, that Nico isn't tiny anymore, and his hands don’t look as huge on him as they used to, and his eyes have at once lost the bitterness of a child too young to be so angry, and the glossiness that all children have and lose with wisdom and years. He’s so close to Percy, but not close enough because he presses their foreheads together like he’s gonna join him in prayer and he licks his lips before he speaks.      

“Percy,” he starts, slowly, and his voice is deep and comforting. “I want you in any way you’ll give me.”

okay, have you guys read When the River Meets the Sea by witchilinski?

because, if you haven’t

gooooooooo read it nowwwwwwwwwwwwww


Rachel Tucker -  Being Alive

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