It’s funny, I was talking to my brother here, stressed about securing a guarantor & deposit — usual NYC tenant bureaucracy. Recall feeling fear of striving for a space beyond means, making a poor decision. That was then. #Nowthatiknow it’s impossible to slip off the path I don’t trip over much — my own feet @ times, but not over gettin money or timing.
that always comes

a follower idk recognized my skirt & filmed this moment. Sent proof, i was like iiight 
#🤔 Really a playful spook i accepted as evidence of how fast things move in our interconnected today

Soon thereafter, 2 in the morning, i got hacked on face book aka phish school. Someone posed as a mutual asked me for a favor. Day before I’d tweeted about hacker suspicion/hours before I’d asserted, messily, that technology leaks where we do “Less coding, more tricking people,” @zzz419 said
In The Aquarian Age, There Are No Secrets
And In feeling the wackness I received it. Was fr like that “Strange Things Are Happening” scene in Toy Story, the one where Buzz’s presence threatens Woody’s idea of unconditional love and sends him and the whole toy universe spiraling. He kicks a checker out of frustration, it ricochets off the dresser and boomerangs back into his mouth.

like how people don’t betray you, they just honor your vibrational frequency 
What’s provided Whats practiced (a law: infinitely loving, with no exceptions) 
The other= u

Losing my computer to a spill was a blessin cuz it gave me a summer light on technology, heavy on priming the pump. the sifting, sorting, nitty-gritty moment x moment business of aligning. it was the summer i learned to sit, stay and conduct the breath 
in the interest of 
the art of
allowing myself to be well
facilitating well-being

how soothing it is to know that the doubt I’ve been sensing lately — though subtle — has, like clockwork, shown itself. Five months later: same footage, fine-tuned. Now filtered, set to garble, used as a countdown for the release of a semi-fictional clothing collection which parodies the campaign efforts behind Ariana Grande’s new single, “Focus” “— On the light in me,” she said recently. “On what I’m all about, on what I believe in.” (at Chinatown, Manhattan)

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