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About your David Tennant autograph how long did it take you to get a reply? I sent mine in the beginning of Oct and I'm still waiting for mine. Congrats on your success :)

I actually got it from a lovely friend of mine who saw Richard II in Stratford and got a programme signed for me.

which also means that actual David Tennant held and signed it at the stage door


Sorry that was not at all helpful to you, but I would expect it could take quite a while - I’m sure he gets lots of requests.

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I completely agree with you! I don't think what you are doing is stalking at all. It seems like they don't mind taking pictures with you and there's nothing wrong meeting a person you admire :) I collect autographs from celebrities and a lot of people of my school think it's consider stalking -_- which I disagree since a lot of don't mind signing my photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this. <3 (: I know it’s not as big a deal as it’s been made out to be, but it’s just frustrating when people pretend they know you and they don’t. Like you said, people don’t mind taking photos and there’s nothing wrong with meeting them. 

Girl, you keep collecting your autographs & do what you want. It’s your life, and no one else can judge what you do. I mean, the celebs don’t mind signing so what’s the big deal? (: Thanks again for sending this! 

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I was disappointing with the episode also :( Most of the time I don't know what the heck is going on and it feel like something is missing.

I’m really upset overall. Like…I know what was happening and there was still something missing. Like a plot :P

I’m never this angry at Moffat, but he took my Doctor - my beloved Eleven - and ruined his sendoff.

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Name: Shilo Age: 18 Meaning behind tumblr url: Whenever Benedict says that on STID my ovaries explode. Where you live: USA Single/Taken: Been single for 18 years (sigh) Hobbies/Interest: Photoshop, Playing the piano, and collect autographs. Why you follow me: Because you're awesome! Random fact about yourself: I am Half-Korean Question for me: Favorite food?

Hello Shilooo! thank you for following me! 

omg when he says it i just aldfja;lsdkjfas;lkfjas;lkfjsa;lkjfas mmmm great url just lksdfja;lfjkas;ldfjk

don’t worry about being single. you is still fab gurl!

omg i like playing piano too! yay same hobbies!

pizza and nutella is my favorite food„ they are life

no more please :)