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Hello, our top story tonight, there appears to have been a double homicide involving beloved reporter and talk show host Wilford Warfstace and the entity known as Dark. Police have evidence that both murders were perpetuated by Mark Fischbach earlier this afternoon. The public is advised to proceed with caution as Mr. Fischbach has proven unpredictable as of late.

In other news Dr. Henrik Von Scneeplestein, the man who went missing months ago, has yet to be found. The doctor was last seen performing surgery in August. It is unknown if the good doctor is injured or even still alive but his family and patients are holding onto the hope that he will be found. If you have any information contact police immediately.

Lastly, a fire that started last Febuary is still ravaging two local Tumblr communities. The fire which was thought many times to be contained has claimed countless users sanity and peace of mind. As of now there is no word on when it will be put out.

And now for the weather, Jim?

just me?

or anybody else of us divorced folk crippled by blinding rage and sadness every time they hear about yet one more fucking thing their ex just would not could not do with them at any point in 27 got dam years that they’re now doing with the person for whom they left you? 


OK. Good talk. 

sigridlaufeyson  asked:

I've never had any really good friends but now I'm in a new class and there are new people and I like them and I want to spend time with them and Im starting to question my introversion because of that and it's so confusing.

@sigridlaufeyson, don’t be afraid to reach out and try. If you like them, then there’s some common ground in play. Just try. Don’t be afraid. I believe in you! :-) 

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good evening, could you please furnish your fellow followers with some Exhausted after work!Les Amis? what do they do to regain their strenght once more and take a part in the creation of fRANCE thanks in advance (ive just finished writing an essay and mon dieu, exhausted i am. thherefore i would like to apologize for any grammatical mistake)

  • Enjolras: He naps. He just… naps. There comes a times when it’s the only thing he can do really. He used to fight it, but then Combeferre forced him to nap and now he can’t go without it. It’s a power nap though. It’s always a power nap given all the stuff he feels he needs to do.
  • Combeferre: He listens to audiobooks and podcasts while lying down. He falls asleep most of the time, bless him. Has the same podcast episode on his ipod for 3 weeks, keeps trying to liste to it, falls asleep, forgets he listened to it, repeat.
  • Courfeyrac: He crashes in front of the TV and watches bad reality tv like… the WORST stuff, bottom of the barrel, while eating junk food and cuddling against his probably sleeping boyfriend, it’s hard to tell with Combeferre
  • Grantaire: He watches those “45 minutes Vines compilations” because… honestly, because.
  • Joly: Spooning. Joly is a big fan of spooning. Big or little spoon, it doesn’t make a difference. There’s just something incredibly comforting in being warm and cosy and exhausted but in a good way.
  • Bossuet: He rewatches his favourite bits of the Daily Show and other late night shows with giggling and spooning his boyfriend, as aforementioned. It’s sort of a mix between Joly and Grantaire, except instead of vines, it’s his endless youtube subscriptions.
  • Jehan: They take a bath. But ya know, not JUST a bath. It’s got style. There are candles, a bathbomb, the light is out, there’s a book there, but let’s be real they’re probably too tired to open it. They just let the exhaustion melt and steam away in the warmth of the water.
  • Bahorel: Pops  beer open and lies on the couch, cuddles with his dog. No matter what the dog’s expression is, Bahorel’s gonna be “Me too, bud, me too.” Also a big fan of utter trash reality TV. Porbably rewatches the Room.
  • Feuilly: Knitting is the go to. He’ll listen to podsts as well while knitting, but it’s more a background noise than anything else. He just loses himself in the repetitive gestures and the comforting rhythm of it.
Astrology Fun

So I had someone message me wanting to send me a reading they did of Armie and Timmy’s charts as they relate to each other. Now I know astrology is not a ~science but I’ve always enjoyed it for sheer entertainment value. I read this earlier, since I had to wait till I was off work to post it, but it’s pretty fucking amazing. Like spot fucking on. I respect anyone who can read charts and make sense out of any of this stuff.

The person wishes to remain anonymous, but if you enjoy this then she is willing to do a more indepth reading of all three of their charts (Armie, Timmy and Luca) when she finds the time.

I am putting it behind the cut for length.

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✓ ID #91601

Name: Oliwia
Age: 17
Country: Poland

- I speak Polish and English (relatively) fluently, and also I’d love to try having a conversation in Spanish! If you’re by any chance interested in studying Polish, then I’m here to help
- I like musicals, politics, linguistics, sharing dog memes. I’d love to hear about your intrests. Also I believe I’m a pretty good listener
- I recently spend most of my time studying and reading. Right now I’m reading Fahrenheit 451 and like 5 other books
- Would really appreciate some new poetry or music in a foreign language
- I’m female, LGBT

Preferences: Maybe someone around my age (15-25), snail mail or internet

‘A New Beginning’ Chapter 2: One Step at a Time

Look at us now - it took so long to find out.
This is the beginning… Of our new life.
Baby keep holding on.
It’s time to start living and open our eyes.

-The Beginning by Alice Peacock  

“I’m sorry,” she told him, “about your friend.” Granted, a chip shop was probably not the best place to discuss such traumatizing matters, but it was as good a time as any. “How are you feeling? Well, I suppose distraught, but—“

“I’m feeling better than I was,” he assured her. Progress had been made in such short time with his family. Eurus still wasn’t speaking, but he had plans for going around that. “And you? You look”—do not say ‘well’ again, he thought. Say what you really think.—“beautiful.”

“I’m alright, thank you,” her face flushed as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Better now that you’re here.”

“I feel the same,” he admitted.

“These are really good chips,” she remarked, popping another one into her mouth. His eyes shifted to her soft pink lips. He wanted to kiss her…but he knew it wasn’t the right time. They continued to talk about everything and nothing; what they had both been up to over the past month they hadn’t seen one another. It wasn’t much different than how things used to be. They were the kind of friends who could stop talking for years and pick right back up as if no time had passed.

Sherlock listened as she spoke passionately about when she last watched their goddaughter. It was strange to realize they shared a goddaughter before they ever confessed their love to one another. Mary must have known. The way Molly spoke of Rosie was as if the little Watson was her own. He thought about how wonderful she would be as a mother. It shocked him to already begin thinking about how he hoped she would one day consider choosing him for her husband and father of her children. A glance from the corner of his eye and he saw Mary mouthing the words, ‘I knew it!’

“Sherlock?” she asked in concern. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I—I think I may have,” he replied in a daze. “My apologies if I was distracted for a moment.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” she told him softly. “Come on, we’ll take the rest to-go.”

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Your favourite bolthole,” she smirked. Oh, how he missed her. His Molly.

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anonymous asked:

Noona! :) 안녕하세요! Have you thought about making an updates page or are you against it? ~ LOVE YOUR WRITING, YOU'RE AMAZING, COOKIE POINTS FOR BEING CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE ~

Part of being confident in who I am is knowing that if I made an updates page, it would be a total and complete disaster.  I would never update it timely and would rarely keep to any schedule.  I am neither disciplined or organized in my writing.

Originally posted by allreactions

Even if I did keep it up to date, it wouldn’t make any sense or be of any use.  This chapter of Conditioned that I’m working on right now is a good example.  It was supposed to be out yesterday, but I was half way through the chapter and then had a new idea and had to go back and rewrite from practically the beginning.  So it was at 50% and then went back to 10% and now we are back at 50% or so.  I don’t have a bunch of different states for a story.  I don’t really outline, I don’t use a beta reader/proof reader, I tend to edit as I go (a terrible habit by the way, but I can’t seem to break myself of it) – so basically I write and then I post.  Not really any steps in between.  The end result is that I’m as surprised as you are when I update something.

For anyone who is wondering about Conditioned… I’ve been working on it and I feel pretty good about this new approach to the chapter.  It’s a shitload of exposition and lengthy dialogue, so hopefully you all won’t be bored to death – but I thought it was time to start sharing a little more about the OC with Tae and with all of you. 

hanahakiflowers  asked:

hi sorry for bugging you but i was wondering how you get such good quality screenshots? 0:

I’m actually quite flattered that my screenshots are considered good quality. 😭💕 I feel like mine are just “there” lol

I don’t really do anything special. I actually don’t use any of the in game filters 99% of the time and rely on the area lighting, the background, the clothes the bros are wearing (cause of colors that look good with background colors, lighting, etc) I also don’t do anything with them in any photo editing programs (trust me I’ve tried and they usually come out looking worse then when I started lol)

As for how I get the close ups and what not? I have taking photos down of Prompto to like a weird science. I used to have to manipulate him with the surroundings to get close up shots but now I can actually get shots of him in the middle of nowhere/not shoved against a wall/shoved in a corner close up. I don’t do it all the time cause pictures of him with like just darkness as a background are kind of blah.

It’s weird cause to me the bros also seem to take better pictures at night. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something I believe. There are some places to take good pictures during the day (like the resort at Galdin Quay) then there’s indoor places where the lighting and colors are good (the first room before you go down the elevator in Balouve Mines, the rest area and the subway area of Insomnia to name a few) There’s also instances where using a filter is beneficial in an area. Like in Insomnia, the “Journey” filter is really good to use in the rest area cause of the color of the walls and the lighting there. (most of the filters just make the pictures look worse though to me)

edit - also make sure you’re saving your pictures in the PNG format not JPG. It’s JPG by default on PS4. The way to change it involves heading into your share menu and selecting sharing and broadcast settings, head down to screenshot setting, and change it to PNG. PNG is a bit better then JPG when it comes to quality.

I think that covers all the bases now lol

And I have rambled WAAAAYYY too much but I HOPE some of that made sense and answered your question?

travisellisor  asked:

So, there's an Excalibur sale on comiXology right now, and I know that everyone should buy all of the issues of volume 1 by Chris Claremont and/or Alan Davis, right? Also, do you recommend any of the other runs?

Hell yeah! People who pay attention to this blog know that Alan Davis’s Excalibur is basically my favorite superhero comics run ever, and if you haven’t read it before, this sale is an excellent opportunity to grab it for the first time.

However, to really get everything that is (imo) important, you’ll have to look outside of that sale. The good news is, the other stuff is (mostly) also on sale.

Here’s what you should get:

Captain Britain: Legacy of a Legend collects pre-Excalibur Captain Britain stuff. At 209 pages, this is not nearly everything (there was a print omnibus a few years ago that was almost 700 pages), but it looks like this hits a sort of best-of. Presumably this volume, since it has the Jasper’s Warp story, will have the first appearances of both Captain Britain and Meggan. It also seems to have the Slaymaster story, which is an important one if you like Psylocke, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, some important elements are introduced here.

New Mutants Annual #2 and Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 are sort of the bridge between Captain Britain and Excalibur, introducing the British players to a US audience. These are, alas, not on sale, but they’re only $2 each.

Now for the Excalibur stuff:

Definitely grab Excalibur Classic volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is the classic Claremont/Davis era. Volume 5 is a maybe imo. It’s not essential like the first four.

Then skip ahead to Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis. This is, in my opinion, the good good stuff, but it plays on so much that came before that it’s a good idea to get as much of the earlier stories as you want/can. You definitely want to get all three volumes. I cannot stress enough that this is basically my favorite shit of all time. 

(If you’re buying in singles, which is a little weird economically, you want Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn and Excalibur #1-24, and then #42-67.)

Then skip some more to Excalibur Visionaries: Warren Ellis. You know who Warren Ellis is. This is some of his earlier work, where he basically turns Excalibur into X-Files, which sounds kind of weird now, but which was a huge thing at the time. He introduces Pete Wisdom, who becomes a major player. Anyway, you want all three volumes of this as well.

The 2004 Excalibur series is completely skippable as it has nothing to do with Excalibur at all, but is just a book about Professor X and Magneto chilling in Genosha. 

New Excalibur is, ah, lesser Claremont, but I guess get it if you like the concept of Excalibur and feel the team would be better served by the presence of Dazzler and Juggernaut.

That’s it for what’s in this sale, but if you want to follow the real spirit of Excalibur up to current day, here’s what you want:

The 2006 MAX imprint Wisdom series. Not on sale and not collected in a single volume for some reason, but definitely worth a read, especially since it leads to:

Captain Britain and MI:13. This book rules, get all three volumes. They’re on sale, plus where else are you going to read a comic about Dracula’s moonbase?  (I mean, besides here, of course.)

You could stop there, but if you’re really hooked, I would suggest grabbing the two-part Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders from Secret Wars and the most recent Rocket Raccoon series, but that’s just me.

Happy reading!

anonymous asked:

I just got out of a long term relationship that just had really been bad for me. Only downside of this is that now I just feel incredibly lonely. Any advice?

I do have advice for you, honey! I found that entirely submerging yourself in things that you love helps, engaging with old friends and meeting new friends helps, following that heart of yours & exploring yourself helps too. Find something new that you didn’t know you loved! And if nothing else, know that time will prove to be a healer. 😘✨ good luck, sweet love.

sanguineousrose said: you’re mocking people for not taking action when they’re uncomfortable and just hoping the situation changes anyway but it says in the quote that she SAID she was uncomfortable, which is entirely different from the scenarios suggested in your recent jokes where inner discomfort is not outwardly expressed in any way.

it was not intended as mocking by any means, but shutting down and saying nothing is what people typically do when they are uncomfortable, and there should be no shame in that!

it’s often quite difficult and even courageous to explicitly say “I’m not feeling good about this right now, I’m leaving” which is why people so rarely do this, preferring to break eye contact, change subject, say oh gosh look at the time, etc. etc. to avoid causing a fuss, making a scene, not being cool, and so on.

malicious people use this as an excuse to ignore obvious signals of reluctance on the grounds that they were insufficiently clear, which is a dick move.

(at this point socially awkward people typically jump in to say what if you’re not malicious but just terrible at reading body language? to which I would say well maybe don’t do things that require good communication with someone you just met five minutes earlier, wait a little while until you’ve built up some level of trust and communication to reduce the chance of misunderstandings).

11 Questions Tag

tagged by my bff @flxwercafe 💗💗💗ily

1. Plain white socks or cute patterned/colored socks?

I’d say patterned/colored socks since thats what i own the most alongside fuzzy socks

2.You have to give up one of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), which would you give up?

Hmm maybe smell? 

3. If you were a dog, what breed do you think you’d be?

After some discussion with @flxwercafe (which wasn’t actually discussion just her saying i’d be a bloodhound) im gonna go with bloodhound

4. If you were in a group, what position (singer, rapper, dancer) would you want to be (regardless of experience level)? Now which do you think you’d actually be assigned as?

I’d want to be a vocalist, i used to be in choir a long time ago and despite being shy and just generally closed off, whenever we performed i felt pretty open and happy about it (not that i was any good at singing or whatever but i enjoyed it). what i think i’d be assigned as? Maybe a vocalist still, but one that doesn’t get much lines because my voice isn’t stable or that good (not at all lmao)

5. If colors could describe feelings, what color are you right now?

Right now? At this moment? It’d be gray. Just gray.

6. You have to start off every conversation with a pick up line, which do you use?

I said I wouldn’t do this one but this actually made me laugh:

“You smell like trash, can I take you out?”,

7. If you could give your ultimate bias a birthday present, what would you give them?

Not to get soft and sjfsjgskgj but I’d want to give him an arrangement of flowers, BUT the flowers are paper and made by me and i’d decorate it really nicely, make the flowers really pretty, and the flowers will have messages written all over them about how much he means to me, that i love him, he should eat well, i admire him, to take some rest if he needs it, etc. etc. just meaningful or cute things. oR maybe a painting, not of himself but just a painting that i made but that has meaning and its beautiful. idk just something i made that will convey how much im thankful to him

8. If you could learn to do anything instantly (speak a language, play an instrument, etc.) what would you pick?

Speak a language, useful and interesting, i’d like to communicate and understand others without barrier.

9.  You can travel through time, do you go to the past, future, or do you stay in present times? Why?

I’d like to say i would stay in the present, but i think i’d go to the past not necessarily to change anything but I’d just want to see and relive certain things. To see how much I’ve grown, how much things have changed

10. What would you do if you woke up one morning and had swapped bodies with your ultimate bias?

I’m bbh?? nICEEEE 👀👀👀 but actually i’d be so freaked out and then even more when i realized bbh was probably in my body so i’d go to tracking myself down so fast

11. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?💗💗💗

is nothing an option? probably not, so the moles i have on both my forearms, idk i think its cool i have one on both arms near the same place ahdjhsjfsjgsgjks

apparently im supposed to come up with some new questions but i can’t think rn so these will do, they were cute anyways I tag:

@baek-love @sarcasticjuiceboxes @chenbox @nut4zyx @yeolosaur @beenthroughenthusiast and @cheninadinoonesie

this was pretty fun, but no pressure to do it


hello!!!! i just hit 500 followers!!! wow, that’s a lot of people. half a thousand! so, i thought, hey, i’ve always wanted to do blogrates, maybe now is a good time! thank you guys sm for following me, really, i really appreciate it.

i will be tagging this as #ash’s blogrates so if you don’t want any of this on your dash than you can just blacklist that!


- gotta follow me :)

- send me an ask with a ‘ ✨ ‘ emoji + what your favorite supernatural creature is!

- i’d really prefer if you’re a bfu blog/post bfu content, bc that’s what i know best. if it’s a sideblog, than you can send the url on anon along with the above things

- you don’t have to, but if you’d like, reblog this post so others know!

- i’ll stop taking asks a week from now, aka January 22nd

i’ll put the format under the cut!

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I shouldn’t be allowed to contemplate any of my work for long periods of time without actually writing it.

Because right now I’m looking at the faery wip, as a concept, and everything is wrong

The storyline in the first book is fine but I might need to take the second and third book in completely new directions cuz man oh man I have no fucking idea what the hell is happening anymore.

I also need to figure out the beginning of the first book, still. Like … idk man. 

I’m in desperate need of a critique partner, or maybe several, because my brain is not working and hasn’t been for some time.

anonymous asked:

09, 10, 24, 33, 39, 41, 43, 46

Kiss on the first date? Yass

Is there one person you want to be with right now? 🙄

You received £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on? Probably a new Switch game

Are you wearing jeans right now? I haven’t worn jeans in years

If someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be? A panda

Are you afraid of falling in love? Nah

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? All the damn time

i looked at episode scripts and made a list of every time anyone’s said “i got this” and any other close variations, so i’ll make a video compilation of that soon (@kritterart mentioned the idea in the stream on saturday and now that season one is wrapped up now is as good a time as any to at least make a part one)

anonymous asked:

Are your commissions open right now?

Nope sorry,, I haven’t done commissions for a while/long time since I got a new job at a gift/kpop shop (which gives me good amount of dough yeee boi) so I don’t really need any muns– also my spring semester is starting tomorrow and I doubt I’ll have time to work on them, sorry!!


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)