Every Timepunk/Punkpunk Genre I Could Find, 2014

These are not definitions or in-depth in any way. I describe each with associations and imagery, as I’ve found these to be useful shorthand for explaining to total strangers and newbies.

Inclusion on the list was a bit loose, but since there are whole threads out there devoted to making up genre names, I tried to make sure each punk term was actually used in at least a couple of works or discussions.

I think some of the terms that survived are still in-jokes. Pretty sure “nowpunk” is an in-joke.

So far I haven’t found specialized terms referring to Indian or Middle Eastern steampunk, even though they are a thing, so they’re not on the list by themselves. Feel free to propose names.

2015 EDIT:

I’ve published an updated list with better categorization and several new terms!