Yoga is not about perfection. It’s not about being really bendy or being able to do a really hard pose. Yoga is about being patient, breathing, and accepting that everything comes with time. Sometimes you will need a strap to help you or a wall to keep you from falling, but that’s okay! It’s a practice, you will always get better, even though it takes time!

High as a kite
Buzzed on delight
A shot of sunshine
A glass of nature’s wine
Happiness is on the rocks
Step on the ice, crazy like a fox
Sip slowly each feeling of no restraint
This white canvas desperately needs some paint
The best medicine is attained from the earth outside
Leave the worries on the streets
Let’s go for a ride!

WTF 13 reasons why?

(Spoilers) Hannah Baker is literally the worst person in this series! Starting with killing herself after telling ONE person that she is in pain. Then leaving tapes destroying the lives of other people blaming them for her OWN suicide! Including a guy that wrote her name on a list once, a guy that stole two notes from her AND A GUY THAT WAS TOO SHY TO ASK HER OUT! And at the end - “Oh BY THE WAY that other guy raped me and my best friend.  But I was already dead inside so #noworries. HE IS NOT ON THE LIST! 

Also I didn’t stand for myself in the moment or afterwords. Or for my friend. Also also I let everybody believe that a good kid was drinking and driving and killed himself. How am I the good guy in all of this?

 Enjoy blaming yourself for the rest of your life because I was a weak ass bitch, Clay. You totally killed me. Literally.” #noteverythingisaboutme #ownit 

 BTW not blaming the actors or the series. They were great at poking holes in Hannah’s story. Just most people’s perception of it is WAY off.