Life Of An Artist

“Life Of An Artist”

She sits in her lonely home
With a pen or brush in either hand
I ask her not to feel alone
She wants to make people understand
On a quiet night with a breeze
She pours her heart onto a canvas
Already she has drawn the trees
A feeling so happy and anxious
She wants to show her work
To as many eyes that can see
She ponders aloud and smirks
She wants to be somebody
Its hard to pay her bills
But to her that doesn’t matter
She does her art for thrills
As the paint spills and splatters
She’s starving for attention
Trying whatever it takes
Determined to reach perfection
Sweating details that she makes
Her palette is colored bright
Her pen is full of ink
Red, blue, green, and white
Her mind is clear to think
She’s craving much grace
High accolades from a crowd
As she continues to trace
If they could only see her now
Living out dreams on a sheet
Or fantasizing in a pad
She forgets her terrible week
Or the things that make her mad
Most people don’t comprehend
Why she’s alone in her room
As the colors start to blend
She smiles because soon
She will have finished her ensemble
Accomplished and so smart
In her brilliant mind resembles
A dazzling work of art
In her own little niche
She slaves away on a desk
In which is so enriched
With tools such a mess
But she is so ambitious
Instilling ideas to the willing
Whether real or fictitious  
Her ink continuous spilling
And as this talent grows
And improves much everyday
Maybe then who knows
“I am somebody” she will say

My Ship Square Playlist!

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I’ve composed my Ship Square playlist! It’s super long so it’s under the cut but these are the songs (and some significant lyrics) I listen to when I’m writing a scene featuring one of the ship squares!

I got gif-happy. I love gifs.

I’m always adding songs, so if you have a song, send it to me! :D

Youtube Playlist, Spotify

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Right now, in this new fantasy land, every thing is possible.
Emma close your eyes
turn around, take my hand, pull me close and look into my eyes
Dancing with you is all I want now
living this magical moment next to you, feeling your breath in my cheek

Dance with me,
take my hand and you will realise that I have always been
the right one for you

Right now, in this new land, forget our past,
forget the world
and just dance with me,