@thememime first of all THANK u for enjoying my claw paws i love drawin them oh so much

now let me think,, how do i actually,,,,,,…..draw them….,, ,

hmmmmmm uuuhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh


ok to tell u the truth when i draw the claw paws its 100% muscle memory after drawing my dragon oc on every sheet of paper i came into contact with in high school, so actually thinkin abt the process is like ?? uhmmmmhhh well you squiggle it uuh

its not exactly a science i guess, and in retrospect its probably an anatomical bastardization, but i just go with what feels right bro. its kind of like a pattern or a rhythm. 

i generally stick with three distinct knobs, a knuckle, another one, and another one after that second one. otherwise its about your line of action and where u want to pull the weight. oh! and i like to let the claws act as an extension of the hand, i give them bulk and weight as well, and they sorta flop around wherever they feel like goin 

and of course there are 8,109,553,449 variations in how ya wanna stylize based on the exaggeration of your curves and angles, also by adding knobby joints and wrinkles! wrinkles are fun

but idk man. tbh ive just been kinda bullshitting it the entire time. please dont slap me with pizza dough

Thought to myself “I’m okay I don’t feel a thing”

But in the end there’s a drag weighing down on me

Running on ahead again you seem to escape

every step never touching down

couldn’t do a thing but stare without a sound

Finished!  Here’s a concept idea for a pmv I might or might not end up doing in the future, thought if I do it’ll have a lot less detail in every panel, haha!

Anyways this is pretty much a Rupphire AU based off of the song Ikanaide, though it follows the beginning of the Answer pretty closely up to a point, and here is essentially Sapphire figuring out Ruby doesn’t care to play the role fate intended for her.

there is a severe lack of cinnabun content so im here to supply the best girls

anonymous asked:

how did jungkook look like in real life? does he look like he does in photos :o also what was the best part of the concert?

the best part of the concert? hmmm. that’s hard. the entire concert is worthy of being The Best Part. i loved their performances of lost, i need u etc. in the red outfits. every member made me gasp bc they looked even more vibrant and stunning. ummmmm… cypher. cypher was a highlight for me. hobi threw water at me. it was a holy moment. ANOTHER BEST PART: during lost, jungkook crouched right in front of me and was looking into the crowd towards my right. right before he got up, he made eye contact with me (in my direction??? lol) and when he turned away he smiled SHJDDSSDHJSDHJJSHSHJ. i have photographic and video proof too so now i can relive this moment for the rest of my life.

ok get ready for an essay abt jungkook sdhdhfjsj

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