Happy 3 year anniversary to my one and only @emmakim91 ! Thank you for all the great times we’ve shared and thank you in advance for more great times we’re gonna share in the future. A big thank you for being patient and putting up with me all these years. I know this an old pic of us, but I chose this pic because I feel like it describes our relationship very well: I do something stupid/dumb like spill water all over myself right before we get a picture taken of us, and you laugh, make fun and troll the shit out of me for it. Hahaha! Oh how time flies, but I guess it’s only right and makes sense when you’re dating an angel 👼(hahaha get it?) 😏😘 I love you 👶👻! 📷 cred: @shopow #anniversary #3yearanniversary #throwback #iwassoskinny #nowimfat #FUCKMEEE #jizzonchestpleaseeee