the fuck?

I always start shit off all formal and shit. I forget that this shit is my shit, and I can say whatever the fuck I want. Not like the music’s gonna be any less dope, right? Also, I don’t really have a fucking following yet, do I? So who the fuck am I talking to?

Right, so…

NowhereVille’s still being mastered, but it’s dope and worth the (short-ish) wait.

Played it for the Think Tank, reception was smang-tastic.

Played it for some girls that came over, reception was smang-tastic.

Played it for a bunch of different people, reception was smang-tastic.

Basically, all the early reviews are positive as shit, so stay tuned.

According to Ginbu, four of the 11 tracks are mastered.


(still talking to nobody…)


anonymous asked:

Any special 4th of July plans?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky–try to take over the world!

Nah, no plans. If any of the neighbors shoot off fireworks (which they probably will, since it’s Southern middle-of-nowhereville out here, and the other peeps around here like their beer and things that go boom), I may watch them, but other than that, probably nothing but internetting and writing, as usual.

My life’s pretty boring, tbh.

ifoundaliquorstore asked:

I've been following u for a while now & I always imagined u as much older/wiser than I & also living somewhere odd like nowhereville Kentucky but today I have discovered NOT ONLY are u just a year older than I but u also live in Philly and RIDE THE EL?! I take that shit to work every morning hOLY SMOKES

aw i’m always shocked when people think i’m wise because i’m generally very DUMB and also TRASH!!!!!!! but nah i turn 22 in a little over a month

also i’m moving to chicago in literally 2 weeks! so i’ll only be able to ride the el a few more times before i leave :(