giorno that looks like dio 

giorno that looks like jonathan

@too-lazy-to-think-of-one on the flipside, I can totally picture her accidentally punching herself when he says yes

but soccer luke would see you in the stands at one of his games and he would literally stop and stare because you were the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and when you caught him staring you’d blush and give him a small wave at which his face would light up at as he grinned back at you until the soccer ball soared out of nowhere, almost hitting him square in the face and his coach would yell, “Get your head in the game, Hemmings!” You would giggle, a hand covering your mouth as Luke would blush furiously, jogging back to his place on the field but his embarrassment wouldnt stop him from finding you after the game, all sweaty and out of breath

This ad is so weird. It’s got a lot to do with inexpensive jeggings and they have these ladies holding a big foil balloon in the shape of the price, throw it into the air and have a mini dance party over it right there in the middle of the square. Nowhere outside of advertising does this make any sense. This probably comes from the same minds who have ladies always laughing about fruit salad and yoghurt


What? Final Fantasy Explorers out in NA/EU this January ⊟

I had pretty much written this one off, but out of nowhere Square Enix announced plans to localize the multiplayer 3DS game Final Fantasy Explorers. It’s out January 26 in North America and January 29 in Europe. Preorder it here!

It’s Final Fantasy and not Dragon Quest, but I’m still taking a sense of hope away from this. Look, Square Enix is bringing over an unexpected 3DS RPG! Not to mention… aside from DQ implications, I want to play this game too.

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