I found an old picture of myself, though not at my heaviest, and in awful underwear, but I believe it might have been one of my first ever ‘Before’ pictures. Taken back in 2009, when I was 19 years old and weighing 190lbs. 

The next picture was taken at the end of last year, 26 years old weighing 152lbs, having gained 14lbs during the end of the year due to, what I’m going call, ‘life’. Got my wobbles on again, and my middle earth tyre. 

But it’s all good - I’m still 51lbs down from my heighest of 203lbs and I’m nowhere near giving up. 

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heyyy i really like ur blog and i was wondering what some of your favorite climbing blogs are?? i need to see some more rocks on my tumblr

Hell yea! You should give some love to @shout-tothemoon, @whatsthebeta, @justclimbit, @rockpilgrim, @goclimbthemountains, @mu-neutrino, @crimpsandhoes, @earthycrunchie, @deadp0int, @tri-climbing, @definedbypassion, @nowhere-except-up, @flasktheory, @nickitynatnat, @finding-elysium, @house-under-a-rock

Peoples! YAY!  I’m probably forgetting a bunch so feel free to add more!

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Sam I feel like ive hit a form of rock bottom. A lot has happened in the last month and i think I realized today im not who i thought i was and im scared of who i might be. How can i move forward tomorrow, how can i fix how broken i feel?

Well, as they say “the good thing about rock bottom is there is nowhere else to go but up”.

There is a thing called the “phoenix phenomena” where one must hit rock bottom and burn out all of the fears and doubts before one can be reborn into a new and fearless life. You are there. Now you must let the fear go. The world cannot hurt you anymore. Rebuild yourself anew. Be reborn!

After seven minutes of screaming and sweating, annoyed at the doctors and nurses who kept yelling at me to “push” (wasn’t it obvious?), around one in the morning on Tuesday, March 1, 1994, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada, I finally heard it… The cutest little cry I have ever heard. Music to my ears. I kid you not, my precious baby boy sounded like he was singing. The nurses wiped his off and laid him on my chest. My heart pounded. Was he healthy? Did he have ten fingers and ten toes? He was perfect. Seven pounds, fourteen ounces of squirmy, sweet perfection. I’d planned to call him Jesse, but when I saw my baby boy for the first time -when our eyes locked, the melodic crying faded to a whimper, and his tiny finger curled around mine- I realized he looked nothing like a Jesse.
“Hi, Justin” I whispered, wondering how on earth two troubled teenagers, could have created the most breathtaking baby in the entire universe. I soaked in the glory of the most beautiful moment in my entire life, nestling my sweet baby against my skin. My mother beamed when she finally had the chance to hold Justin. She stared into his face, her eyes glowing with pride, with amazement, with gratitude. When it was Jeremy’s mother’s turn, she did much the same, fixing her eyes on her grandson with an intense awe. She gasped. “He looks exactly like Jeremy.” After all the visitors left and I found myself alone in the hospital with Justin, I finally had time to think. Something happens when babies are born. The world seems different, better. You care less about stupid things and you start thinking more about the future. Absent of a string of visitors, nursing coming in and out checking vital signs, and doctors following up, it was taste of our coming life together. This was it. Justin and I were on our own. Something about his sweet, crinkly face and the adorable yawns where he resembled a baby lion tempered all the fears and questions continuously tapped me on the shoulder.

“how are you going to take care of this precious baby on your own?”
One day at a time, I suppose.
“Can you even afford a baby as a single mom?”
I’ll find a way.
“What if he gets sick?”
I guess we’ll go to the doctor.
“Where are you going to live?”
I’ll work out those details just like i worked out everything else.
“What if? What if? What if?”

Who had the time or energy to get bogged down by the weight of those questions? I didn’t. I had a baby boy to care of.

—  Pattie Mallette Nowhere But Up (x)

Pattie Mallette Interview on Daybreak 21/09/12

  • Miles (about the 'Nowhere Boy' role):"Somebody said, 'Here's Sam Taylor-Wood, she wants to say hello'. We thought it would be for a cameo or something but she gave us the script and we were like, 'What?!?' I thought she wanted me to play McCartney, so I thought. 'Oh maybe I could do McCartney...' But it was Lennon, like the main fucking thing. We did think about it but then I didn't. Well, obviously I didn't."
  • Q Magazine:"Didn't she want them both in the film?"
  • Alex:"Maybe she thought that but turned up and realised that I had zero personality."
  • -Q Magazine, January 22 2016

When Pattie was about five to ten years old, she was sexually abused. Her biological father died when she was just three years old. Her mom married another man named Bruce as we all know as Justin’s grandpa. When Pattie was five years old her sister died in a car accident. At the age of 14, she got into doing drugs and stealing things. She left home and lived with about four boys for a few years when she was only 15 years old. She got into a lot of trouble as partying, skipping school, doing drugs, she also lost her virginity and was in a depression. When she was 17 years old she attempted to commit suicide by stepping in front of a truck, but the truck turned down a side street from where she stood. It was after she tried to take her life that she was visited by a counselor in a psychiatric ward and had a spiritual awakening. At that age she also got to know that she was pregnant and was encouraged to abort the baby but she just couldn’t do it.

On March 1st 1994 12:56am she got the most beautiful son named Justin Drew Bieber. She raised Justin in poverty. Justin’s father Jeremy wasn’t around that much. When Justin was only 10 months old his parents separated. Pattie had given up so much just to make Justin’s dreams come true. The only choice she had was to mature and be the best mom she could be. While her friends went out partying she had to stay home taking care of Justin. She worked so hard to get him his first drum-kit when he was four years. She promised him to not date anyone until he’s 18 only because she wanted to focus on him and his career. When she saw Justin for the first time, she saw a beautiful baby but she never realized that one day that boy she was staring at was going to be the biggest star on the planet.