nowhere to go nowhere to be

*sees smooth digital art* what a kickass style i want my art to be like that

*sees effortless watercolor art* what a kickass style i want my art to be like that

*sees sketchy, angular art* what a kickass style i want my art to be like that

*sees bubbly, stylized art* what a kickass style i want my art to be like that

*sees blocky, bright art* what a kickass style i want my art to be like that

*sees realistic, detailed art* what a kickass st

Completely self-indulgent malec fluff, summer, love, animals etc and most likely AU, inspired by this pic 


They leave the car in town, rent bikes to explore the landscape, their bags fastened on the bicycle racks.They’re in awe of the vastness of the wonderful countryside all around them as they cycle along an earthy but even path, green meadows, trees of all shapes and sizes, fields of crops and flowers and a lake in viewing distance. Magnus reaches out a hand towards Alec who’s next to him and a moment later their hands are entwined and they’re smiling, their chests filled with overwhelming content.They arrive at a farm, are offered the nicest, fresh food they ever tasted and a room so quaint and lovely it didn’t take them a minute to decide to stay here. The bed is kingsized and Magnus bounces as Alec pushes him onto it, the look of surprise on Magnus’ face making Alec laugh before he covers his boyfriend’s body with his own, their giggles lighting up the house, until nothing but the sound of kisses can be heard - if one eavesdrop at their door.

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countdown to dino’s birthday: d-3

a playlist for chan: SUNLIGHT - DAY ver. 
         sunlight and warmth and dream-like states, 
         caught between a dream and reality
         but then i woke up to you

holy my goodness the storyboarding in this chapter were just A+ 

One thing about Hani that I wish more people knew about is how intelligent she is. She has a high iq, 145, which is on par w/ Rap Monster, who is considered to be probably one of the smartest idols. She can speak mandarin after attending an advanced high school in China. She learned the basics of english for the TOEIC in just two months and got a near perfect score in that category. Ahn Heeyeon is so bright and talented and I really want people to talk about that more. 


The moment you realize that Reflection comes out in less than a month for real this time.

Liberals on Twitter are either:

a) Arguing that Clinton would have conducted the attack on Syria with congressional approval

b) Saying that Clinton didn’t actually want to attack Syria (despite being on record numerous times saying she did)

c) Guessing that had Clinton ordered the attack, the GOP would have stopped her or impeached her, or

d) Gloating about Clinton’s email scandal

Nowhere is there a mention of Syrian children or Syrian refugees. Nowhere is there a criticism of the unbridled right of the U.S. to attack sovereign nations. Nowhere is there a demand to all Democratic congresspeople to hold Trump to account for this crime. It’s all just Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. Some of these people have over 50,000 followers, and are followed by some government representatives, but they’re choosing to gloat about some fucking cryptid instead, a person who was going to do exactly the same thing they’re apparently objecting to now.

Soulless fucking hacks.

a comparison
  • what aesthetic, on-screen studyblr looks like: going to cafes to study, drinking enough water, reading in your spare time, everything is neat and organized
  • what it looks like behind the screen: staying home all week because holy fuck i procrastinated too much, messy and rushed notes, not getting nearly enough sleep