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Had to bring out the old tablet since my new one decided to stop working… This old tablet drew many Jasons in its day… so here is another one.

Percico prep school AU

-Nico’s really into fashion so when he sees the fluer de lis pin on the lapel of Percy’s navy blue blazer, he has to ask him how he thought up such a combination.

-He’s really shy about it at first because he chooses to hide his interest in that sort of thing due to embarrassment.

 -He finally gets the guts to ask him about it and the two end up walking all the way back to the dorms discussing just how Percy’s pin is the same shade of gold as the buttons on the uniform blazer.

-The two end up living in the same building. 

-Nico shyly suggests Percy pick out his outfit for the next day.

-Everyone stares, including Nico, when Percy walks out onto campus wearing the exact same outfit combination he picked out for Nico. 

Keep Close // Daddy Michael

He had never been so terrified in his life. One minute he’d been in bed, the next he was rushing to hospital with his one year old baby girl, floppy and unresponsive in his arms.

He was sat on the bed; the room felt cold and unfamiliar, full of panic and nurses rushing around them, asking thousands of questions about if she had any allergies or medical issues, etc.

You were on a night out, soon cancelled as you rushed to get to the hospital.

“Shh, shh.” He whispered to the screaming bundle in his arms. She was very much awake now; but nowhere near okay. Nobody knew what caused the problem in the first place. “It’s okay, Daddy’s here.”

They were injecting her with all different fluids, he didn’t know what they were or what they did. All he knew was that they were probably helping save her life.

“Daddy’s here, it’s alright.” He kept reassuring her, stroking her cheek softly. It was killing him that he couldn’t just cuddle her up to his chest like he usually would when she cries; she had to be laid across his lap so the Doctors had access to her.

“Is your wife coming Mr Clifford?” One nurse asked, Mikey nodding and replying that you should be here soon.

“We’ve stabilised her for now but still need to know what has caused these problems, so we need her to stay over night with us. You can stay too, as well as your wife.” The nurse explained, Mikey nodding understandingly but not wanting to speak. It was overwhelming. “She’ll be in intensive care so follow me and we’ll take her there now.

"Come on sweetie, it’s okay.” Mikey soothed, feeling more content when he cuddled her against his chest, rocking her gently. She was exhausted and not well, she definitely wasn’t herself. He could tell.

Michael hated the atmosphere in hospitals, as did you; therefore why your daughter was born at home. Walking through the cold, bright white, panic filled hospital corridors made him feel slightly queasy. His baby girl was whining and rubbing her sleepy eyes, Michael’s heartbeat soothing her.

“Just through here.”

He set her down on the bed, much to her protest, sitting close to her and wrapping his arm around her. “Daddy’s here.”

“Mikey?!” You said tearfully, entering the small room.

“Babe you’re here.” He sighed in relief, standing up and wrapping his arms around you.  "I’m so glad you’re here.“

"What happened? Is she okay?” You panicked, kneeling down to kiss her head and stroke her hair softly. “Mummy and Daddy are here, it’s gonna be okay.”

“She was asleep in bed and she started crying weirdly, then I checked on her and she wasn’t breathing.” Michael explained, the thought of it bringing back tears. “I didn’t know what had happened to her, I thought she was gonna die.”

“Mikey don’t. She’s here now and they’re gonna help her, I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” You pulled him close as he cried into your shoulder, you rubbing his back and kissing his neck. “It’s okay.”


A few hours later, she had been given more medication that had knocked her out, you also falling asleep in the chair next to the bed. Michael had called the boys, inviting them to the hospital to keep him company, and keep him sane. He needed distracting from his thoughts.

“Hey bro.” Luke entered the room first, Calum and then Ash following.

“Aw, poor baby.” Ash said, taking in the sights of the room. “What’s wrong with her?”

“They don’t really know yet, they’re still doing more tests on her.” Michael replied, running a hand through his hair.

“She doesn’t seem like she’s in pain now.” Calum added, sitting on the edge on the bed.

“She’s on so much medication, it’s completely knocked her out.” Mikey sighed, stroking her cheek. “It was terrifying. Y/N was out with her friends so I was alone, I didn’t know what was wrong with her.”

“At least she’s in a safe place now mate. She’ll be fine.” Luke reassured him, pulling him into a hug.


After spending a few nights in hospital, you and Michael were exhausted. The boys had visited several times to bring more clothes and toys for Eliza. She was doing a lot better; they were only still in hospital whilst they waited for results of the tests.

“She’s getting back to herself now.” Michael smiled, tickling Eliza softly. She giggled loudly, Mikey’s heart bursting.

“She is, I’m so glad.” You shook your head, not even wanting to think about how it could’ve ended up.

“Oh, come here sweetie. Daddy’s so happy you’re feeling better.” Mikey sighed in relief, picking Eliza up and kissing all over her face, holding her close to him. She still wasn’t 100% better but was a definite improvement from the week before. “I love you so much my baby girl.”

“Do you know when you’re getting results back?” Calum asked, sitting down on the small sofa next to Luke.

You were about to answer when a Doctor entered the room that had become home to you for the past few days.

“Mr and Mrs Clifford, we have most of the results of the tests that we did if you’d like to come to my office so we can discuss them.” She said with a blank expression; not giving anything away.

“Should we take Eliza with us?” You asked, the Doctor shaking his head.

“Would you three be okay staying with her?” She asked Luke, Ashton and Calum, them agreeing reluctantly. “We shouldn’t be too long, press the button on the wall if you need anything at all.”

“We’ll be back soon baby girl. Be good for Uncle Luke and Calum.” Michael murmured, kissing her forehead and following you out of the room.


“I’m really sorry. We can’t give you a clear answer; we don’t know what caused the sudden deterioration.” She explained in a serious matter. “In a way, it’s a good thing because we know it’s nothing obvious or serious. On the other hand, we can’t fully control it.”

“So there’s a chance it could happen again?”  You asked, a lump in your throat. Michael’s hand held tightly to yours, resting on your knee.

She sighed heavily; “I’m afraid so. I’m sorry I can’t give you a more reassuring answer.”

“Doctor we need you now. You two too.” A nurse appeared in the doorway, the three of you quickly following her.

Nurses surrounded Eliza, working on her like they had the week before. It had happened again. Luke and Calum came and stood with you, tears streaming down their faces and shock stricken.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, I thought-” Calum stuttered.

“Cal it’s okay, it’s not you.” You cried, pulling him into a hug.

“Mikey it happened again.” You sobbed into his chest, trying to block out the noise from the room, trying to save your baby girl. “It happened again!!!”

“Shh, they’re helping her. They’re helping her again.” Michael soothed, tears also soaking his cheeks. “I’m here, we’re all here. It’s gonna be okay.”

It was the longest five minutes of your life; it felt like 5 hours. All you could do was stand back and watch your baby girl’s life in someone else’s hands; you had no idea what they were doing to her. You didn’t really want to know.

“She had an allergic reaction to the medication we gave her. We’ve given here a different one now and we need to monitor her to make sure she isn’t allergic to this one too.” One nurse explained. “That’s where the rash has appeared from. It caused her throat to swell; that’s why she stopped breathing again.”

“Baby girl, you have to stop scaring us all like that, hey?” You whispered, kneeling next to her. She was awake and drowsy, hooked up to various wires.

“She looks so scared.” Michael couldn’t stop the tears streaming down his face. He knelt down next to you, stroking Eliza’s hair soothingly. “Don’t be scared darling, we’re here for you. It’s okay, baby. You just get better for us, yeah?”

“We all love you sweetie. Get well soon for us.” Calum murmured, wiping away the final tears from his eyes and slipping his finger into her little fist, stroking the IV hooked into her hand.

Ashton rested his arm around Luke’s shoulder, both of them now quietly sniffling.

“We’re all here for all three of you, you know that right guys?” Ashton asked you and Michael, you both nodding and smiling small.

“Thank you so much for everything boys.” You replied, getting up to hug them all.

“We’re all gonna get through this together.”

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Browsing through Amazon I’ve come across my own art - things I haven’t put up myself.

I’ve emailed several times but I get no answer and I don’t have a clue on how to report this so if somebody knows please help me out, this is stolen artwork of mine that has been used without my knowledge.

I would appreciate any advice on how I could get those products taken down:( I do sell that design in my own stores and it is nowhere near okay to do this - to any artist!

Top pic:

Middle pic:

Bottom pic:

<< Art Rewind 2014 <<

many thanks to everyone for enjoying drawing with me through this year ♥ I think we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2014, but I’m glad for the people who were sparks of light throughout the last 12 months. Good luck to everyone in 2015!