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hi im into kcinema? Though 1/10 of movies i watch are great. Most of the movies i end up watching are mediacore. Can you recommend me some good movie? Genre doesn't matter

yooooo fam that’s the reality lol god i watch so many fucking mediocre korean movies man..

anyway here are some that I thought were excellent + universal acclaim across the board (p sure you’ve watched most if you like korean cinema but still just in case)

  • park chan wook’s vengeance trilogy (mr vengeance/oldboy/lady vengeance)
    • JSA from park chan wook is also p great, and thirst is very interesting although i didn’t love it as much as some other ppl
  • anything by bong joon ho (barking dogs never bite, memories of murder, the host, mother
  • bleak night
  • the man from nowhere
  • select works from hong sang soo - he’s sleazy af but ugh i still dug right now wrong then and the day he arrives a lot
  • non fiction diary is like the only korean documentary i’ve seen and thought was good lol
  • a girl next door
  • tazza
  • sunny
  • actresses
  • nameless gangster
  • the good, the bad, the weird
  • welcome to dongmakgol
  • the king of jokgu

and k these are films that i loved but are more divisive so watch with care:

  • new world
  • anything by na hong jin - i personally get a kick out of his movies but some ppl hate them: the chaser, yellow sea, the wailing
  • the truth beneath (the most recent korean movie i watched omg this is such a bizarre experience)
  • castaway on the moon
  • silenced
  • the way home
  • the secret reunion (this movie is formulaic af but still made me so fuzzy lmao…)
  • the priests (kang dong won!!! as a priest!!!)
  • coin locker girl
  • alice in earnestland
  • speedy scandal
  • the front line
  • rough cut
  • the terror live
  • the attorney
  • hwayi
  • shin su won’s feature lengths are also very divided and hard to watch but - pluto, madonna

k i think that’s about it that i can remember… tbh there are a bunch more “critically acclaimed” movies that i just haven’t gotten to (poetry, secret sunshine, tale of two sisters, peppermint candy, etc etc)… and i also hate kim ki duk movies but some people think he’s rly great so you can also check out his stuff if you haven’t already idk

also feel free to rec me some korean movies honestly i haven’t seen everything lmao