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Damian didn’t know what had gotten into him lately. Sure, he’d always had a high sex drive, but he also had a boyfriend ready and willing to take care of it for him. Obviously that wasn’t the case here at Bates, and the past few weeks without any sort of attention whatsoever had him going crazy now… not that he would ever admit to wanting anything of the sort anyway. Even though he had seriously considered approaching Chris about it, though when he finally decided to see him the guy was nowhere to be found. So here he was in the library, once again, trying to distract himself with the help of Harry Potter and unable to hold back from muttering out loud to nobody in particular.

“Fucking hell, I’d honestly kill for some dick right now…”


- Next year maybe..

okay so the general responses to that weird symbol post seem to be:

  1. it’s someone’s signature (which is really likely but i still can’t figure out whose signature it could be)
  2. it’s an easter egg (also likely but from where i gotta know)
  3. it’s the in-universe symbol for earth (if the symbol is plot relevant somehow then this is pretty possible considering the cow and the cave are from earth)
  4. it has something to do with lance (also pretty possible)
  5. the cow is the blue paladin (uh)
  6. izzy why were you staring at the cow’s ass (shut up)

So I’m seriously not supposed to ask any questions right now?

Kent has routines. He’s naturally a superstitious guy, but nowhere close to being excessive by hockey standards, but something changed after the incident with Jack. He starts to have these little routines. His therapist said it was probably because he’s seeking some semblance of balance, which Kent thinks is a load of shit. So he cuts his peanut butter-Nutella sandwiches diagonally and never horizontally (who the hell cuts sandwiches horizontally?) So maybe he pets Kit no less than ten times before a game. So maybe when he wakes from another nightmare about finding Jack on the bathroom floor, he doesn’t go to sleep until he’s counted to ninety. It’s not a big deal.

He still waits for the fallout when Tater starts sleeping over more often, when he tries to find his sweatpants but all he finds, to his annoyance, are Tater’s socks and jeans made for giants. He wait for Tater to abandon him, or maybe not abandon him but still for the impending freak out looming like an eternal storm because Tater is not part of his routine.

But it doesn’t happen.

They make peanut butter Nutella sandwiches together, licking chocolate off their fingers and cutting their sandwiches diagonally. Kit curls into a ball and rests on Kent’s stomach while Kent uses Tater’s lap as a pillow while he reads some Russian classic, Dostoyevsky, probably, or one of those dead Russian literary greats whose names remind Kent of keyboard smashing (“Kenny, this is Eat, Pray, Love.” “Oh.”) on their couch like he’s lived there for ages, and not only every so often when their schedule happens to match up. And when Kent shoots up in bed, shaking from another bad dream, he feels Tater reach for him from his left, blindly, tiredly, and say “Shh, is dream. Shh.” And Tater kisses him on the jawline, alternating between sides, exactly 7 times, because “is lucky number. No more bad dreams.” Like it’s a routine.

When he kisses Kent tonight, he’s visibly tired, so he ends up mouthing at Kent’s jaw like he’s a fish gaping for water.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kent says. Tater’s lips are moving very gently along his skin, and it’s getting ticklish.

“Tired,” he says, and finishes his kisses with a real one, complete with an obnoxious smack. “There. 7 kisses. Eh. More or less. Good enough.”

“90’s a luckier number.”


“Got me pretty far, you know. Have the trophies to prove it.”

“7 is better. More lucky.” Tater saves this into Kent’s hair. “90 I think is little bit ok.”

“Oh yeah? What do you know about luck?”

“Lots,” Tater says, rubbing Kent’s arm gently. “I’m lucky man.”

“How so?” Kent says quietly, his eyes nearly sliding shut again. “You don’t–“ He yawns. “You don’t have a Cup.”

“Not yet,” Tater agrees. “But have hockey. And Kent Parson. And Kit. And sandwiches cut in…” He gestures vaguely, his hands flapping gently like birds, like he can’t quite grasp the word, then says something in Russian, a slow, full rumble that Kent adores. “You know.” He waves his fingers again, mimicking a shape.

“Triangles?” Kent prompts, huffing a laugh in Tater’s throat.

“Hah! Yes. Triangle sandwiches. Most lucky shape, I think.”

“Okay,” Kent says, his heart so, so full, and snuggles back in to Tater’s arms. “If you’re so sure.”

“Always sure.”

It was my first year of college and I was at a party of mostly upperclassmen and my orientation leader. I was in mid-conversation with orientation leader when out of nowhere this guy I had a huge crush on just picks me up WWE-style, slams me on the ground, then rolls over and kisses me on the nose while asking how my night was going.

so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

Together || Joshua || Oneshot

Word Count: 3955

Genre: Demon!AU, angst, fluff

Summary: You had an impossible wish to fulfill and Jisoo wasn’t sure he could do it. 

You’re not sure how you did it or when you did it but here you were staring at the demon that sat stretched out on your couch. This guy had been around for a month and since then, you felt like you didn’t have any personal space. He’d always stand around a corner when you least expect it. He’d appear in your bedroom in the dead of the night. He’d sit on your counter while you were preparing a meal for yourself and he’d always ask the same exact question: “What is your wish?”

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Reasons Sheith is the only ship I’ve ever had that I think might actually become canon:

1.) Timing of Keith being kicked out of the Garrison.  He was a rising star until the ‘Pilot Error’ on the Kerberos mission.  A little to coincidental not to be related.

2.) He came to rescue Shiro with explosives.  There is a possibility he really didn’t know Shiro was there, but it is equally possible that he did.

3.) The look when he sees Shiro on the table.  That was watery eyes.

4.) The clothes in the shack.  He’s been living in a shack in the desert for nearly a year, but he’s got clothing perfectly fitted for a guy nowhere near his size.  That is I couldn’t bare to throw away your things even though you were dead signs, if I ever saw them.

5.) The whole “It’s good to have you back” “It’s good to be back” conversation with shoulder touch.  Can you say history.

6.) When training against the castle bots he’s focused on protecting Shiro over everyone else.  There is a reason he’s there to jump in front of Shiro when he starts to have a panic attack.  Also, when they were dodging the little balls that dropped them through the floor, he was the last to fall before Shiro.  Like they were used to working together.

7.) Symbology of literally becoming Shiro’s lost right arm in Voltron.

8.) Staff has been liking Sheith art and even drawing some of their own.  Plus, the teasing we got for next season that there is a reason Shiro knows that Keith would be a good candidate to lead Voltron.

I don’t know.  Did you guys see anything else that seemed like really heavy hints that these two were an item before Kerberos or might be by the end of the show.


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In the moonlight, I could clearly see a tall dark figure standing in front of the glass window, staring right in. He knew I was looking at him, and I knew he was looking at me, but we didn’t see each other. I thought of the person I used to know and how different he was from the man I just saw. I didn’t know what he was thinking about, but he stood there for a while and then he turned around and left.

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why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever

Kyle's origin

I genuinely love the fact that this is basically Kyle Rayner’s origin story.

Kyle: So, I was at a bar and I needed to pee. All the places I could pee were taken. So, I went outside to take a piss in an alley. Then out of nowhere a little blue guy named Ganthet showed up, looked at me and said “you’ll do.” He then gave me a Green Lantern ring, and that was that. I became a superhero.


I love Winona Ryder