nowhere good

today i was at the laundromat and i looked up at the tv and there was a gay wedding happening in a clearly comedic show which wasn’t as far as i could tell being treated as a joke at all and i didn’t even know about it or even what show it was and no one in the laundromat reacted to it and i know it’s unradical or whatever but i can remember very different times and it still makes me feel something in my chest to realize how different it is now even if it’s still nowhere near good enough

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit


f*cking…. captivating……..

holy my goodness the storyboarding in this chapter were just A+ 

honestly straight people look i’m glad you wanna be an ally, that’s good, nowhere did i ever say that wasn’t good, but you GOTTA get over yourself. if you really freak out every time you realize someone’s not straight because you think it’s a test of whether you’re a good person and you’re SO scared of reacting wrong, that’s not good. and it makes our existence fundamentally about you and your self-image.

please chill and learn to see us as the ordinary individual human beings we are, not as symbols, not as exotic curiosities, not as monsters who are gonna bite you if you make a well-meaning mistake. and if you catch us online joking amongst ourselves about awkward straight people, realize it’s not meant for you, take a lesson from the joke if you recognize yourself in it and leave well enough alone. constantly dealing with straight people’s othering behavior is exhausting enough without having to hear your tale of guilt, and real allies know that. be that ally. spare us.



Mamboswap - Hiveswap parody of Mambostuck by @toastyhat​!

lol its nowhere near as good as the original…
Still, this was a really fun exercise in animation. Plus it’s awesome.  I have so many wiggly frames on here, you don’t even know.

Can’t wait for Hiveswap to come out!!