nowhere concert tour

This Day in 1D History - October 3



  • Zayn and Harry record messages** for fans (**these videos will change your life)
  • the boys explore Milan while there for Bring 1D to Me <3


  • *studiously takes notes* (Chart Show interview posted) 
  • Louis and Eleanor are all cozied up for fall while out supporting TXF contestant Adam Burridge in London :))


  • Take Me Home Tour concerts– Melbourne, Australia #2 


  • LIAM, NO
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Tampa, USA, feat. the most iconic hairstyle Lou Teasdale has ever given us


  • Louis hits the blue carpet looking sharp af at the Man City/Newcastle match in Manchester
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Manchester, UK, feat. Niall: “Scuse my lack of mobility; I’ve got a broken foot, I’ve got the flu…”