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24 Days of Christmas: Christmas Wish*Bucky Barnes x |Daughter|Reader*

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Day Eleven

Summary: Single parent at Christmas, first Christmas without the other parent and trying to make it seem as normal, as possible.
Warnings: Christmas fluff, Dad Bucky!
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson & Darcy Lewis

I Miss Her Too |Daughter| Reader <> A small sequel to this.

Day Ten

Two Days Earlier

“Now go on, that’s Santa,” Steve pointed to the man dressed up in a very convincing Santa outfit in the mall. You nodded and nervously walked over to the man, who gently picked you up and placed you on his knee, Natasha and Steve watching from a few feet away.

In a deep voice Santa looked at you, “And what’s your name?” Glasses framing his grey eyes, wrinkles in the corner from where he’s been smiling, the bottom half of his face covered in white, neatly groomed hair. The corners of the moustache and bottom end of hair tinted grey.

“Y/N Barnes,” you said in a small confident voice, holding your Bucky-bear.

“Ah yes! Barnes, I remember you, last year I got you that pink and white dolls house!” Natasha and Steve looked at one another, lucky guess from that guy. You nodded brightly, eyes shining with the fact he remembered. “Now what is your Christmas wish this year, Y/N?” he asked

You thought for a moment before leaning up and whispering in his ear, he nodded and looked at her, Steve frowned as he muttered something back but nodded. “I can see what I can do but remember young Y/N, Christmas wishes can’t always be my doing, sometimes it takes your believing in yourself for the wish to come true.” You nodded lightly and hopped off his lap waving, he waved back. “It’s a very selfless wish, I promise with a little bit of believing it will happen.”

You ran back over to Natasha and Steve, taking one of their hands and smiling. “What did you wish for?” Natasha asked.

“Dad said if I tell then it might not come true,” you smile and Steve chuckles nodding in agreement as Natasha rolled her eyes.


“I just need tomorrow to go perfectly, okay?” Bucky huffed out to his best friend whilst wrapping the remainder of the presents.

Steve sighed gently, it had been like this for weeks, Bucky planning the day to a T and as much as it seemed like a nice sentiment it only made Steve worry more. It would be everyone’s first Christmas without your mum, it would be yours and Bucky’s first Christmas without her and just… together. Steve understood the amount of the presents Bucky got you but no matter how many toys, Disney movies and whatever else there was, it wouldn’t take away the emptiness of the missing part in your life.

Steve didn’t say anything, simply nodding and standing up with a gentle sigh escaping his lips, he walked to the kitchen where Sam and Natasha sat drinking coffee. Sam smiled and nodded at Steve, asking how Bucky was holding up; the noise Steve made gave an indication to both Falcon and Widow on their friend’s current position.

“Don’t worry too much, this is just how he is coping with the holiday,” Steve nodded at Natasha who gently smiled with a small shrug of her left shoulder. “We just gotta make this Christmas extra special!”

Steve sighed and sat down beside Sam, who poured him a mug of coffee which Steve took a gulp of, not caring that it was too hot. “No matter what we do Y/N favourite Christmas’s will always be with her mum, she’ll always miss her most on these days and no amount of presents will bring her back, Bucky is just pushing off her feelings and his own. Today is about family, remembering and being with them, not shoving presents in your daughter’s face and expecting them to forget their mum died.”

It’s silent in the kitchen as they take in Steve’s words, slightly baffled he had said all that, especially when he is the one always defending Bucky. Steve sighs knowing he had said too much but it all needed to be said, needed to be heard since Bucky wasn’t listening, he only wanted to help and his friend was making it impossible not to punch him.

“I don’t think that’s what he is doing, Steve.” Nat frowned lightly when Steve scoffed, “I get we all lost her, more so you and Bucky, along with Y/N and no one likes talking about, none of us does! But Bucky is doing his best at trying to make this as normal as possible, he needs it to be as if nothing has changed because if it has, he may not be able to cope.”

Sam nodded in agreement with Natasha, “Plus Y/N doesn’t need Scrooge over here making her first Christmas without her mum even more depressing, Steve liven’ up a little. Making everyone remember the tragic loss is fine but it’s Christmas, let her have a day off from the morning, please?”

Steve sighed and nodded, he knew that. He should be more sympathetic towards you, you didn’t need to be reminded every day that you lost someone very important. The kitchen door opened and Darcy walked in, you came running around her legs, running straight to Steve’s legs. He smiled lightly and pried you off from his legs and set you on his lap.

“Dad said to wait in here,” you pouted at Steve and Sam, who both chuckled at your face. “It’s Christmas Eve and he doesn’t want me in the living room!” you huffed.

Darcy chuckled, “that’s cause he’s having an important phone call with some Elves.” Your eyes widen at Darcy and look to Steve for confirmation, the same excuse your mum used to say when you weren’t allowed in certain rooms at Christmas time.

Natasha gave Steve a look, he sighed and nodded. “Yep, pretty sure it’s a meeting explaining how good you’ve been!” You grinned and nodded excitedly, making everyone chuckle. “Why don’t you go and get ready for bed, we’ll finish up the chat and get everything sorted for Santa?” he placed you on the floor and you ran out of the kitchen to your room.

After a few minutes, you came back, Natasha holding a plate of two cookies, one glass of milk and a carrot she passed them to you. You walked carefully through the door held open by Sam, placing the plate and cup on the coffee table, Bucky smiled at you as you grinned trying your hardest not to eat the cookies yourself. Before anyone can say anything you’ve run off again, coming back with a glass of lemonade and a letter, everyone frowns.

“Who is that for?” Bucky asked smiling as you placed the drink beside the milk and letter leant up against it.

You smiled at Bucky, “For mum!” Everyone holds their breaths and looks at you. “Uncle Tony says the people we care about go to a better place, nowhere is better than Santa’s workshop. I just want to make sure she gets the letter and knows we are still thinking of her.”

Everyone looks at Bucky for his reaction and he just smiles nodding, holding his arms out to you, you walk carefully to him receiving a tight hug and you giggled at your dad.

“She’ll appreciate that, I’m sure she’ll be wanting to spend Christmas with us but Santa needs her more than us, she’s got a lot of kids to make just as happy!” you nodded with a small sad smile, “don’t worry you’ll be her little Princess, she’s still with us, watching over us! It’s why the Elves call, they don’t watch you to make sure you’re being good, it’s mummy.” You smile and nod, “I love you, we all do but if you stay up past your bedtime you won’t get presents.”

“Love you too,” you kissed his cheek before getting off his lap and saying goodnight to everyone before Bucky went to put you to bed, everyone glanced at the letter you had written.

Steve picked up the letter, written in pink colouring pencil and a small drawing of a heart in the top left corner; Natasha gave a disapproving glance to Steve who skimmed over the writing trying his best to make out what you had written. He sighed sadly with a small smile, placing the letter down.

“She said it wouldn’t matter if she got all the presents in the world, she just wants Bucky to be happy for once, for real. That’s been her Christmas wish.”

(Hope you enjoy this Christma thing. Let me know what you think, it’s kind of a carry on from a previous one shot but can be totally read as a stand alone thing, hope you have a good Holidays! - Rosalee)

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collection of 1D recs that I have read so far

Compiled from my dreamwidth posts from the past year, and I entered the fandom late, so you’ve probably read most of these already. Not an AU unless otherwise specified. Happy ending unless otherwise specified.


Better Life Choices by Ferritin4. Fake boyfriends secretly pining, like you do.

And If This is the Only Thing I Want by estrella30. Nick and Harry kiss sometimes, like you do.

nowhere better than this place by waspabi. AU with Farmer Harry and Fashion Writer Nick. This is the most beautiful (and the only) Farmer Harry fic I’ve read, except for the gay farmer dating tumblr not!fic by rubdown, which was pretty funny, but not actually a fic.

Like a Lightning Strike by Hllangel. Canon divergence AU in which 1D didn’t get past judges’ houses. I think you accidentally took my red tartan jacket from Mahiki last night. My keys were in my pocket. You had an avocado in yours, which I’m sure was equally important.

i should ink my skin with your name by crucios. Harry POV

If This Is Love by sunsetmog. Nick POV. Broke my heart, then mended it. Airport reunion scene! Novel-length monstrosity I’ve read several times.

In Vodka Veritas by Vae. Nick POV. Harry complains about bisexual invisibility.

keep my heart slow by estrella30. Harry POV. Nick produces a boyfriend out of nowhere, and Harry goes on tour broken-hearted. But happy ending!


Not Your Fault But Mine by sunsetmog. Louis-centric, plus OT5 friendship. College AU with realistic
depression (but with a happy ending; no one flunks out)

Podfic of The Disgruntled Novelist’s Bodacious Pornographer (or, that time Nick and Louis were rival romance writers) by greedy_dancer. Beautifully read podfic of a funny AU about rival romance writers by aliferuined.

Three Cheers for Involuntary Attraction (and sequels) by checkthemargins.

and i never saw you coming by annemari. Someone sends Nick anonymous backhanded compliments in the mail.

I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow by sunsetmog. Lots of pining and emotional confusion, secret relationship, being in the closet, slightly kinky. Another novel-length monstrosity I’ve read several times; I have a lot of feelings about it. The author has written snippets of a sequel, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Than You by aliferuined. Louis has to be an asshole about everything; Nick likes it. Sequel.


emotional knapsack by irishmizzy and miss_bennie. Slow-burn futurefic of my heart. After One Direction breaks up, everyone else seems to have settled into their new lives, but Harry and Niall are both a bit lonely and depressed. Niall has the feeling that he’s forgotten something, Harry’s house in LA is too big, and they think touring again is the answer. (Hint: Fucking is the answer.)

way, no way by irishmizzy and miss_bennie. Amazing sequel to the amazing emotional knapsack. Together they are the quintessential, the ultimate, the standard Narry futurefic against which all Narry futurefics are measured. In a word, I liked it.

Baby, I by makesomelove. Aka the best babypire fic ever written. Niall gets bitten by a baby at the beginning of tour and starts craving milk. Harry provides. OH YES HE DOES. When Niall grows up, they live happily ever after. All the benefits of a vampire fic, but with none of the woe-is-me-i’m-dead-forever drama. Except for that other Vampire!Niall fic that’s also drama-free.

Maybe With Me by threeturn. Tourfic. Niall has feelings, Harry is clueless, the band is charming. So great I made a podfic of it to express my feelings.

remember that time on the bus by estrella30. Tourfic. Niall suggests they have sex, and Harry likes the idea more the longer he thinks about it.


One Hundred Per Cent by threeturn. Liam is 100% not gay, but Niall has a plan. Or, five times Niall came up with a ridiculous excuse for him to have sex with Liam and one time aliens did. One of ten delightful stories in the TROPEGATE collection.


the pawn to your king by blackwayfarers. Harry thinks Liam and Louis are dating, so they pretend to be boyfriends to get back at him. Then they realize they are dating, so they pretend not to be to get back at him.

slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces by dicktective. Liam and Louis play gay chicken; Liam accidentally wins.

Enough to Go By by oliviacirce. Novel-length futurefic in which Liam has been secretly in love with Louis for years, and Louis is going through a divorce and needs a place to stay. The side Haylor is cute.

Louis Tomlinson and the Upstairs Neighbor by mistresscurvy. an AU in which Liam and his daughter move into the apartment upstairs from Louis. Contains a surprise fusion that’s not really a surprise, given that it’s right there in the title whoops. I loved it.

Grey sweaters = clones, apparently? by greedy_dancer. Futuristic dystopian notfic, but with happy ending.

These Streets Are Yours by sunsetmog. College AU. Angst, with a side of angst. Happy ending, though!

Fine By Me (if you never leave) by harriet_vane. Non-famous AU. Liam is a great fake boyfriend. So cute I made a podfic of it.

Replay, Darling by lazy_daze. Louis flirts via obnoxious word games. Apparently the obnoxious word games are canon.

My Love is as a Fever by harriet_vane. Hurt/Comfort. “Liam gets sick. Louis looks after him.”

Trade All My Tomorrows for Just One Yesterday by harriet_vane. Actually a Groundhog Day AU, but apart from the time loop, it’s still the same band.


Trust in Your Dream by disarm_d. Non-AU, sort of. Harry hits his head and wakes up in a world where he and Louis are not dating. Louis is straight, so no happy ending. Short and sad.

if it’s me you’re looking for by eleadore. Non-famous AU. Harry and Louis live together, pine secretly, but never say anything and date other people like idiots. lots of angst, but happy ending!

Purer Than The Water (like we were) by FeelsForBreakfast. Mermaid AU!!! Pensive and lovely.

Soft Like Circles Strong Like Squares by disarm_d. A/B/O X-Factor Era fic in which Harry is an Alpha and Alphas are the ones discriminated against (usually it’s omegas). Ended too soon. Labeled “unhappy ending”, but no one dies or anything.

Agent Provocateur by anonymous. D/s tourfic. Delightful story about subspace and Harry and Louis being idiots who don’t know they’re in a relationship.

Google Says Cut That Out by LittleMousling. Another BDSM Harry/Louis relationship.


Da Mi Basia Mille by StormDancer. College AU. Zayn gets dumped, and Harry decides to kiss him once a day in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

if you never let me go, well I will never let you down by estrella30.

(just like) starting over by robpatFF. Pretend boyfriends; predictable results.

The one where Zayn can’t stop acting like Harry’s boyfriend by shuttermutt. Accidental boyfriends.

Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Harry, Liam/Louis

Yours Faithfully by threeturn. Space AU with soulbonds. Niall is a spaceship. Zayn and Liam are popstars. Harry and Louis are ex-slaves. Little Mix are resistance fighters. Do you need to know more?


Even When We Fight by threeturn. College debate club AU.

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I’d Never Let You Go by estrella30. Pretend boyfriends!

around the world in eighty thousand days by fallfreely. Harry falls for Liam on tour and doesn’t think Liam likes him back.

The More the Sun Will Shine by harriet_vane. Always-a-girl Liam. Liam has a list of naughty things she’s never done, and Harry offers to help her in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

never look surprised by daisysusan. Liam’s wrist is broken, and Harry offers to masturbate him in the spirit of friendship. Feelings happen.

Marcel the marketing guy/anyone

But If You Close Your Eyes Does It Almost Feel Like by pukeandcry. Marcel/Louis. AU. Louis is the receptionist; Marcel has a crush.

Cute as Buttons by threeturn. Music video canon. Harry/Marcel. Harry has regrets after they trashed the office.

You looking like that by rivers_bend. College AU. Harry/Marcel. Harry and Marcel meet at university. I loved it so much I made a podfic of it. And there’s a sequel!

Harry/Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf RPF crossover)
How Do You Think It Goes by makesomelove. Dylan’s a fan. So’s Harry. This hilarious and charming fic is how I fell down the rabbit hole. So great I made a podfic of it!

Bimonthly fic rec


A Different Light 99k, kidfic, Louis has a kid and a girlfriend but a lot of things change when he meets Harry

Always Be There For You 5k, ace Harry and aro Louis 

a cage for every ugly spirit 15k part 2 of the religion kink collection

down on your knees, you don’t look so tall 3k

Give It To Me (I’m Worth It) 3k, Louis and Harry have sex in the locker room after the Late Late Show dodgeball skit

give the bruises out like gifts 2k really really angsty and sad

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) 14k, really cute and fluffy, Harry drunk-dials Louis.

If You Weren’t Real I’d Make You Up 7k extremly delicious suffering (don’t read the second part if you love sad endings like me)

i lost all of my innocence 11k, x-factor era, first time

It’s Never Enough 12k, history kink

loving him was red 17k, angsty series

More or Less 10k, aro Louis, angsty and cute.

oh, the kissed limbs 6k, cute HP one-shot

Once in A Lullaby 48k, a bit  of angst and lots of fluff, somewhat canon compliant

something so precious about this 4k x-factor era

Summer Loving Happened So Fast 16k, Louis and Harry meet on a beach bar in NJ but Harry’s leaving for med school in five days

the beast you made of me 4k a/b/o

These Lights Are Blinding Us 9k cute Valentine’s day fic

Web Me Harder 6k, the spiderman AU everyone needs to read

worlds will sing as we fall 7k vampire au

You Got Time 61k, fluff and angst, kidfic, Louis is a dad and Harry a uni student

you’re stumbling like the nazarene 13k part 1 of the religion kink collection


A Waltz For A Night 26k, kinky one-shot where Louis’ has a small penis and Nick loves it

Been a Long Time Since Before I’ve Been Touched 4k virginity kink

I Built A Home for You, for Me 70k, dystopia, some triggers warnings for sex slavery

I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow 122k, I don’t know what to say JUST READ THIS, even if you don’t like Tomlinshaw, you will after you’ve read this. ANGST

Not Your Fault But Mine 127k a very beautiful but painful story, I’ve cried a lot while reading this. Read the tags before you decide to read it! 

Speak Low If You Speak Love 9k, I Had Rather ‘verse one-shot

We could start over again 5k Louis dumps his boyfriend and ends up in Nick’s arms

you and me, baby 11k, a/b/o, they are snowed in in a cabin


nowhere better than this place 29k,  bit too fluffy for my taste but well written

Apocalypse Song 50k, same author, love this even if Gryles isn’t your otp (it isn’t mine either) but this story is beautiful and very well written (bonus: Nemma and Lilo as side pairings) (and great worldbuilding skills)


On Letting Go 9k, very painful. Louis and Harry were together but now Louis is dead

Flex to Fit 5k, size kink

Title: nowhere better than this place

Fandom/pairing: 1D/Radio 1 RPF, Nick/Harry

Rating/word count: Explicit / 29434 words

Summary: “Oh my god. It’s like a romantic comedy. I could cry. Does he have a love of cowboy boots and big hats and roping cattle? Is it like Brokeback Mountain? Have you done naughty things in tents?”

An AU in which beleaguered urban fashion plate Nick spends the month of April knee-deep in mud, Harry is a couture country shepherd, and all farmers, inexplicably, wear cowboy boots.

Notes: I really wanted to name this Two Sheeps in the Night. 

anonymous asked:

what's your top 5 fav fics of all time?????

hahahahah this was a joke right?? top fIVE?!?!

so basically i went through my longass fic rec and tried to narrow it down, then realised that i couldnt really choose actual favourites?? depends on the day really. so lets start with the not long/not short just great fics.

now lets move on to longer more intense stuff.

now lets move on to my absolute favourite. kidfic.

and then theres the aus we could always have if anyone wanted to write them??

  • nick the popstar and harry the dj au
  • roommate au
  • kid fic
  • teacher student au
  • kid fic
  • grew up together au
  • nick/harry/jack whitehall au
  • kid
  • fic

and this is so not what you asked for im so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! but like i hope this gives you SOME fic to read and i know im forgetting some but heres my longass fic rec aswell so!!!!

Forgetting the Planting - 2

Part 1 is here


Hook barely had time to register her words before feeling the hard grip of the prince’s hand on his shoulder, lifting him and spinning him around to receive a harsh blow to his jaw.

“Dad!” Emma gasped.

David glared at Killian. “What did you do, pirate?”

Hook took a step back and rubbed the offended side of his face. He smirked into that glowering face and put on his best swagger. “Well, mate, considering you have a few offspring of your own, I think you know.”

The man advanced on him, but Emma was back on her feet providing a barrier between them with a hand on each man’s chest. “Let’s not do this just now, okay guys?”

He immediately felt a pang of remorse. Emma wasn’t feeling well and there she was, acting the moderator over their posturing. “My apologies, love. Perhaps we need to get you to a more comfortable place.” David was still seething, but he backed off. His wife, holding the child, was now also in the confined space of the bathroom. Emma was pale, but had that that stubborn set to her chin.

“What’s going on in here?” Mary Margaret asked.

A muscle flexed in David’s jaw. “It would seem that our daughter is…with child.”

Keep reading

A little thing for obscenelybefuddled​, post Tunnels of Time. This is my ship now, I like this ship. I like Pen and Ink for a name for it, but I will wait for a fandom consensus. Anyway they are adorable and I will be unbearable from here on out. Still spacetrash first and foremost, tho.

the lateness of the hour

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward sleeps in a bed worth over sixty-thousand US dollars. This is just shy of forty-thousand Great British Pounds. It’s sixteenth century, Jacobean. It’s solid oak and weighs as much as a small car. It’s massive, darkly-stained and four postered. The panel in the back would extend nearly to the ceiling, if the ceilings in Lady Penelope’s bedroom weren’t vaulted. The word ornate fails to fully summarize the sheer detail and grandeur of the carvings that cover the nine-paneled tester. These depict figures and foliage, intricate and twisting geometry, and must have taken a master craftsman years to complete, so many centuries ago.

Keep reading