11:11 Make a wish

My wish is to hear everyone’s top 11 favorite songs. I’m also gonna say no repeating artists and to tag 11 people. Get it ‘cause 11:11?

nowess tagged me and this is gonna be p hord bc i like only listen to the strokes and i have like 8 billion favorite songs tbh

What Ever Happened/Hard to Explain by The Strokes

Doses and Mimosas by Cherub

Love is Colder than Death by The Virgins

Complètement Fou by Yelle

All Men are Pigs by Studio Killers

On the Regular by Shamir

Mashup of Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear and Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears as sung by Kimbra

Lisztomania by Phoenix

Epic Last Song by Does it Offend You Yeah?

Half in Love With Elizabeth by Mystery Jets

Spotlight by Leagues

And I want to hear the top 11 songs of: idk? billy tagged most of my friends but ill tag  wondefulband and drowsy core​ and thehobbledehoy

11:11 make a wish

My wish is to hear everyone’s top 11 favorite songs. I’m also gonna say no repeating artists and to tag 11 people. Get it ‘cause 11:11?

(it’s actually 11:16 but when i opened my computer at 11:11 so. Does this even matter am I even supposed to post it at 11:11 or)

Billy aka nowess started one of those chain ask thingies, and he tagged me! Boy is this going to be difficult. Particularly since I was just at a Hozier concert so like… I want to put down entirely Hozier help. Also I have to cover current alt music or whatever, sappy more mainstream pop, bad but incredibly iconic 90′s/00′s pop, Musicals, and classic rock so this is going to be a really strange list. I’m all over the place honestly.

Arsonists Lullaby- Hozier

Crying Lightening- Arctic Monkeys

Wolves- Dreamers

Take It Back- Ed Sheeran

I’m All Alone- ok I know this is a cop-out but it’s from Monty Python’s Spamalot and it’s fucking hilarious


Wannabe- Spice Girls

Pyramid Song- Radiohead

Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde

Carry on Wayward Son- Kansas (pls don’t make fun of me I KNOW it’s the song from Supernatural and that’s where I first heard it but I like to listen to classic rock while I do art things and it comes up a lot so I know all of the words and it’s really fun to sing along to so shut up.)

Blackbird- The Beatles

I’m gonna tag people who have def already been tagged bc I know nobody else: curlyboysinbeanies wondefulband trilingualduchess timedetectivefromasgard personwith0pinions ??? You all probably already did this whatever

nowess asked:

To the anon asking about how Velkoz in a suit works: Just think of octodad.

Yes pretty much this! If you don’t know Octodad, I’m fairly sure a good google image search will clear it up pretty quickly.


So my driver’s ed instructor was taking shit about “Bruce” Jenner and how he could never look at a box of Wheaties again. I wish I had the courage to say this to him in person but leaving notes is fine. (May have gotten too cheesy with that last line)

Edit: Btw the instructor was an ex-cop

yo motherfuckers it’s time for me to adhere to a request from my bro nowess and list my 11 favourite songs
feel free to judge my terrible and sporadic music taste

volatile times - IAMX
love like you - Rebecca sugar
let it go - Tim McGraw
last hope - paramore
caught like a fly - falling in reverse
dreaming - smallpools
hand over mouth over and over - a lot like birds
May happiness come - mogwai
6 gun quota - seether
kiss with a fist - florence + the machine
you are the moon - the hush sound

Watch on

Soko - Love letter

Watch on

“You get trated nicer if you’re well dressed. I don’t want to go around like a dreary old lady.”

I can only hope that I’m this sartorially inclined when I’m over 50. Leopard sunglasses are a definite DO.

{By Nowess found via The Glamourai

11:11 Make A Wish

I was tagged by nowess and my top 11 songs are

ooh la la- the faces

alexander city born- shaky graves

out of time man- mick harvey

lorelai- fleet foxes

stay gold- first aid kit

15 step- radiohead

cape cod kwassa kwassa- vampire weekend

that was your mother- paul simon

inaudible melodies- jack johnson

if you’re feeling sinister- belle and sebastian

the rising- bruce springsteen

and I’m gonna tag germman, emmaglazeddonuts, asquareinveronalamazibatonebiamovies-for-the-win, 5000ladybugs, and waltzofthemillionaire