Accidentally Creative Again
  • Azhadya:And some years later, that very decision to let someone from this world live granted us with the means to rid ourselves of a plague that may not have ever gone away. Eventually, it would have gotten out and it is certain it would fight harder to ensure it stays out.
  • Elcycinu:....not necessarily.....someone else somewhere could have helped...
  • Azhadya:Why hadn't it happened in hundreds of years?
  • Elcycinu:'Cause nobody had come along:I
  • Azhadya:Gods are aware of our existence, as well as those who commit their existence to correcting unwelcomed outcomes in the Stream.
  • Elcycinu:Not all gods are friends with drakkels. vnv
  • Azhadya:You happened to be, though. You also happened to be linked to a god that happens to be traveling through this very world, which happens to contain some ordinary eteyali, who happened to survive an unsuccessful immigration attempt, who happened to meet this god which happened to be in the right place at the right time. If this Eteyali was supposed to die, he never would have survived to see the Unicycle God in the first place.
  • Elcycinu:......I guess.......
  • Azhadya:it's remarkable how closely everything is linked, too much so to feel as though this was all entirely accidental.
  • ------
  • Ombrataegra:if she never met INI before we threw her at DINNER who is MUCH OLDER OF A CHARACTER
  • HauNtedMEloNs:I KNOW
  • HauNtedMEloNs:THEY WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • ------
  • Ombrataegra:This all resulted from two out of nowhere wants, too
  • HauNtedMEloNs:yEAH
  • Ombrataegra:MOST IMPRESIVELY was
  • Ombrataegra:the want for Elcy to torment DInner
  • Ombrataegra:who would think something good could result from that
  • Ombrataegra:more than good, INCREDIBLE
  • HauNtedMEloNs:I wouldn't-YEAH
  • Ombrataegra:world-wide phenomenon
  • Ombrataegra:overnight sensation
  • HauNtedMEloNs:because Elcy harassed Dinner
  • Ombrataegra:Then caused a ripple that saved Tandamet by saving someone seemingly insignificant
  • ------
  • Ombrataegra:authors, man.
  • HauNtedMEloNs:we do what we want how we want
  • HauNtedMEloNs:and mess with the heads of gods who should know everything
The Clocks Say Three

Existing in a plane of naught,
A timeless place the world forgot,
A life all Powers and mortals sought;
And meant only for me.

But the clocks displayed one time,
Keeping a silence quite sublime,
In a haunting sort of rhyme;
Their faces all say three.

“Why are all the clocks here broken?”
Are the only words here spoken,
Where not a soul admits their token;
They work just fine for me.

And I believe it’s quite an art,
The silent darkness that will dart
Into a world void as my heart.
“Why do the clocks say three?”

There is no time within this state,
No such concept as too late,
Here the time is dead to fate.
And so the clocks stay free.

October 13, 2011

Did this picture make you uncomfortable? (B

my character, Moto, can summon buckets.
She could do this looong before I started reading a certain comic.
But man would she love the idea of making trolls uncomfortable.

illegitimate time child who is a lynx with yaoi claws and I imagine him to be reclusive and huffy about life because his dad was drunk and doesn’t know he or his sister exists but I haven’t used him yet so I don’t really know how he’ll turn out I do know that he’ll be protective of his sister though

His name is Deinde and he is less swirly and his wings and eyes glow but I can’t demonstrate this 

he’s a cat and his sister’s a bird 

Just a concept for a “Daemoness of Perception” just thought I would share with everyone.
This lovely lady is something like a deity, and her job is to prevent prejudices against a person’s appearance and protect and promote confidence of self-image. Hence why she has no facial features (the “mask” is indeed her face), it’s sort of like “justice is blind” sort of thing. She can see, but how does she see if she can’t SEE???
She sees more genuinely than most people do, that’s for sure.

While they’re available (since they’re hosted temporarily) here are the WIPs:
[1], [2], [3].

I’M VERY RUSTY!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A THING THAT HAPPENED to try to get used to photoshop 
It’s still very awkward to use :( 
On top of that I still feel like my style is lost somewhere but I’m on a journey to discover it and I will try to draw a lot more but we’ll see with my limited computer time

The Caring Curse

How casually you look at me,
And see what other eyes can’t see;
And I question how this could be,
But, I guess it’s true.

There’s still one thing I know for sure,
That no soul could e'er love me more
Than the love for them I outpour;
This is nothing new.

But I wish there could be a way
To brave the world and seize the day,
To seem and feel wholefully gay;
Yet, all I know is pain.

What is this horrid thing I feel?
Is this awful emotion real?
Though I should have made you my meal,
You’re what keeps me sane…

The very thought of what to do
If someone says those words so few…
To get an honest “I love you”
Well, I might just die.

There’s no reason for you to claim
Such a notion and feel no shame…
And even if I gift my name…..
It could be a lie.

This includes “reverse psychology” she can usually tell when you’re trying to use that.
She may be a tad… eccentric and spazzy but she isn’t retarded or incredibly easy to fool.
In fact she’ll be suspicious of people trying to get her to do what they want her to do, so she’s going to end up doing something completely spontaneous.

Moto, The Motorcycle god. Daredevil of NOWEK.
Predict her next move and it’ll be the last move you make.