Denise Cloyd in every episode - No Way Out

I need light. Michonne, towel. Hold it here. Okay, we need to keep pressure on the wound. I’ll go in and sew up any lacerations. Just like that, right here. Now, Spencer, I need that pan. That one on the tray. Good. I’m going to clean and close this. Michonne, keep following me with the towel.


Enid in every episode - No Way Out

You were right. So I’m here now. And I’m going out there and I’m helping you. We have to get her off that platform. She’s hurt. She needs help getting over the wall. I can climb up the gate. You can distract them. We do it together. I’m just gonna follow you, anyway. You keep looking for the Bible Glock. I’ll make her something to climb down.