This etsy shop is selling products with stolen designs. Seen depicted is my “Wibbly Wobbly” design, sold without my permission. I contacted the shop a while back and asked them to take down all their products featuring my designs, and to never use my designs again. At the time, they seemed apologetic and complied, but this morning I decided to check up on them, and they’re still blatantly ripping off my designs and making money off my art. I’m going to report them to, but as I’ve heard etsy aren’t always quick to deal with these things, and I know this shop has already sold quite a few items with my designs on them, I’m urging you not to buy anything from Tomorrowsunknown until they’ve been dealt with. In fact, if you’re a fan-artist I would urge you to make sure none of your designs are being ripped off as well, as I’m fairly certain most or all of the designs in this shop are stolen. 

Thanks for reading, please spread the word.