Revealed Proposals (Cal Request)

(Day 11 brings a Calsqueezy imagine for you! But it also means one thing… Only 1 day until our very special imagine goes live! And I can’t bloody wait!!)
“Just been you and me this holiday babe” Cal grins as the taxi takes you to the villa you would be staying at.
“Finally” You joke and he chuckles in agreement.
You and Cal had been in a relationship for over a year now. Though things weren’t normal. You couldn’t go out together in London, where you lived. You couldn’t keep your stuff on display whenever the guys were filming because they couldn’t know you even existed. By they, you meant the viewers. The people that regularly watched his videos and spotted everything. Your hair product left in the corner of the bathroom when Cal filmed a cut out for a QnA. They claimed it was Sarah’s. The vest top left on the floor just because you two were terrible at tidying up. Cal claimed it was for a video. The person he smiled at sat in the seat next to him when he was on his way to the sidemen house. He claimed he say someone he recognised out the window.
To them, you were nobody. Cal was still a single lanky blonde with a laugh too loud and a crazy bunch of friends.
But he never failed to make you feel the opposite. he would order in a takeaway for you and him or cook something with his limited skills and put on a film or TV show and just spend time with you. You’d help with video ideas, be the one sat behind the camera to help film.
But this week had been just about you two. And now was your final night.
“I’ve had the best time” He smiles, “And not only this week. This entire year”
“Me too babe” You nod, fingers lacing with him.
“And I know this has been tough for both of us, with the whole secret stuff and trying to hide everything. It’s been hard. But I’ve realised that if I have to hide everything for the rest of my life, then that’s okay. As long as it means I have you by my side to hide everything with.” He smiles, lowering down until he rests onto one knee, “So, Miss Secret Girlfriend… How do you feel about becoming Mrs Freezy?” he wiggles his brows.
You chuckle at his attempts to be romantic only overtaken by classic Cal before you reply, “Of course I bloody will” You grin and he rises back up to wrap you in his arms.
And after the original moment of you and your now fiance caught up in the excitement, you couldn’t wait to tell all of the boys…
~~~Time Skip~~~
After a quick flight home and a taxi back to the flat, you and Cal were too excited to wait to tell everyone and Harry and Lux were luckily going to the house anyway. Everyone would be there. The perfect chance to tell them all.
You had to wear a baggy SDMN hoodie to cover your hands where the ring sat comfortably.
“Why are you two so happy? People are usually sad to get back from holiday” Harry points out, turning round from his place in the front of the car.
“Just had a great week” Cal shrugs, kissing your cheek.
“Oh god I don’t wanna know” Lux replies, pulling into the driveway of the sidemen house.
All of the boys were already there so you four were last to enter.
They were all in the lounge surprisingly. Which was a rarity in this house. Usually Vikk was asleep and JJ was screaming upstairs about a FIFA pack.
“Hey guys” Josh smiles as he walks down from the lounge.
“Sorry we’re late” Cal mentions.
“Its alright, you’ve just gotta come and see this game. Ethan vs JJ” Josh grins and the three boys follow him.
You opt for going to the kitchen to grab yourself a drink and wash up some of the dishes as you always did to make sure the boys were taking care of themselves.
Subconsciously, you pull up your sleeves and get on with the job.
“Oh come on (y/n), you don’t have to do that” Simon interrupts, dropping the glasses he came to refill to help you.
“Who else will?” You joke, passing him one of the plates.
He stutters before he grabs it, his eyes focused on your exposed hand, “Is that-”
You widen your eyes and look up to him.
“Oh my god!” He drops the plate onto the drainer and pulls you into his long arms, “When did this happen?”
“Last night, on holiday” You reply.
“Why didn’t you bloody tell us?”
“Because we wanted to tell you all together asshat”
“Shit sorry” he comments, “Can you tell them now?” His face lights up.
“Come on then, but I have to tell them with Cal” You point out and follow him through to the lounge.
There is a place next to your fiance free so you take the seat there, welcoming his automatic grip around your waist.
“Simon knows” You mumble into his ear and he frowns, “He saw the ring”
Cal just nods, a smile now on his lips, “Actually guys we have something to tell you”
They all turn around to face you, expectant and confused looks on their faces.
“We’re engaged” He grins, lifting your hand to show the ring.
“Oh my god!!” Vikk exclaims.
They all jump up along with you two and wrap you all in a big embrace.
“When the fuck did this happen?” Tobi asks
“Last night” You comment, Cal’s arm around your waist yet again.
“One question” Harry announces, “Who’s best man?”

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I would be reading your rp as well but I had no internet last week to be on here at all and I attempted to scroll and find the first part but couldn't

O jeez… would you like a summary? Lydia was really sick, Jason was being clingy to Emma. Emma ran test on Lydia. Lydia stayed with Emma while Jason went to Bludhaven with Dick. Lydia dream shared with Emma, Dick and Jason to help Emma sleep. There was a vision of Dick being Killed by Lydia. Emma tries to fix everything by Killing Luthor.

Now your caught up.. @crazy-fan-girl-with-many-fandoms am I missing anything?




He gets dandelions. Original.

Picking his qualities were hard but I thought these two really hit on what he’s known for in the books.

Dandelion took up his cue with the same plucky readiness that he had shown in the wood. “I’ll tell the story of the King’s Lettuce,” he said aloud.

“We shall enjoy that,” replied Cowslip immediately.

“He’d better,” muttered Bigwig.

Dandelion began.

“They say that there was a time when El-ahrairah and his followers lost all their luck. Their enemies drove them out and they were forced to live down in the marshes of Kelfazin. Now, where the marshes of Kelfazin may be I do not know, but at the time when El-ahrairah and his followers were living there, of all the dreary places in the world they were the dreariest. There was no food but coarse grass and even the grass was mixed with bitter rushes and docks. The ground was too wet for digging: the water stood in any hole that was made. But all the other animals had grown so suspicious of El-ahrairah and his tricks that they would not let him out of that wretched country and every day Prince Rainbow used to come walking through the marshes to make sure that El-ahrairah was still there. Prince Rainbow had the power of the sky and the power of the hills and Frith had told him to order the world as he thought best.

"One day, when Prince Rainbow was coming through the marshes, El-ahrairah went up to him and said, ‘Prince Rainbow, my people are cold and cannot get underground because of the wet. Their food is so dull and poor that they will be ill when the bad weather comes. Why do you keep us here against our will? We do no harm.’

” 'El-ahrairah,’ replied Prince Rainbow, 'all the animals know that you are a thief and a trickster. Now your tricks have caught up with you and you have to live here until you can persuade us that you will be an honest rabbit.’

“ 'Then we shall never get out,’ said El-ahrairah, 'for I would be ashamed to tell my people to stop living on their wits. Will you let us out if I can swim across a lake full of pike?’

” 'No,’ said Prince Rainbow, 'for I have heard of that trick of yours, El-ahrairah, and I know how it is done.’

“ 'Will you let us go if I can steal the lettuces from King Darzin’s garden?’ asked El-ahrairah.

"Now, King Darzin ruled over the biggest and richest of the animal cities in the world at that time. His soldiers were very fierce and his lettuce garden was surrounded by a deep ditch and guarded by a thousand sentries day and night. It was near his palace, on the edge of the city where all his followers lived. So when El-ahrairah talked of stealing King Darzin’s lettuces, Prince Rainbow laughed and said,

” 'You can try, El-ahrairah, and if you succeed I will multiply your people everywhere and no one will be able to keep them out of a vegetable garden from now till the end of the world. But what will really happen is that you will be killed by the soldiers and the world will be rid of a smooth, plausible rascal.’

“ 'Very well,’ said El-ahrairah. 'We shall 

-Watership Down