• Important first date question:Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it

soggywarmpockets said: I adore the way you draw Lars. And I love the chemistry you drew between him and Sadie. A+. Good job. You’re awesome. Following forever.

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this is so sweet thank you so much

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rough touch

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Heated words fueled with venom for the opposing sides of this argument sought only to bring tension to a boiling point, giving the impression of two humans having an argument quickly reaching it’s critical. This was how they got under each other’s skin, constant jabs and vain comparisons at what the similar traits that made them who- what– they really were. Their pride. Two black lions in the guise of man, similar down to their core with only their demeanor and Intelligence being their odds.

Two of them could not possibly continue to coexist to carry out the same function, they passionately agreed upon and countless times this concept has brought them to butt heads when they were not in neutral standings for mutual gain. Yes, they indulged the fruits of their lifestyle to meet the same ends and they are a fearsome duo upon any who caught their attention, but like this, when tempers flared and prides were challenged, they may as well have been long-time enemies. 

The demeanor of the one appearing more piqued and fed up with the other exposed his animalistic aggression as objects that just happened to catch the fling of his arm go flying and threatening growls filled his air. His opposite, appearing tempered and uninfluenced by the display with nothing more than a cold glare behind long bangs, stood tall with analytical prowess of where this particular feud was going to lead and suddenly grinned with a toneless, but confident voice uttering the right words to release the beast.

Arguing… That was for humans and it resolved nothing. The wild-haired stoic never cared for that petty waste of breath, anyways.

Actions were everything. 

Only left with a split second to catch his standings and it was just not soon enough. Feral hands took hold of the black button-down and so easily forced him from his feet and crashing against the surface of wall that stood behind him. It cracked under the impact and only seemed to spread more under the pressure of the automaton’s strength. They were meant to be animals, after all. Why not settle it like animals do.

4. Your muse slams mine against a wall hard.

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"You were mines.. I wasn't yours though"

I guess your soul finally caught up with your heart because at least now you can be honest

I wasn’t yours
I was never yours
All this time; but I wanted to be…
I thought that one day maybe you can see something in me that I clearly didn’t want to see myself
you didn’t lead me on
I lead me on
Blindfolded myself thinking you could direct me
I’m not sure how I thought this would end
But clearly I was right
I was right all along
I knew I meant nothing to you
you knew it too
so why did we call this love?
what was the point?
can you tell me or should we keep going?
You mean nothing to me
So what am I really holding on too?

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Hey Shiznos! I'm new to the Tumblr side (and every other one, by extension) of the RvB fandom, though I've been an avid viewer for a year or two now. I finally got around to watching the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and obviously got supremely hooked. I'm all caught up now, and I found your podcast. Awesome stuff, hope to see you guys around in the awesomeness to come!

Yay! Welcome to Tumblr and to the Shizno listenership :D

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