Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx

To Cas

  1. Ramble On
  2. Traveling Riverside Blues 
  3. What Is And Should Never Be
  4. When the Levee Breaks 
  5. Houses Of The Holy
  6. Kashmir 
  7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  8. Whole Lotta Love
  9. Good Times Bad Times
  10. Heartbreaker 
  11. Bring It On Home
  12. I Can’t Quit You Baby
  13. You Shook Me

From Dean

(spotify playlist link)

There are 13 songs that made it onto Dean’s mix tape for Cas:

Traveling Riverside Blues (1990)
Ramble On (1969)
Stairway to Heaven (1973)
Night Flight (1975)
The Song Remains the Same (1973)
Gallows Pole (1970)
Immigrant Song (1970)
The Ocean (1973)
Rock and Roll (1971)
The Battle of Evermore (1971)
Kashmir (1971)
When The Levee Breaks (1971)
Carouselambra (1979)

And there are 5 that didn’t:

You Shook Me (1969)
Fool In The Rain (1979)
Thank You (1969)
Achilles Last Stand (1976)
In The Light (1975)

anonymous asked:

You really hate the idea of ziall as a couple?! Why cause they dont fit in with your fetishes. Doubt they're together but the way you said that was disrespectful man.

i don’t like the idea of ziall as a couple because zayn has said he thinks of niall as his little brother multiple times……………….

sorry, sweetheart, but i’m not into that.

me stating that i don’t like the idea of them as a couple isn’t disrespectful at all (it’s my………opinion…………stated on my……………blog) and this ask is literally the dumbest and most nonsensical thing i’ve read on this website in the past 24 hours which is REALLYYYYYY saying something. please grow a brain and stop being such a ridiculously sad and bitter person, you pathetic moron.

anonymous asked:

Your "My tongue in your mouth" scanlation introduced me to Nyannya's work for the first time and I am eternally grateful for that. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be waiting patiently for whenever you're ready. Thank you! (u're a gift that keeps on givinf)

I’m so glad you like Nyannya! She’s totally underrated and I love her work. Sweet Heart Trigger (scanlated by Cocktale Hours) introduced me to her work.  And thank you for being so patient!  I’m so behind on this series…Chapter 3 came out in March.  But I actually worked on it this past week and I’m close to being done (but it’ll still need to be proofread after that).  Also, Chapter 4 is totally amazing (SPOILER ALERT: IT’S THE CHAPTER WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR).  And then, chapter 5 is coming out next week.  So I should really hurry up!  Here’s a spoiler page from Chapter 3 though: