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Also for an age comparison thing, I used to teach a children's choir and viewed the children as basically infants (they were mostly 8-year-olds, the oldest was 11 and the youngest was 3), and a couple of years ago one of them contacted me to ask how to register to vote - I was younger than Shiro is in canon and my reaction was FAR from "oh you're 18, you're legal now" and more along the lines of "holy FUCK when did this BABY become legally an adult" and I think that's how Shiro views Keith

LASfmnsanbfusfs that’s totally how shiro views keith, he probably still looks at him and thinks he’s 16 (or maybe even younger since we don’t know exactly how long they’ve known each other) and gets so fucking confused when keith is like hey shiro, i’m 18 now so that means i can buy all the knives i want when we get back to earth and you can’t stop me…. shiro’s just like

WHAT????? you???? my baby bro??? a legal adult???? how long was i gone THIS time????


Youngjae’s acting has been on point lately.. (For a moment I almost believed his face of “This was totally the first time Jackson Hyung kissed me~”) ..Yes of course darling. Of course.

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What if you made a PayPal when you were a minor but you're now legal? Sill your account still get terminated?

close your current account and make a new account. do not keep this account. paypal can seize it and terminate the account at any time. consider yourself lucky that they haven’t yet done this. deal with this as quickly as possible.

  • Emma: Hey, congrats on your wedding.
  • Belle: Thanks!
  • Emma: But you do realize that means you're now legally and officially a part of this royal mess of a family, don't you?
  • Belle: Emma, I've been living with Rumple since even before the curse. This kind of thing isn't as new to me as you think.
  • Emma: If unrelenting optimism is what's gonna' get you through this, be my guest. I prefer alcohol myself but to each their own.
  • Belle: You're over-exaggerating.
  • Emma: Hey. All I'm saying is that if you find out that you have a long lost witch sister or puppet brother or something, you're welcome to come down to my apartment for a glass of the strongest thing I have.

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It's Dylan O'brien's birthday tomorrow and in light of what happened in April celebrating 'all that pretty' is definitely called for. Do you know any sexy Sterek birthday fics. I love 'oblivious Stiles' and 'you're legal now so let's rut like animals' Derek. Adore you all xx

Happy birthday to DOB!  Here’s some bday sexy times for you, bb ;)  -Emmy

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I Want You by nerdygurl 

(1,162 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek’s desire takes over. It’s Stiles’ birthday, and it’s finally time.

Established relationship: Derek and Stiles have been dating for a few months and done nothing more than make out because Derek insisted they wait until Stiles turned 18.

Stiles’ 18th Birthday Sex by Kal213 

(2,227 i Explicit I Complete)

Stiles’ 18th birthday finally roles around. That mean his soulmate Derek Hale will finally “sex him up” after he goes to school and socializes with his friends. (This is a continuation of another story. Could technically be read without reading Seven Days in Hale. Your choice.)

Legal by selecasharp 

(3,208 I Explicit I Complete)

It’s Stiles’s birthday, and he’s definitely up to something. Derek just isn’t quite sure what.  

Poor Judgement by Olsies

(4,243 I Explicit I Complete)

“My dad probably won’t shoot you.”

“Again, very reassuring,” Derek said.  Stiles kissed him again and slid down his body giggling.  “Have you ever done this before?” Derek asked, suddenly more serious.

“What?  Sucked cock?  Only in my dreams…  But I am a man now, and men can do no wrong…” Stiles said.

Face Down by blacktofade 

(4,245 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles turns eighteen on an overcast Saturday in April.

Stiles Stilinski’s Birthday Wish List by rainsoakedshoes 

(4,851 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles is turning 18 and he knows exactly what he wants for his birthday


“Some of these things aren’t exactly, uh, vanilla.” The fact that Stiles was asking for sex wasn’t surprising to Derek, Stiles had made it abundantly clear that he was unhappy with Derek’s adamant stance that they not have sex until Stiles was legal, however the appearance of several kinks on the list did catch Derek off guard. He squinted at one item that had been hastily scribbled out and, yeah, that did say what he thought it said.

Ride Out This Electrical Storm by blacktofade 

(4,948 I Explicit I Complete)

It turns out that both Stiles and Derek are inexperienced in the bedroom department, but Stiles just takes that as a challenge and tries his best to blow Derek’s mind.

Shut Up and Dance With Me by KeepGoing 

(5,385 I Explicit I Complete)

It’s Stiles 18th birthday. There’s a party at Lydia’s. Derek actually attends.

 “Pffffffffffffffft.” Derek feels Stiles’ spit on his skin. “You are so full of shit, Derek Hale. You want my shit just as much as I want yours. And nooooooooooooow, I’m legal.” Stiles looks up with blown honey brown pupils. “So no worries now.”

 “There’s a lot to be worried about, Stiles.” Derek reminds him. Stiles leans in, licking Derek’s ear lobe.

 “Not tonight. “ Stiles declares. “Tonight. We dance. And drink.” He leans in, so close to Derek’s face he can smell the hops and barley on his tongue. “And I get to touch you like I’ve been wanting to. And you can touch me. And there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Because I’m LEGAL.”

Say Hello to the Brushfire by Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) 

(10,631 I Explicit I Complete)

The night before Stiles turns eighteen, Derek Hale spills coffee on him.  Things get weirder (and more awesome) from there.  (Alpha!Stiles AU)

The Rules by JoCarthage 

(29,172 I Explicit I Complete)

Your running your hand down my side

Stiles quickly corrected his text,


Derek replied:

No warning? Come on. I can’t use my phone until you’re done. Give me a sex



Stiles: Lol

– This is the story of how Derek and Stiles managed to avoid having sex until Stiles was 18 and still have fun. UPDATE: The chapter with Stiles’ 18th birthday is now up.