Take Me

(Kellin Quinn imagine)

*smut warning*


It’s a sunny Sunday morning and the neighbourhood is slowly waking up. You’re walking around in just a pair of panties, not really doing anything. Kellin is still asleep in the master bedroom and probably will be for a couple of more hours. He came home late yesterday and dead tired. Still you want to go in there and wake him up. Even like this you miss him and he’s been on the other side of the world for weeks. You had to fight against every instinct to not jump up and down on the bed screaming at him to wake up. Every cell in your body is craving him.


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Speech Disappears Into Silence

The games we’ve played till now are at an end.


Connie was lounging on her throne, scrolling through her shellphone in boredom. She was just thinking of taking advantage of the lull in work and going for a walk around the palace, when something happened. A shiver, or rather a shake, could be felt throughout the palace. The crystal chandeliers rattled together at the collision, and Connie sprung to attention at their clinking. Something had hit the palace gate.

At that moment, a battalion of her guards rushed into the throne room, the head of them taking a moment to quickly bow, seemingly out of breath.

“Your Majesty, the palace is under attack!”

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