Mayor Maybe: Don’t think I forgot about you guys who submitted to me your villagers for the 60th follower thing I was doing a while back ago except I waited too long and now there’s almost 200 of you guys. I mean only 8 submitted and I promised I would do them so I shall! cept it wont be one giant picture as planned because I felt bad it took so long! so instead you who submitted during that time will get the drawings that you asked for :3

soniahawng was the first to ask so they got theirs first, sad to say that they may have changed their username D; but if they are still around I want them to know this is for them and thank you for following me from the beginning :3 

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Just so frustrated...

What kind of “bestfriend” are you to put me down? Congrats you practically have a sugar daddy, congrats on losing the weight you wanted. Honestly I don’t care. I’m happy for you don’t get me wrong but don’t put me down just because you’re on cloud 9. If I’m happy with my weight then don’t tell me “boo I think it’s time for you to at least drop 50 pounds” because I’ve had enough as it is from the family. Do you understand how long it took me to finally start accepting who I am now? I don’t mind you calling me to check up, but to talk shit about me to me well… I’m sorry but jabbing at my flaws isn’t going to help, then to tell me from your “amazingly intelligent boyfriend” told you that my depression was just a phase and that my eating disorders was just me being an attention whore (her words) just angers me. I’ve suffered so much, yet I was a good friend to you, giving you my 100% but apparently when I was battling my depression and eating disorder I pissed you off because I just wanted the attention all to myself. All of a sudden you feel the need to bash on me just because your boyfriend had a PhD? Let me remind you, I was there when you were going through rough patches with your parents, I was there to take the blame so you’d never get in trouble, I was there when you practically starved yourself because your mom didn’t cook anything you liked for a month and I bought you the food you wanted. Where were you when I needed you? Where were you when I tried to commit suicide because my mother choose that bastard over her own flesh? Where were you when I lost 3 people who meant the most world to me within 2 weeks? Where were you when I got my ass beat because I had to walk 3 miles home at 11pm from your house to mine because you needed me to cover for you? You caused me to realize so much things but I never thought you’d ever, EVER fucking hurt me by saying my depression and eating disorders were me just wanting attention then bash on me.

klugthethug asked:

if you're still doing the flower ask... jasmine, calla lily, and poinsettia

JASMINE: What color looks best on you?

I am a pale blonde person so any dark color is a safe bet–navy, dark green, purple, etc. I also think I look good in red, but I hardly ever wear red.

CALLA LILY: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?

This was so hard to answer, but I think for now my answer is either Sounds Familiar by the Weakerthans because they lyrics are beautiful and really capture how just because life is confusing and short and futile doesn’t mean it isn’t damn important OR Louis Armstrong’s version of What A Wonderful World because I’m a sap and that song makes me the most happy-sad and I want people to be happy-sad at my funeral I guess?

POINSETTIA: Favorite holiday dish?

My aunt Mary makes these amazing chocolate-peanut butter ball things at Christmas every year and I always eat about 6 of them and then go into a sugar coma. I guess they aren’t technically holiday food but I only ever get them at Christmas so yeah.  

26 July 2015 // 01:21

Hey it’s getting kinda late now. But still early late. Not late like the nights where we’d think about not sleeping just because it’d be easier to start the day already. This is the late where I could be out doing things but I wouldn’t be having fun. The late when I’d just be seeing your face because you took far too long to get ready after you got off of work, but it was okay because I had all the time in the world to see the face that astonished me and watch the girl who took my breath away. For some odd reason, I really thought we might have forever. This late has turned into a lonely, cold even on summer nights, restless but want to sleep, sort of missing you. I just keep missing you. That’s all I do at this time. I’m so happy that you don’t stop my life altogether anymore. I can get through my days relatively happy. Some days I’m even lucky enough not to realize how completely fucking empty you left me until I get into this bed at night. Until the moment after I’ve pushed myself all the way to the left side of the bed and I turn around just to realize that you won’t be coming back to fill the extra space. I even thought about getting a smaller bed. Ridiculous, right? But if that space isn’t filled by you, it won’t be taken by me or anyone else. And the only way I think I might know how to not feel like such shit is get rid of the holes in my life that you dug yourself out of and left all over for me to dodge. So that’s me. How are you?

If I begin to feel myself losing even a tiny bit of control I panic. If I show my sadness or anxiety I have to fight through panic and anxiety attacks for days. I can’t open up to anyone at all easily. And if I do open up I spend weeks waiting for them to abandon me. I have locked myself in this room where I am all alone because I am terrified of connecting to other human beings now.

You did that. And for a long time I defended you.I blamed it on others in your life or on myself for being weak. Do you realize how fucked up it is what you did to me?
Recently I told someone about you and they just looked at me in horror before telling me they were sorry that someone took a dark painful time in my life and twisted it to be all about them.
I didn’t even know what to say to that. Because I still emotionally think it was my fault. I deserved to be abandoned.I should have been strong enough to not attempt suicide.
I know logically that isn’t true.I know logically that what you did was shit and that you allowed a lot of bullshit to happen that you would not have if you had really cared for me at all.
You stood by while I was still under watch and let someone say horrid things about me and attack me publicly. I was still in fucking bandages and suicide watch while your lover ran me through the mud and even claimed I was just manipulating you.

The fact you abandoned me was bad but you abandoned me during the most painful part of my life….that makes it so much worse.on top of that, you allowed an insecure awful human being to kick me while I was down and you did nothing.

If you are still standing behind the whole this was best for me and you were going to burn me alive bullshit?I hope on some level you know just how full of shit you the end of the day? You can twist it however you want but the fact don’t change.

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tysm i was just wondering if i should feel bad about wishing i didn't have a mom to deal with and i know that sounds awful but like everytime i talk to my mom, she's very rude and mean and it usually ends in an argument and like i dont know what to do because i can't really go to anybody in my family with this info bc they all side with my mom and tell me that im being an asshole and i'll admit that i am sometimes but even when i'm not, she's always yelling and i just want a mom who cares tbh.

Oh gosh im so sorry friend:( i will be your mom from now on! I care! But honestly, im sorry about your situation. My mom and i were the exact same way, we still are sometimes, it took a long time to mend our relationship as much as we have. I know it’s not easy, but I think part of what helped our relationship is the fact that I just started letting her think she was right. I didn’t argue, I just said okay and let her feel like the winner. It’ll be hard to bite your tongue, but if you try going with the flow instead of against the grain, it’ll help her feel like you’re less stubborn. (Not saying that you are!) of course, don’t let her hurt you or be a bitch without you standing up for yourself; don’t let her walk all over you. But pick & choose your battles. (Again, this isn’t your fault, it’s her personality, but it’ll be easier if you stand back and make her realize that there’s no need to be so dramatic.