kiss sentence starters.

“ are you gonna kiss me or not? ”
“ how many have you kissed? ”
“ i really want to kiss you right now. ”
“ i think we should kiss right now. ”
“ i don’t kiss and tell. ”
“ do you wanna kiss me? ”
“ am i a good kisser? ”
“ do i think i kiss okay? ”
“ i’ve always wanted to kiss you. ”
“ so i can kiss you anytime i want. ”
“ i’ve never kissed anyone before. ”
“ please, tell me you’ve done this before. ”
“ it we just a kiss, not like it meant anything? ”
“ did you kiss me with your tongue? ”
“ you are a really good kisser. ”
“ i want to be my first and last kiss. ”
“ just walk up to him/her and kiss him/her, it’s not hard. ”
“ are you trying to lean in and kiss me right now. ”
“ do not even try and kiss me right now. ”
“ not even a kiss could shut me up. ”
“ no kiss goodbye? ” “ you always kiss me goodbye, why? ”
“ i dream about kissing your lips. ”
“ i’ve kissed before, just not like this. ”
“ i don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me? ”
“ i don’t wanna miss this kiss. ”
“ let’s just kiss and get it over with already. ”
“ first kisses are always so awkward, unless the other person is experienced. ”

The first time Dex gets kissed, it smells like orange juice. The orange juice that Dex’s mom had brought to Emily and him as they played in the backyard, the orange juice that Dex had accidentally spilt all over her shirt, the orange juice she was clutching when she said, “You’re my boyfriend now, right? So we should kiss.” He still gets a flash of that memory whenever he opens a carton of Tropicana.

The first time a boy kisses Dex, it smells like sunscreen. The sunscreen he always buys because it’s cheap but effective enough, the sunscreen Tommy helped him rub into his shoulders and back before they went out on the boat, the sunscreen Tommy knocks over as he leans in to kiss Dex once on the lips. Dex only buys that brand of sunscreen for the rest of the summer, applying it too liberally and spending too much time rubbing it in.

The first time Dex kisses someone, it smells like coffee. The latte cooling in between Nursey’s hands, the coffee brewing behind counter at Annie’s, the mocha Dex had carefully pushed out of the way so he could lean over and press his lips to the side of Nursey’s mouth. 

Dex never had a favorite scent until the moment Nursey turned his head to kiss him back.

Stiles angrily swipes at the already healed cuts on Derek’s arms. He’s fighting to keep the tears from unleashing, letting them build up like a dam.


Stiles shakes his head, lips pursed in frustration. “No Derek, you don’t get to talk.”

Derek sighs. “I’m fine. Everything has already healed. I’m ok.”

Stiles throws the antiseptic laced wipe on the ground and pushes Derek as hard as he can. 

“That may be the case asshole, but you still should have waited for backup!”

Derek tries to grab Stiles by the shoulders, but the spark gives him another shove.

“Why do you keep doing this Derek? You go in by yourself, claws all a-blazing, without stopping to think whether that’s a good idea or not. I know you’re the big bad Alpha and everything, but you have to remember you have a pack now. You can’t keep risking yourself like that. What would they do without you?”

Derek stops and looks at Stiles. His hands are in white-knuckled fists at his side, the tears he was trying to hold back are now streaming down his face. His shoulders are stiff, and his entire body is shaking. Stiles is looking at Derek with fear in his eyes, bottom lip trembling.

“What about you?”

Stiles relaxes slightly in confusion. “What about me? This isn’t about me!”

Derek takes a step forward. “What about you Stiles? What would you do without me?”

Stiles lets out a sob. “I couldn’t Derek. I couldn’t be without you. Please don’t do anything like this again. PLEASE. I need you to stay in one piece.”

Derek smiles. He cups Stiles’ cheek and brushes away the tears with his thumb. The shaking has stopped, but the tears remain, and a hopeful look graces Stiles’ face.


Derek cups Stiles’ other cheek and leans in to lightly kiss Stiles’ flushed lips.

“I’m sorry Stiles. I didn’t think.”

“No, you didn’t you jerk. Now I think you should kiss me again.”

Derek sighs. “Gladly.”

Marks (Steve Rogers x Reader Soulmate AU)

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Request: Hello ! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Steve Rogers and a soul mate AU?? Like the one where the 1st sentences of our soul mate is written on our wrist or a little symbol which represents our s/o is somewhere on the body ?? Thanks !

A/N: I hope you like this! There’s so many different possibilities with soulmate AUs that I wasn’t really sure what else I should add. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,063

- Written by Brie- 

The past year had been a whirlwind of change. You’ve heard stories before about what it was like to meet the one who was made just for you - your soulmate, as most people call them - but until it happens to you, you don’t know what it truly feels like.

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"I really need you." With Alya and Nino please~! I love you're writing so much it's amazing!!

“I really need you,” Alya whined over the phone. “Marinette refuses to come over because she apparently can’t afford to get sick.”

“And it’s okay for me to get sick?” Nino asked, cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder as he started stuffing things into his backpack.

“I’m lonely and sick and I neeeeeed you.”

Nino sighed. “I’m on my way.”

Alya snuggled in closer and Nino wrapped his arm around her. “You’re my favoritest of favorites,” she cooed, tapping his nose.

“That cold medicine finally setting in, huh?”

“I really like you, Nino Lahiffe. Like, I like like you.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of likes.”

Alya plucked his red hat from his head and pulled it down on her own head. “I’ve decided your my boyfriend now.”

Nino blushed. “Yeah?”

“You should kiss me.”

“You’ll get me sick,” Nino said as he leaned forward. Alya grinned against his lips and then kissed him…and then she sneezed in his face.

“Hey, Marinette, do you know where Nino is today?” Adrien asked.

“Apparently Alya got him sick,” Marinette blushed, “by, um, kissing him…a lot.”

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Thank you for your kind words, anon! Hope you enjoyed this prompt. Thanks for the request. :)

If you want me to do an ML drabble, just send me a prompt from this list with a pairing and I will get to it when I can. I don’t mind doing the same prompt for different pairings, but I won’t repeat same prompt/pairings. 

Hate // Colby Brock

Prompt: you are usually the strong one but the hate just really gets to you

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, almost smut?¿

A/N: leave some requests maybe???

Word Count: 572

“Baby?” Colby asked as he poked his head into your room. “Yes?” You said, not bothering to look up from your book. “Do you wanna be in a video?” He asked and slid into the bed, pushing the book away and replacing it with his head.

“No thanks.” You said sweetly. “Why not?” He furrowed his eyebrows. “I just wanna sit here and read.” You lied. “Please?” He gave you the puppy look that always wins you over.

“Not this time.” You looked away. “You suck.” He laughed and sat up leaving the room. Ever since you and Colby told the fans of your relationship you got nothing but hate. You weren’t typically the one to let that type of stuff get to you but lately it has.

You haven’t talked to Colby about it because you didnt want him to be upset. He was currently so happy and you didn’t want to ruin that for him. You heard him leave with Elton and a couple other people so he could film the video.

You sighed and stood up from the bed, letting the book fall on the bed. Pushing up your glasses, you walked out of the room and to the bathroom. You just wanted to take a nice bath to clear your mind.

You dropped in the black bath bomb you loved and lit a few candles. Turning off the bathroom light you climbed in and allowed the warmth to consume you.


“Y/N?” You heard a quiet voice and you rolled over in your bed, shoving your face into the pillow. “Babe?” Colby sat next to you, rubbing your back.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and you just turned around, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into bed beside you. “Are you okay?”

You shook your head in response and he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you as close as possible. “What’s wrong?” he kissed your head.

“Its-its just the fans…” You sighed and his your face in his warm chest. “What about them?” “I dont know. Just the hate I guess…” you quietly said.

“Hey dont listen to them.” He pulled away, putting his hands on your flushed cheeks. “They know nothing about you so everything they say is far from true. I love the fans but they’re so stupid for hating on you.” You looked down.

“You’re beautiful and the best thing thats ever happened to me.” He said, lifting your head so you looked at him with two fingers. “I love you and whatever they say is bullshit. Okay?”

You nodded, trying to hold back the tears but one slipped and his thumb automatically wiped it away. He always knew how to make you feel better. “I love you.” You looked into his eyes and he smiled.

“I love you.” He responded and placed his lips onto yours softly. “So much.” He said and pushed you back softly so he was hovering over you.

You were pressed into the bed as he continued kissing you. You smiled and flipped the both of you over, so you now had control. “We should..” Kiss. “Go..” Kiss. “downstairs.” You said between kisses but never stopped.

“I rather not.” He flipped you back over and pressed his lips to yours roughly. “You’re too god damn hot.” He moaned and kissed you harder. “We really should.” You tried but you knew you weren’t leaving that bed anytime soon.

Cheeky Bird

Could you do an imagine where fionn and y/n are roughhousing and y/n gets a little hurt? ❤️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a precious request that a lovely person sent in. I hope you all enjoy it as well as the person that requested! I did get a bit carried away hope you don’t mind. Requests are OPEN!!! •••••••••••••••••• You were currently starting on your third batch of cookies for the day, Fionn was having the cast and crew of Dunkirk along with their families over for a casual dinner party tonight to celebrate the film. And while opening up your second carton of eggs you ask yourself why didn’t i just let Fionn get the caterer like he suggested. Not that you mind cooking all these meals, in fact you actually loved it along with getting to feed a bunch of people, just the thought made you happy. But the thing that didn’t make you happy was the fact that you knew this get together tonight was stressing Fionn out, and that’s the last thing you wanted.    As you break the last egg into the bowl you can hear the front door opening to you and Fionns shared home. You hear Fionn let out a loud sigh and the jingle of his keys as he places them on the hook. You see Fionn appear in the kitchen looking tired and stressed but happy to see you.    “Hello gorgeous, what are you cooking, it smells amazing in here” You heard the curious boy say as he entered the cooking area and examined every entree, side, appetizer, dessert, and drink you had made up. “Hey babe, thank you and just about every dish I could think of, I want everyone to be pleased tonight”. Fionn walked over to you while you were still working on that batch of cookies, he placed both hands on the sides of your face and laid a gentle, loving, warm kiss to your forehead. Fionn pulls back and looks into your eyes “How did I ever get so lucky to have you”? You smile a bit shy at his words,    “I ask myself the same question every day about you Mr. Whitehead”.    You place a quick peck to his lips still noticing he’s a bit stressed.    “Baby what’s wrong, are you stressed about tonight cause I promise you everything will go perfectly, I’ll make sure of it”.    Fionn lets out a deep sigh, hands resting on your waist , he looks at you,    “It’s just we’re have Christopher Nolan over for dinner, THE Christopher Nolan, and I’m not worried about the food you’re an amazing cook, I just want everything to go right”. “I need something to do to distract me”.   You smile at the nervous boy in front of you wondering how he could possibly think someone couldn’t be proud of him or like him.    “Ok then, you can help me with the cookies… Fee-on”.   You smile slightly snickering to yourself at the mispronunciation of your boyfriends name. You knew one of two things would come of this, either he would just laugh it off, him catching on to what you were trying to do, or he would retaliate trying to get you back in some way. You were hoping for the latter knowing that would be the one to distract him.    “What did you call me Y/N”?   He had used your real name, now you knew it was going to be the latter or else he would have just laughed it off and continued to work on the cookies.    “I don’t know what you mean Fee-on”.   You smile to yourself continuing to torture the poor boy.    “Oh I think you do Y/N, and if you don’t quit now you’ll just make it worse on yourself”.   Fionn gives you a stern look, eyebrows raised and a warning look and his face.    “Look Fee-on can you just focus on the cookies, we need to get them on the cookie sheet so they can go in the oven”.   Fionn sighs and stops mixing the cookie dough like he previously was.    “Ok Y/N you brought this on yourself, I warned you”.    You looking down at the cookies that you are rolling and placing on the baking sheet.   “What are you going on about Fee-on”?   You ask innocently. While not looking up or paying attention to Fionns action you feel a thick sticky mixture being wiped down your neck. You scooped some of the sticky mixture off of your neck and could see that he did in fact wipe dough on you.    “Really? Did you just put raw dough on me”?   Fionn could tell that you were aggravated but continued laughing anyway.    “Promise not to call me that anymore and I’ll stop”.   He said while giving you a stern warning look again. You stood there silently waiting to see if he was telling the truth. Fionn swiped his finger through the sticky dough, armed and ready to to attack if you didn’t promise to play nice. He started to come towards you with the dough ready o swipe it down the other side of your neck if you didn’t respond.  “No no I won’t call you that anymore I promise, no more Fee-on”.    You sounded panicked but Fionn was enjoying it so he decided to egg you on a bit more, give you a taste of your own medicine.      “You’re sure? No more making fun of my name”? “I’m sure”.    You said while walking towards him, “I promise”.    You grabbed his wrists gently and wrapped your lips around his finger, lapping up the sweet sticky dough that stuck to it.    “That’s my good girl. You gonna be a good girl now”?   You looked up at Fionn with innocent eyes, humming a “mmmhmm” around his finger that was still in your warm mouth. You could tell that you were distracting him enough to do what you have been waiting for when you saw his Adam’s apple bob up and down from your innocent demeanor and the vibrations that went up his hand. Fionn was so distract by you that he didn’t notice that you had grabbed a handful of flour, while still distracting him you took the flour and dropped it right in his hair. Releasing his finger from your mouth you saw the shock on his face, but you couldn’t help but to laugh because you thought that you had won.    “Ok, you want to play dirty? We’ll play dirty”.    Fionn didn’t look pleased but you could tell it was all for show considering how he was laughing. Fionn grabbed you by the waist, pulling your back towards him as he starts attacking your sides and stomach with tickles. Fionn knew that that was your weakness, being tickled and he knew where all you spots were, but the ones that are the most accessible to him at the moment are your sides and stomach, but theres also your ankles and wrists.   “No Fionn stop please I cant breath!”   You broke free from his grip on you and ran around the island to the other side. Fionn grabbed a handful of dough about to throw it at you.   “No Fionn you don’t want to do that you see im wearing your shirt and you wouldn’t want to get your t shirt dirty would you”?   You say in a panicked tone.   “Oh I think I do”.  “No Fionn you really don’t”. Fionn started chasing you around the island trying to catch you. Finally you run into the edge of the island causing the granite to catch your hip. You suck a breath in through your teeth.   “Ow ow ow ow, oh Fionn stop I hurt myself”.   You say as you hold your hip and turn to face him, a look of pain on your face. Fionns face turned to concern once he noticed you were hurt. “Oh no love what happened are you ok let me see”!   Fionn ran over to you in a panic grabbing your waist looking down at your hip.   “What happened are you ok”? “Yea im fine I just ran into the counter is all”.   Fionn looks at you still with worry in his eyes.   “Does it hurt”?   You look at him with a slight smile on your face.   “Ya know what would help? A kiss to make it better”. “Really? ok then”. Fionn crouches down, pulling the fabric of your leggings down from your hip, looking down at the small bit of light pink lace underwear that is visible. “You know these are my favorite”.   Fionn says as you smile down at him. He places a soft, gentle, wet kiss to your hip.   “Does that feel better now love?”   “Hmm maybe you should kiss it one more time to make sure”.   Fionn places a few more wet kisses to your hip while looking up at you with his hazel eyes. Fionn stands up and places you on the counter, grabbing the sides of your face and placing a soft, gentle kiss to your lips. You kiss Fionn back gripping the back of his head as the kiss intensifies. Fionn slides his hands up the sides of the shirt you are wearing sliding them under it while gripping your hips. You hear a deep voice interrupt the moment between you and Fionn.   “Don’t you two young kids stop on my account”. You had completely forgotten that you had asked Harry to bring Brussel sprouts.   “Uh Harry mate you brought the sprouts”?   Fionn said while helping you down from the counter.   Fionn looked at you. “We’ll finish this later you cheeky bird, you still need to be punished for teasing me”. 

Forgotten 19th

Requests: “Your boyfriend Kol forgets your birthday, Elijah remembers and buys you the perfect gift and Kol gets jealous: embarrassed he forgot”

It seemed like every friend you had visited your house to say Happy Birthday. Even if you haven’t talked to them in over a year. Your family called about an hour ago and sang Happy Birthday into the phone. 

But the main reason you were excited about your birthday, was because Kol was going to bring you to dinner and had a plan to bring you to the fair that Elena and Bonnie were working at. It would end the perfect nineteenth birthday. 

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Scared to be lonely -Part two. (Theo x Reader)

A/N: I like Theo more than I used to back in season five but honestly I still hate him a bit??, but I love you guys so much that I decided not to kill him, happy? I hope so <3 another thing is that I’ll do a third part cause that last ask had a lot of prompts and I have zero time to do a long imagine but I didn’t want to make you guys wait any longer, I guess those aren’t bad news for you lmao 

Part 1.

Words: 841

Warnings: A bit of violence. And a few grammar mistakes bc I’m not perfect <3

Prompts: #3 “Am I dead?”,#7 #37 “You don’t need to protect me.”

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

It’s been two days since Theo got shot, and you can’t seem to find the courage to go and see him to the hospital, part of you is angry as hell, the other is scared of what could happen if you go.

“It’s ok y/n, you’re allowed to see him, is not forbidden, you know? we’re not gonna kill you if you do it.” Malia said after smelling the anxiety. 

“I don’t want him to think that I forgive him, I don’t”

“Didn’t you tell him that you love him?” She asked, frowning.

“Well, yes… but- I mean, that’s not the point!”

“Just go” she rolled her eyes “C’mon, I’ll give you a ride.”

Half an hour after, you were standing right out of his room, Melissa explaining everything to you.

“I don’t know what those bullets had, but he almost didn’t make it, lucky for him Scott was around, he has to stay here for a while, he’ll be fine tomorrow morning”

“Okay, at least he’s alive”

“Yes he is” Melissa gave you a kind smile and opened the door for her “good luck, kid”

“Thank you” you mumbled, entering quietly.

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So many new stories are coming in, please keep going! And shoutout to whoever wrote this, it was amazing!

Friday. After school. My house. ~ Your Lovely Mathias.

Lukas had to re-read the note a third time to see if this was really happening. Mathias, the one he’s been dying to spend time with, just asked him out on a date! He couldn’t show his excitement, though. His friend was right next to him- and he knew all about Mathias. Hell, the whole school did. Mathias was a farter- but he was incredibly good looking as well. He was fit and nice, but also a bit obnoxious as well. This didn’t bother Lukas. Thats exactly what he was into.

So then the final bell rang, and he rushed to his locker, grabbed his bag and rushed to the house. It was about a block away from his house, with was two minutes away from the school. Lukas walked and walked, slightly dreading his visit to Mathias’ house. But finally, he arrived. He knocked on the door, only for it to open to the “Lovely Mathias,” as he had written before.

“You came!“ Mathias grinned. Lukas couldn’t help but notice a sinister look in his eyes. He shrugged it off, and simply walked to the living room of the house, sitting on the couch.

"I guess i did. You would’ve came to my house if i hadn’t, so..” he trailed off. Mathias nodded and followed the smaller man.

"You know why you’re here, don’t you?“ Mathias asked, and Lukas nodded and laid on the couch instead of sitting. "Good. Y'know, i never really noticed how cute you were until now. I should kiss you,” Lukas nodded.

"Please.“ Lukas asked. Mathias laughed and kicked off his sweatpants and looked down at the male, smirking. He then groaned and rubbed his stomach, planting his perfect, fit but round bottom on Lukas’ face.

"Massage my stomach, it hurts. Maybe i shouldn’t have had all of that pizza before you came over,” he ordered, and grabbed his hands. As Lukas massaged, he couldn’t help but notice that Mathias felt a little bloated. Lukas pushed slightly. “Oh, Luke. You don’t want to wake the bear, do you?” Mathias laughed. Lukas only pushed again. “I see, you do. Carry on, then.” Lukas smiled slightly as he pushed and massaged.


And out went the first of many farts. Mathias breathed a sigh of relief. Lukas massaged still, feeling determined to have Mathias feel better. Judging my the bloated stomach groans that came from him, Mathias was far from feeling good.


Lukas breathed it all in, and still continued to massage. Mathias sighed as he rubbed it all in, groaning. “Mm.. Luke, I’m a bit hungry. Lets take a break soon, alright? I want some fast food. My stomach still hurts, though.” Mathias stated as he bent foward on his “seat.” Lukas continued to massage, still, and pushed a bit harder, making another one come out.


Mathias chuckled and reached back, pushing Lukas’s face in it. Lukas massaged, but felt no more bloated stomach. Mathias got up off of Lukas. “Thats enough for now. I’m hungry, so lets go out and get some fast food. Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, but you should get extra,” Lukas suggested. Mathias sighed dreamily, putting his pants back on, and grinned down at Lukas, then helped him up.

"Oh, you’re everything i needed in a person. You enjoy my farts- so you’re mine now!“ Mathias exclaimed, leaving the house with Lukas.


"Mm, that was good. Lets relax while we wait,” Mathias suggested. Lukas nodded and looked at the time- 6:53. It was getting late, so he texted his parents hes staying over his friends house. The two cuddled on the couch, but soon Mathias laid down on the couch, bottom up. Lukas looked at him and moved so his face was in it. “You like the new position?” Mathias asked. Lukas nodded as he pulled down Mathias’s sweatpants. Mathias immediately shot out a wet sounding one.


Lukas breathed it in and smiled. He chuckled as he breathed. He heard a few low growls and realized it was some more farts.

"You like that, you whore?“ FFFBBRRRT "Well heres another.” RRRFTRR “Breathe it in. Breathe it all in.” BBFRRRTRRFF “Heres the last one for now, whore,” BBFFFFRTTRRR RRFRRT RRRFFFPPRRRT

Lukas breathed deeply and whimpered due to the smell, but overall enjoyed it. He breathed and sniffed, etc.

That night, the two spent the night at Mathias’s house, having the time of their lives.

In Spring My Fancy Turns To You

Your curves were made for kissing
dance with me across the porch
out into the morning dew,
Take my hand and follow me now
across a field reawakened by the sun
under the shadows of budding branches
and down the twisting trail
to the tumbled flashing silver
of the river running quietly wild,

See the slow curling steam and mist
rise lazily over the dancing waters
feel the warmth of the sunshine
and my lips against the nape of your neck
let our clothes fall into soft green grass
the only watchers are birds and squirrels
who find fashion foolish anyway,
Let me kiss you now as you should be kissed,
As if the world hangs waiting to burn
with destruction only held at bay
by the passion of our lips and tongues
with time slowing as our hearts beat faster
This day is fresh and warm
and you are beautiful so very beautiful
as you always are and always will be,
It is spring again around and in us,
Take me down into the grass
and we will celebrate life.

anonymous asked:

Last night he walked home with me and I know now that I should've kissed him. I really should've. The night was cold and we were talking about our biggest fears and no one else was around and I so badly just wanted to stop talking so I could put a hand on the back of his neck and press his lips against my own. But I didn't. And I've been thinking about kissing him ever since.

kiss him next time you see him

Lovely Night

It was really cold and you were cuddling with your boyfriend wrapped in a soft and warm blanket watching a romantic movie.

The two main characters were dancing together, looking at each other passionately as the jazzy song become smoother and loving. There were bunch of people looking at them with admiration. Candles on the table were dancing to the rhythm of the music and the starry night was really beautiful. You two were really enjoying the movie. You could feel your heart beating faster as they became more closer and start to kiss lovingly. The kiss between these two became steamier by the second. You detourned your eyes slowly of the screen because you were a little bit embarrassed.

Just at this moment, you wanted to feel Baekhyun’s lips on yours, too. You replaced your eyes on the screen slightly but you were totally shook when they found themselves in bed, touching each other softly. Your cheeks became hotter and you let a quiet giggle out of your mouth, unconsciously as the shyness took over you. Baekhyun turned his head towards you with an amused face. From his forehead to his chin to his dazzling smile, he was incredibly beautiful. You couldn’t hide your embarrassment and even if the light was tamised, he already saw it from the face you were making as you were blushing.

“You’re so cute, Y/N.” He said as he pinched your right cheek gently.

You just moved away from him laughing lightly. Suddenly, he turned off the TV and he stood up elegantly, walking towards it as he put a CD in the DVD player slowly. A nice and sensual melody came out of the stereo. It was a soft lovely jazzy song, just like in the movie. Baekhyun looked at you with charming smile and sparkling eyes.

“Would you dance with me?” He asked with a soft voice as he approached to you slowly, stretching his hand towards you.

“With pleasure.” You replied with a bright and cute smile.

Butterflies were flying in your stomach. You joined your hand to his and when you were finally standing in front of him, he placed his hands around your waist delicately as your placed yours around his neck, looking at each other eyes lovingly. You felt like you were in heaven. Dancing with your boyfriend, Baekhyun in the middle of your living room as the music make the ambiance more stimulate.

“Actually, I want to kiss you, Y/N.” He whispered close to your ear. “Could I?” He smirked while glaring at you.

“Yes… Kiss me, Baekhyun.”

You were both breathing louder as Baekhyun crushed his lips on yours sensually. You could feel your body trembling and becoming needy for him. He putted a strand of your long hair behind your ear as he broke the kiss gently.

“Where should I kiss you now?” He whispered. “Should I kiss your neck?”

You liked his “little play” but you were so excited now that you didn’t wanted to answer to his questions.

“Kiss me everywhere, Baekhyun. Everywhere.” You said using one breath.

“Fine, baby.”

He smiled at you again and began to kiss your neck. You could feel his warm and wet tongue as he was drawing on your skin, tasting your delicious flavor. He finally opened the zipper and denuded your shoulder, letting that dress you were wearing, falling to your feet slowly. You were only wearing your sweet red lingerie in lace. He caressed your body with his long slender fingers as you were melting with each touch he made. He began to undress in front of you, slowly, always looking at you. Only wearing his underwear, he approached his body to yours and began to rub against you, smoothly. You both left quiet moans.

“Make love to me, Baekhyun..” You whispered, breathing loudly.

“I’m going to make love to you, Y/N.” He replied with a deep and sensual voice. He carried you on his arms and walked towards your room.

Yep. This night was beautiful. And you both weren’t able to forget it.

Little wolf -Derek Hale Imagine

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Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 1527

Warnings: Fighting, death, reader killing people

A/N: I wrote this in a attempt to get rid of my writer’s block. Hope you enjoy it :) I still have a Theo request to write, which will hopefully be posted sometime next week. 

There’s still time to enter the secret santa writing challenge! 

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“Do you have to go?” Y/N asked softly, her eyes focused on her boyfriend’s back. Derek turned around at her words, while putting on a shirt. 

“I’m afraid so, it’s a packmeeting” He replied, walking up to the bed where she was seated. He placed a gentle kiss to her lips. 

“I’ll be back soon, I promise” He smiled. 

“Fine. I’ll just stay here and eat all of your snacks” Y/N winked.

“As long as you stay out of trouble, you can eat how much you want”

“Like I would get into trouble” Y/N scoffed. Derek sent her a knowing look.

“Alright fine! But that wasn’t my fault. He asked for it” 

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sikenesque-deactivated20170727  asked:

Jimon + "Please put me down, it's just a sprained ankle."

“Simon, honestly, can you just–”


“Simon, I–”


“Please put me down! It’s just a sprained ankle. I’m fine.”

Simon finally stops, then, and purses his lips.

Uh oh, Jace thinks. That’s never a good sign.

“Just a sprained ankle? Just a sprained ankle?” Simon echoes, his voice getting a bit pitchy at the end. He shakes his head. “You fell off a goddamn roof, Jace.”

“Just a small one,” Jace mutters, and turns away from him. It isn’t very effective, considering their faces are mere inches away and, well… Simon is carrying him in his arms bridal style. Which really isn’t necessary. At all. Because Jace is fine.

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Hi! Can you do a dirty scenario with Jiyong where you two are playing with your clothes and accessories because you both love fashion but then after watching you with more than 10 outfits he gets bored of seeing you with clothes and prefers to see you naked. So when you ask him to help you to close the back of your dress he does the opposite. Thank you <3<3 and btw I love your blog!!

A/N: I hope you like it smut is new to me and I wanted to od a scenario before I left. Rated R/smut so its under read more! also send in any more scenarios or gif reaction requests ^.^

 You’d spent the last two hours with Jiyong trying on different outfits for the events you both had planned for the next week. From TV appearances to dinners and party’s. Helping each other decide on which accessories or shoes to wear with what item was something the two of you were used to doing. “OK last one I promise Jiyomgie~” you shouted from inside the closet. It was large and full of two wild clothing styles there wasn’t a dull corner in your shared closet.

“Its fine, but I’d rather see you without them on” he teased. You poked your head around the door and gave him a look which he knew well. The ‘you can soon’ look. He sat on the bed already topless from changing so many times, his defined muscles and skin that glowed in the lighting of the room. His jet black hair was pushed to the back and his brown eyes were showing nothing but lust for you.

“Can you do the zipper up for me? I’m not sure how this dress looks on properly” it wasn’t intentional and you didn’t expect him to react how he did he; how did you forget how he gets when he sees your body I a tight dress, especially a red one at that. The dress hung in all the right places hugging all the right curves.

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