When The Beatles came to America in 1964, George Harrison became sick and practically bedridden. Neil Aspinall was standing in for George at rehearsals, but he was forced to go back to the hotel that they were staying in so he could help George’s sister, Louise, get through security. Picture above is Vince Calandra, who stood in for George at the Ed Sullivan Show rehearsal after Neil went back to the hotel. Fortunately, George was well enough to play at the actual show.

So today in school....

Our TV Production teacher is having us make a video. That’s kinda like the “guy code” or “girl code”, but the version for school. Like for example

School code #1: if u are chewing gum, and someone asked u for a piece. You have the right to lie and say, “ o i just ran out”.

It’s going awesome so far!!!!!! =D

but if any one has any suggestions, send it to me & i’ll pitch it to my friends.

I’ll appreciate it. =)