This video was in my “Recommended” section on YouTube, and it did not dissapoint one bit

Crying on Cue - The Great Game

Let us now take a moment and bow down before the incredible performance skills of Cumberbatch.  Because crying on demand, on cue, is no easy thing. Personally, I’ve managed it in a few roles, but the fear of failing to do so was always lurking at the back of my mind. And I only succeeded when the role took me through a truthful emotional journey to get there.  Never out of the blue, never with no real lead up to it.

I didn’t even realize he shed tears here until I saw it on dvd (as my taped eps were such poor quality) and seeing him do so completely floored me. Because he’s playing Sherlock (who isn’t emotionally invested in this woman’s supposed grief) playing someone who was a good friend of her “deceased” husband.  So it’s Sherlock Holmes summoning up those acting skills to fool her into giving him the info he wanted. Mind blowing- to me, anyway  

Performance for the “widow” complete, he walks away with John, and wipes away tears from his face not once, but twice. 

And lets not forget

(wanted to post a gif of his brig scene from Star Trek, but can’t find it, so will have to do without *pouts*)

Always had a weakness for talentedactors, both in school and on stage and screen.  He’s simply the best, which goes a way to explain in no small part my current obsession.  

It was only after that, that his perfection in the looks department snared me.  Any wonder my heart continues to palpitate when I see him and I am now glued to Tumblr to feed my frenzy?

35. Logan Lerman. So Logan (besides being unbelievably adorable) is an amazing actor. I mean un freaking real. He’s not one of those young actors that got hired because he’s attractive (though he does have that going for him) he is where he is because he’s AMAZING at what he does! I mean seriously. When I saw him in Perks of Being a Wallflower, that’s when I knew. He got into the brain of a struggling teenager and played it flawlessly. There is no way for me *not* to cry when watching it. I genuinely hope Logan stays in this business for years and years because he’s talented and he deserves to.