I’m not a person who is easily grossed out or made uncomfortable, but that was the most upsetting thing I have ever watched. I have a bad feeling that the next episode will be even worse. On a positive note, everyone involved  should be so proud of what they accomplished. Even though it was hard to watch, it was phenomenal at the same time. 

ugh so our crappy history teacher is on leave (yay!) and we got this really awesome new girl (double yay!) but some bitches thought it would be funny to play a joke on her, and pretend that one of them was a Scottish international student. like yeah, everyone has done that once in her life, and it was funny for the lesson, but at the end i was talking to the sub, and she was talking about how cool it was that we have a scottish girl in our class. i had to tell her that it was a joke, because she was really excited, and i just couldn’t let her go on thinking that for ages. she could get really upset that literally her whole class has been lying to her since she started. so i just said like ‘you know she was faking it, right’ and she laughed with me, and that was that

except the ‘scottish’ girl is now messaging me, saying bullshit about how im ruining everyone’s happiness, like bitch, please, if you’re happiness is centred on someone else’s foolishness, you need to get your priorities straight.

wow so i ‘ruined 24 people’s happiness’ like wow if i realised that it was the only thing making them happy in life, i wouldnt have done it

sorry for the rant, she’s just pissing me off so much

What a day!

We discovered isaiah and jade have lice. I was beyond pissed because the people who had it didnt tell us until after we showed up at their house. Roman shaved isaiahs head bold. I cried. Jade we did the mayo treatment and combed the lice out. I have a bag mayo on my head right now because Im paranoid I might have it even though Roman checked my hair. I can’t believe it. I’m so sad for Isaiah because they shaved his head right before school starts. It starts in a week. Poor baby. At least the lice is gone. I’m mad and upset that this happened. Im bout to never let my kids go around their great grandparents house. Everytime the get sick or something from that house. I’m over it.

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my sag and i are long distance but know one another irl and lately we have been fighting like crazy and it feels like there;s just no hope idk how to fix this im a leo and honestly i love him so much and he says he loves me but it just isn't working and now he's ignoring me since i asked him to call and im thinking of sending this big txt but idk how he will react im in such a tough place i feel so upset idk what to do i don't wanna let him go how can i bring my sag closer?

just give him time sags need to detach themselves sometimes. have faith in him and your relationship, he’ll come back if hes really the one for you

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If I was dating you I'd take you for walks around the city during the evening whenever you're upset. We could take trains to who knows where and have picnics in weird places like on the roof of buildings and schools. We'd go bike riding along bridges and find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. Then maybe we could try to spot constellations in the sky! I suck at that tho, it'd still be fun to try!


this sounds super duper fckin amazing tbh omh 

but tbh i suck at that too rip. lets do this shit

and also the last time iw ent on a train i almsot fell through the doors + smashed my head on a rail thing. that was a wild ride but fun nontheless 

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so my friend really disrespected me over the course of a few months. she said some things that went way to far "as a joke". so i sent her a text calling her out on it and told her to stop. she ignored it. which hurt me even more that she didnt care that i was upset? and now she's just texting me like nothing happened, and im not responding to her. i want her to apologize, or at the very least acknowledge that she hurt me. am i wrong for making her apologize? or should i just let it go?

you’re not wrong at all !! if a friend hurts you you have every right to let them know. try bringing it up again and talking to her about it? i understand how you feel because my so-called best friend of ten years constantly disrespected me and insulted me, i would call her out on it and she would apologize but think she was “joking” and do it again and again. a true friend should care that they hurt you in any way and apologize for it.

1 I feel so crazy lately its like everyday something upsets me. I dont know why tho. I try so hard to be happy but the smallest things set me off.

2 you told me to let it go before you got mad but fact is ive been crying for an hour and now im gonna cry more because I feel bad about it. But I cant tell you I feel bad about it because I have to let it go for you.

3 I really dont understand why im so broken why I seem to be more selfish than everyone else and why I have you yet I am still crabby.

4 some nights I wish I knew a solution. And when I know it I neglect it, and that makes it worse. So why do I do it? Is it pride? Probably. Only I dont know how to keep up with it after I break the pride.

5 I know I complain alot but alot hurts me. I only wish I were better at not caring again. Oh but you opened up my emotions so I could heal. Only now more hurts because I dont have a wall up, so that I can heal.