/ to the tune of mr brightside: *it started out with alice HOW DID IT END UP LIKE THIS.*  (im so proud that semi-rhymes) 

okay so it’s past 3am on show week i have no self-control as we can clearly see, and tomorrow i have a super long day. i am gonna head off to get some good sleep now. i can’t believe i didn’t even last 6 hours off this blog after posting ‘my week break’ lmao i just love being here too much omfff. thank you for fun fun fun, i was feeling jittery today about the week and now im just laughing. 

really though, from tomorrow i doubt i’ll be about much as it’s all kicking off! night folks, big love! 

Clexa Boarding School AU

based off @clarkesquad ’s ’Wonderland

I’d kinda like to suggest the song Krewella - Ammunition to go with it

This picture was a life defining moment, the feeling of where I’ve come from top get to this moment, to hit a 200kg dead in front of 50 odd people cheering me on, the handshakes, first pumps and hugs after hitting the lift made it one of the best moments of my life. Massive thanks goes to my coach surge-to-new-levels with out his guidance and training over the last 4 months this moment wouldn’t have existed. He gave me the motivation and guidance to compete which resulted in overcoming so much social anxiety which has me on cloud nine at the moment. To all my followers over the last year since I joined tumblr, the comments, the messages the support you’ve all given me through all the good, bad and really rough moments you all kept me motivated and grounded towards my training. I honestly never thought making a blog would help me as much as it has in such a short time, I wish I could just hug each and every one of you for helping this moment exist. For the first time in nearly 4 years I can honestly say out loud that I’m happy, and proud of myself with a genuine smile on my face.

All I can say is that I’m going to be furious if the team flare arc “redeems” Ash as being stronger than Alain. That’s such a cheap writing tactic to get out of Ash winning a league while still having him be the strongest by the end. It’s akin to having him be ~only defeated by legendaries~ in the Sinnoh league, only worse because this time Ash COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE won but didn’t because the writers can’t allow him to move forward.

how can youtubers make me so so happy i don’t get it like your just a stupid teenager (young adult idk) with a stupid camera and stupid ideas and a stupid accent and a stupid but v cute face but everytime i see your stupid voice and hear ur stupid intro or see your stupid face or read a stupid tweet i’m smiling and laughing like a stupid person so thankyou for being stupid so that i can also be stupid and now the word stupid doesn’t even look like a stupid word i love you bye


OK!!! ok… I’ve been really stressed lately, especially tonight for some reason so I just needed to take my mind off things and it’s been a while since I actually was in the mood to doodle and I guess this is it…

So! Yakuza!Ugumori AU, with boss Nao who gets into an accident, forcing him into the hospital for several months. Ugumori gang fills Nao’s special private room with a few too many ‘get-well-soon’ flowers and scare people during their visits, but all the hospital staff and other patients adore Nao and simultaneously, wonder what he must do for a living. On the day Nao’s discharged, he leaves impeccably dressed with his gang, leaving everyone speechless.