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nickname: yannah, ya-yang (by my papa), yam, ellie, lance-fucker (by lattekitten<3)
star sign: pisces
height: 5′4 and ¾. 5′5 if i’m feeling generous
time right now: 8:15 pm
last thing googled: “the twelfth amendment history” ap gov project gross–
favorite music artists: eden, uh…. tbh I just click on shit ‘n listen
song stuck in your head: little game- benny
last movie watched: the little prince!!! it was so goooood!!!
last tv show watched: SU!
what are you wearing right now: white jean jacket, tank top, and blue palm tree-print leggings (too lazy to change rn)
when did you create your blog: december 15th 2013
what kind of stuff do you post: well rn mostly voltron
do you have any other blogs: @ask-lancevld (inactive/hiatus) @ask-nathanml (inactive), @ya-nyasty (nsfw art blog)

do you get asks regularly: ye! i can’t respond to a good lot of it though and often forget to reply to the ones i need to–

why did you choose your URL: my first url…  i can’t remember? but the one i have rn is just my nickname with a dash bc i’m conceited like that

gender: agender?? nonbinary?? I’m not sure I don’t like putting myself in boxes like choosing my gender and stuff. (remember when I got shit for “hating on nonbinaries” i just think it’s rlly funny and ironic lmaohahai’mstillsaltyaboutthis:))))) )
pokemon team: you talkin’ bout pokemon go? i chose instinct even if i do tend to gravitate towards water pokemon.
favorite color: BLUE IS MY HUE.
average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours nightly now because of school rip. 
lucky number: I have no idea

favorite character(s): i’m a lance enthusiast. lance is my fuckin g bABY ok. i will fucking fight every single one of you for him.
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1-2. Depends if it’s hot hot hot hot
dream job: Working at CN and making cool cartoons that kids’ll loooooove
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yesterday I was on a train heading home. There were three guys sitting next to me and they were talking about a party or sth. -" danish girl are the hottest, while norwegians .. well you think they're hot, but they're really just fat. like that girl I danced with at the party.", he said. - "you mean like tasty chick fat or propper fat?" "no I mean like propper fat. It was kinda disgusting." and I nearly started crying, I don't want to live in a world like that.

not all men are douches like these.  my husband isn’t.   Kurt wasn’t.

krist isn’t, dave….I don’t know about him anymore….those strip clubs.

now, these guys were going out of their way to be gross.

I am sure (wink wink)  that they were quite the catches.  handsome, thin, well build males………not.   they were probably slobs.    hold me back, I WANT ONE.


ignore the douches.   look for the real men who respect women.   they are out there and worth waiting for.

just feel pity for the douches…….they’re such losers.


I feel gross today. But I like this top a lot. My hair is a mess, needs a cut so bad…

My parents and Murphy are coming to visit in about an hour, my mum text this morning saying the car has broken down so they didn’t think they’d make it but it’s all fixed now so they’re coming. She had her 3rd chemo yesterday so I need to see her, hopefully all is okay! Then tonight I have a date.. don’t really know what to say about that, he seems cool.

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Honestly in Louis's case I can't see the difference?? It's been 6 years and it's only gotten worse and worse... he's supposed to be getting more powerful but instead he's stuck with this baby and he can't even deny paternity within a reasonable timeframe? He's showing up in the news with custody drama? 1D isn't even active and he has to have a fake girlfriend still? I don't see how he'd be in this situation if he had any control. Maybe right after the "baby" was born but not now.

This is…really gross tbh and it undermines the power of contracts and the people against Louis. Also I don’t like the idea that Louis not being helpless means he should be the most powerful person on the table, which is what it sounds like you’re saying? Do a search of “contracts” on my blog and you’ll see some examples from situations that were much less intense than 1D’s. And you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Don’t act like you know everything he’s doing right now when you see maybe 5%, if that.

I’m not taking any more asks like this because I think I’ve discussed Louis’ situation enough over the past few months that anyone reading my blog should be well aware of my position.

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notorious sex couch anon - there's this nasty white couch in the boy's dressing room and there's so many stories about sex on the couch. we sit on it anyways because we're all gross, but now im gonna actually have to fight to keep a straight face during plays. but we all know it as The Sex Couch, which is only less disgusting than the backstage bathrooms which used to have condoms all over the place before the band cleaned it (i helped with that ugh)

im dead what kinda school

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I feel you should know that my gross sobbing (while reading I Am The Sea) startled my cat. I blame you for the resultant scratch I now have to conceal with makeup. :P

Ah thank you so much! Sometimes, as a writer I get really disheartened (it’s part and parcel of the trade, I think) and think “Why am I even bothering? No one is here for this, they’re literally here for snippy lesbian moments” And then I get something like this and the skies open and a beam of light descends from the heavens, bathing me in gold and a dove rests upon my head. 


Salvatores’ x McCall Pack

Requested By Anon

“How are you not freaking out, why is she not freaking out?” Stiles hissed as you calmly set Lydia’s list down and looked at the confused group.


“I have a small confession.” You muttered.


“Is it that you drank the mountain lion that attacked us last week because we saw that and it was gross.” Stiles said quickly.

“Stiles shut up!” Scott grunted.


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I don’t know why ‘kitten’ now equates to ‘ddlg’

I don’t want to call anyone Daddy, I’m not a little, stop assuming this because you see the word Kitten on my blog, petplay and DDLG are different and just because lots of littles like to play dressup doesn’t mean that all pet submissives are into ddlg, they’re very different dynamics

Stop coming into my messages/ask and calling yourself Daddy, it’s gross

Always - Bucky x Reader

Words: 2208
Estimated reading time: 12 minutes
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Prompt: Your obsession with your body getting out of hand
Warning: Sad, Strong language, Eating Disorder (Read at your own risk), Fluff

A/N: I decided to write this imagine to get out some pain I’ve been feeling for three months now. This can trigger some of you so please, don’t read if you are easily triggered.I don’t own the gifs.

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Ok so I mainly post doodles and what not on my Instagram and rarely here because I don’t know but I’d just like to show this because??? I didn’t think I was improving much but looking back at my character I drew I’m like whaaat??? I’ve changed the design a bit but now it’s just all cleaner ??? I’m still not the best but I’m still trying to get there MAN. Also her name is Millie and I love her I don’t know why she scared.
The drawing from May 2015 took me like a week
The one that says August 2016 I drew today in my second period class

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Not an ask but I just finished reading the new chapter and I just wanted to let you know that I had to stop halfway through because I was crying so hard. My nose and eyes are now puffy and gross. Thank you for creating such an amazing story! Love you

I’m glad it was some good crying :) Thank you for your emotions! They honor me a lot!

why is Leslie Jones constantly receiving hate and abuse? first there was all the twitter drama, and now this? what did she do to deserve any of it? I am so angry and this is so disgusting and awful. she’s one of my biggest inspirations and I really hope she’s okay. I don’t have many followers but guys if you see this please remember to tweet her or comment on her instagram or just anything to let her know she’s loved by so many people and we all support her.

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I just asked my insurance for coverage for surgery and realized that I was by now "confirmed trans" (tm) by six different cis "specialists" and that makes me so mad?!?!

Yeah, it’s gross how cis people are seen as experts on transness rather than, you know, actual trans people. I really hope that changes in the future.

just saw someone legit comparing asexuality to being kinky, as in ‘coming out as ace is like coming out as kinky - nobody wants to know about ur sex life!’

I’m now more convinced than ever that a good portion of discoursers don’t actually know what asexuality is.

(also it’s gross to essentially reduce asexuality to a kink, especially considering how many ace people are sex-repulsed)