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misconception that the creature is unintelligent?


so. where the fuck do i start. maybe with the fact that he learned to speak, read, write, and philosophize in less than a year???? like holy shit what. he went from knowing literally nothing – not understanding that fire would burn him, not knowing how to properly work his senses, barely understanding how to feed himself – to being more smart and eloquent than probably half the male population. and these aren’t fucking children’s books he’s reading, either. he’s reading milton, plutarch, goethe, and volney. that’s some high level stuff for a liTERAL ONE YEAR OLD. 

and beyond just the proof that he was intelligent, i get extra annoyed when people imply that he isn’t because it’s??? a huge foundation of the story and when you take that away you take away a really important core theme. percy shelley put it really well, and i wish i had my copy of his essay about the story, but it’s packed away in a box rn – but basically, the gist of what he said is that those who are excluded from society are often the ones best suited to benefit it. the creature could have added so much to the world, because he was intelligent and kind and passionate and empathetic as hell and the only thing holding him back was his appearance. the whole theme of the story centers around the fact that the only thing making him unfit for society was his appearance, not any kind of malice or lack of intelligence or anything like that. 

and as a side note – if you like the karloff film you may want to stop reading here – that’s why i have such a huge issue with the karloff movie. the whole ‘the creature had a bad brain so that’s why he was violent and that’s why he never learned to speak or read or rationalize’ completely dismantles everything that shelley built up. that rips away the heart of the story. i know i already said it a bunch of times above, but i’ll say it again for emphasis if nothing else: the theme of the story is based firmly on the fact that the creature was born good, benevolent, kind, intelligent, and selfless, and it was what society did to him that made him end up the awful monster he was, NOT any inherent defect. the story wasn’t about ‘here’s a stumbling zombie who goes on a mindless rampage,’ it was ‘this is what cruelty does to a person and this is how society can distort and warp a person through exclusion and lack of compassion and the natural inclination to shun what one doesn’t understand.’ if the creature isn’t virtuous and intelligent at the beginning, then the story loses so much of its power. the book is about the revolution he undergoes, not just about the crimes he commits or the monster he is. it’s about how he becomes a monster – and for him to become a monster, he has to start out better than one.

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How do I tell someone to change their underwear/pants when they smell like rotten nutsack without sounding like a mean bitch?

Id just tell them straight up, but since youre asking for the nice easy way out(dont know why youre asking me this though????) is to spill something like juice or soda on them and be like oh darn your clothes are ruined and youre gross now you should prob take a shower. Thats the easiest nicest way I can think of lol and gets them to change into new clothes aYY

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I know what you mean, but Bobby's practically their father. Wouldn't you find it a little gross if you found out you'd slept with someone your sibling or parental figure had slept with? Their reactions didn't make sense to me

They didn’t high five or act happy in any way. They were looking for Annie, they knew that their past hook-ups may come up when they found her and it was better to get it out in the open before then. Their reactions were basically “This thing happened, now let’s move on and stop talking about it.” The reactions made perfect sense to me. 

Today I went to the beach for the day with my friend. We spent a total of six hours in the car and eight out on the beach (yes my pale skin is suffering now). We drank a few beers, got to know each other even better, played in the water for hours like we were little kids, and snuck into a fancy resort where we slept on hammocks and slid down a private water slide. I wore no makeup, had gross beach hair, and actually felt cute in a bathing suit for the first time since elementary school. Today was a really good day.

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Name: Natasha
Nickname: Tash
Birthday: June 30
Star sign: Cancer
Gender: not sure
Height: 5"5
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Romantic orientation: all I know is I’m not aromantic
Favourite colour: blue
Time and date at the current moment: may 22nd 9:31am
Average hours of sleep: 3 or 4
Lucky number: 4
Last thing I googled: free psychiatrist
First word that comes to mind: um
One place that makes me happy: anywhere away from humans
How many blankets do I sleep under: right now it’s 3
Favourite fictional character: I have too many
Favourite famous person: idk
Celebrity crush: Lena Headey (cercei in GOT), Dita Von Teese, Erik Danielsson
Favourite book: idk
Favourite anime: ew gross
Favourite tv shows: HTGAWM, Tigers About the House, Gilmore Girls, Vikings, Supernatural
Favourite bands: Eluveitie, TYR, Ensiferum, Watain, Wintersun, PVRIS, Love Comma Robot, etc.
Favourite games: does pictionary count
Last movie I watched: Catching Milat
Dream Holiday: Dutch Venice or Iceland
Dream Job: Wildlife Animal Attendant
Wearing right now: 4 layers of warm clothing and a blanket

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Terry Gross To Marc Maron: ‘Life Is Harder Than Radio’

Maron: You’ve mastered and defined something that is uniquely yours that has been done by many people for centuries probably and you set the standard for what an interview is and how to put one together on radio or anywhere.

Gross: Thank you.

Maron: And you know, you are what I think most people—you are home to most people when it comes to NPR, that your voice is more comforting than probably any voice in their lives, I would probably say.

Gross: That’s really nice of you to say.

Maron: And now I don’t know why I’m tearing up. Jesus Christ.

Gross: Can I just say something about you?

Maron: What?

Gross: I really, I just love your work so much and I’ve learned from listening to you in your podcast because you’re just so present, you’re so in the moment with people and you have such interesting taste. I love hearing you talk about the music that you love and your interest in [Jack] Kerouac and that you know who Herbert Huncke is, you know all this stuff and you don’t do it in a know-it-all way, you just kind of slip it in to get more out of them. I mean that in the best sense, that’s what an interviewer should do. And the other thing is, you’re no bullshit—you’re just no bullshit, you’re no bullshit in your comedy, you’re no bullshit when you’re talking to other people.

Maron: I don’t think you are either, Terry Gross.

Gross: And I just want to say, the reason why I was comfortable enough to tell you and everyone else here the things that I told you tonight is that I trust you and that you’re no bullshit and I couldn’t look you in the eye and not tell you the truth.

Heads up to Markiplier fans:

Someone on Youtube has made a fake Markiplier account, and is stealing Markiplier’s lets plays and videos and uploading them onto this account.

This is the account.

So be careful when looking up Markiplier videos, and if someone could find a way to flag or report this person, that would be appreciated. I don’t know Youtube enough to know how that is possible but I’m pretty sure what this person is doing is illegal.

Right now they only have about 15-20 videos on there, but who knows how much worse this could get.

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Wisconsin WIC program restrictions also imposed on standard foodstamp recipients

I am so disgusted in my country right now. Seriously, this is so gross. Yes, there are people who abuse the system, as with ANYTHING, but the majority of people receiving benefits, are SCRAPING to get by. 

I know this isn’t something that is usually on my blog, but it is important to me as I am a foodstamp recipient. I am not ashamed of needing my government to assist me. That is what they are supposed to be for right? To help their citizens? 

The list of disallowed items can be found in the main article linked here, and it is just dreadful. My measly $200 a month is already stretched super thin to allow me a shitty diet high in sodium, fats, sugars, and starches. To deny me things like frozen veggies with added whatever, or banning english muffins or bagels, soy milks and goods that are sugar free or reduced fat???

I used to love my country, but now, moving somewhere else is looking much nicer. 

Exo reaction to you leaving for your job and won't be back for a few months

Ahhh my first request (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ Thank you lovely (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ I’ll do my best

Xiumin: I love you jagiya i’ll be waiting

Luhan: *try to be a man and hold his tears* ..i’ll miss you

Tao: *gross sobbing* text me when you reach the destination, call me once in a while okay? I’ll send you selcas of me everyday and i’ll skype you now and then…*keep babbling on*

Kris: *gif*

Suho: who am i going to spoiled to when you’re gone?

Lay (ft. Chen): ..but jagiya…but.. *don’t know what to say and just keep sobbing until Chen comfort him*

Chen: *gif*

Y/N: I’m not kidding though *show luggage and everything*

Chen: let’s cuddle as much as we can then

Baekhyun: sad puppy sad

Chanyeol: I see.. *proceed to pout for 5 second and turn clingy*

Kai: *after you left* accompany self with his dogs 


Y/N: I’m..leaving for a few months

D.O: haha..what?

Sehun: *whine and complain the whole day but cuddle you the whole night before you leave*

*gif aren’t mine*

All My Quincies Ep. 626
  • Ichigo:So why'd you join up with us?
  • Grimmjow:Who's joining up with you, b-baka?! *mutters* If that hairy guy destroys Hueco Mundo, I'd have nowhere to kill you, that's all.
  • Ichigo:*blushes* Grimmjow! Not in front of my friends, God!
  • Riruka:Wtf am I watching
  • Quincy Bishie:Alright guys, I've just seen his majesty, and let me tell you, he's pretty freaking gross right now. So I'm going to need you to be nothing but supportive, alright? You know he's fragile.
  • Uryuu:Geez, how bad is it?
  • Yhwach:*googly-eyed* Hi guys!
  • Quincies:*collective cry of shock and disgust*
  • Yhwach:What's wrong??
  • Quincy Bishie:*wipes face with hand* Nothing, your majesty, you're beautiful.

When Marvel Studios began building their cinematic universe they have the foresight to lock up their future movie stars to multiple films, removing the possible contractual potholes that could appear down the road. Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has grossed a gazillion dollars fans of the MCU are interested in knowing how many films its star Chris Pratt is obligated to do. GQ got some answers.

“I’m tied to doing three more, or five more, Guardians of the Galaxy or whatever it is, you know, two more Guardians plus another couple…,” Pratt told GQ. They go on to speculate that it “means he is committed to at least two sequels, as well as spin-off projects where his character will appear with other Marvel characters.”

Which makes sense as most popular film series become trilogies these days and at some point you have expect Marvel heroes from space to join the Earth-bound heroes. That would make sense for the big MCU climax, Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 & 2.

The week that GQ interviewed Pratt, he had just got back from a meeting with James Gunn in which the director “briefed” Pratt on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for the first time. “I got teary-eyed,” Pratt said. “He’s so f**king smart and peculiar.” And it was only a briefing as even Gunn wouldn’t divulge ever detail of the plot to Pratt because he can’t quite trusting his leading man with that big of a secret. That’s fine with Pratt, as he added, “He just knows me too well to tell me too much.”

Pratt is soon becoming the biggest movie star on the planet, he intends to put his career second to whatever his son needs of him. Even if that means walking away from stardom to go off and get a ranch so that he can go bird hunting as often as he likes. After some thought he confessed. “I think I would do it and then three months later I would be tired of bird hunting and I would be like ’…Guardians Ten?’ ”

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters May 5, 2017.

Sing With Me

Happy birthday, Em!  I don’t know if I’ll get much time online tomorrow so I figured I might as well post this now.  THIS IS DISGUSTINGLY FLUFFY!  LIKE MAJORLY GROSS!  *shrugs*  I love you.  Have a lovely birthday lillie-grey.


for you I would come to you dressed like a creepy man and ask you to fly a kite with me…if we were in the same country that is…

“So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets.” AU

^You reblogged that awhile ago so here you go. :D

It’s a Sunday night.  That’s when he first hears her.  

He’s lived in this apartment for a week now, but he’s never seen her, never caught a glimpse of the woman one apartment over.  The old man across the hall told him she’s a corporate lawyer, works long hours, and she has a son, a boy older than his Roland from the sounds of it.  He keeps busy himself.  He manages the local sporting goods store, and any free time he can muster goes to his boy before and after preschool.

So it really isn’t a surprise he hasn’t seen her, hasn’t met anyone else in the building besides the old man in fact.  He isn’t inside much.  Prefers to be at the park with Roland, but he will forever be grateful for this moment, for this Sunday evening once Roland is tucked snugly into bed, and Robin opts for a quick shower to wash away the dirt and grime from rolling in grass with his son all day.

The water streams across his body, wet heat massaging his muscles, and then he hears it, hears her to be exact.  It starts as a muffled humming, and for a moment he thinks something is wrong with the plumbing, that his water pipes must be vibrating, but then the pitch changes and a melody becomes clear - clear and lovely.  He stills his movement, stops washing and sudsing his limbs, but rather cranes his neck, furrows his brow, and smiles when he can make out the words.

There’s a ‘hey, hey, hey, hey’ that sounds, followed by an ‘ooooh, ooooh’, and then he’s singing along, quietly that is.  It’s more of a humming, a mumbling, because if he can hear her, well, he stays quiet, whispers the lyrics rather than belting them like she must be.  It’s a glorious sound really, stunning as a matter of fact, has his lips curving in a wide smile, and something about her tone, her raspy vibrato has him wishing he could see her, wishing he could put a face to this voice.

“Don’t you forget about me, don’t don’t don’t don’t you forget about me…”  He sings along, quietly, finishes rinsing his hair and at some point she stops singing, his water gets a little warmer, just a slight rise in temperature, and he knows she must be finished.  He huffs out a laugh as he dries, imagines what she must look like, wonders when she usually showers, and then he shakes his head, scolds himself as his mind suddenly shifts to the thought of what she must look like in the shower.


It’s late on a Friday evening when she gets a chance to wash the day away, finally has the opportunity to stand under the hot water, steam hazing her vision.  It’s been a long week, exhausting, and Henry is finally asleep after a viewing of Aladdin and two readings of his latest favorite fairytale.   The boy has an appreciation for literature, for the dark tales told by The Brothers Grimm, but she’d been tired tonight, barely made it through with her eyes open.

She stands there, soaking up the warmth, watching rivulets of water travel across her flesh.  This is her reprieve from the world, from her busy schedule, her suffocating responsibilities.  This is the time she takes for herself, as brief as it may be.  She starts to hum, the corners of her lips pulling up as “A Whole New World” plays back through her mind.  She never seems to be able to get that song out of her head when she watches the movie, but she doesn’t try now, doesn’t bother shaking the lyrics from her brain, but rather opens her mouth and lets the words flow free as the water cascading down her shoulders.

She’s been singing for awhile, half way through the song, “I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far, I can’t go back to where I used to be-”

“A Whole New World.”  And that definitely wasn’t her, her eyes go wide, she swallows thickly, and turns, shifts her body until she is facing the wall holding her shower head.  The other voice, a man’s voice, pauses, waits, and he can’t possibly be waiting for her to sing with him - can he?  But then he starts again, “a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming.”

Her eyebrows lift, her eyes widen, her heart knocking at her chest, and suddenly she is wondering, searching her mind.  There is a new tenant next door.  She has yet to meet him.  All she knows is what Mrs. Lucas had told her one morning when she’d bumped into her on the stairs.  He’s a handsome man apparently.  A man with a young son, younger than her Henry, but she hasn’t seen him.  They never seem to be coming or going at the same time.  Yet apparently, they shower at the same time, or at least - they are showering at the same time tonight.  

It dawns on her then, as his voice softens, turns into harmonic humming rather than words, has he heard her before?  She can feel her face heating for a reason that has nothing to do with the hot water or the steam, and she quickly turns the faucet, grabs for her towel and hops to her bedroom across the hall.  She sits on her bed staring at the offending bathroom door for several minutes before her shock turns into curiosity.

And her head tilts, her brow furrows, and it’s only now that she can see the humor in this situation, not to mention how amusing it is that the man she shares a bathroom wall with also has Disney lyrics memorized.  She wonders if his boy has the same affinity for Aladdin as Henry, wonders what the man next door is like, what he looks like.  Is he as handsome as Mrs. Lucas claimed?  She shakes her head, fights the smirk that curves her lips, and if she falls asleep dreaming about a man she hasn’t met, well, who’s to know?

25557) I showed my friend some of the confessions on here to show her eating disorders aren’t glamorous and now she’s getting help early. Thank you, everyone who has shared, I know it’s not easy to tell a load of strangers about things which make you feel gross.

Ezra, I don’t know if anything will ever make me like his character again just even the thought of him now grosses me out now. 

I was watching the episode where he found out Aria knew about Maggie having his “kid”. He flips out at her for lying to him and says to her, “you are the person i’m spending my life with. You are the person i’m supposed to trust.”

 *takes a deep breath bc this pisses me off way too much*  

Ezra says this to her after he never told Aria about Jackie, Maggie, or how rich his family was. And at this point he claimed to not have been active in stalking her but up till this point how their relationship started was built off a lie and manipulation. Even when they broke up or tried to let her “move on” he’d always be there watching her, and manipulating her to come back to him. Right before Ali’s trial he was even starting to do it by looking at her phone like a jealous crazy ex girlfriend, asking who Andrew was. Like for real, get a life! 

I’m going to be so annoyed if they end up back together during 6A and don’t give them some time apart. Aria needs to become her own person bc Ezra really did hold her back. I’d like to see her after the time jump to have other hobbies and interests in her life that don’t surround Ezra. I’d also like for him to get some sort of life, maybe see him hanging out with people his age!