s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook trying to stay up with you while you study but ending up falling asleep inside your pencil case.
*pokes kook’s tummy*
*gets up quickly with his eyes still closed*
“The answer is 5… I’m awake y/n… my eyes are just resting…“ *slowly nods while half asleep*

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Literally means “Sasaki, who feels out of place, eating bamboo”, but 浮く佐々木笹食う is pronounced “うく ささきささ くう” or “uku sasakisasa kuu” which is a palindrome.

Sasaki also says “They are my friends” (lol)


I should never have let you fall. (x)

for @newtscarf

Little things

Today was the third day of my forensics seminars and I got to seea bunch of pictures of deceased people (a decapitation, a burned down car + carcasses, decayed bodies, car accidents, a guy whose head got squashed like a watermelon, just lots of things that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy)

they were really disturbing, albeit very interesting, but one thing I can say is that I certainly won’t go into forensic medicine

oh and I also splurged on some Colourpop make up bc they had free international shipping and a great deal on liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows and now I feel like a child waiting for Santa to arrive… I know it’s gonna take 2-3 weeks for my package to come but all I wanna so is wait at the window for the postman

now I’m gonna go back to studying for my next exam, sorry I keep leaving but I hope my little update was interesting :D

Like a Thief in the Night

Summary: Aidan sneaks into your room one night, after your exams and with your parents disapproval.

Pairing: Aidan/You

Warning: Sneaky Fluff

Word Count: 1,195

Inspiration: Anon & Here - @imagine-aidan

(Cred to @twelvepercentt)

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Oliver Wood Imagine - Game On

Yo! Can I get an imagine for Oliver Wood? Where you two are best friends, but your a Ravenclaw and captain of your Quidditch team. So you and Oliver make a bet, whoever wins they’re match gets to make the other person do whatever. Gryffindor wins, and Oliver dares you to kiss him. And it’s all fluffy cause you two have liked each other for forever but just never knew how to say it? Thanks :)


Heya can you please write some Oliver wood fluff where a v artistic ravenclaw is doodling in class and she and Oliver end up sending paper aeroplane notes with little enchanted drawings on them and it’s all v cute. Sorry there’s not much of a plot line you can work away at that if you want :p


Sitting in Charms class was one of the worst ways to pass your time. You much rather be on the Quidditch pitch. So instead, you were doodling on your paper. People always said you were an amazing drawer.

When you were drawing details on your picture, something hit you in the back of the head. Looking behind you, you saw a paper airplane hovering in the air. Looking past the airplane you saw Oliver smiling at you. You took the airplane and unfolded it neatly. Inside was a messy drawing of him in front of the goal posts on the Quidditch field.

Laughing, you put the note away and started scribbling on your paper. You sent him a flying crane with a picture of you on the Quidditch field. When he got it he laughed, but soon the laugh was wiped off and a smirk replaced it.

Going back to the lesson that was being taught, you didn’t get another note until a couple of minutes later. When you did get another note, it read

I have a bet for you y/n. Since the next game is Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw, whoever team wins owns the other something. If I win you have to kiss me, and if you win you can have me do whatever you want. - Oliver

“My team won’t lose” you thought. So you sent back a note saying,

Game on, Wood. If my team wins you have to organize all my art supplies and sharpen all of my pencils (I have over 100 art pencils mind you) - y/n

Watching his face as he read the note, he looked up and motioned to you that you were going down. Mouthing back “yeah right!”, and returned back to your drawing.

~Quidditch match~

“Another fantastic block by Oliver Wood!” Lee Jordan shouted into the microphone

“I thought you were better at Quidditch y/n!” Oliver said to you as you were trying to focus on the game.

“Oh shut up, Wood” you yelled back “ the game isn’t over yet!” Regretting your last words, you heard Lee shout

“Harry Potter has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!!”

“Are you serious?! You shouted to yourself. You flew down to the ground and walked back to the Ravenclaw tower with your team. Encouraging them that you guys would win next time.

After the game you took a shower, changed your clothes and went down to the library. Totally forgetting about the bet you had made with Oliver. Until someone slammed a book on the table.

Looking up you saw Oliver with a smile on his face. "I have come to collect my reward, y/n” he spoke smugly

“Can’t we do it later” you whined “I have a test I need to study for”

“Nope, I would like to have it now”

“Well at least let’s go somewhere private” you said getting up and walking to a dark part of the library. “Okay, we can do it here”

With that, you leaned in and kissed his lips. They were soft and the kiss was everything you thought it would be. Yes, you had to admit to yourself that you liked Oliver.

When you pulled away a small smile broke it’s way onto his and your face.



“I never really knew how to tell you this but I really like you. And I don’t think I can hide my feelings for you anymore.” He breathed out

“I like you too, Oliver. I just didn’t think you like me back.” You said in almost a whisper

“So we both like each other. What does the mean for us.” He questioned

“Well we could try us out. Maybe go on a date.”

“Okay, y/n would you like to go to the three broomstick with me this Saturday?”

“Of course I would, Oliver” you giggled. “Now can I go back to my studying?”

“Only if I can join you” he replied

“I would love to have you join me”

When he did join you, all he did was doodle on you paper. When you looked at what he was drawing, you blushed. The picture was of both of you on the Quidditch pitch, together on the same broom.