“We can continue to be friends and play together forever, right?“ "Yes. We’re together forever.” “Do you remember what I said before?” “I’m sorry, I don’t quite recall.”

Announcement: Temporary Hiatus

Bekki and I regret to post this, but we must ensure we don’t lose track of our personal lives and education. Things are busy for us right now, and running the blog for now is a luxury neither of us can really make much time for.

We don’t want to post anything that isnt our best work, and so we think it would be best to go on hiatus for a while instead of rushing answers and headcanons.

I expect to be back at the end of June, and Bekki’s return is yet to be figured out.

Please understand that it is hard for us to do this, because we love all of our loyal followers, and this blog is such a fun past time for us, but we can’t let it interfere with our studies.

Thank you for understanding, and we’ll see you all soon!

~Chloe and Bekki ♥

Temporary hiatus

I’m so sorry that I’ve been too busy to post anything recently. I started driver’s ed, so now I have class three nights a week in addition to the homework load I’ve already been getting, plus all the extra work and studying for an AP exam in a few weeks. I have a few more of those headcanon posts that I can do quick, but then I’m going to go on hiatus until sometime around May 14th (the day of the exam and my last day of driver’s ed.) Thank you for understanding, and I promise to be a hell of a lot more active when I get back!

So what will be the 2nd chapter of the genderswapped!Abi fic is basically finished at 2,305 words (which is a lot for this drabble writer). Though I might do some minor tweaking before it’s posted.

Now to actually write chapter 1. XD

Might be able to start on it tonight or tomorrow morning, but then I’ll be out of town for a few days. And when I get back I’ll need to study for finals…though knowing me, I’ll work on it during breaks as a way to take my brain away from statistics.

So yeah, guessing the 1st chapter will be ready sometime the first or second week of May and then the 2nd chapter will probably go up the next day. 

so my last week has been pretty up and down in terms of being reallyreally great or entirely disastrous, but all in all i’m extremely happy at the moment. i can’t believe the reception my sculpture got on here, like, wow, hi, thanks guys you’re all lovely. also, hello to all my new followers i got from it, you were definitely a surprise this morning.

my macbook decided to die again last weekend and i thought i was going to be screwed for finals this week, but, i got it back up and working again today thankfully, so now i’m going to spend the next 4 hours in the library studying and writing papers. sorry i haven’t been around much, i’ve been so busy that all my focus has been on school and track. but, hopefully once i go home for the summer i can get back to this and to working on my personal art more again.

all these things that I’ve done  [listen]
writing playlist

i. midnight city - M83 // ii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood // iii.  called out in the dark - snow patrol // iv. take a walk - passion pit // v. feeling good - muse // vi. on top of the world - imagine dragons // vii. ho hey - the lumineers // viii. call it what you want - foster the people // ix. take back the city - snow patrol // x. horchata - vampire weekend // xi. lover’s carvings - bibio // xii. shadowplay - the killers // xiii. sleep alone - two door cinema club // xiv. daylight - matt & kim // xv. float on - modest mouse // xvi. all these things that i’ve done - the killers

darlingbenny asked:

instances when sherlock blushes Extra @ john?

ok Extra blush
  • succinctly reciprocated stare (intense enough both believe they fabricated or misread afterwards)
  • waking up warmly disoriented in a cab realising he gracelessly sinked on john’s side rather than the glass’s while falling asleep and now his forehead is on john’s shoulder
  • as a consequence of john’s sober casual ‘we’re sitting on the sofa next to each other pushed back by exhaustion and i’m going to use your leg as lever to get up’ groping (it’s not casual at all but sherlock doesn’t know)
  • entering the living room unnoticed and seeing john smiling to himself, kind of in an instant of soft fog in which it looks like everything could be
  • when he’s been despairing trying to get john’s attention and he suddenly does get it
  • not strictly @ john but: thinking about john’s praises while clutching his own knees so tight he nearly falls over, irritatedly sniggering at himself for doing that, then thinking about john in general and poorly hiding boiling cheeks behind his lean arms
  • as a consequence of john taking sherlock’s cigarette out of his mouth, inhaling on it himself once and then throwing it away, concerned wordless monologue throughout it
  • anytime any part of john is very close to a part of him
  • seriously there just need to be enough proximity and the Extra blush becomes a scale

i could go on but when i said all the time i meant it

13.04.15 Back at school. Determined to not let a day go to waste now. I have my history resit in exactly a month! It can’t go as badly as it did last time but I’m still hella nervous. Stay hydrated !


The live streaming begins at 10:00 a.m. PST, Thursday, April 16, on with the Celebration kickoff panel and continues with 30-plus hours of coverage through the closing ceremony on Sunday, April 19, beginning at 3:30 p.m. PST. Watch exclusive highlights and on-demand clips from Verizon on Twitter,@VerizonWireless, and at”

// 11:26am - i know i’ve been super mia from this blog for the past month or so but i totally went through an anti-everything mood, which happens sometimes when my anxiety gets really bad.. but everything is okay now and i am back! in the past 2 weeks, classes have ended and i have had 3 finals and my last one is in exactly a week.. so, right now i am planning for that and then i’m going to start reviewing class notes.. i don’t think i have anything else to say lol i hope everyone is doing well! and i really want to start making some friends on this blog but i don’t really know how to go about that.. any tips would be great! // 

I could use some help - FFVII

Thursday next week (or the week after) I am expected to give a 10-minutes long presentation about “something” I would like my university to their (fictional) library of canon material. 

Goal? Use difficult words to come across as intelligent and academic, and allow the teacher gauge my English proficiency when it comes to speaking skills. 

I chose Final Fantasy VII as my topic, and would like your help with generating content. 

  • Wutai as tourist attraction
  • Mass murder of sector 7
  • Global climate change 
  • Sooo~ what else?
  • What do you find important?

Blow the cut is the text I handed in.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I saw you korean post about 레오 and I can only make out about half of what you were saying. (I've been studying korean but I'm not that good at it yet), would you be able to translate it into english? It's okay if you don't want to.. ♡

oh haha it wasn’t anything important really ☺️

그냥 가만히 생각해보면 정택운 노래는 모두 한글 가사라서 참 좋다… 그냥 딱 뭐랄까… “정택운” 이라는 노래 이랄까…ㅎ8ㅅ8 아침부터 왜 소녀감성이지…힝ㅠ 그냥 좋다고… 좋아해… 정택운…ㅎㅎ❤︎

i was just saying that, if i thought about it, taekwoon’s song “cold at night” is really nice because the lyrics to it is all in korean (like no english phrases or random english words) which is so… him haha like it’s so… jung taekwoon (if you get what i mean lols idk how to describe it)

so it was a nice realization on my part bc it just made me really fall deeper into the song and lyrics, and appreciate the quality and general goodness that is korean (lol), and just overall emotions that the song portrayed. and him as a person too lols. idk. i was uber stressed and it really helped me calm down

22 April 2015

These couple of weeks have been so mentally draining ! I’m so glad to have a 6-day break next week. It will be a time of joy and rejuvenation. I’ll probably go to London too :D Can’t wait !
But for now there is still a history test I have to study for ! Remember folks, if you suffer silently now, it will all come back to you in the form of good grades later. So give me a 100% !

I’m dropping out of college and going to beauty school btw & this is not a drill