How are they going to solve all of this drama in just one more episode? Before, I had a lot of faith in Tom Bidwell but now he’s gone, I just don’t feel like it’s as “My Mad Fat Diary” as it used to be and I’m worried. 

Judging by the trailer for next week, they’re going (to have to) cover so much, exams, Chloe’s recovery, Rae and Finn’s relationship, what the hell is happening with Kester, etc. and I just don’t want it to be rushed and be all haphazard and awful because this show has been DECENT up until this point and I don’t want it to lose it’s rep for that. I have every faith in the actors delivering, they always do. It’s just the writing I’m worried about.

Fingers crossed we’re all proved wrong, eh?



boys of zummer tour predictions
  • pete continues to do the spinny thing while he plays, only now he’s gone too far. patrick is crying as pete ascends into the clouds to play bass for the pigeons.
  • andy has completely given up clothes. all of them. patrick now owns three new shirts and a pair of shorts; andy plays in his underwear.
  • joe continues to look so good while playing 70% of the audience is rushed to the nearest hospital by the end of immortals.
  • the band can no longer sell their merch as fans keep burning all of it. ‘we want nice things’ they scream as patrick scrambles to make the originally intended ‘happy buddies fun time hugs and hangouts and bunnes and unicorns’ t shirts.
  • centuries is no longer a song. they’ve played it so often it has become a core part of the member’s blood and patrick sweats the lyrics to it every time they play.
  • they’re playing in la and the entire show is just fans laughing about the you look so la but feel so la shirt.
  • fans are still demanding more songs from folie a deux be played. ‘i don’t care’ patrick screams as all of the fans cry and whisper ‘we know’.
  • by the second month of the tour, the entire band is replaced by dogs. the new band fall out dog play only ‘alpha dog’. the fans are happy.
  • patrick manages to go exactly 1.3 interviews without mentioning declan in some way, pete is worried.
  • andy’s drum solos have become so good they actually replace the heartbeat of everybody in a 3 mile radius.
  • patrick and andy’s meet and greet poses have gotten so good that they’ve been featured on the cover of vogue 3 times.
Charles cant be dead - Theory

Ok its long but it makes sense bare with me

Charles is a DiLaurentis and is Jessica and Kenneths child. But the boy looks a little bigger than Jason so lets say he was a year older.

Jason is born and they grow up the best of friends. They are inseparable. Until Alison comes into the picture. Charles is fascinated by how everyine adores alison. He attacks her out of jealousy.

The DiLaurentis’ send Charles to Radley because he is very aggressive and violent toward Alison. They tell Jason Charlie was an imaginary friend and he is gone now. He believes it.

Charles grows up in radley and rarely sees his parents. Mrs.D joins the board to spend more time with charles. He resents her and wants nothing to do with her. Jessica starts to have an affair with Bethanys father and starts treating Bethany the way she treated Alison.

Charles escaped Radley the night Ali was hit.. mrs.d gets the call that her son escaped. She tells ali to stay home, but she doesnt listen. Charles hits bethany thinking it was ali.. melissa shallowly buries her in the hole thinking spencer did it. He finds alison and hits her with the rock, he wants to take her hostage and use her as a doll the way ali used everyone else. But mrs.d saw what he did. She quickly buries alison in the hole ontop of where bethany was buried so kenneth doesnt know what Charles did. She has wilden help fake Charles death so nobody would think he hurt alison.

jessica sends charles away, alison gets pulled out by grunwald, the workers pour concrete over bethanys body . The next day, fuming that he didnt capture Alison he sees Sara Harvey.. She is very much like ali.. he hits her and takes her hostage instead.

He holds her hostage in the dollhouse. When he learns ali could be alive he uses Sara to do his dirty work. She is redcoat/blackveil obeying charles instructions so not to get killed.

Cece met Charles in radley when she played that prank pretending to be alison. She continued to visit him and they fell in love. She is helping Charles with his revenge. She helped build the dollhouse as redcoat as well.

Charles is fascinated by how Alison controls the girls like her dolls. This is the reason for his dollhouse.. he wants to control them the way alison did using phychological experiments. He missed out on a lot of his normal life because of the dilaurentis family. The vault represents the death of his childhood and the beginning of his tortuous life.

Ultimately charles is full brother to alison but half brother to jason through jessica dilaurentis. He is in no way related to spencer or melissa hastings meaning he could ultimately be wren.

Remember what Caleb said.. if you ask a computer does james Leland exist it says yes, you need to know what to ask it. So perhaps wren Kingston is a stolen identity.

We were told charles isnt new to us, its someone we’ve seen before. So charles cant have died as a child. He has to be an adult!

anonymous asked:

about your super sad unrequited kurapika -> leorio headcanon: how does kurapika's big confession of love happen??? and what do they do afterward, once they can't be reconciled??

The saddest part is that it wasn’t big, it was small. It was very small and he knew as soon as it said it that it was wrong, and he started apologizing for it over and over and over. 

Because Pika’s not stupid, and he knows Leorio’s straight, and he knows how to control himself and his feelings, because he’s had to do it for years and years now. And it was so stupid, just the smallest little moment, where his heart did something without requesting permission, and he said it over coffee, or while sharing a newspaper, or doing laundry. He said, “I’m in love with you.”

And Leorio went still and Kurapika’s stomach fell to the earth and he immediately said, “No, I’m sorry. No, no, no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” And Leorio didn’t have to say anything, and he wouldn’t say anything, because Pika is his best friend. But suddenly it hurts for both of them; they can’t look at each other, they can’t touch. They can’t share a sink in the mornings, they can’t sit quietly in a car together anymore, because Kurapika said that.

Leorio thinks Kurapika’s beautiful, because he absolutely is, but he can’t see what they have like that, and he tries and it makes him upset and frustrated and Pika knows it, too, so they fall apart repeatedly again and again. They try repeatedly to come back together to be friends, to work together like they’ve done for years, but it’s not the same and it doesn’t feel right. And maybe they fight again, one more time, but this time Leorio ends the screaming with a kiss, because maybe it would fix everything?

It doesn’t. And he agonizes as he pulls back and Kurapika won’t let it go, and he chases his mouth until they’re out of breath and against a wall. And this time, when Kurapika climbs into a car to leave, he’s not coming back. He knows that Leorio doesn’t want him to –

And he’s right, Leorio doesn’t. Leorio doesn’t want Pika to come back this time because the guilt will fade, but every time Kurapika is there, the ache will stay raw and new.

Kurapika knows it, too, so he leaves Leorio and deletes him from his phone and they don’t talk anymore, not ever again.

I always say I’m over my boyfriend. I even believe it myself… But I still break because I do miss him. He was my best friend and now he’s gone. Am I weak for still missing him and still crying?
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Some random dude was just chillin on my porch petting my cat and when I went out and asked if he was alright or if he needed anything he was just like “nah I’m good but thanks, I was just walking around and your cat is really cute, so I wanted to pet him” and I don’t think I’ve ever related to something more at 5 am.