Aries: Watch your step. The road your travelling is filled with pot holes and snakes. Learn to walk lightly and be careful.

Taurus: Don’t stop now. You’ve changed so much and grown more then words can explain. Don’t let yourself be shrunk back to who you were.

Gemini: let go. Let go of all the pain and sorrow you’re clinging to. Let go of all the words they said and all the horrors you’ve been through.

Cancer: Calm yourself. Stop letting the chaos control you. Don’t let the destruction of everything around you destroy you as well.

Leo: Stop running. Yeah there’s some messed up things back there but you were part of it to. So stop running and learn to make peace with your demons.

Virgo: No one hates you. No one is judging you. No one is condemning you for the choice you made. It was for the best. Some secrets weren’t meant for the grave.

Libra: Cut them off. Stop being there for people who only see you as a partial convince. Don’t bother with those who are too bitter to be happy for you.

Scorpio: Pain is part if growth. It sucks but it’s part of reality. Learn to find comfort and moments of peace as you finally become who you were meant to be.

Sagittarius: don’t forget. Don’t forget the way they laughed or how he made you smile. Don’t forget the way things use to be even if you’re in a better place now. They made you you.

Capricorn : Forgive them. Not for them but for you. Because this poison isn’t going to kill them but I promise  you it will shorten your life.

Aquarius : Do not become your dadness. Or your illness. Or all the bad things that happened to you. Do not let that consume your identity till there’s nothing left.

Pisces: Let yourself fall in love again. Real love. Dangerous and scary and adrenaline filled love. Be open and vulnerable as hard a feat as that would be.

—  This week’s horoscope

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OK for the no excuses writing meme thingy: POV ~


POVsomething that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective


Hanzo knows the cowboy has a crush on him. He also knows that the cowboy has a name (Jesse McCree), and is a year younger than he is.

“Just let him ask you out already,” Amelie says. “I swear to fucking god.”

Hanzo rolls his eyes. “I’m not gay.”

“That’s what Jack Morrison told me right before he shacked up with my best friend,” Amelie sighs, rolling her eyes right back at him. “We’re all forced to sit here and watch the pining. Just look at him.”

Hanzo peers out at McCree from under the awning, and they watch him stop, drop and roll as the rigged explosives go off harmlessly above his head. The director calls for a break at the end of the scene, and McCree looks up to where they’re both sitting.

He waves.

“So pathetic,” Amelie murmurs, going back to working on drafting contracts. “And don’t act like you’re immune to this, either. We could be sitting in cushy leather chairs in air-conditioning but you dragged me out here to talk to people personally when you could have just emailed them.”

Hanzo crosses his arms. “It was important and required a signature.”

“You could have faxed it,” Amelie points out. “But fine. I’ll sit here in my prime box and watch your little romance develop. In a year he’ll be sending out invites to your housewarming when you two officially move in together. I’m calling it. And you’d better have canapés.”

“I like tuna vol-au-vents,” Hanzo mumbles, lost in thought as McCree takes his shirt off, ready to change into a new one. Does any man have the right to look this good all sweaty in the late afternoon sun? Is it legal? McCree smiles winningly up at him, and Hanzo half-waves back before remembering himself and turning away immediately.

Amelie shoots him a triumphant look. “Salmon and cream cheese with sturgeon roe on a water cracker.”

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Bought these cute lil earnings w Kokopelli on them today when I went to see Tiatoani (tastuanes) dancers 🌹
I always feel so odd celebrating Santo Santiago with my parents/family. I have so much fun but the whole thing can be hard for me to understand. During this celebration, men (and now bad ass women) dress up and dance/roughly push each other to loud music all to commemorate and respect Santo Santiago. They’re called Tastuanes (they were originally named Tiatoani in Nahuatl). I’ve always loved seeing Tastuanes dance together, it’s one of my most favorite things about Zacatecas. Ever since I was little I loved watching the tastuanes gear up and put on their outfits. I just hate how confusing the tradition is. I hate that it ties us back to our colonizers:
[Santo Santiago = Catholicism = religion forced onto the indigenous people of Mexico = colonizers = Spaniards.]
But I also sort of like that even though it is very sad, it still has some indigenous roots:
[The masks worn are supposed to resemble a sad native man who has smallpox. The natives (in this case, Caxcan people) were all dying from diseases brought by the Spaniards. That’s why the masks are also supposed to have indigenous features. For example, the dark wood resembles indigenous skin.]
There’s a man with a sword on a horse dressed in all white that the natives feared. After the Caxcanes fought in the war with the Spaniards, the little natives that were left all hid under rocks to avoid the man on the horse. The man would throw smoke at them for refusal to surrender to the catholic religion and would kill the natives for refusal to assimilate to the new culture. During the celebration of Santo Santiago, there’s always someone on a horse dressed as the man in white. There’s so much other sad things done to the natives that this tradition celebrates, but I won’t go more into detail. Like I said, it’s such a confusing thing for me to feel comfortable celebrating. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how tragically beautiful it is to see these dancers though. I’m so proud to have sangre Caxcan, especially considering how strong and prideful they are. All the fighting they did to try and resent colonization. Anyway, that was just a little rant thing haha. Goodnight 💗

read if u love me, ignore if u hate enchantress.

               *rick voice* here’s the deal: i’m going on hiatus. but it’s not ur regular hiatus so listen up: for the next week ( starting today, ending on monday 1st ), i’ll be doing my drafts, but i won’t post them ‘til i’m back because they’re accumulating real quick and honestly that’s killin’ my vibes. and now you’re wondering: what makes this hiatus different from the rest? i’ll keep shit-posting. the same amount. the necessary. nothing to worry about, you won’t even notice. i’ll still be here, i’ll keep checking new followers, messages, etc. i’ll just look even more lazy for seven days, basically. 

               anyways, as i was sayin’, i need to free myself from some drafts becaaaaauusee suicide squad comes out in less than two weeks now, and after i finally watch it, i’ll be blowing up the tags of the qt’s who liked my permanent starter call. literally. brutally. no mercy. and i’ll want to start even more things bc then i’ll know what’s the real deal with dceu croc. so yeah.

tl;dr i’m going on hiatus for a week bc i can’t handle stress but you’ll still see me shit-posting so you know i care bye.

PS. how do u like my new avatar

Pump & Travel or Travel with Baby?

Eric and I are going to Napa mid-September for a close friend’s wedding. Eric is in it, so it’s non-negotiable that he goes. I want to go as well, and our airline tickets have already been purchased.

Now that Nolan is here, I’m struggling with what will be the more manageable scenario:

1) Leave Nolan at home with Ellie and my parents; pump what I can from now to then and have my parents supplement with formula if needed. Figure out a way to pump on the plane ride there and back, and while we’re there, and how to get it back without spoiling, or…

2) Bring Nolan (and hope our housemates don’t mind), and find a random sitter (through a service suggested by the landlord of the place we’re staying) to watch Nolan during the wedding events, therefore not necessitating pumping/storage.

Thoughts? I’ve never traveled and pumped so I have no idea what it entails.

To Fall In Love...(Andy Biersack Imagine.)

“Andy?.. Could you come down for a moment? We have visitors!” My mother called, and I sat up and pulled out one of my earbuds. ‘Who’s mom invited now?’ I snorted to myself, fixing my hair so that my hair barely hung over one eye before walking downstairs. “And here he is! This my son, Andy.” My mother stated, smiling to the woman beside her. I raised my hand in a half wave, and she smiled and waved fully back. “What did you need me for?” I asked, looking to my mom. “Well, Mrs. (Y/L/N) was wondering if you’d be able to watch over her daughter tonight. They’re having a family emergency, and are leaving (Y/N) at home, and they needed a babysitter of sorts.” I raised an eyebrow at this, and Mrs. (Y/L/N) gave me a hopeful smile. “Your mother had told me about you, and you seem like the responsible type! Would you mind doing it? I’d pay you, of course.” I was hesitant, but because of me needing money to fulfill my dreams of being in a band, I needed this job. “Okay. I’ll do it. How old is (y/n)?” I asked, leaning into my back foot as I crossed my arms over my Black Sabbath tee. “Oh! She’s seventeen!” She smiled, and I silently swore. 'My social skills are going to be the death of me. R.I.P Andy Biersack.’ ^^^^^^^^Timeskip to tonight^^^^^^^^ Your P.O.V. I huffed silently as I started at the ceiling, angered by my parents decision. 'I don’t need any bloody babysitter. I’m freaking 17.’ I huffed to myself, sitting up and running my hand through my messy (h/c) tresses. I heard a knock at my door, which immediately caught my attention. “Yea?” I asked, standing up and walking over to the door and opening to to reveal my parents. “Hey sweetie, we’re leaving. Andy’ll be here in a minute or so. When he gets here, lock the door, okay?” She stated, placing her hands on your cheeks and you sighed. “Yes Momma. But do I really need a babysitter?” You questioned, wincing at the thought of some jock attempting to play a weird board game with you. “You’ll be fine.” Your dad stated, and you chuckled when he pointed to your mother from behind her back, his eyes sparkling as he mouthed 'All her idea.’ She backed away from you and smiled again, her white teeth sanding out against her (s/c) colored skin. “I know what your thinking, but you’ll be fine. Trust me.” She said, sighing as she looked you over. “Hun, we need to leave.” Your dad reminded her, placing an arm on her shoulder. “Oh, oh yeah. We’re gone. Bye sweetie. I love you.” You smiled and sighed as they walked down the stairs, and a ring at the doorbell echoed throughout the house. You walked to the stairs and stood on the middle step as your dad answered the door. When he opened the door, there stood Andy and your eyes widened. 'H-Hot damn!’ Your mother smiled to you knowingly, and you blushed slightly as he walked in, not seeing you yet. “Hey Mrs. (Y/l/n). Where’s (y/n)?” He smiled to her, and when you saw his smile, you hear about fainted. 'Jesus Christ.’ You bit your lip, before squeaking out a shaky “I’m (y/n). Your Andy?” You questioned, stepping down the stairs and and standing at the bottom and crossing your arms. He turned, and stood still for a second looking to you, causing you to feel self conscious. He smiled to you, and nodded. “Yeah. Nice to meet you.” 'Jesus.’ **later that night~** “Dang it… Ha! Missed me!” You growled, swerving Mario across the track, narrowly missing a green shell heading your way. “How’d you miss that?!” Andy questioned, his concentration solely on princess peach as he drove behind you. After getting used to each other, you and Andy had settled into playing Mario Cart to pass time until your parents returned. “Your not so bad, Andy.” I laughed, nudging him playfully with my elbow as he attempted to catch up with me. He smiled down to me and crooked his eyebrow and I immediately looked away and blushed. 'Dammit Biersack…’ I groaned internally, when I saw that during my period of embarrassment, he had managed to beat me. He gave a triumphant laugh, and threw an arm around my shoulders. “Round two?” He smiled, and I nodded, fixing my (h/c) strands that had fallen into my face. 'Maybe having a babysitter won’t be too bad.’

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  • My mom:let's go get Starbucks!
  • Me:Okay!!
  • *We go to Starbucks with my little sister*
  • My mom:And we're going to the grocery store and CVS Pharmacy.
  • Me in the DR:I'm so sick of my mom lying to me like this. She NEVER mentioned going to the grocery store OR CVS Pharmacy. I am going to HAVE to win HoH next week because I now know I cannot trust what comes out of her mouth. And I know she is tight with Destiny, my little sister, so I am going to have to nominate both of them to secure that one gets evicted. Watch your back mom, because I am coming for you. NOBODY plays ME like that. Pack your bags and say your goodbyes because come Thursday, you're out the door.
Hank’s Video - Vlogbrothers and the news

I just saw Hanks’ Video on Hankschannel titled “Vlogbrothers and the news”. I gotta be honest, last year when we had a devastating earthquake here in India, I was surprised that the guys didn’t talk about it. Even if I didn’t consciously decide to, I kind of expect John and Hank to have deep thoughtful opinions about what’s going in my world. Which I know is unfair. That’s not what they are trying to be. And I KNOW THAT! Just hearing it from Hank gave me a perspective of what it would be like to feel that pressure whenever you’re trying to do your job. 

Also, when I go back and watch the old Vlogbrothers videos, I feel this pang of nostalgia for all the silliness! I definitely want more of that to come back to the channel. And Hank, you are 100% allowed to make any kind of videos that you want, I know now not to burden you with my unfair expectations of being a spokesperson all the time (even if the expectations were in my own mind). We love what you do, please try to be as less stressed as you can :)


After an interesting twitter conversation with @CDSanders1971 I’d like to reevaluate my answer to this ask.

I now think the eye witness report from
@fandomsdogsandvolleyball is legit, as the twitter user was forthcoming enough to answer my questions and back up said report.

First of all, fellow Setlockers, let me give you some good advice. Next time you try to get near the set of Sherlock camouflage as a hiker, or a tourist, and pretend you’re not there for the filming. Perhaps they’ll let you on set, hang around for a while, and watch a whole scene being filmed without getting told off.
Because that’s exactly what has happened to our source as far as I understood. They were only moved once from their vantage point, when the team was shooting the scenery, and the crew jokingly told them that they couldn’t afford to pay any more extras in their scenes. Which was of course nonsense. They needed the shot clear of people, because the ruins at Ogmore Castle were featuring as the background for a Mind Palace sequence. Of that the source was absolutely sure.

They were also quite adamant on stressing that the scene was about Mary. I have the feeling they might have learned a little more by chatting with the crew than what they let on, but that’s just fair. They were asked not to spill the beans, and as they’re only autograph hunters, not dedicated Setlockers, it seems understandable that they won’t share everything after being told not to. That’s also the reason why they didn’t take any pictures. They didn’t know there are people out there who frantically collect every detail in order to puzzle together a halfway coherent picture of the whole. They were just enjoying their holidays, and happened to stumble on several sets of famous TV productions. Lucky guys, indeed! In any case, they clearly got the impression that the scene was a deduction scene and that the scene was about Mary.

Asked for a description they told me that the little girl was about four years old. No mention of further children on set. This girl clearly didn’t match the casting call for twins that we discussed on Monday. (I’m still not sure if the casting call was for Sherlock in the first place, but if so, it would have been for Baby Watson, and the child in the Ogmore MP scene was representing Mary anyway). She was wearing a skirt or dress, and her hair was blonde and in pigtails. She was running in circles around Sherlock who didn’t look at her. In fact, there seemed to be no interaction at all between the two of them in the scene. Sherlock was staring ahead, lost in thought. He then turned and left rather abruptly. (Which reminds me of what Setlockers reported about the Jubilee Bridge Scene between Sherlock and the LIR). There was one incident when Sherlock seemed to look down at her, and after that they shot close ups of his face for quite some time. That’s why they could go into detail about his facial expression. Oh, and one more detail. When running in circles, the little girl was holding a toy in her hands, a car or an aeroplane, they could’t quite tell, and she was making sounds as if imitating the sounds of a running engine.

Sherlock himself was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt.
(I was hoping we could perhaps place the sequence into the timeline as filming continues, but ‘white shirt’ seems pretty nondescript.)

Mark Gatiss was present. He was in costume, but the source says he wasn’t in the MP scene at all. They had the impression that the cast had directly arrived from a different location, and that Mark might have been involved in these previous scenes, therefore simply not having had the time to change clothes.
He was also wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and a coat, not sure about the tie, but pretty sure that it wasn’t red, like in the studio pictures from Sue’s video yesterday.

That’s it.

Many thanks for sharing as much as you could to @CDSanders1971 on twitter. And enjoy your holidays!

let’s get rid of both political parties and make one big party where we all have a good time in my parents house while they’re in reno for 2 weeks but watch out looks like they’re coming home early and now you all have to help me clean up this HUGE mess! oh no! everyone’s gone! will my 3 best friends come back to help me in the end?

Imagine: Dan asking you a really unusual and big question.

You were at the Brits 2016 in the live-stream room where Dan and Phil are live-streaming from Youtube. Right now, Dan,Phil and you we’re just chilling and watching the Brits from the live-stream room.

Dan just looked at you. Like he was admiring you. Then he thought of an unusual question.

“Hey Y/N, When do you want to get married?” Dan asked. You just shook your head with surprised and you just looked at Dan.

“I’m sorry what?” You were totally starstruck by that question.

“Yeah you heard me” He said and just smirked at you.

“Soon. That’s my answer” You said.

Dan just looked back at the tv and just smirked. He folded his arms inside his jacket. But inside his jacket in his pocket was a velvet box.

In that Velvet Box, was a ring. He was going to propose to you during the Brits 2016. Live on Youtube.




I’m such a baby.

My husband and I are taking an extra long weekend in Cape Cod. I dropped Kaeda and Apollo off at my friend’s house the other day, and went back home. We’re not leaving for another hour or 2, so I’ve been home without them for a day now.

I started tearing up because I miss them so much. I’m sure once I’m in the Cape, I’ll miss them less. It’s just that I’m home and them not being here is different and I hate it. Sure, it’s nice not to have to get up to take them out or watch them all the time, but it’s worth it to have them here.

Anywho, I hope I’m not the only one that tears up when their dogs aren’t around LOL

Fred Weasley X reader imagine

Request: yes

Prompts 5 (we’re gonna get caught) and 9 (promise?) with Fred Weasley. You and Fred skipped class and fooled around in the halls.

Your POV
We had just finished DADA class, and now we were off to potions. Fred and I were walking behind the group of shuffling wizards as the all piled into the class room. Before I could step into the room Fred grabbed the sleeve of my robe, and pulled me back. “Everything okay?” I asked concerned of the foreign behavior.
“Uh”, he watched everyone inside take their seats, “yeah”. This was weird, even for Fred. Without another word he laced his fingers in mine, and pulled me away from the classroom.
“Where are we going? What are you doing?”
“Shh”, he said looking down each corridor before dragging me through it. It wasn’t until we were 4 corridors down when he decided to stop, causing me to run into him. I turned to him,
“What are we doin-” he cut me off by grabbing my face with both hands, and kissing me hard.
“Oh”, I said after he pulled away. We both looked at each other for a moment, and euphorically kissed again. The contact was strong, yet weakening at the same time. The passion within our kiss said we both have been craving this for years. I pulled away breathless and shook my head, “we-we’re gonna get caught!” I whined, “we should go to class”, I held his forearms as he held my elbows.
“We’re not gonna get caught”, he reassured me with a smile.
“Promise?” I mumbled looking down.
“Promise”, he said smiling while his hand brush a lock of hair behind my ear, and traced underneath my jawline. I grinned and huffed out all of my worries. I held the sides of his face and went back to kissing him.

In keeping with the luxurious, over-the-top style of “The Great Gatsby,” director Baz Luhrmann made sure that his main stars were treated like minor royalty whilst on set, providing them with such generous perqs as personal assistants and fresh-daily flowers in their spacious trailers. Whilst he admitted that he thoroughly enjoyed being pampered, Joel Edgerton had a word of caution for himself and others about the dangers of becoming too comfortable with all that Hollywood Star treatment—-

“You gotta be careful about how well you’re treated as an actor because if you suddenly go, ‘Now I did “Gatsby,” I’m gonna re-set the dial. THIS is how I should be treated for the rest of my life,’ you gotta watch out, because occasionally you’re gonna have to go back and fly coach and you don’t want to act like a spoiled brat.” 

They say unrequited love doesn’t leave you, that it festers and becomes a poison that strikes at the worst moment. They’re right. I’m so sorry for last summer, when I told her I was no longer in love with her because I’d fallen off a cliff and she didn’t see. I hauled myself back up kicking and screaming and she still didn’t hear. And my love for her faded. My love for him, steadily growing these past two years, is in hiding. I’m so happy for him. His girlfriend is a wonderful woman, and a great friend of mine. But watching them be happy…. It makes it hurt. I moved on, I swear I did. But now I’m leaving and that’s over too. Now this poison just slowly eats away at me and my ability to stay casual. He sometimes says things and I forget to breath. They’re so happy. I wish I could hate them. I’m going away for ten months. Maybe that’ll save me. Maybe I’ll grow and fall in love somewhere else and rip out the cornflowers his blue eyes have planted in my heart. There’s going to be rot. There always will. But maybe I can finally tear him out of my soul.

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how would they react to someone flirting with their s/o?

Edd: He would walk up to the both of you, put his arm around you and politely say to the other person “excuse me, but they belong me.” and he’d quickly spin around, and take you back home. He says he’s gonna have to watch you more carefully from now on. “No one is taking you away from me,” Edd would smile and kiss you.

Matt: “Just because they are absolutely stunning, it doesn’t give you the right to hit on my partner!” Matt would say angrily towards the flirtatious someone. He’d gently push them away from you and bring you back home. “They’re just jealous they can’t have you,” he’d say, and he’d hug you tightly.

Tom: Tom would be on the verge of losing all his shit. He’d walk over you guys and just uppercut the other person. “NO ONE dares to flirt with them except ME,” he said, giving the other person a death glare and giving you a kiss. Tom will not let you out of his sight (or his arms) for the rest of the day.

Tord: He’d be extremely tempted to shoot the person, but he’d hold himself back. Instead, he’d go up to you, and kiss you passionately, giving the other person a middle finger. After that, he’s gonna not let go of your hand for at least week and probably point a gun at anyone that even looked in your direction.

-Mod Z

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Tony and movie nights. Tks

“Sooo, Tony; what’s on the menu for tonight’s movie night?”

The agent shot you a glance over his shoulder as he scrolled through his vast collection of movies. “What are you in the mood for? Action. Detective. Horror.” A sly smile spread across Tony’s face, and he gave a wink. “Romance.”

“No romance.” You deadpanned.

Tony rolled his eyes and nodded, turning back to the movies. “Buzzkill…”

“Put on Jaws or something.”

“We watched Jaws last week. Plus the three others.”

“Hmmm, James Bond?”

Tony didn’t reply at first, but then he twisted his head back over his shoulder, giving you a wide grin. “Now you’re speaking my language.”