i can’t believe the greatest tragedy of captain america: civil war was that bucky didn’t get one (1) hug at all from anyone like do you know how touch starved that boy probably is????? steve??? hello? what in the Entire Heck is Happening see it’s things like this that make me wanna rip marvel to shreds

andrew actually smiling is a very, very, very rare thing. instead, his equivalent of a smile is the way his whole face softens slightly, his stare isn’t quite as intense, and the corners of his mouth seem to turn ever so slightly upwards. it’s the look he gets in peaceful moments with neil when they’re both safe and content and enjoying each other’s company. it’s an expression neil treasures because while not as rare as a true smile it’s still something he only really sees when they’re alone together 

astro is really doing something special. I think what’s special about this album and this era, is that the purpose of this comeback, unlike the comebacks of literally everyone else, is NOT to attempt to gain more fans. Astro will not be performing on music shows which is the main way to promote and gather fans. Instead, they are performing 5 concerts within 2 weeks for current AROHA. the winter album only had three tracks, one of which is probably dedicated specifically to AROHA (you & me)


Behold, the worst possible thing.

Okay I know I said I was going to sleep but like real quick

How ducked up would it be if you could just kill Santa clause

Like what are you going for this year? Oh you know me a good old shotgun and a whole boatload of family will always do the tick

But Barbara I was hoping we could do surface to surface missiles this year we could take the kids to ain’t Georgina’s and make a day of it

Now Harrold this is a family tradiotonor and little mack'kaeleiygh is just getting old enough to hold her own gun I won’t have you depriving her if her first kill not in my household your aunt Georgina will just have to wait

Anyway Linda I hear you always manage to make it last all day do you have special plans?