now, now every children

Friends With My Sister
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when your mother found it out
she took the phones out of the house
for now and for a while

and i’ve been sleeping on the couch
until you’d call to wake me up
but not now, no not now

you’d take the time to write it out
but i will be the last one to find out

but when we drive out of this town
you can tell your friends about this now
because you have
but i won’t say i thing

Sleep Through Summer
  • Sleep Through Summer
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I’m sorry dear I haven’t been sleeping
because when I have I woke up and thought it was winter
I’m sorry love for leaving you out
my head is an empty house when you’re not around

I’m sorry dear I haven’t felt much like company
but if September won’t bring you to me
then I don’t care

I’m sorry dear for ignoring the phone
I’ve got clumsy feet and clumsy toes to keep me from home

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