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teen wolf appreciation week day two: favourite development

We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.

We know Deucalion had the aggression for a firebender.

He was also caring enough to be a waterbender.

Last week we saw he started learning airbending by Bagua.

Now he mastered Toph Beifong’s earthbending style and taught neutral jing to Scott and Malia.

Deucalion knew the core principles of the four bending arts. He was a fucking avatar. I believe Deucalion could have saved the world.

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klaus saying “For you, I would destroy the world” to caroline

“Is it done?” Caroline asked as soon as Klaus entered their bedroom. There was blood staining his hands with splatters across his neck and under his jaw. She was sure that if he hadn’t been wearing dark clothes that night, they would show the same.

“Yes,” was all he said in reply before heading into the adjoining bathroom. She curled up her legs next to her onto the couch she sat on, listening to the muted thud of his clothes hitting the tiled floor before he turned on the shower and stepped in.

She must have fallen asleep waiting for him to finish because the next thing she heard was Klaus dismissing the vampires who had been tasked at keeping her safe that evening in an abrupt manner before he entered the bedroom once again through the main doors.

He approached her next, coming to a stop in front of the couch and gently pushing back the hair she could feel on her forehead. Blinking her eyes open, she caught his gaze before letting them flutter close again under the heavy weight of sleep. Trying to open them once again, she stiffened when he gently lifted her into his arms and carried her the short distance to the bed.

“Klaus,” she murmured, pushing herself up when he laid her down and pulled the sheets over her.

“Go to sleep, love. We can talk tomorrow,” he replied but she grabbed onto his wrist when he pulled away. She was awake now and managed to keep her eyes open even as she rested her head on the pillow once again. Keeping her gaze on him, she held on tightly until he sighed and nodded, perching on the edge of the bed next to her. “Its done, Caroline. They’re all dead. What else is there to talk about?”

Caroline paused at his words. He smelt fresh and clean, like the bodywash he used and the musky scent that was simply him, but the smell of blood and dirt and sweat was still stuck in her nose from when he had first returned.

She knew what had happened in the bayous that evening. Every werewolf who didn’t pledge their allegiance was slaughtered. Every pack who refused to see him as their true Alpha now no longer existed. All because of four rebels who had refused to accept her, a vampire, as their Alpha’s mate, their so-called queen, and had attacked her.

It had happened that afternoon whilst she had been out shopping. It was merely to pass some time. On her way back, she had felt someone following her but before she could even explore it, she found herself being bundled into an alleyway by three people who she recognised as werewolves. The fourth was waiting for her already.

She knew that the wolves in the woods outside of the French Quarter weren’t overly happy with a vampire being part of their pack (no matter how small a role she played) but they would never do anything against it. Mainly because it would upset Klaus, the Alpha of Alphas, and because she had no active role in being the Alpha Female. She left werewolf business to the werewolves.

But these four were the younger ones; ones who understood how it all worked but didn’t quite grasp the reality of the situation. It had happened before (she had been in the city with Klaus for over three decades now) but with time, they all came around when they saw that she meant no harm to them or their ways.

In the alleyway, however, she knew those who were attacking her had a far greater issue than her simply being there. They wanted her gone. So they bit her, stabbed her with wooden splinters doused in vervain and tried to stake her. It took all her strength to keep the stake away from her heart, but she managed with one well placed blow to one of the mans’ hand before almost gouging an eye out of his female accomplice. It had been enough for her to run.

Tripping over her own feet, she had somehow made it to Rousseau’s where Cami had ushered her into the derelict kitchen without being seen by the small crowd of patrons of the early afternoon. Caroline had dug out the splinters from under her skin as well as she could as the human had called Klaus. It hadn’t taken him more than three minutes to rush into the bar in a gust of wind, flinging open the kitchen doors without any thought to the hinges that they precariously rocked on and demand what the hell had happened. After a fill of his blood, she explained to him with as much calm as she could muster but nothing could have been down to sooth his rage.

“Did you at least give them a choice?” Caroline asked softly, fingers smoothing over his wrist in anxiety.

“I told them that if they gave me who it was that harmed you, I would spare the rest,” Klaus explained in a clipped tone, jaw fixed and muscles tense. “They did not come forward and no-one gave them up. I could smell your blood all over one of the packs’ dwellings. They refused my offer and we killed them all.”

Remaining quiet for a moment, she let her hand fall from his grip on his wrist onto the bed where it played with the sheets. She watched the smooth cotton cause shadows against his skin before catching his eyes again. “What does this mean for the city? There can’t be peace any more, can there?”

“Perhaps not. Who know, love? Perhaps the rest of the werewolves will accept what happened as punishment for an act of treason,” he replied coolly, hand covering hers before picking it up to cradle between both of his.

“That’s not going to happen, we both know it,” Caroline sighed worryingly. “It’ll be vampires against werewolves again. The human and the witches will be split or in danger. It’ll destroy the city.”

“None of that matters, Caroline. We have done it once, and won. We will do it again,” Klaus assured her, lifting her hand to hold up to his chest as he leant forward to caress her face with his other hand. “They dared to harm you, to kill you. I don’t care what it takes, but I won’t allow anyone who even thinks about laying a finger on you to live a second longer. Forget the city, Caroline; for you, I would destroy the world.”