now he can legally drink

Alternate Universe…
flashfic for some reason. this has no point.

Makoto turns 20. He can legally drink now. Rin is in Japan. Haruka is visiting Tokyo. They’re having a party.

It gets messy. Rin doesn’t drink, won’t drink ever, but he’s an enabler and he likes to see Makoto all loosened up and happily drunk. It’s his duty as a friend. Haruka isn’t helping either, because he’s turned 20 a few months ago but hasn’t tried drinking yet, and is trying it now to show commiseration. Also, they’re strangely competing on who could get Makoto drunk first.

It gets really messy. Haruka gets drunk. He turns touchy and emotional, more open than anything Makoto has ever seen, and he ends up on Rin’s lap. Somehow. The details are fuzzy inside Makoto’s alcohol-addled brain. He vaguely remembers a heated shout of “Haru!” and a soft “Not showing up for months and showing up suddenly like an asshole, who do you think you are…” and a sobbed “it’s not like I left you…”

And Makoto doesn’t really remember what else happened next after that.

He just wakes up the next day with the worst headache in his entire life (never doing that again) and the persistent feeling that something is really off. He looks around and sees outside the window. It looks like the view he sees every morning. But the curtains are dark blue instead of his light green ones. He looks down at the sheets and sees it’s black and silky, not the cheap ones he has on his bed.

It takes an embarrassing amount of time before he realizes what’s wrong. To be fair, he has the world’s worst headache. “This isn’t my room,” he says dumbly, looking around with wide eyes.

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