now and then i think back to 2011

I completely forgot about Gon and Killua, so for now they will hold the title of cutest battle couple. 

For now.

Also I watched the 99 version when I was a kid altough I never finished it, and a couple years back I watched the 2011 version in its entirety and I think it’s better in almost every way.

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Hi k! Question! What model (current) do you think has a slim figure but isn't that scary skinny - Here we go again. "Scary skinny". Now if I used the words "scary fat", it would have caused a shit storm. Double standards. And whether others think so or not, saying things like "scary skinny" DOES hurt.

It´s an interesting thing to ponder about - here´s what happened to me a few days ago.

I met an old colleague I had not seen since 2011.

Back then I was somewhat heavier than I am now, but only a little. Roughly 7-8 kg or so, not a lot but still enough for it to be visible since I am small in size anyway.

Well, when I met this colleage now, she flat out said: “Gosh, you´ve lost so much weight”.

It was an interesting comment in the sense that yes, it´s true - but had it been the other way around, would she have mentioned it at all?

If I had gained 7-8 kg instead of losing 7-8 kg, I really doubt she would have even brought it up, at least not to my face. She might have thought it inside her head, and maybe mentioned it to others once I was gone, but straight up telling someone that “Gosh, you´ve gained so much weight!” ? That would be extremely rude, right?

But the other way around - not so much.

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Got tagged by @rageagainstrhcp what seems like forever ago but I’m barely ever on here anymore so here it goes. Lol

Rules: answer these questions in a new post and tag blogs you would like to get to know better.

*Nickname: ummm I don’t really have any other than the nicknames my gf calls me. Lol
*Star sign: Sagittarius
*Height: 5'5
*Time right now: 8:36 pm
*Last thing I googled: I think it was Tomboy underwear? Lol
*Favorite music/artist: Set It Off, Mayday Parade, and a shitton more
*Song stuck in your head: Rat a tat by FOB
*Last movie watched: Ummm I honestly can’t remember lol
*Last TV show watched: Scream Queens with my love ❤️
*What are you wearing right now: Joggers and an As It Is shirt
*When did you create your blog: uhh back in 2011?
*Do you have any other blogs: haha yeah
*Do you get asks regularly: Nope
*Why did you choose your URL: Because I’m a loser fangirl lol
*Gender/Orientation: female/greygender
*Hogwarts house: Slytherin af
*Pokémon team: don’t have one.
*Favorite color: black, maroon
*Average hours of sleep: uhh 6 hours?
*Lucky number: 17
*Favorite Character: where do I fucking start? Lol
*How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
*Dream Job: music therapist

Not gonna tag anyone. Sorry ✌🏼

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SEND ME A FANDOM: Of course Saint Seiya! ùwu)/


I’ll tell you:

The first character I first fell in love with: was Milo!  both times; the first time I saw SS back when I was little, and again when I re-watched the series uuu♥
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:  Cid and Shura, I really really reallyyy thought I would just love scorpio saints… but you know it’s been since 2011 and still being in love with those lil goats♥
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I was going for Shaka but I think it twice and it’s actually Shion… I mean, I didn’t like his arc in LC, like literally have me yawning, I feel him as a really bored character?
The character I love that everyone else hate: I dont think they hate them, but they’re just unloved characts and I would marry them asap; taurus ofc♥ uwu! my big bara baes♥♥
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: I guess aquarius saints, I still having them in a very special place in my heart BUUUT at the end I think I like them bc scorpio so… yeah, meh…
The character I would totally smooch: all the ladiess are so cutee~~~
The character I’d want to be like: Regulus, hes a cat and hes a cool cat >:3c
The character I’d slap:  IDK … i just don’t… sorry OTL
A pairing that I love: DuH sagicorn cuz oroshura sisycid
A pairing that I despise:


I guess FrodixLyfia lol. not that I despise… I just… meh with them.

thanks for asking cutiee♥ -hugs-

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[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: Eto, I loved Eto since TG like she was such a bad ass, and when you decided to pick her up I was hoping you would stick to her, and look at this, you actually HAVE!! AND THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY but back to Eto, she is or was so amazing, I hope she’s still alive I refuse to catch up to so much pain.
how they play them: >:3c I’m not saying youre my favourite Eto but you’re my favourite Eto, and your ideas with her and everything you’ve plot with her in this city is just so amazing, what can I tell you, I love her even if we interact so little on Touka. 

the mun:

I don’t know for how long I have known you now. 2011 or 2012 I think is when we met, and at beginning we didn’t talk much but, you were always so specially kind to me, and across the years you’ve always been really sweet to me, specially in moments when other people don’t even want to handle me. You’ve been really patient and I’m fully aware I haven’t been the best at keep connection on a daily basis but I’ve the most as I can, you’ve spent the past few days with me and again I can’t repeat you enough times how thankful I am for having you in my life and for how tender you are. omg im tearing up okay, anyway you’re amazing, and I cherish every drawing you’ve made for me very dearly, thank you for everything.

do i;

follow them: yes
rp with them: yea
want to rp with them: yeah always
ship their character with mine: aren’t you after 2 inches?

what is my;

overall opinion:

There now go away. 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

11 Questions Tag

Thank you so much to @compscicryptoandtea​ for tagging me!

  1. What is your favourite film? Why?
    My favourite film is Spirited Away. I think the first time I watched it when I was very young (when it was first released, actually), I was frightened but also utterly captivated by the film’s art and story. I still am, to be honest. It’s such a powerful story depicting a coming-of-age story with phenomenal music to back it up.
  2. If you could go into one book and change one event, what would it be, and why?
    While there are a few things I could think of that I would love to change, I’m here right now for a reason.
  3. What has been your proudest moment so far?
    I think my proudest moment was accomplishing as much as I did during my undergraduate years. 2011 to 2015 were incredibly strong years for me.
  4. Dolphin or shark?
    I much prefer sharks over dolphins.
  5. What is your guilty pleasure song?
    I’m too unashamed to have a guilty pleasure song, ahaha. I’ll listen to anything I want without a care.
  6. If you could tell yourself 5 years ago one thing, what would it be?
    Keep breathing. You’re going to be okay.
  7. What was the last book you read? Did you like it?
    The last book that I finished reading was The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi. It was a really sad book, if anything. I enjoyed it though, especially since it has a similar air to Khaled Hosseini’s novels (perhaps not as poetic, but the subjects and settings are tied in a lot of ways).
  8. Why did you pick the subject area you did?
    I didn’t pick the music life, it picked me. I half-kid, but with all seriousness, I didn’t expect to end up taking music as seriously as I am now. I just enjoyed it, wanted to expand my knowledge on music… and somehow stuck with it.
  9. Spring or autumn?
    I am all for autumn.
  10. What is one of your pet peeves?
    I have so many pet peeves, it’s kind of amazing I’ve gotten as far as I have. That being said, I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone calls me by pet names/terms of endearment especially by strangers. Sort of on a similar vein (is that even the right phrase lmao), I hate when people touch me. I’m still struggling to get used to being kissed on the cheek as a form of greeting and find myself involuntarily stiffening, ahaha.
  11. What would advice would you give someone just starting out in your chosen field?
    Music does not mean that you will be unemployed or unsuccessful or whatever bullshit society feeds students in order to get them to only focus on STEM (not that I hate anyone who does study STEM; y’all are great). Seriously. Do not believe anyone who tells you these things. Pursue what you love with all your heart, but don’t assume everything will be handed to you on a silver platter either. Yes, you may have to overcome more obstacles (let alone all the time you have to put into music…), but your field is not insignificant. Music is a catalyst in society, and you are playing (figuratively and literally, ha) a huge role.

And the eleven people I tag to answer my eleven questions (though you are by no means obligated, haha): @thvles​, @curiousgradstudent​, @caffeinebooks​, @wonderwomangrad​, @situatedknowledges​, @bibliolanthe​, @practiceroomadventures​, @delthenerd​, @genspen​, @college-cafe​, and @mayuristudies​!

  1. What is your favourite snack and/or drink when you’re working?
  2. What is your number one comfort food?
  3. Do you have tattoos? If so, what are they of? If not, would you like any and of what?
  4. What is one of your favourite places in the world?
  5. If you could recommend three books to someone, what would they be?
  6. What was the last piece of music that you listened to?
  7. If you know another language, can you tell me how to say ‘My penguin is sleepy and wants to go to bed’?
  8. Have you ever met any of your online friends in person?
  9. What is your next meal going to be? (I like talking about food, sorry…)
  10. Who do you admire most? Why?
  11. If you could be drawn in the style of any animated series/film, which one would it be and why?

This is a challenge? I think this is a challenge. There you go:

First album: Cherokee Rose, 2011
Second album: Pookie, 2013
Third Album: Consumed, 2014

They went through a separation where Carol recorded an album solo, named: Robin, 2016

Now it seems like they are back together and the next album will be Creepy house, but I’m not sure about the release date.

IN YOUR FACE ARI @leonstrenton

Watching Titan AE has brought me back to the days when I actually wanted to become involved in cartoons and work on art and everything.

It was the summer of 2011 or 2012 I think.

I wonder if I ended up going to MCAD if I’d be somewhere by now.

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Anon what do you mean with 'return to looking slightly back to normal, possibly,' ?? What is normal to you? Isn't Tom normal? What do you guys see that I don't? now i'm getting curious really

I think that for many people “normal Tom” is the way he looked in 2011-2012 on red carpets. 


I’m writing music again, slowly recovering from what happened a few months back. I don’t think it’s bad that I try and forget, I’m still very much sensitive about what happened. I miss certain things/people. Well person. But I am aggressively hated now, I left on my behalf, and well I need to respect myself enough to learn that it’s necessary to carry ones baggage on not blame anyone.

I’ve never felt more alone, but never felt more liberated.
I’m gonna be gone for a while, I think a time away from “friends” is good. I just really need my space now. I don’t trust anyone anymore, this is how I felt back in 2011 before I met my ex.

I really hope I can be myself again by the end of the year. And I really wanna come back with my own music.
Guess this is a low key goodbye to a “healthy” social life.

Hinch accused of 'polluting' donor's liver

The sister of the man whose liver was donated to Derryn Hinch is concerned the Victorian senator may be “polluting” her brother’s organ.

Senator Hinch has labelled his ex-partner Natasha Chadwick a “bunny boiler” after she tweeted that the self-admitted alcoholic was “back on the booze”.

The former broadcaster received Heath Gardner’s liver in 2011 after the 27-year-old was shot. It saved the now 72-year-old’s life.

Heath’s sister, Kimberley, on Tuesday issued a statement acknowledging alcoholism was a tough addiction to kick.

“I suppose it is easy to fall back into your old ways,” Ms Gardner said on Facebook.

“I continue to stand by Derryn and support him as a human being … although it is upsetting to think he may be polluting my brother’s liver.”

Senator Hinch on Tuesday admitted he was drinking wine diluted with water “once or twice a week” and ultra-light non-alcohol beer.

“I’m not getting back on the piss,” he told 3AW.

18 September (Written 20th)

Still learning to let it go hahahah.

Was mulling about it today as I made my way back, especially after hearing about them fixing her up with him.

It’s strange to always be switching between being seen as attractive and then totally not. But such is the truth of the world, isn’t it?

However I think a deep part of me will forever struggle to see myself as moderately attractive. Jarring to realise that how some words from 2011, from guys I didn’t even care about, has sort of struck me until now.

Although if you want me to be really honest with myself about what’s really the matter, I think I know why.

It’s just this sense of “losing.” Of doing this and that cool thing, but feeling like you’re still not winning.

I guess I could attribute it to the whole ‘podium’ concept.

The idea of “if things were like so…, it could’ve been different…” concept.

But I really don’t know where I stand right now as:

A. I’m still selfish and terribly so.
B. I have no time. I mean I could, but it goes back to A.
C. It’s emotional overload time, need to just lose it and reset.

Although for me, I think one of the big things is that I still remember that other night. With nothing so far that has been able to replace that memory, it’s been like my mental yardstick. Even the other day, it was just different.

Ah but I don’t know man, maybe it was a bad decision call?

I was weak. Knew it for a while and thought I’d regret it more not doing anything about it. Kinda on the fence now.

This is one helluva of a long process. It seems like forever when I think about it, like it was really a lifetime ago. Although the truth is that it’s been less than 2 years. What a drawn-out thing…

I guess I should pay attention to what was shared before I left for Japan.

1. Don’t sweat the small shit.
2. Everything is small shit.

In this big wide world we live in, does this really matter a year from now???

I think it won’t so it’s back to seeing the process the small ship.


When I look back on living in America it was probably the best time in my life for the fact that I was 100% focused on me. My life, health and fitness.
Given the fact I am now single again I should focus my energy on making the best version of myself possible.
I used to have a tumblr which I had from 2011-2015 before deleting as I didn’t feel it had a purpose anymore. I started this one about 5 months ago and I never knew where it was going. I used to reblog lots of health and fitness images and pretty pictures basically but i think it genuinely helped motivate me.
Maybe I need to go back to that type of blogging.
I will keep probably the personal posts here and there, not that anyone is interested but it helps you get things off your mind I guess.


I went back and rewatched the 1999 Killua vs. Illumi confrontation just now, and I have to admit, this version of the scene is still my favorite. Just, the lighting, cinematography, and music all fit the scene perfectly, especially when it comes to animating Illumi’s face. Illumi looks genuinely terrifying at certain points in this version, while in the 2011 anime he just looks sorta strange. It’s just a really great scene, and I definitely recommend giving it a look. (Starts at 5:18 if I haven’t embedded the video correctly.)

(Honestly, I can’t tell if the voice work is any better in 1999 than 2011, but I do still prefer Illumi’s 1999 actress. The juxtaposition of her occasionally perky tone with Illumi’s frighteningly still face just gets me every time. I do prefer Mariya Ise’s Killua in 2011 as well, but you can’t have everything.)  

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Sorry, but I've never seen anyone being mean to Gwen in this fandom? Everyone I know loves her, and she's always the nicest, smartest character in every Merthur fic I've read. Just because we don't ship her with Arthur doesn't mean we're mean to her? Not trying to start anything. I'm just curious as to why you think Gwen is mistreated in this fandom?

the fandom is pretty much alright now (or at least the corner i reside in is lol) it was back in 2011/12 when the show was still airing and some merthur fans were just the worst and hated gwen. series 5 when gwen went “evil” was a delightful time when everyone was blaming her and calling her all sorts of names..yet at the same time loving morgana?? it was stupid and annoying and i’m old and bitter lmao.

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I think that the guys were generally nice boys back in 2011-2014 tbh. They were hanging out with the right crowd and they seemed happy. But then 2015 came and they changed. It seems like they ditched Halsey; ATL; Good Charlotte; and 21 pilots for their new group of "friends" and now all they care about is beer and girls. Like, I don't wanna care too much, but I just don't like seeing others tired. It worries me about their health. But again, it's their faults that this drama is happening.

Theyre not bad guys, they’re just focused on the wrong things atm. I’d put my career before anything

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Ok so I've searched high and low for that damned interview where Jared mentions KD but can't seem to find it. And I KNOW it's out there somewhere because I REMEMBER reading it. But I can't exactly remember if it was in Hungarian, Czech, Polish, or some European language. Echedetectives! help!!


Hmmm… Okay, remembering that this interview is from 2011 (I think) and back then he was not the person he is now…

Would he REALLY have said that? 

It seems like such an Un-Jerd-like thing to say! This would be the only time in recorded history he has spoken about having a girlfriend! EVER!

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