now and then i think back to 2011

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How did you start your art, what was your inspiration

i actually like drawing since i was a kid but never get to draw until i moved away from my hometown in 2011 that i finally start drawing.

hmm for inspiration… i think i just look at sketches of mangaka i like a lot and learn from them. Also my biggest motivation is jealousy lol. Back then when i start drawing i look at fan art of my NOTP a lot which make me jealous and draw all the time so i can draw better than them for my OTP one day (sound childish but it’s true xD). however now that i have been in a fandom where i don’t have any NOTP or people that i see as my ‘rival’, i barely made any improvement lol

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Name: Zane

Nicknames: None

Height: 5′8” 172cm

Orientation: Het

Ethnicity: White

Favorite Fruit: dried mangoes

Favorite season: Spring. I hate winter and I get so happy when I can feel the warmth coming back into the wind.

Favorite Book: 4+ years of uni have killed my reading-for-leisure but I really liked The 50th Gate

Favorite Flower: Jacaranda

Favorite scent: Honey/Camphour

Average Sleep Hours: 10 if I can get it

Cat or Dog person: Used to be cats, but I think dogs are taking me.

Favorite Fictional Character: Ser Davos Seaworth

Number of Blankets you sleep with: Just a doona in the summer, 2 more fleeces on top of that in winter.

Ideal Trip: I’d love to go back and see Iceland again. Or do a proper Greek trip.

Blog created: 2011…

Number of followers: 630, the majority of which are probably pornbots by now.

I tag… nobody.

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1) relationship status? with @lotsandlotsofbirds for about a year I think?
2) pets? 3 bostons (Pistol, Angel, and Diego) and a Brussels/havanese mix (Rusty)
3) last song listened to? LA Hallucinations by Carly Rae Jepson
4) favourite TV shows? Shit, uh, Jojo, Bojack Horseman, and probably something i forgot
5) hobbies? games and knitting mostly
6) nicknames? Sam, Victor, Owl
7) star sign? Taurus

8) height? 5 something
10) time right now? 5:03 pm
11) last thing I googled? chest to back pose 
12) favourite music artist? Ghost
13) last TV show I watched? Lion Guard i am a slut for anything lion king related
14) last movie I watched? Get Out
15) when did you make this blog? 2011-ish I think?
16) any other blogs? some
17) do you get asks regularly? Not really, but I got a few on another blog the past week
18) why did you choose your URL? Lizard husband #2 from Star Vs.  A friend had the URL saved and asked if i wanted it.
20) gender? male
21) hogwarts house? Been a while, but Ravenclaw I think? 
22) average hours of sleep a night? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
23) dream job? i dunno
24) amount of followers on this blog? 763
25) First 10 songs on shuffle on Spotify etc?

1.) Kokapelli Face Tattoo by AJJ

2.) We’re the Same from The Lion Guard sHUT

3.) How Do I Live Songbook Version by Trisha Yearwood

4.) S&M by Rihanna

5.)  Tsukematsukeru by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

6.) Hard Drive by Griffinilla

7.) While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Regina Spektor

8.) Turn the Lights Off by Tally Hall

9.) Die in a Fire by Living Tombstone

10.) Fuck You, Pay Me, Fuck You. by Days N Daze

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I think my teacher might have forgotten about me. I contacted him, sent in my report and booked a time for 11:30 AM today for us to talk more in-depth about the assignment. But he never got back to me. So I decided to check out this old community that I used to make use of back in 2011. They still remember me, but we're all adults now, so they're incredibly rude now.

Oh. I’m sorry. He just didn’t turn up?

And that community sounds awful, ugh.

tumblr over time.

So I’m usually pretty quiet on this blog I never really post a lot, and i don’t reblog a whole lot either. I’ve been on this website for a long time not as long as some but long enough that I had been following 413 blogs. Which I thought was funny because Homestuck had been the entire reason I joined tumblr back in 2011. It’s now 2017 and I thought I would go through my followers and clean them out a bit. I’m now folowing 216 blogs. I just I guess the whole point of this rant is when I joined tumblr I used to follow maybe 50 blogs that updated regularly and when I woke up in the morning I would scroll through all the new posts and then when I got home i would scroll through all those new posts and I used to know most of the people I follow mostly through roleplaying but now I can barely tell you who I’m following or why I followed them and I’m finding out that some of those people I would spend everyday talking to and roleplaying with left the site 3-4 years ago and I dunno I just kind of rambling.

Now accepting boyfriend applications!!!

I am: 

  • 25
  • Misanthropic
  • Angry black
  • cis male
  • exhausted

You be: 

  • Over 18 
  • Human
  • Male. 
  • “Alive” (immortals will be given top priority)

Perks of being my ebae

  • My rapier wit and overall aesthetic
  • You’ll be the hot one.
  • Quality Blogging Content.
  • I always text back
  • I know all the words to every pop/R&B song of note between 1997-2011
  • im a writer so think of all the hot steamy disgusting moist drippings of textual debauchery we could weave. can you feel it?? the drippings???
  • I can sing too kind of
  • I’m ~*tumblr famous*~ 

Cons of being my ebae

  • Everything.


(please fill out in triplicate and send all applications to our offices. You’ll recieve a reply in 2-4 business days)

1: What are your hobbies?

2: In what ways do you work dismantle the oppressive power-structure of white supremacy within your own circle of influence in your daily life?

3: What part of Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter’s iconic 2013 Superbowl performance did you find the most aesthetically pleasing?

4: Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?

5: Favorite qualities in your bae?:

6: Post a selfie:

7: Now post another selfie without that filter/hat/those angles. You aint slick.

8: Post your favorite meme at the moment.

9: Post your favorite song at the moment. 

10: Can anything be funny? 

After you compete this segment the top 12 will be given weapons and dropped into the cornucopia to fight for my honor. Only one will survive. good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.  

Trapdoor Spider

I’ve been sitting on this one for… gosh, six years now? At this point it’s about as finished as it’s going to get.

In all honesty, I wrote this as an original theme for Vriska Serket because I was Homestuck trash back in 2011. That being said, I think it stands up well enough on its own merits.

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Tanith and Fedor dated a little under two years. Tanith dumped him. Fedor dated Tessa for about a year I think and then she dumped him. He and Meryl started dating in 2011 and she supposedly dumped him after Sochi. They are back together again now. Apparently the house is just Meryl's and he moved in. Some of her crazy fans have stalked the paperwork.

Thanks for that timeline🙈

Oh. That’s terrifying😳She mentioned that he lived with her in a magazine or something. She talked about it in an interview that they have a house.

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If you could live a comfortable upper-middle class life in any country, what would it be?

Omg I love questions like these haha
Ok so, honestly I love Costa Rica haha I wish I could remain here but live without having to work full time to have a comfortable life
But I think if I had to pick a different one.. probably South America.. Argentina, Chile, I was in Cusco, Peru for two weeks and I loved it there
Otherwise I’d go back to Toronto, Canada
I lived in Toronto for a year in 2010/2011 and those were some of the happiest times of my life .. I’d love to go now that I’ve transitioned.. I’d be even happier. Sometimes I feel I didn’t enjoy it as much as could’ve.. 💔

Thanks for the question.. hugs from Central America 💕💕💕

not that it actually matters, but–

Let’s assume Bucky’s born 1917 and not 1916.  This means that when he falls on Mar 23, 1945, he just turned 28.  I think canon puts his lived-time between the fall and meeting Steve again to be roughly 5 years.  Which would put him at 33 in April 2014.  From then to now is another 3 years, which would technically mean he’s 36???

Meanwhile, Steve was born July 4th 1918, which means he’s 26 when he takes down the Valkyrie, a week into April.  If he doesn’t age while being ice!Cap, then he picks back up in 2011, maybe minus the 3+ months between when April when he icecapped and July when the movie premiered, if we’re going to go with the “happened in real time” thing that Marvel would like us to do.  Anyway, that makes him 30 when he meets Bucky again (when Bucky’s 33), and from then on he’s roughly 3 years behind Bucky instead of the original 1 year…???

Anyway, I actually don’t care one way or another, just wanted to think it through in my head.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Adam Pally would do ‘Happy Endings’ reunion ‘for free’ — but doesn’t think it’ll happen

For those of you still clinging to dear hope for a full-on reunion of Happy Endings, ABC’s rat-tat-tat comedy about a six-pack of Chicago friends that aired from 2011 to 2013, here’s some good news: Adam Pally would absolutely “love” to get the gang back together at Emma’s and make some new episodes. “It would feel weird not to,” he tells EW. “Those people are family. We all grew up on that show. We all had kids. If we weren’t married, we were getting married. It’s a family, so anytime. Yeah, I would do it for free.”

And now for the not-so-ah-mazing news: He doesn’t think that they’ll get to do one at all. “I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he says. “If someone wanted us to, it would’ve been happening. … Maybe we’ll do more stuff like , but I think it’s way more possible that those people are just part of my life now. I went to see a concert with Damon a couple weeks ago, and I talk to Casey probably way too much, and I see Cuthbert all the time when I’m in Toronto. It’d be awesome to spend time with them again, but I think that the legacy of that show, for me personally, is more in my phone and in my house than it is on the TV.”

RELATED: Happy Endings Cast Before They Were Stars

Back to the good news: You can get plenty of Pally in Making History, a new Fox series (Sundays, 8:30 p.m. ET/PT) in which he stars as a facilities manager at a Massachusetts college who visits everywhere (everywhen?) from 1770s New England to 1919 Chicago to 1940s Germany in a time machine made out of a duffel bag. Brace for absurd comedy and adventure, not so much mind-hurty discussions over the mechanics of time travel. “I don’t even really think about the time travel aspect of the show because, I mean, we’re traveling in a duffel bag,” he says. “My least favorite stuff from Back to the Future is the disappearing in the photograph, stuff like that. My favorite stuff is dealing with Biff and a certain element of, ‘What would happen if I traveled through time?’ We play with , but in a tongue-in-cheek way so that we don’t get bogged down. You know how hard it is to explain metaphysics? We were like, ‘Just put them in a f—ing duffel bag and send them on their way. … I think especially with when the show was written and conceived — and now where the country’s at while we’re doing it — it was just interesting to me to be like, ‘Oh, yeah, it would be cool to see that!‘”

For much more from Pally, plus an anecdote from Wilson about how one of his pranks gave her a concussion, click here.

To watch the Happy Endings cast read that “lost” script, click here.

Shortly after they sent me the fake yearbook picture, I waited a while and posted their picture as my profile picture. Shortly after that, I found my friend old friend Nathan.
—  So many memories are coming back now. I remember that as the picture became accepted, I felt a change within myself. Whoever they made me become made me more angry, even provoking me to get mad at Nathan. I could feel a separation of thought then in knowing that was Brandon, but I think I came back to the profile picture around 2014 when I began to reminisce over my childhood pictures that my mom had. For a fact I looked at Brandon’s pictures and noticed he seemed to be kind of hiding in the ones with him and Junior. Could be because Nathan killed himself. Looking back at Brandon’s facebook, 2011, I could tell that we kind of switched and had been entangled. Aside from wondering where my sense of humor went (probably Eric and Bryan) I thought about Brandon in 2008. But aside from that, I didn’t think about him since 2004 when he called upon me. Yet again, aside from that, I had no contact with him, even when I added him on facebook in 2011. Around november of last year I finally contacted him on facebook. He told me that the struggle was real and to embrace it. I knew what he meant. I told him that I didn’t believe in suffering unnecessarily.  

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INDEED HIGHLY CURSED SONG!!!!! ASDFAHFKLKFVHF... (and... yeah...well probably that's what I'm going to do, download it with the youtube to mp3 thing and then name it like 'lighthouse opening theme') ...

I know what it’s like only being able to download songs off of youtube tbh, back in 2011-2012  i downloaded a bunch of touhou vocal covers and theyve been on my music players ever since with dumb made-up names because I couldn’t read Japanese AND NOW I can’t find the songs anymore

anyway, good luck on solving this mystery that isn’t really much of a mystery because a mystery requires an answer and i dont think you’ll get one! (run on sentence from hell)
Sore ga Ai, Deshou? Chapter 1: Transportation and Arrival, a king of fighters fanfic | FanFiction

So, after having a very flattering conversation over PMs on ff.n, I’m now thinking about going back and completing a fic I abandoned back in 2011. I abandoned it so hard, in fact, that when I got my AO3 account, I didn’t even bother transferring it over. I just left it to die in the never visited and forgotten archives of FanFiction.Net. But now I find myself thinking about it a lot and wondering if I should finish it. 

I did say I would try and finish more fics this year…

Its Fatal Fury/King of Fighters fic that will eventually ship Andy with Mai. (Its s slow a burn, as slow burns can be.) Taking place in the 10-year-gap between the prologue and the actual Fatal Fury game. Andy goes to Japan to train in Kappoujutsu under the tutelage of Shiranui Hanzo, and Judo under the tutelage of Yamada Jubei. There he meets Mai, and at some point also crosses path with and befriends Joe. 

I got right up to the point where Mai decided she wanted to seduce him before I quit and abandoned it. Seriously. The ten years were almost up and I just left it unfinished. 

But I abandoned it due to lack of interest. Only about myself and, like, five other people like FF and KOF enough to read/write fan fiction about it and Andy/Mai is a pretty unpopular ship. So it wasn’t really getting all that much attention. After a while, I just sort of drifted away from it and no one seemed to care.

…Until now.

But its been six years now, and I have a different computer than the one I first started writing it on. I don’t have any of my original notes or outlines, I forgotten half the research I did for the fic, and I don’t remember how I wanted it to end. (Obviously with Andy leaving to return to South Town, but how was I gonna leave him and Mai?)

So, I ask you, all two of my followers: Should I continue this fic?

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If you ever need any program in which you could do typography, you could always think about downloading GIMP or GIMPhoto. It may not be the most convenient piece of software, but hey, it's free... and still makes a much better option than Paint. I've been using it for a while now, since due to dysgraphia mine handwriting is a mess. To be honest, I'm kind of jealous of how nice lis your handwriting in the comic. Do you have any tips on how to write as neatly as you do?

omg you think my handwriting is neat? youre probably the first person to ever tell me that haha!!

sadly though i dont have any tips :( i actually hold my pen incorrectly when i write/draw/etc…

i used to use gimp way back in 2011! maybe i’ll think about using it again

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What's the worst discourse you've seen on this hellsite?

Right now I’m haunted by the post that tells us that “your cervix is plumping the pillow for dick” because I JUST KEEP SEEING IT and people who are claiming to be feminists are reblogging it and it pains me so much.

But I think a funny form of bad discourse was way back in…idk, 2011 or something,  members of that old school crowd of strident sociopaths who somehow ended up with big tumblr followings were discoursing that 1)the cotton ceiling is racist because it references cotton 2)it is racist because it was appropriating “glass ceiling”, a term that was already stolen by white feminist liberals after being pioneered by radical people of color. They were undeterred by references to the first known use of the term, because they were (somehow) able to access the oral history of radical people of color organizers who were always talking about how the “glass ceiling” had been stolen and watered down by white feminists. I like this one because it’s a funny form of ahistoricism (and very typical of that time, where complex, important concepts were being thrown around by 22 year old anime nerds who hadn’t read a book in years)  that envisions the Black Panthers of the 1970s sitting around saying, “you know what’s an important radical platform to have? Diversifying the ranks of CEOs.”

A possible worst, nasty discourse was when femmadilemma used an article about straight women in gay bars to accuses lesbians of being sexual predators who only want women around so we can sexually harass them, and who also stole the concept of butch/femme from “twoc” and then, when accused of being homophobic for saying this opened her inbox for people to share stories of being sexually harassed by women. It was such a grim, cruel round of discourse because it was couched in the language of wanting to support survivors but with the political angle of backing up femmadilemma’s homophobic contempt for gay women.    Obviously, Donald Trump’s speech the other day made me think of it

Day 1 - 30 day challenge


In 2011 I probably maxed out at 85kg (height 165cm). By 2014 I was 64kg and I don’t think I ever realised what I had accomplished. I still felt like I was a long way away. Looking back now, I can’t believe I didn’t recognise my achievement and how great I looked and felt. How easy it was to move. Now I am back to 85+kg and I can’t go on the scale. Seeing the number, even thinking about the number hurts. I will eventually, it is so useful for getting back into good habits and making progress but at the moment I don’t think it’s a good idea for me.

I used tumblr the first time I lost the weight, I coming back to try again and this time recognise my accomplishment and set a more realistic goal of 64kg, rather than beating myself up for never having reached 50kg.  

The support I found on Tumblr last time was amazing and got me through some frustrating times, I hope to find that again and this time, I’m not going to leave the community

Edit - I weighed myself a few hours after originally posting this. I weigh 97kg. I didn’t think it would be that bad. I am glad I checked. If I had worked hard for two weeks and came to 90kg (optimistic) I wouldn’t have believed even that value and would have thought the whole two weeks had been flawed.

Robbie and friends is here. For though who don’t know. Robbie and Friends (or RAF) was made back in 2011. After getting bored making a Thomas the tank comedy comic. Therefore, I pick me and my friends as the Stars of a funny little adventure. The first ever story was called “the wish” were we fought a genie. Now the comic has been made for my dear friend and girlfriend Sarah Edwards who pass a way in 2012. I made many changes to the plot of the first Story. This will have vampires and werewolves. It also got romance as well. So enjoy and Tell me what you think.