now and then i think back to 2011

This popped up in my Facebook memories today! It’s from 6 years ago, back when I was working at Camp Berachah (now called “Black Diamond Camps”) I just think it’s funny. People like to ask me when I started cosplaying. I’ve always been one to dress up. Once a costumer, always a costumer.

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Du wirst mir jetzt wahrscheinlich die Freundschaft kündigen... Aber... Imagine all these LEEK SPIN vidoes we'd have of Kylo spinning his lightsaber and him and Hux turning around constantly, if TFA came out at that time. (Or if the leek spin song was a thing right now)

Niemals. ❤

I hate this so much because I used to watch those videos with all kind of different anime and movie characters back in… idk 2009/2011 ?
I don’t even want to think about it, I thank god on both knees that TFA and the leek spin song wasn’t popular at the same time. :D

(slowly heavy metal music playing)
Here, that’s how this horrible scenario could look like :( :^D

(Spoilers) Theory about the finale...

Sorry in advance if it’s been posted before, but here’s what I think happened.

I believe that Mr Wrench is working for Varga.

So as we know, after the events of 2011, Varga and Mr Wrench are in the wind, Nikki is dead, Gloria didn’t find closure but moved up in the world as she’s now working for Homeland Security and Emmit made amends with his wife and are now living together.

Then, all of a sudden, Mr Wrench kills Emmit. When? Right when Varga gets arrested! As we know, Varga is a genius, so he either decided to get arrested for some unknown reason or he was coming back to the US and knew he would get locked up, even if momentarily. Now, given that Sy is sort of “mentally disabled”, Emmit is the only other person who could piece together Varga’s actions from 5 years ago, so naturally he had to be killed. And he did, by Mr Wrench. Sure, he could’ve killed Emmit to avenge Nikki somewhat, but why wait 5 years? I guess the fact that he wanted to lay low is a possibility that may kill my theory off, but if you remember Varga’s conversation with Gloria, he says something along the lines of “In 5 minutes, someone very unexpected is going to come in this room…” hinting at Mr Wrench. Gloria didn’t really know him, but she saw him in the elevator cam footage working with Nikki, so his face is familiar to her, but there’s no way she’d expect him to work for Varga since he was there to kill him, hence the “someone very unexpected” part.

If there is a 4th season, we’ll most likely find out what happened to Mr Wrench considering he’s the only recurring character in the entire series so here’s to hoping!

What do you guys think?

This is what you want

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Abraham met you on kidzworld and was at the moment going out with a girl named vivian as well prefer vivi we were friends but then stupid shit happen and we stopped talking like a year ago probbaly dont remeber jack shit but haha we use to message each other on kik your name was lostpenguin_ remeber now?

Lmfao. I’m soooo sorry but I think you have the wrong person. I did have kik but that was back like in 2011/2012 and my name was probably bigggpoppaa. I only used bigggpoppaa or fxckenamyy for social media.

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Confundo and Expecto Patronum? :)

Confundo : What confuses you most about the world? A whole lot of things. Mostly how people can be so cruel and uncaring and hurtful to each other. 

Expecto Patronum: What’s your happiest memory? This was hard to narrow down because I don’t really have one big memory that stands out, but rather a whole bunch of little ones that I hold very dear. But the first one that came to mind just now was of my grandmother when I saw her around Christmas back in… 2011, I think? I’m pretty sure it was 2011. She’d taught me to play the piano and so whenever I was around, she’d always ask me to play for her. But that time, she went digging through her stacks of sheet music instead and pulled out a duet version of Invitation to the Dance that we’d used to play together when I was young. And both of us were so out of practice with it that we kept messing up, and every time we messed up we would make ridiculous noises and eventually we were laughing so hard we could barely keep playing. She had the best laugh, she was the only person I’ve ever met who honest-to-god giggled and it was the most wonderful sound. I hadn’t thought of this in a very long time and now I’m smiling about it. Thanks, anon <3

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press it!!

Favourite Track: soldier… even though it’s a ballad and i usually don’t like ballads i’m in love with it… and a big part of why that is is because taemin wrote it himself, i think any self-composed song in the future will become one of my favourites (but sexuality is a close second)
Least Favourite Track: one by one tbh…. that guitar riff (or whatever the technical term is lmao) is too repetitive for me and i just struggle listening to it
Underrated track: until today!! i love the way he raises his voice pitch for it (is it called falsetto? idk), it makes me think of his less mature voice back up until around 2011 when it was nowhere near as deep as it is now… i miss that voice even though his technique is way better now. it’s also why i love all about you and i hope we get a studio version of that one day
Overrated Track: if i had to choose i’d choose drip drop honestly. i do really like it but purely in terms of it being overrated i… think it sort of is, there are better songs on the album which dont get enough love

send me an album!

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I think i fell in love at first sight, this happened back in the first day of school in august 2011, and I'm just now getting over him. We never really talked properly. Strangely, I still feel something strange between us when we walk past each other. Who knows if it was really love.

Why don’t you do something about it ?

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✖ How has Tumblr RP changed since you started?


✖ How has Tumblr RP changed since you started?

oh, it’s changed a lot, i think for the better–at least for me. i’ve been on tumblr since 2011, started rping i think early 2012? it was more jumbled back then, less organization. tagging things seemed, to me, nonexistent, and it was very fast paced. replies were dished out very quickly and quality was generally low. it seems more calm to me now, more organized. it’s less demanding.

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I've seen a lot of people here talking about the huge possibility of BigBang disbanding now because of what's going on with TOP. Do you think it will actually happen? While I don't see it happen, their bond is strong and YG wouldn't let go of thei money cow I can't help to think that I'm way too optimistic and in the I will get really really disappointed.

When a scandal happens, the possibility of disbanding is always relatively an option. But, I mean, they thought that 2011 was truly the end of bigbang bc it was such a bad year. But they came back stronger than ever and crushed it. With bigbang now, bc of the hiatus due to military services I think that’ll give them enough time to recover and get out of the spotlight long enough. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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REAL NAME: Hannah-Jade Erica Raven.
NICKNAMES: Chloe, Raven, Bri, Cunt.


WHEN DID YOU FIRST JOIN? HOW OLD IS YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT?: I joined back in Summer of 2011/12 ( I can’t remember) with Hatsune Miku! Anna is my only active blog due to the rest being archived until further notice.
ANY PEEVES?: People who think they are Gods fucking gift. Like no sweetie shut the fuck up.


DO YOU EASILY GET ANGRY?: I wouldn’t say angry…but I do get frustrated easily.
ARE YOU EASY TO CHEER UP?: Depends really. When I’m in a mood I make it pretty fucking apparent. You gotta really know me to cheer me up!
ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS?: Sometimes, but when I’m proper on wone, again…I’ll make it apparent.
WHAT’S THE VERY BEST WAY TO CHEER YOU UP?: Talk to me about games and anime I like!!!


DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE?: I have a crush on my bed?
DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE?: Most of the time, yeah I do.
DO YOU PREFER GOING OUT, OR STAYING HOME, WHEN IT COMES TO DATES?: I love going out for walks and shit. I’m not good at the soppy shit so if they say any romantic shit I’ll probs show them my favourite meme.


FAVORITE DRINK: Monster, Relentless, Rockstar…
MOST CALMING PLACE?: The river wall round the corner where I live.

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im never on here but i just came here to talk about how back in the ole good days of ‘umblr we had these semi famous bloggers and one of them was called Nikki aka gickr aka bluewaffle- and she would do was post shitty memes but she was famous because she had blue eyes i guess and then she deleted her tumblr like in 2011 i think? a year before i did 

anyways i was on youtube and i see this video and her face is on it and she’s basically spewing fascist shit now and she’s famous among neo nazis and im SHOOK ! this is peak white trash

I’m listening to that playlist and now I’ve got this art stuck in my head that I saw back in 2011 or whenever, when the first Thor movie was still new

it was Heimdall and Thor and Loki (I think) in go-karts zipping along on Rainbow Road

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hey!!!! i want to thank you for reintroducing me to jenna marbles. i remember watching her videos in middle school and thinking she had no respect for herself and saying she was "slutty" etc. and obviously time has passed an i'm now a huge feminist and even thinking back to my middle school years is cringey af. but i sort of forgot she existed up until a few days ago when you posted about her and her bf and i decided to watch some of her videos. now i'm hooked!! she's hiliarous!! so thank you!

omg you’re welcome !!! i used to watch her videos years ago in like 2011 but i stopped for some reason i can’t remember why. but anyway i’m super glad that i rediscovered her again and i’m glad you are too ! she really is hilarious and so is julien and they’re so cute and funny together. plus she has a deep and profound respect for her audience unlike pretty much every other youtuber out there & i love that about her.

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Hearing Niall never thought of going solo made me step back and just..... hate the band that robbed his confidence. That's my personal reason and I don't need to think about why others might like the band. People like different things! Solo Niall has saved me!!!!

Ah, well, to each of their own I guess, glad you found it in solo niall :) But to be honest, if you were here circa 2011-2013, we were all so bitter about his solo portion in previous albums lol so yeah, I know how you feel I guess? I ranted a lot about it too haha, but now I’m kinda content to move forward with what Niall is feeding me for now and in the future :) Past things be damned. 

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I'll give you a cherry!

One of my favourites! :D 

cherry: can you play any musical instruments

Interesting question! Actually, I used to play the piano! But I stopped in 2011 because of exams. After that, I begin to lose interest playing it over the years, so I sold my keyboard (this year i think). 

or can you sing?

Back in my old school, I was forced to join the choir. So yeah I did sing for awhile. The teacher told me I’m ok with it. But I eventually quit that club. Now I simply just sing alone for fun :p 

Thanks for da fruit XD 

Now I smile.

This month is prime to reconnect.
To ask for forgiveness.
But I “believe” well enough,
That I should leave “us” alone.
I’ve triumphed over the turmoil
That severed many ties.
A realization, of who truly mattered.
I wanted mended most was Him.
After years, I guess I’ve changed,
Or at least am back to my old self.
I love my friends, now.
And my younger family never wavered.
I’ll always wish for Him.
But the Almighty knows best.
Now when I think of Him, I just smile.
An automatic reaction I never anticipated.

It was a history of our unofficial names:
“The one with the black horse” [Him]
“The one who is victorious” [me]
Met in 2010 and broke in 2011.

🐬 There used to be a restaurant that we went to, I wonder if this restaurant still exists somewhere? I think it’s been outta business on The Ave for years now. Rock n Roll Grill, I think

There should be a park/beach area up near Mount Lake Terrace, where he helped take me away from my troubles. I want to just ask him directly where the hell it was he took me, but I shouldn’t. I’ll accept the challenge and discover the place for myself. For my own closure.

He really was the one with a “black horse”
(A car in modern terms)
And I truly was victorious
[From my ordeal]
I’ll never forget when he came to take me away.

I’ve used “out of sight, out of mind” as an emotional crutch for too long. It’s time I become more involved with my friends and family. But slowly, since becoming close is not easy for “the one who is victorious”

I can’t stop missing Him, but I can keep wishing.

~The beauty of reality and the imaginary.

thoughts on time, aging, and life

it rly bothers me that when you’re living a period in your life it seems really right and when you look back on it later it inevitably is always stupid
like i when i think abt middle school and when that was my life and my world and who i was and who i wanted to be and what everything was like and how i thought and what i did- it just blows my mind that i didn’t know what was coming. like in 2008 i listened to the music and wore the clothes of the time and that just ~was~ current but then 2011, 2014, etc happened and even all that seems dumb now.
i know this probably makes no sense but i guess i just can’t get over the fact that things seem rly cool at the time and just end up being dumb later. like how my parents were teens in the 70s but they find the 70s so goofy and silly now.
and probably 5 years from now i’m gonna look back on this time in my life and it’s gonna seem stupid but why doesn’t it now? i can’t wrap my head around what’s gonna be so bad abt this time (and i don’t mean all the obvious bad stuff i mean the stuff i think is cool like what’s gonna be uncool abt it later yknw??)

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Older groups dressed with those hairstyles and clothes we think are "ugly" now, but back then those were in trend.

Yes I know ~ I got into kpop around 2011~2012 some were still in style and I actually liked some of those older hairstyles they remind me of anime boy hair lol

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Hey Rachel! I know you've been in the fandom for a while now, so I was jw if you could offer some insight? I've only been following D&P since 2015, but it sure feels much longer since I was obsessed lol. Anyways, they were a big part of my later teen years, which I will always appreciate; but now I'm approaching 19, and I just don't feel connected with them anymore? I can't even remember the last time I read phanfic. But yeah, have you ever felt this way and any advice moving forward? Thanks :)

I’ve definitely felt like this before, i think that everyone gets there at some point! I first started watching them in 2010 and stopped watching at the end of 2011. Well in 2013, I started watching them again because i came across a ‘phan proof’ post and i was back down the rabbit hole. Anyways, it’s totally okay for you to not be as interested in them anymore. you can’t hold yourself back from enjoying other things just because you don’t want to let go! moving forward steps would probably be easier by removing the phandom tumblrs that you follow and then slowly progress into whatever level of phan activity that you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to have anything to do with them, then slowly cut down your ties and stop watching their videos eventually. it is totally okay that your interests change (: sorry if this was bad advice i have a lot of thoughts and have trouble getting them down lmao

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If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Oh man, I have no idea. “Back in the day” (and by back in the day I mean 2011) I probably would have said Green Day. And while I do still like them I wouldn’t say they’re my absolute favorite anymore. And tbh I’m not sure who replaced them???
Maybe Lana del Rey or Melanie Martinez? Powerwolf would be cool too, but I think I’d get too overwhelmed