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you guys, Bruna didn't meet Davi only now!!! She met him years before already... there was even interview on Globo tv where Carolina talked about how she's ok with Bruna, and how Davi was talking how he played with her in Neymar's house. p.s. it's strange all this Brumar thing when you think about how far it goes. They officially confirmed it in 2013 but they were hooking up way before... they've been on and off and flirting and going back and forth since 2011-- that's 5 YEARS now O_o

We know she met him before! Of course she met him before when they were dating in the past! But she hasn’t seen him - for what we know - in a long time (or maybe during the times she was in Barça at least I really hope she has met him before today would be hella awkward to see him for the first time in years without Ney)  But besides that she hasn’t seen/bound with him in a long while 

A lot has and can change in 2 years. Davi is older now; has his own opinion and his own preference. A child is a little more apprehensive when it’s older to any new boy or girlfriends. He will have to get used to her again and create a bound with her. 

I personally don’t think it was such a great idea to hang with davi without ney, but thats just my non important opinion xD 

[[I wish I could snatch back the roleplay logs I accumulated in my past, but knowing the platforms they were on, they’re probably evaporated into internet cache by now.]]

[[I do, however, have a bunch of drawings I’ve made inspired by those RPs, dating all the way back to… 2011~2014? It’s nice to think on the past, but I have a soft spot for physical memories.]]

I am thinking about taking more ballet classes.
Well actually I started thinking about that ever since I started dancing ballet back in 2011. But back then I didn’t have the time and when I finally had the time I didn’t have the money but now I finally started a new job which means: more money to spend on dance classes. My goal would be to take two more classes. Ahh I am so excited already

Updated the “Me” section

Well hello there,
Alright so long story short back in 2011 I was in my early 20’s and started Crossfit. I took it seriously and kept doing Crossfit until 2013 until I realized that going to bed at 8, being sore all the time and always watching what I was eating was a bit too much for the time being and decided to enjoy life like other young adult my age.

Today I’m 25ish and think it is now time to go back to my old Crossfit/Gymrat habits.
This is my journey going back to healthy 155 lbs (with muscles) from 175 lbs (the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life).

Training started on December 3rd 2016.

I will get my old body back.

Just watch me.

Current pictures :

more here

Old pictures :

While I was in the shower my mom decided to have an existential crisis, and now I am stuck sitting on the couch, while drinking some delicious peppermint tea, listening to her question the meaning of life and what I think it is.

Apparently this came about because my mom just found out that the lead singer of Warrant died (which was back in August of 2011). Which I guess would explain the last hour of her blasting their music.

This is now my night. 

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Nickname: Kay Kay, Kayl,  Kayly

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5'5 ??

Time right now: 5:21pm

Favorite musical artist:  Panic! At the Disco

Song stuck in your head: Emperors New Clothes (Panic At the disco)

Last movie watched: I honestly think it was Christmas with the Kranks

Last TV show watched: American Horror Story Asylum 

What are you wearing right now:  American horror story t-shirt and jeans.

When did you create your blog:  Apparently, March 2012…But I have a post from Sept 2011, a youtube video but I think I set the time inwhich I originally put it up, cuz I cared back then about specifics XD

What kind of stuff do you post: Random stuff, like reblogging things I love and posting stuff that I do. 

Do you have any other blogs: Nope.

Do you get asks regularly: Never lol

Why did I choose my url:  I think I had a username like Karu720 or something a while ago, or rinchanelric. I was bad at making up usernames at the time, but Karu720 was something I always used since I was smol. Eventually, I realized for a while I was known as Karu, who is now my OC. Karu is not only an OC, but an alias, so I sometimes shall have to specify but I like Vampires, so CountessKaru was born. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Gender: Female

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favourite color: It changes from Green, purple blue and pink. Depends on the moment.

Average hours of sleep: lol. what

Dream job: Playing sims all day. *thumbs up*

I tag all ya followers XD

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“I think trying to pass from defence is the braver way to play. That’s why I’m here because this team wants to play like that and so do I. I try to play the positive pass and sometimes there is a risk to that but I think we make the right decision usually. I think you should be more often led by your head rather than your heart on the field. That’s the approach. It’s about staying clear in the head. 

There is no point in thinking too much about anything right now because it’s a long season. We want to win the next game and then we’ll look to the one after that. It’s our formula and the one I prefer. I haven’t won enough yet. At Schalke we won the German Cup in 2011 and that’s my only title. I want to change that and that’s why I came here.” - Joel Matip on passing out from the back and his drive to win trophies at Liverpool. 


Application Review
by Lui Lichauco

In just a few months , Snapchat has became one of the hottest social media applications of all time. Following its release back in 2011, it became a hit with teenagers with it’s concept of posting 3-7 second videos and it automatically deleting after 24 hours and now with its updates of “filters” and “memories”. This app doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon especially with 100 million active daily users .

Since I myself am an active user, I made my own grandmother try it out to see what she thinks about it. First I let her use my personal account and let her discover how to use it herself and after a few minutes she’d ask me questions like “why is it so short? ” or “AH! What happened to my face? ” when trying to take a “snap” with a filter ; Luckily, I had a friend who is practically an expert about the app help me explain it better to my grandmother.

After explaining and showing her how to use it and even letting her use it herself for a while so she could learn to enjoy this app like I do. I asked what rating would you give this app out of 5 stars and she said “ I’d give it 3 stars because this app is too complicated for someone as old as me but it is fun to play around with the filters in this app”. With the world evolving in such a fast pace , not everyone can keep up with the trends so lets leave this app for the youths to enjoy and the adults to question about why we like it so much.

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Okay but if you want good fanon Bro, why not make him Dirk at his best? Since he's basically him as his worst self.

fanon bro (the one i grew attached to back in 2011 anyway) was back before we knew anything about dirk so theres not much of dirk reflected in him. i liked interpretations of him as a big goofy gay stoner meathead jock type. actually now that i think about it thats arquiusprite

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Name: Brandon

Gender: Male

Star sign: Sagittarius

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Time right now: 12:46pm

Favorite characters: Martin Crane from Fraiser, George Sr from Arrested Development, Creed from The Office, Trashcan Man from The Stand, alot of others but can’t think right now

Number of blankets I sleep with: I used to sleep with 3-4 as a kid, now I sleep with 2-3.

Dream trip: Either through the English Isles or the Arabian Peninsula honestly.

Dream job: Hell, honestly probably playing music for a living would be cool.

When did you make your account: Hell. Way back in 2011/2010

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Hey, sorry I didn't message you yesterday, I was in a place with no wifi, but I'm back now and here to stay so let this secret santa begin! i hope you had a great december so far, now answer me this... how did you first discover dan and phil, and when? -whisker two

it’s totally okay!!! i started watching them in about 2011 i think, i was on youtube and dan was on my recommended and then i saw pinof and watched phil too and fell in love with both of them 💕💕

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Bruh, I haven't watched MAMAs live in years. Like the last time I watched it live was like 4 years ago. And even if I try to watch, my old ass will probably just fall asleep twenty mins in. I'll just watch the performances in better quality later. Also, yeah rip to studying Japanese.

Was it already back in 2011? if not i’ve never watched it live hehe i think that’s the only time i watched the 3 big gayos too :/ it’s fun when you like most of the groups there i guess? i’m mostly out of the loop so ya i’ll probably crash after what i wanna see has happened :P I didn’t think 2 weeks ago i’d so much as contemplate even maybe watching it and yet look at me now DDDD: it would only be better if mmm went too :-)

What other music are you into? like other kpop groups or genres?

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I wish Aaron could go back to the 2015 hair...

It looked really good back then. It’s not bad now (like his hair back in 2011/2012 *shudders*) but I think it looked better having some length on the sides instead of this new “shaving the sides of your head” thing that all the men on the show are doing…

Day 2

I sunk abt 4 hrs in last night after my initial post, and took apart the red dress. I now have a cape! I still need to sew up abt 2 inches, but I had to take a break from hard labor and think about construction for a bit.

Ruby’s rose emblem is coming together okay, thought it could do with more cardstock.

I sunk another 4 hours into the corset top- oh Lord do i hate corsets made from faux leather. I wish I could say this is the first I’ve made. 2011 was a different time.
I’ve actually got the corset done, it’s just a matter of attaching the top belt, red back panel, and corset, while preserving functionality. I think I may rotate the belt more than planned…

Boots and tights are painted and done.
Cape and corset are close to done.
Skirts still need to be shortened.
White top needs to be massacred.
Arm guards and bullet belt aren’t even started.

(I HIGHLY recommend blocking the tag #emildoesrwby if you don’t want to see the finished cosplay. It’s just gonna be this for a week.)

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Name: andy

Gender: demiboy

Star sign: gemini

Height: 5′8

Hogwarts House: gryffindor, weirdly

Favourite colour(s): i really like teal like a whole lot and also dark blue

Favourite animal: not to be stereotypical but i really just like cats

Time right now: 1328

Average hours of sleep: idk probably like 7

Cat person or dog person: cat person 100%

Favourite fictional character(s): shit uh right now i just really really like moana…. from moana….. 

Number of blankets I sleep with: only 1 maybe 2 if elliot insists

Favourite musician(s): bts, p!atd, stromae, all those really mainstream artists that people like

Dream trip:  i really want to go back to hawaii or back to japan either of those would be great

Dream job: i want to own my own lgbtqia+ oriented bookstore

When this blog was created: june of like 2014 i think but also i’ve been on tumblr since 2011

Current number of followers: 306

What do you post: i mostly post aesthetics and memes ngl along with random dragon age and steven universe shit

When did your blog reach its peak: idk like before i deleted i was a pretty famous homestuck writer but we don’t talk about that now lmao now i’m just your average joe

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: idk i think i was peer pressured into it and now i’m addicted

Why did you choose your URL: i like vodka and i like the ocean so they’re very good things separately but then also consider an ocean of vodka and that’s pretty good too so like bonus points

i’ll tag @tinypuffballofanger and whoever else wants to do it tbh

ok so someone has definitely made a period-accurate retelling of some jjba parts

and you might be thinking “oh yeah 1880′s events during phantom blood”, or “accurate 1930′s fashion for battle tendency” but i’m also talking about “actual 2011-accurate stone ocean”

what social media does jolyne frequent. is she using an apple phone or a blackberry. is taylor swift’s “speak now” in her library. what’s the one rage comic she keeps going back to when she’s sulking in prison

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2, 11 and 14? :)

Originally posted by pusheen

2. Your position on political compass?

I had to take the text now i never did it before lol 

11. Have you ever attended a political protest/demonstration?
Nope, after what happened in Rome in 2011 I’m scared of what could happen to me if I attend

14. Do your views influence your dressing style? Way of life? Anything else?
No, I don’t think so. Sure, is I can I support more ethical companies, like I’d prefer to by something from Too Faces (vegan and doesn’t test on animals) than from Chanel (not vegan, tests on animal and it’s honestly overrrated)

But it’s doesn’t really influence me I guess.

Get to know me more ~

You thought I was done but I wasn’t (thank you @framesonthewall this is all you :) )

Height: 6'1 yeh

Hogwarts House: I don’t know the answer to this one, where can I make an appointment with the sorting hat please?

Go To SSBB Character: I had to look at that for a couple of seconds to decipher what SSBB was.. I have literally played it twice, but I think I picked Link??

Fictional Character You’d Date: Nathan Drake, Mal Reynolds, or Tony Stark…

Favourite Bands or Artists: I can’t even answer this because my music tastes change so frequently that I have a Spotify playlist for each season and once that season ends I never go back…

When Did You Make This Blog: 2011? I don’t know how to check this (Edit: I checked and AUGUST 2010 I WAS SO LITTLE)

What Do I Post: Right now I post Uncharted, random things that I feel represent my personality, and occasionally my art. But if you go back through my archive you’ll take a wonderful journey through everything from the Hunger Games to Marvel. My how I’ve grown :’)

How Many Blogs Do I Follow: 171 - I did a big purge yesterday because I don’t think I had ever unfollowed someone since I made this blog

Do You Get Asks On a Regular Basis: No, please ask me things because I am lonely

Aesthetic: omg here’s some shameless self promotion for a blog I purely made for my aesthetic @millennial-brat-pack and it’s also got my face on it, much wow, such face

Tagging people makes me nervous so here you go again @prodevsqvodlicentia and @garretsyndrome and anyone else who does it will make me happy :)