now and then i think back to 2011

Since we’re on the topic of Zayn + love + hindi songs, and regarding this post

Zayn once also said KKKG is his favourite hindi film/song to a fan back in 2013: x

That particular film is also about love at first sight and forbidden love due to a difference in social class (similarly to Bombay - forbidden love due to difference in religion) but ending up together and happy anyway.

Zayn has made a reference to another song from KKKG back in Oct 2011: 


Now here are some of his tweets a few days prior to this:


12th: Zayn: *looks at liam* …you always kinda find things out about yourself on reality tv that you didn’t necessarily know before

14th: Zayn: I think Liam tends to wear jeans that are a little bit small for him ‘cause he has reeeally long legs

15th: Zayn goes shirtless, Liam: I’ll never look at you the same way ever again Zayn



19th: at the Anchorcert Party in Birmingham where he and Liam danced and stayed together:

He later tweeted that night/morning (2:37am in the UK)









Now back to the song… we all agree Aug-Oct 2011 was when he really started falling for Liam. Nov-Dec was when the pining got really bad. Here is a translation of the lyrics (it’s a very famous song):


The sun has dimmed, the moon has begun to burn

Oh, why has the sky begun to melt?

I am standing still, the earth has begun to move

My heart has beat, my breath has begun to stop

Oh, is this my first love?

Darling, is this my first love?


The sun has dimmed, the moon has begun to burn

Oh, why has the sky begun to melt?

I am standing still, the earth has begun to move

My heart has beat, my breath has begun to stop

Yes, is this my first love?

Darling, is this my first love?


This moment is beautiful, everything is changing

Dreams are falling into real life

Is this bond of ours centuries old?

For in such a way I am meeting you


Love’s season will remain like this always

Meet me like this, birth after birth


I am standing still, the earth has begun to move


(La la la, la la la, la la la)


My heart has beat, my breath has begun to stop


Yes, is this my first love?

Darling, is this my first love?

Only with your color am I this colorful, lover

Having gained you, I am losing myself, lover

Oh darling, having drowned in your love

I am becoming the shore, lover


The ocean has become thirsty, night has begun to awaken

Even in the heart of a flame, fire erupted


I am standing still, the earth has begun to move

My heart has beat, my breath has begun to stop


Is this my first love?




Is this my first love?


The sun has dimmed


The moon has begun to burn


The sky


Why has it begun to melt?


Darling, is this my first love?

Video  (the entire video is a dream phase after they’ve met so they’re longing for each other)

“Is this my first love?” is the chorus. 

Also he made it a point to mention he was single at the time:


(plus I firmly believe both Geneva and Rebecca were PR relationships)

So what I gather from this is that Zayn indeed learnt about love from a young age after growing up watching and loving Bollywood films and it’s still important to him to this day… since only later on in life he figured it out…

Daniel through the years

*tour guide voice* So we start off with a more recent exhibit, only from early 2015. As you can see Phil Lester also features in this photo, because it’s pretty damn impossible to find one without him. This photo has been known to cause major heart problems with members of the Phandom. 

Going back to last year, and more specifically to April, we find a photo of Dan alone, yet his twitter heavily featured Phil last year. 

Now, 2013 was the year of the classic Dan photo, the one that was his twitter icon for god knows how long and is still his youtube icon. 

2012 was the year they moved to London, I personally think I was the start of something new (but lets not get into that) and it marked the end of teenage Dan and the beginning of adult Dan (although this is a very MySpcae style selfie)

2011 was the year of the hair. It was also the year he first moved in with Phil in Manchester, but the hair is really a national treasure. That’s a face of regret

Now, we reach 2010, the beginning of uni and the existential crisis we know and love him for. This year also meant the tiny university room and him getting hospitalised. But as much as I did love the uni dorm, this photo will remain one of my favourites

Finally we reach 2009, the year it all began. There are many images from this year, including this one, where he copied AmazingPhil

or there’s this one, from his first video,

But by far, the crowning glory in this collection is from Philisnotonfire 1

Thank y’all for listening

darkdonmusic asked:

So my dad was talkin to his friend and was like WWE is racist. When was the last black wwe champion? The rock? Booker t? Mark Henry very briefly? Any black men on pace to be wwe champion? Reigns is poc but they make him wear blue contacts now. No insult intended I remain casually invested I was just wondering if you feel a way about.

Uh, currently, I do not think any black wrestlers are in the running to be WWE champion. In fact, it might not happen for a long while, because most of the black wrestlers on the roster right now are stuck with awful or stereotypical gimmicks apart from Mark Henry. WWE has a terrible track record when it comes to black wrestlers, which is puzzling, because creating non-stereotypical gimmicks should not be that fucking hard.

The last World Heavyweight Champion was Mark Henry back in 2011; Booker T also held the title back in 2006 when he had that stupid ‘King Booker’ gimmick. Keep in mind, Booker T probably should have won the title at Wrestlemania 19 in 2003, but somehow, some way, they booked Triple H to go over instead. This was after weeks of Triple H subjecting Booker to racial abuse.

Uh, The Rock is regarded as black, right? If he is, he would probably have been the last black WWE Champion since he held the title two years ago, but outside of him, there hasn’t been a black WWE Champion.

this post is like 3 months late but when people were getting suspended for posting copyrighted audio and like some of it was just audio posts of them speaking/laughing/etc like i mean it was all pretty recent I’m sure most of you remember that fiasco

but it was just like how back in 2011 all these random blogs got suspended for posting “gore and mutilation” even though the majority of them didn’t and I think it was (again) some bot that was responsible for doing it… and gore and mutilation was like a sorta-meme among some people. it’s so weird to think about that now it all seems so far away


necroticnymph started a throwback thursday for cosplay and I wanted to join in the fun. 

On the left is the first costume i ever put together back in 2011. I don’t think I even owned a sewing machine yet. 

Super Sailor Moon I put together last year. I’m really proud of that costume. I made everything from scratch except the accessories, and sewing has always been difficult for me. Unfortunately I messed up my feet a day before the con and had to ditch my planned heels. I attempted those boot covers in 3 hours with the scraps in my suitcase, and I was amazed they lasted even half the day xD

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You know how everyone says Charles picked unwritten as a song option etc and its 7 years old so they must be 7 years older than the girls etc well if it's pll time then isn't it only 3 years old?? If that even makes sense??

So in reference to the timeline, here’s what I came up with:

If the moment in the barn in 1x01 was august/september 2009 and Aria came back to Rosewood one year later, then 3x01 was in september 2011 (ezria anniversary sept 1st. the liars start senior year). 

And between 3x01 and 5x13 only four months have passed, then it would now be April-ish 2012 in Rosewood.

The song came out in 2004. So if the pilot was in 2009, the song would be 8 years old when the Liars are in the dollhouse. 

If the pilot was in 2008, then in Rosewood it is now April 2011 and the song would be 7 years old.

But I think the logic behind that is that the theme of the prom was Phantom of the Opera, the same prom Melissa went to with Ian, which was 7 years ago. So I think that’s where the 7 years comes from. 

So if Melissa had her prom 7 years ago, and the Liars are having their prom now, that makes Melissa 7 years older than Spencer, and it also makes Jason 7 years older than Alison, if the girls are all the same age, which I think they are and if Jason and Melissa are the same age. 

julianguyeen asked:

I just want to know why everybody says that he is mature now and not like the old past happy Gdragon..? What happened?

In 2009, GD released his first solo album. He worked really hard on it and was really excited to show the public, so when they accused him of plagiarising Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, he was pretty upset. It was a bad time for him.

And then in 2011, there was the marijuana scandal which still follows him today and draws snarky comments. 2011 was the big turning point, a lot of people say. He withdrew from the media for a few months and when he came back, he was quieter and more reserved. People say he jokes around a lot less now.

Personally, I think they need to realise that he’s entering his late 20s and can’t continue to act like a little boy his whole life. It would get creepy at some point?? So I think, yes, he is watching himself in front of the media more because he does realise A) people are quick to turn on him and B) he’s getting older…but he definitely fools around still. He has a lot of silly, happy moments, lol. People just ignore them. 

-Admin Zette

some of ya’ll might know that i’m rereading homestuck for whatever reason

i’ve watched cascade several times by now but after finally getting to cascade again in proper viewing order it’s like the feeling when i first saw it in 2011 came back

I had gotten into homestuck during the hiatus for cascade so it was basically the first update i waited for and just
so so good

I really want to work on fantroll plot stuff right now but im resting my arm again because i think it’s gotten too strained from my over-drawing and just gaaah let me draw

we all say homestuck is trash but it’s one of the best things that happened to me and dang makes me so pumped to make flashes and plots and stuff

plaguedogs123 asked:

‼, ✺ , ✐ , ☿

‼ - real name?


✺ - eye color?

dark brown

✐ - fave types of movies?

im not exactly sure, to be honest. i havent really watched many movies lately.  action / science fiction’s pretty cool i guess.

☿ - zodiac sign?

gemini. though, if i recall, they added a 13th zodiac back in like 2011 so i think im actually something else now.  though i dont follow astrology so it doesnt really make a difference to me.



JOY DIVISION _ Autosuggestion

[Bootleg. No label. 2011]

I’m on a bit of a Joy Division tear tonight. Diving into all the non-studio album recordings I have. This is another killer one.

Autosuggestion is a collection of demo and radio recordings that go back as far as 1978. Now… a few weird things about my copy of this:

1. I see a bunch of different versions of this that were made available. I think the original run was from 2011 and consisted of only 500 HAND NUMBERED COPIES. Mine has no number to be found anywhere.

2. I see that there are many different color variants out here as well., most of which have BLANK labels on the record. My album is not colored, and as you can clearly see, have the song titles printed on the labels.

So, I’m guessing this is just from a later run that was made, but I couldn’t find any information about MY particular copy online. Nothing on Discogs or anywhere else that describes the particular specs or details of my copy.

Musically speaking, the highlight here is the Piccadilly Radio session of “The Only Mistake” from 1979. It is absolutely frightening. Just a rousing and electrifying performance.  It also features two of the same performances that appear on the previous Peel Sessions bootleg of mine that I just posted.

There was just something special about this band playing their songs live together in a room. Truly remarkable.

anonymous asked:

is there somewhere that can accurately tell me who my godly parent is like a website or a blog

there are like some tests out on like quibblo or quizilla or idk what the cool kids nowadays go on when they want to take quizzes (i went on those sites back in 2011 and 2012 but idk if they’re still functional now) but like they’re kind of crap and inaccurate and they don’t include the minor god cabins. i think only you can determine it tbh. or, you know, the claiming. if pjo were real.

Sketching this doofus instead of sleeping even though it’s like 12:30 because my priorities and sleep schedule are messed up. This is my first time posting art on the internet after some bullying I endured on deviantart a few years back. I haven’t drawn since about 2011, but I am so comfortable in this community that I think I’m getting back into art now c: I’ll post the finished piece tomorrow at a reasonable hour

Looking back at my old tumblr posts (2010-2011 roughly) I used to be much more… honest with my interests than I am now. People that have been following me since the beginning will understand. I’d like to get back in touch with that side of myself.

This being said, I’m going to begin again right now.

I’m Katie

I think blood is great and every single night I watch videos of cysts being surgically removed and chunks of earwax coming out of peoples heads and compilations of great blackheads being popped. I have trypophobia but certain pages are safe zones and it’s soothing and you should watch them too.

“keep awake” by 100 monkeys is still my theme song and i think about chris evans’ biceps almost 57 times per day


hi and goodbye

so.. hi.  it’s been a few months since i abandoned this blog and i just wanted to link anyone listening to my new one.  

i started out posting about fandoms back in 2011, i think, and although i’m still very much obsessed with some things, i’ve grown out of this blog and i had known it for months before i abandoned it.  i started creating personal social media accounts for the first time in a while, and now i have instagram, a positivity blog, and finally a photography blog, which is what i’m most proud of.  if you want to follow me there, i would love to have an audience half as big as this one.  

love you guys.  goodbye.  

anonymous asked:

someone said that sebastian had an instagram a long time ago before this one, that it was around the time captain america the first avenger came out. they mentioned that's where some of his silly photos with his friends came from. do you know if that's true? his friends have referenced him not having an ig before the one made april 1 and most of those pics were posted by other friends so i was just wondering if you knew.

I don’t think that is true. I’m pretty sure @imsebastianstan is his first and only Instagram. Was Instagram even a thing when Captain America: The First Avenger came out? That was way back in 2011.. 

I think if anything it was probably a fake. There is someone who has been pretending to be Seb on Twitter for quite some years now and they even made an Instagram account to pretend they were him on that as well. It was active before Seb got his real Instagram account and it even kept going a little after Seb was officially on Instagram (I remember because a lot of people who posted pictures with him and tagged him always tagged his fake account instead of his legit one. I think it was called @realsebastianstan but I’m not positive.) But I do not recall any personal photo’s like what you are describing on that specific account. 

I remember somebody saying a while back on Tumblr that they followed Sebastian on Facebook around the timing of Captain America: The First Avenger filming and when he was dating Dianna Agron because she said something along the lines of Dianna would comment jealous things on his Facebook photo’s or they would publicly argue on Facebook and as much as I would love to believe that I honestly don’t think it was even him. Probably just a poser like always. 

HOWEVER, I do remember a mysterious Twitter/Instagram account with a personal picture of Sebastian as the profile picture and the account was locked and private. This was maybe around 2012 when I found that account. I think it MAY POSSIBLY have been him because I believe his close longtime friend Charles Chu was following it which I found interesting because why would he follow a fake when he is personally close to him and the fact that it was private made even more sense (like Chace Crawford’s Instagram account) so that could be the account that person was talking about. It no longer exists and unfortunately I never seen it was unlocked for the public to look at; only friend requests he accepted. I still feel like it is a little unlikely though. 


Silver/Pastel Hair Inspiration.

I remember seeing lilac pastel hair for the first time on Lookbook back in 2011 and thinking it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen with hair. I’m a fan of color. Ever since then it’s just exploded.

After the initial lilac, blue, bubblegum, and mint, silver appeared as the new popular dye. I’m glad because color theorists will note that silver dye can be used to mix ash colors. Ombre hair everywhere with this trend. No excuse not to try it if you’ve been thinking about it because of all the pastel colors come pre-mixed now by Pravana.

How To Dye Your Hair Silver/Pastel Ombre:

1. Bleach hair until it is white.  Needed - Bleach, developer, violet toner, showercaps, coconut oil.

a. Get your bleach, ask for help if needed. Clip a few strands of hair to do the strand test so that you won’t fry your hair by leaving it on too long.

b. Soak hair in coconut oil for 2-3 hours ahead of time to bleaching. This will prevent up to 80% of bleach damage. Be liberal with the oil, put hair in a showercap, put hoodie on and keep the head warm.

c. Bleach over oil-soaked hair, working fast. Check a strand every 5 minutes for color. Rinse, shampoo, condition, dry with towel or dryer according to toner instructions.

d. Use a violet toner to hair from the lightest shade of blonde to white. Violet toner removes all yellow/brass tones. Rinse, shampoo, condition, dry.

2. Dye hair flat or ombre pastels. Needed - Pravana Chromasilk Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes.

a. Use Pravana pastels, the one time I used off-brand pastel dye I regretted it because the colors separated in the sun. Pravana is available on Amazon.

b. Decide of colors. Light colors available in tubes. Ash colors (the darker, metallic part) can be mixed with Pravana silver plus >tiny dabs< of a vivid color like blue or green. Clear color can be used to further dilute the pastel colors. 3 tubes needed for long hair.

c. Dye hair, no developer needed. Ombre effect can be achieved pretty easily by dying half of the hair dark and half light at the same time and blending the middle of the colors by hand. Youtube has many tutorials. Rinse, shampoo, condition, and dry.

All pastel colors are semi-permanent so the colors will leave within a month, leaving a likable, faded ‘koolaid wash’. In the tropics here that’s two weeks. It is important to start with white because I started with a very light blonde and the sun faded my pastel blue to a greener hue. It was still nice, but different.