now your nightmares come to life

Sometimes John and Sherlock accidentally talk all night.

Like maybe the intention to go to sleep at a normal time was there, but then they get distracted.

11 PM: They finish the movie and it just naturally feels like time for bed. Teeth are cleaned, doors are locked, and they settle in between the sheets, and damn is the bed comfortable compared to the haphazard dog pile of limbs they had gotten into on the sofa.

“What did you think of the film?”

“Nice; very enjoyable.”

“Did I tell you it was my favorite when I was a kid?”

“No. Really?”

“Yeah. Would watch it on repeat.”

“Interesting. But it’s no longer your favorite?”

“Right. I dunno- I still love it, but not in the same way.”

“I understand. Your favorite now is that one Bond, um…Die Another Day?”

“Yeah.” John gives Sherlock a small, soft smile. He looks almost bewitched.

“What’s that look for?”

“It’s for you. ”

“Yes, but why?”

“Because it’s really nice to have someone remember things like that about me.”

1 AM: The discussion has shifted to favorites, and why they’re favorites.

“So you would rather listen to that same Rolling Stones album again and again for eternity than ever even trying something like Debussey?”


“Alright, well, now I know.”

“You know what?”

“That we’re breaking up.”

They laugh.

2 AM: …and now they’re just naming things they like.

John: “Long car journeys”

Sherlock: “The smell of coffee.”

“You hate coffee.”

“I hate the taste of coffee.”

“You are a complex being.”

“Thank you.”

They laugh some more.

John: “Rainy mornings that last all day.”

“Me too.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“They’re lovely.”

“Why’s that?”

Sherlock fidgets with his lips, trying to figure out how to phrase his answer.

“Because you always wake me very…pleasantly… and often you continue waking me pleasantly for most of the morning…afternoon…even into the evening sometimes.”

“Do I? When it’s raining?”

“Yes. Not every time, but under a certain set of conditions I can, for the most part, look at the forecast for the morning the night before and know in advance whether or not I’ll be getting anything done the next day.”

John looks back at him, a concoction of surprise, then near embarrassment, then a sly smile.

“Interesting, see, I find that I get one thing in particular done consistently on those days.”

Sherlock snorts.

4 AM: The topic has shifted between worst hangover stories and crazy uni memories to some more difficult things, like John’s time in the service, and Sherlock’s addiction.

“We’ve sort of been dealt a few tough hands eh?”


“Makes me want to take you away somewhere and just be relaxed for a bit.”

“I would agree to that in an instant.”

“Yeah? Let’s do that, then.”

“Fantastic idea!”

“I do get them on occasion.”

More laughter.

5 AM:

John is trying to work in to the concersation something he’s been wanting Sherlock to know for a long time. It’s difficult, though- he’s never really said anything like this- anything so personal.

“It says a lot about you, I think, that I can do things like this- stay awake all night, not having to be overwhelmed or rampant. You balance me, John.”

“Yeah..yeah I- I know what you mean. You also- I mean, you sort of…I don’t dread…my life to come…anymore. I used to think of all the days and years I had left to endure, wonder how I would fill them, hoping I could find something that wouldn’t feel so miserable, something to settle for, but you- fuck, Sherlock, I think back to that now and it feels like a horrible nightmare. I’m…more than just glad, to have found you. You- damn, this is hard, I-”

Sherlock ties his fingers with John’s and moves even closer.

"Take your time. No rush. No pressure. Anything you want to tell me, you can. You’re safe here.”

"I suppose…You umm…you made me rethink- my plans, for me, yes. But not only that, you also showed me a way of living so different from what I had known, so much better and full of richness, I look back at those days where I no longer wanted to be alive and think -it’s probably because I wasn’t alive. I had every responsibility and felt every drawback of life but was denied any of the good stuff. You showed me so much more than I ever knew was out there- you sort of saved my life by…showing me how to live it? That’s so cheesy, I-”

And now Sherlock is crying. So John starts crying.

6 AM: they’ve got themselves together by now and moved on to something a little lighter.

"Right…so, you mean to tell me that James Moriarty, criminal mastermind, scary man with an affinity for the latest in explosive fashion, still sleeps with a teddy bear?”


"How did you figure that one out?”

"It took a few-visits- to piece it together, mostly because I was in disbelief myself, but he shows signs of a stiff neck as if he sleeps in an extremely bent position with one arm hooked partially under himself, likely around a small item. Persistence of this soreness shows that he didn’t just sleep wrong once, he makes a habit of this position. But what really sealed the realization was the right thumbnail. Much shorter than all the others, wrinkled texture, dry skin around the edges where the rest of his finers are immaculately manicured. Exposed to moisture for long periods of time.”

"No fuckin way!”

"Oh yes. He sucks his thumb. What a terrifying creature.”

Hysterical laughter.

"I’m always curious what you could tell about me right away and what took you a bit longer.”

That’s a dangerous path John- not everyone wants to know what others can tell about them.”

"Yeah but I’m just tired enough to ask anyway.”

"Well, all the things I pointed out at Bart’s…then more and more about your childhood based on your dating habits…around a month after we moved in I had narrowed down the approximate size of your…tyre lever…”


"Well…I had underestimated, to be honest. Your stature is misleading, as I’m sure you know.”-

"So, that is to say, you were-”

"Incredibly anxious and then surprised in the best possible way.”

"I was going for ‘not disappointed’, but alright.”

"Not in the slightest. My God, not even a little. In fact, what’s the opposite of disappointed?”


"More than.”



7 AM: Talking has ceased. The sun seeps in at the sides of the drapes, pale and gray. It’s a bit chilly, but neither know- it’s aafe and warm in the bubble of their room.

Neither sleep until around noon, after tea and toast in bed- the rain hits the roof in steady droves, tapping occasionally at the window if the wind blows a certain way.

Sherlock gets absolutely no work done.
Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses

About This Masterpost
Thicket’s Magical Masterpost

Jinxes, hexes, and curses are all part of the same category of malicious magic. This is magic done to harm. It may be done for the greater good, but in general it is always offensive and always meant to hurt another person.

A jinx is the least damaging of all malicious magics. It is more like a nasty trick or prank than an actual attack. Considering they serve little strategic value in battle, I consider jinxes to be just plain cruel.

Hexes are magical attacks. A hex can be relatively minor or extremely dangerous, depending on the spell chosen and how much power it has.

Curses are not simply more powerful hexes. In my path, a curse is life-changing. It permanently alters fate and destiny. I doubt the majority of magical workers in the world can cast a true curse. For this reason we will mostly be talking about jinxes and hexes, since curses are beyond the scope of this article. The purpose of this post is to talk about hex and jinx identification and breaking.

A hex can have endless symptoms, from the vague to the specific. When you are hexed, things just start to go wrong, in your body, your mind, or your life (or all three, if you are against a wicked opponent). When trying to identify hexing symptoms for yourself or another, keep an eye on what is abnormal. Don’t get what is normal twisted with what is a symptom of hexing. If someone normally has anxiety, then don’t assume that is being caused by a hex. Instead, keep an eye on if that anxiety worsens, changes, or is triggered by new things.

A few common hexing symptoms: Headaches, nausea, stomach pain, body pain, anxiety, worry, nightmares, insomnia, sleep paralysis, uncontrollable thoughts, strange impulses or compulsions, being unable to keep track of time, breaking objects on accident, phobias or fears, being in physical danger (car accidents, assaults), people treat you differently (as if they dislike you for some reason now), always being at the wrong place at the wrong time, positive relationships start decaying, unhealthy people come back in to your life, things just plain going wrong.

Now let me slow your roll for a moment. Remember that you are looking for abnormal symptoms. If people haven’t liked you your entire life, it is unlikely that a witch put a curse on you as an infant. If you have had a fear of spiders since you were bitten twelve years ago, it doesn’t mean that was a symptom of a spider-hex and now your natural spiders means you are under magical attack. Be reasonable. People have headaches every day for mundane reasons, and their “unexplainable” symptoms could be traced back to their Oreo and Mountain Dew exclusive diet. What you are looking for is a thread of unexplained commonality.

Remember that people seem to have a natural and powerful inclination to blame their problems on magic. I absolutely know once I publish this article I am going to get many messages from many people down on their luck asking if they have been hexed or cursed. In reality, their inability to take their foot off the gas pedal is what’s giving them speeding tickets, not some magical scapegoat. That being said, if you reasonably do believe you’ve been hexed, absolutely contact me; my point is that people often like to think they have been hexed, when they have not.

Another important part of identifying magical attack is figuring out where it would have come from. A friend of mine has many common hexing symptoms, and he knows of a magical practitioner who would have had it out for him exactly at the time all these symptoms started. If not for the knowledge of this person, I would doubt he was under magical attack. So if you or a friend match a lot of these symptoms – where did they come from? Magical attack does not spawn out of thin air.

Or does it?

Many of the symptoms of hexing are shared by symptoms of spirit attack. Which can, literally, come from nowhere. There is no harm in doing a full banishing along with a hex reversal. This is not the post to discuss spirit attack, just be aware that you are not necessarily being hexed even if you are under true spiritual attack.

Ask yourself what big event happened at the time a hex was supposedly laid upon you or another. Did they get married, possibly inciting jealousy in another? Did they screw someone over? Did they get promoted, move, lose their job, find a new partner, or break up? Gather all the information you can about what was going on in this person’s life at the start of their symptoms. This will provide clues as to the possible source of magical attack, allowing you to build better defenses.

Basically when it comes to breaking spiritual attack, there are a few basic steps you will want to take.

Protect the person as best you can. If someone is under a true spiritual attack, there are two basic options. Either their opponent has hexed them once and forgotten about it, or the attack is ongoing. If the attack is ongoing, it means that any steps to break the hex may be noticed and be met with redoubled efforts by the opponent. You will want to lay personal protections on them, as well as creating a safe haven in their bedroom or home/apartment. If you are going to be helping yourself, check your wards and put a lot of solid energy in to them. But don’t rely on them – after all, they did not prevent the attack from coming through the first time. Question where your protections are lacking and how you can reinforce them.

Uncross the person very thoroughly. An uncrossing is a way to remove magical hexes and bindings. It is simple but powerful magic. Uncrossing spells will be given at the end.

[Cleanse] the person and their home thoroughly, to remove any residual energies.

Bless the person and their home, to restore a sense of peace, security, and safety.

Blast the opponent, if necessary. If you have found yourself caught up in an ongoing spiritual attack, sometimes the best way to handle it is to cripple your opponent through your own offensive measures.

Posts on protection, uncrossing, and blessing will come later. Read about cleansing [here].

Let me encourage you not to handle hexing cases alone. There is no shame in reaching out when someone is actually attacking you, you know? It’s not something you have to handle alone. Just make sure you don’t incite your friends to mob mentality violence. That’s not cool, either.

Let’s take a moment and talk about blasting, owl-blinking, nightmaring, and hexing – on your side of the fence. Hexes and curses get thrown around like cheap Halloween candy on Tumblr, and most of them are radically dangerous, written by teenagers and young adults who are out for vengeance no matter the price.

Well, screw that mentality. You do not have to sacrifice yourself using dangerous hexes in order to get back at someone. I’m not going to touch the issue ethically, you are your own person and you get to choose who to hurt. I am going to brush up against this issue magically, to try and teach how to cast a safe hex. Incidentally, I don’t believe in the 3fold law, for those of you who asked me.

Hexing someone is like dragging a bucket of shit through your house in order to dump it on your cheating boyfriend. That nasty energy is going to get everywhere. When I cleanse, I feel light and refreshed, because that cleansing energy has rubbed off on me. When I cast a love spell I hit up my boys afterwords because that love energy has rubbed off on me. When I cast a hex, I feel angry, violent, and raw – because that same energy has gotten in to my system. When you cast a spell, part of that spell stays within you.

The nasty energy starts when you start thinking up the most vile things to throw at someone. As you feed that anger, you also feed the hex growing within yourself. But that energy doesn’t exist to hurt one person, it exists to hurt everyone – including you. As you dwell on your anger and hurt and plans to hex, that energy builds and builds and starts to overflow on to your personal energies and life. Ever notice how people who spend a lot of time hexing also seem to have shitty things constantly happening to them through pure coincidence?

When the hex itself is cast, that bottled up energy explodes out in one direction, towards your victim. But just as a gun fires a bullet, that gunpowder residue also explodes and gets all over whoever fired the gun.

But wait! There’s more. That energy is going to follow a pipeline to your enemy – your astral relationship pipeline. When no pipeline exists, a taglock such as a photo, hair, or nail clippings are used instead. This is how a witch with no personal investment can hex someone. But this relationship pipeline isn’t reduced, damaged, or cut off when a hex is sent, leaving you free from this person’s influence. The pipeline reacts exactly how it is supposed to react when a huge amount of energy is sent through it: it gets stronger. Ever notice how you can hex someone ten times and your relationship seems to get deeper and more complicated and shitty every time, leaving you in a swamp of shit when you just wanted to hex someone and get them out of your life? Yeah.

So there are two basic problems when it comes to hexing. The first is that the hex energy gets all over you and fucks you up, and the second is that hexing someone makes your astral relationship grow stronger, not weaker. Fortunately taking care of these problems is easy.

If you’ve made up your mind to be a hex-witch, you need to build up your natural protections and fortifications before you get deep in to the attack magic. This will help guard against all that nasty energy hurting you. Engage in regular cleansings – more than someone who doesn’t do hexes. Rip hexes off like bandaids. You don’t need to feed a hex for weeks and weeks before you cast it. Go deep, cast it hard, then cleanse thoroughly. Use your most powerful cleansers on yourself, your home, and the area you did the hex in.

After you are aware that the hex has been delivered (through social media, hearing about that person’s troubles, or magical sensing) cut the bond between the two of you through any regular spell. Check out my post on bindings for a little more info on breaking a relationship bind.

Then, release. Release that anger. Release your need for justice and vengeance. The spell has been cast, your work has been done. The more you hold on to it, the more you give room for those shitty energies to build back up in your life. Do a magical ritual. Burn your memories of that person. Burn what they did to you. Let the ashes blow away in the wind. Recover. Treat yo’ self. Hanging on, and casting hex after hex after hex just to punish a person, is dragging yourself down with them. Eventually your job will be done. (I will also argue that if one hex doesn’t cut it, then two won’t either)

Anyway, let’s focus on some hex-breaking spells.

Simple Candle Buster

Take a black taper candle. The next best colors are red and white. Any color taper will do in a pinch. Carve away the bottom end of the candle so that the wick pokes out. This reversal symbolizes, well, reversal. Coat the candle in any of the hex-breaking oils or waters listed at the end. Surround the candle-holder with the hottest peppers you have access to. Charge these peppers with the intent to burn and shred any spell attached to you. Once your candle is set up with the peppers, speak to the spell. Ask it to utterly destroy and terrorize any malicious spell cast upon you. Ask it to send the spell back to its creator. Allow the candle to burn down fully.

Egg-xit My Aura

Take a whole egg. Fresh is best if you can get it, otherwise it doesn’t really matter. Rub the egg all over your body or have someone else do it for you. Start at the feet and go upwards. You do not have to be nude. Chant, “Egg, egg, take away all the shit that’s in my way.” Vividly imagine that every curse and hex placed upon you is consumed within the infinite depths of the egg. Throw it away outside of your home. Do not break it.

You’ll Rue The Day

Take a very long and enjoyable soak in a bath filled with rue, angelica, or any other curse-breaker you know. Avoid adding chili peppers to the bath, for obvious reasons. Ensure that you charge the bath with hex-breaking properties. As you bathe, feel the plant spirits washing over you and consuming the hex placed around you, both ethereally and astrally. This is not for pregnant or nursing women.

Doll Hex-Breaker

Craft a poppet of yourself. Coat it in any hex-breaking oils that you see fit. Allow it to soak in Four Thieves Vinegar overnight, in moonlight if possible. In the morning, coddle the doll and coat it with uncrossing, protective, or beneficial oils and waters. Keep the doll safe until it dries fully. Undo the poppet magic (remove all traces of its association to you) and store until you wish to use it again, or discard it.

Flying Devil Powder

Create a blend of black pepper, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, patchouli, and vetiver. If not all ingredients are available, use what you have. Add anything else intuition tells you you should add. Burn this substance on a hot charcoal and stand within the smoke. It makes the devils fly away.

Lemon Lime Bath

Take as many lemons and limes as you have. Squeeze them in to the bath water and include the rinds. Add nine bay leaves. Bathe thoroughly.

War Water Bath

Add war water to the bath. Bathe. Imagine that iron weapons spring from the bath and mutilate any malicious spell placed upon you.

Grind It Up

Take three of the hottest dried peppers you have. Name each pepper, “you are the curse placed upon me.” Grind the peppers together. Whack them a whole bunch with the pestle, too. As you do so, imagine that the curses are being torn to shreds. Take the ground up seeds and chili skin. Add it to a new protective charm and wear it in addition to your other armors.

Salted Lemons

This is a more complex one. You will need a lemon, some salt, and some holy water. Light one black, one red, and one white candle. Light uncrossing incense (rue, cinnamon, hyssop, bay leaf. Whatever you have). Pass a knife through the incense smoke. Hold the blade in the flame of each of the three candles, then sprinkle the blade with holy water. Using this knife, slice the lemon in to three sections. Dip each section in to the holy water, then in to the dish of salt so they are completely coated. Leave the lemon slices out on a paper towel. When they are completely dried, the hex is thoroughly removed. If the lemon slices start to rot, the hex has not been removed. To negate the hex, use holy water. To return the hex, use war water.

Mesopotamian Incantation

This useful hex-breaker reaffirms your value to the universe, elevating you above the spells mean to harm you. Begin chanting:

“I am pleasing, I am pleasing

Heaven takes pleasure in me

Earth takes pleasure in me

The ocean takes pleasure in me

The sky takes pleasure in me

The gods take pleasure in me

The sun takes pleasure in me

The moon takes pleasure in me

My mother takes pleasure in me…

Continue on in this manner, naming every good and wonderful thing you can think of. Your significant other, your dogs. Whatever gives you power and strength, affirm that it takes pleasure (loves you and wants you to be safe) in you. Continue on for as long as you desire. Then, end with this. Shout if necessary:

“Many any evil magic on me be dispelled

May any evil magic on me be removed!”

Second Mesopotamian Spell

Chant the following:

“Evil man

Evil Eye

Evil mouth

Evil tongue

Evil spell

Witchcraft, spit, saliva, evil deeds, evil thoughts

Get out of the house now!”

Four Thieves Vinegar

Uses: Highly purifying and protective, also healing.

Obtain the best possible red wine or apple cider vinegar. Peel and crush garlic cloves and add them to the vinegar; the more garlic, the better. Choose four of the following ingredients to add: Black pepper, whole chili pepper, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, or wormwood. Allow to sit for four days, shaking once daily, before using.

Glory Water

Uses: Drives away ill fortune, draws success. Perhaps very useful for your self care.

In fresh water, combine the following: Orange blossom water or neroli hydrosol. Frankincense resin or essential oil. Essential oil of bergamont. Orange blossom water/neroli is essential and cannot be substituted or replaced.

Pollution Water

Uses: Clears pollution, aids in banishment

Grind ashes, salt, and red pepper in to a fine powder. Add this powder to spring water. The product is intensified if the ashes are from burned holy verses or prayers of protection.

Crown of Success Oil

Use: To bring success unto its wearer.

Combine bay leaves, frankincense, sandalwood, and vetiver in to sunflower, olive, or jojoba oils. Essential oils may be used instead of the dried plant matter. Wear regularly as part of your self care. Something tells me Joobs may like this one.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Use: Protection

Blend powdered dragon’s blood resin and sea salt together. Add frankincense and myrrh. Add to castor oil. If necessary, include olive oil to reduce thickness. Wear as a perfume to protect yourself, or add to a jar and carry as a talisman. If you choose to add cinnamon and ginger, it cannot be worn on the skin.

Flying Devil Oil

Use: Banishment

Blend red pepper and/or hot chili peppers in to olive oil or baby oil. This spicy mix will drive away unwanted spirits and spells.

fragile ones

on ao3

title taken from 10am gare du nord by keaton henson. i love his music so much its just so….open and raw? it felt fitting for a fic like this, it just really works for late nights and emotional talks idk

i started this fic back at the end of august on a bad night and there isnt much plot to it just…speculation i guess. a character study of alya? but in this au?? im not sure. theres not much to it at all and its a little all over, but it was a fic i felt like i had to write


Alya wakes up with her heart in her throat and her hands tearing at her hair. She groans and rests her forehead on her knees.

If only he’d shut up.

She checks the time. It’s only three, because of course it’s unreasonable to ask for a full night’s sleep. She stays where she is for a little while longer, curled up in a ball and hugging a pillow, letting her heart rate level out and her head slow its spin. When she stops feeling like she’ll throw up if she moves, she slides out of bed and pads into the bathroom.

Alya avoids the floorboards that creak and is careful to close the door softly, but it doesn’t really matter. After a few months, her family got used to her getting up at strange hours and wandering around the house. Once she stopped screaming, it was easier for them to sleep through her nightmares.

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error-maddie-gem  asked:

Hay cross how do you feel about me and nightmare sans shipped together because he's mine!

Now that we’re talking about ships…

Here comes another little tought.

You’re free to ship any characters you want… I won’t impose you which things I do like and which ones I don’t…
I think the shipping world is wonderful, because you’re creating something after all… (even if it’s nsfw lmao) and you are having fun! You like to do your story and that’s great!


Sometimes there’s something that can ruin a friendship between artists in real life because of this you know?

Like, some people only cares about their fictional characters and fame instead the people who supported them and had a nice time with those creations and ideas…

Always happen something that can hurts an artist just because someone didn’t like what this artist did, that person shows his dissapointment with hate, jealous, with fear of their fanchilds/ fan ships could disappear… in the worst case, they take the artits’s personal mistakes as an excuse in order to get everyone’s approval about their thoughts and “what must be right”.

I said before that I was afraid about some people could misunderstand the canon characters because of the “popular” ships, but this doesn’t mean I don’t hate those ships… actually this make me feel sad…not for the misunderstandings!

It makes me feel so sad when some people wants to hurt others because of a different point of view… and make that person could be hated for a entire fandom…forcing  them to quit all the work this person did, and being judged about their acts for another events… just because one person hated them for a ship they doesn’t like it and helped to increase hatred and revenge.

Is that…fair?

The Next Picasso || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by alectightwood

word count : 905

pairing : jughead x reader

warnings : reader being bullied on, cursing.

summary : Reggie and his goons all gang up on you, taking you sketchbook and make fun of you but Jughead steps in to stop them.


     You always tried to live your life one day at a time, and making as little noise as possibly. You weren’t one to be in the lime light and having any attention on yourself was very stressful. You mother always said you were too backwards for your own good. You would only laugh and sneak off to your room where you’d spend the next few hours drawing or whatever art medium you were messing with that day. 

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“Here For You” - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by bubblegumbubblesblog

(not my gif)

REQUEST: Stiles x reader with late night conversations.

Hello?” A deep voice said through the phone.
“Did I wake you?” (Y/N) asked.
No.” Stiles replied, suppressing a yarn.
“Liar.” (Y/N) chuckled.
It was late at night and (Y/N) couldn’t sleep. Like most nights, (Y/N) wouldn’t dare close her eyes knowing that nightmares would come and haunt her in her sleep. So, instead of waiting around and drowning in her own thoughts, she would always call the same person – her best friend since kindergarten, Stiles Stilinski.
“Can you come over?” (Y/N) asked the boy while bitting her nails.
Is everything okay? Are you alright?” Stiles asked, concerned.
“Yeah. I just can’t sleep.” (Y/N) mumbled. “I know it’s nothing, so it’s okay if you don’t wanna come over.” She added. She felt bad for depriving her best friend of sleep just because she couldn’t get any. She knew it wasn’t fair. But she also knew that Stiles wouldn’t mind, because she had done the same thing for him many times.
I’ll be there in five minutes.” Stiles declared before he hung up the phone.
(Y/N) was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. She opened the door and greeted Stiles with a bear hug.
“Thank you.” (Y/N) mumbled into his shoulder.
“Are you sure you’re okay? I think you might have a fever.” Stiles chuckled as he pressed his cold hand on (Y/N)’s forehead before she gently pushed it away.
“What? So I can’t hug my best friend now?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“Of course you can. It’s just, you’ve never been the hugging type.” Stiles declared as he walked into his best friend’s house. He frowned.
“What’s that smell?” He asked before (Y/N) could react to his last statement.
“I’m making pancakes.” (Y/N) said proudly as she walked into the kitchen and sat on the counter. Stiles stood before her. He has always been taller than her, so, even when (Y/N) was sat on her kitchen counter, Stiles was still a few inches taller than her.
“(Y/N), it’s one in the morning.” Stiles frowned.
“So? I told you I couldn’t sleep. Cooking makes me feel better. It’s relaxing.” (Y/N) shrugged and crossed her arms over her chest. Stiles let out a small laugh before a serious expression appeared on his face.
“Are you having nightmares again?” He asked, his brown eyes set on (Y/N)’s. “And remember that I can tell when you’re lying.” He added seriously.
“Fine.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she came down of the kitchen counter to check on the pancakes. “Yes, I’m having nightmares again. That’s why I’m really determined to keep my eyes open tonight.”
Stiles went to stand next to her. His eyes never leaving her. He was still frowning.
“(Y/N). You know you’re gonna have to sleep eventually.” Stiles told his best friend. He remembered when (Y/N) had to check herself in the hospital last year for sleep deprivation.
“Stiles, I’m fine, really.” (Y/N) replied.
Stiles didn’t look convinced but he didn’t want to make his best friend angry, so he changed the subject.
“Where is your dad?” Stiles asked while helping (Y/N) put the finished pancakes into a plate.
“He is working late tonight.” (Y/N) said. “He’s been taking a lot of night shifts at the hospital lately.” She added.
(Y/N)’s father was a surgeon at Beacon Hills Memorial, where Scott’s mother worked as a nurse. Stiles knew that (Y/N)’s father was less and less present at home lately, and he hated the fact that his best friend was alone most nights, especially if she started having nightmares again. That’s why he was always willing to come over when she asked him to, even if it was in the middle of the night.

“Hey! That’s not fair! You’re always the one who chooses the movie!” (Y/N) complained while Stiles was sat on the floor next to a pile of DVDs.
“That’s because you have awful tastes when it comes to movies.” Stiles retorted.
“That’s not true! We like the same stuff!” (Y/N) replied as she let her body fell onto her bed.
“Then shut up and let me choose.” Stiles laughed.
“Fine.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and took a bite of a fresh-cooked pancake.
“And don’t eat all the pancakes.” Stiles declared and threw a pillow at (Y/N).
“Okay, found one!” Stiles ignored (Y/N)’s complaints about receiving a pillow in the face and inserted the DVD he picked into the DVD player. Then he went to sit on the bed next to his best friend, grabbing a pancake as he did so.
(Y/N), who made herself another cup of coffee, went to drink it when Stiles got a hold of the mug and set it on the bedside table next to him.
“Seriously? I asked you if you wanted a cup and you said no.” (Y/N) declared.
“I don’t want coffee and you should stop drinking so much of it at three in the morning.” Stiles stated, looking at the TV.
“Please stop acting like that.” There was a hint of anger in the girl’s voice which made Stiles’s eyes set on her.
“Like what?” He frowned.
“Like I might die any second.”
“I’m just worried about you. What’s wrong with that?” Stiles said defensively.
“What’s wrong is that I asked you to come over to make me feel better, not worse. I won’t sleep, okay? I won’t let the nightmares ruin my life again. You don’t know how horrible it is to see the people you love die in front of you everytime you close your eyes. It’s messing with my head!” (Y/N)’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m so familiar with those nightmares by now that it feels like reality. And I hate feeling like this.”
(Y/N) expected Stiles to yell at her, to tell her that she was being ridiculous because she knew she was. She knew she had to put herself together and stop being so afraid of falling asleep. But instead, Stiles pulled her against his chest and closed his arms around her small body. She didn’t cry, she just closed her eyes and appreciated how safe she felt in Stiles’s arms.
“I’m sorry.” She declared.
“Don’t be.” Stiles said as he stroked her hair. “I’m here for you. Always.” He let go of her and looked at her. She looked very tired and he wished he could do something to help her feel better. “If there is anything I can do to help-”
“Stay.” She cut him off. “Can you stay the night, please?”
“Sure. I’m not going anywhere.” Stiles declared and he kissed her forehead.

“This movie sucked.” (Y/N) confessed while watching the closing credits of the movie Stiles had chose to watch an hour earlier.
“Do you ever stop complaining?” He rolled his eyes. “It wasn’t so terrible.” He shrugged.
“Right. As if I couldn’t tell that you didn’t like it either.” (Y/N) laughed.
“Fine. It wasn’t as good as I remembered it.” Stiles confessed. “But still, I’ve seen worse.” He added, yarning.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and tried to suppress a smile. She got up and picked up the empty plate and her now cold cup of coffee and put it on her desk, too lazy to go down to the kitchen.
“You can sleep in my bed, I don’t mind.” (Y/N) stated when she saw Stiles got up from the bed.
“Are you sure?” Stiles frowned.
(Y/N) turned around to face her best friend, she raised an eyebrow.
“Stiles, we’ve slept in the same bed before.”
“We were ten.” Stiles added.
“Well, I mean, if you’re uncomfortable with it, I can still-”
“No.” Stiles interrupted. “I mean, are you comfortable with it?” He asked, nervously.
“Of course, I am. I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t.” (Y/N) laughed a little. Stiles nodded.

(Y/N) was already wearing her night clothes – a short and oversized t-shirt which originally belonged to her father. Stiles was wearing his tracksuit and a black t-shirt but didn’t seem to mind sleeping fully dressed. He crawled under the warm blanket and made himself comfortable. (Y/N) was still standing by her desk, reluctant to go to sleep even if Stiles’s presence made her feel safer. But she knew that even her best friend was unlikely to protect her from her own dreams. She looked at the clock, it was now half past four in the morning and she knew that she had ran out of options or excuses to stay awake.
“It’s okay, (Y/N).” Stiles said while he watched his best friend staying still on the other side of the room.
(Y/N) sighed and laid down on the other side of the bed. She was staring at the ceiling while Stiles was staring at her.
“We can keep talking if it makes you feel better.” Stiles said.
“No, it’s okay. I don’t want to keep you awake, you must be exhausted. It was already selfish of me to ask you to come over again so late at night. I’ll just let you sleep now.” (Y/N) declared as she nervously played with her fingers.
“Okay, so, what do you want to talk about?” Stiles asked.
“I will not go to sleep until you do.” The boy said, serious.
“Are you blackmailing me?”
“No, I’m being here for you.” Stiles corrected.
(Y/N)’s eyes moved from the ceiling to her best friend. The lamps on her bedside tables were still lit and Stiles saw his friend frowning.
“What did I do to deserve you?” She asked, honestly wondering how Stiles never got tired of her after all these years.
“You hung out with me in kindergarten when everyone but Scott thought I was a weirdo.” Stiles said with a smile.
“You are a weirdo.” (Y/N) laughed.
“So are you. That’s why we get along so well.” He replied.

(Y/N) looked at him for a second. Then, she moved closer to him and rested her head on his chest as he closed his arms around her body once more. He was surprised when he found her hugging him again and he realised how much she needed it – because she never was a big hugger.
“Promise me you’ll never leave me. I don’t know what I would do without you, Stiles.” (Y/N) murmured.
“I promise. Besides, I need you more than you need me.” The teenage boy said as his grip tighten around (Y/N)’s small body.
“Yeah, I doubt that.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“Shut up.” Stiles said sarcastically.
They both laughed. (Y/N) started to feel her eyelids become heavy. Her eyes had been burning with fatigue all night and she wanted to let herself drift to sleep without thinking about what horrible things she would see once asleep. The last thing she felt was Stiles’s lips on her head and the last thing she heard was her best friend telling her that he loved her. She wanted to say it back but no word left her lips as she felt the darkness surround her and her demons take control of her thoughts.

She had fallen asleep, and once again, she wished she hadn’t.

Ivan Martinez - Mine

“I’ll meet you down the street in ten minutes, okay?” you said to your boyfriend, Ivan. You two had planned to spend the day together for your one year anniversary, but you hadn’t passed a bathroom in four hours. You finally found one, and you were planning to go to a restaurant down the street anyway so you asked Ivan to go get you a table.

“Okay,” Ivan said as he smiled at you. You gave him a kiss on the cheek before he started to walk down to the restaurant.

You went to the bathroom and took care of everything you needed to, and when you came out your face turned completely white. Standing there at the door, as if were waiting for someone, was your abusive ex-boyfriend. You quickly turned to go back in, but immediately felt his all-too-familiar grip on your arm pulling you back.

“Hey babe,"he growled in your ear as he pulled you to him. "It’s been a long time.” You’d broken up with him about a year and a half ago, in a not-so-polite way. You had texted him explaining how you felt and that you couldn’t be with him anymore, then boarded a flight to LA and changed your number.

You couldn’t find anything to say. You never imagined seeing him again, you never wanted to see him again. It was like your worst nightmare had come to life and was standing right in front of you.

“I’m still mad at you about the way you left me,” he said as he pushed you against the wall, still holding your arms so you couldn’t move away. His eyes were filled with fury, which only fueled your fear. “But now you’re mine again, and I’ll make you pay for it.”

You shook your head slowly as you looked at him with wide eyes. “I-I’m not yours. I’m dating somebody else.” You looked to the restaurant where Ivan was waiting for you inside, and you were terrified you’d never get to him.

“Not anymore you’re not,” he said as his grip on your arm tightened. You opened your mouth to yell, but he said, “No, y/n, you’re not going to yell. You’re going to be good and do what I say.”

You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to keep your tears from falling.  You’d never been able to escape him in the past, you certainly weren’t going to be able to escape from him in that moment.  You felt awful that you were going to be forced to leave Ivan there, waiting for you, until he finally realized that you weren’t coming.  

“Quit your crying,” your ex said, annoyed.  “Come on, let’s go.”  He let go of one of your arms so he could drag you, and you opened your eyes.  Tears immediately slid down your face and you were left with no choice but to follow him, until you saw a hand reach forward and grab him by the collar.

“Where the hell you think you’re going?”  The voice was the most beautiful one you’d ever heard, the one belonging to your boyfriend.  You’d never been happier to hear it, and you were always very happy to hear him speak.

Your ex stopped walking and turned around to face Ivan.  A smirk made its way across his face.  “Really, y/n?  You go from me to pretty boy here?  He doesn’t even look like he could snap a twig.”

You could see the anger in Ivan’s eyes, and you looked at him as more tears fell.  “Ivan he’ll hurt you.”

“He’s hurting you!” Ivan said as he took your one remaining hand, and used all his might to tear your ex’s hand off of yours.  “Nobody hurts you.”  He pulled you behind himself, and looked at your ex with one of the most terrifying looks you’d ever seen.  “You better get away.”

Your ex looked at you as his smirk fell.  “This isn’t over, y/n.”  He turned and walked away from you and Ivan.

You hugged him tightly, burying your face in his neck.  “You saved me.  Thank you, so much.”

“Who was that guy?” Ivan asked as he held onto you tightly for a moment, then pulled back to look into your eyes.  “How did he know your name?  Did you know him?”

You nodded slightly as you wiped away your tears with the back of your hand.  “Yeah, I knew him.  He and I were dating a couple years ago, right before I moved to LA.  He was abusive to me, and I…”  Your voice faltered as you spoke.  “One day, I texted him in the middle of the night and told him it was over.  Then I hopped on a plane to LA and changed my phone number.  And now…”  Your next three words came as a whisper.  “He’s found me.”

Ivan hugged you tightly.  “I won’t let him hurt you,” Ivan said as he squeezed you lightly, then pulled away from you.  “I promise.  Never again.”

You smiled, pecked him on the cheek, then hugged him once again.  “I love you.”

He smiled back at you.  “I love you more.  Now come, let us go eat.”

Ultralight Beam

Author’s Note: Immmm bacckkk. Jesus it literally feels like forever since I have sat down to write something that wasn’t an essay for my classes. It summer break and I’m making comeback to Tumblr and my comeback as a writer. This took two day to right but I put my heart into it, shout out to Harrys-writing she probably doesn’t even know me but dude you inspired me to start writing again, so this is high key dedicated to her. If there any grammar errors sorry. My request box is open and I’m open to writing about other artist, I’ve just been in my Harry vibes for a bit ( when have I ever not been in my harry vibes tho?) . This is supposed to be two parts, the next part may contain smut but that’s all up to if you guys want to read it. Also for extra effect you could listen to Harry’s cover of Ultralight Beam by Kanye West, as this was what I listened to when writing this .( ) . Anyways thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it!
You had everything you ever wanted. You were engaged to the love of your life, Nick Campbell. You lived in the home of your dreams. You loved your job. You would think you would be satisfied, but you know what they say only fools are satisfied.
You arrived at the listening party 20 minutes late due to your fiancés nagging and traffic, Nick couldn’t see why you were such a rush to be there since you were always in the studio with Harry while he was making the album. You had even travelled with him to Jamaica when he was writing, but none the less you just had to be here. You had to see him again.
“I’ll be back”, you assured Nick before placing a kiss onhis cheek and disappearing into the crowd of people. You would think it be easy for you to find the man of the hour, but it seemed impossible in sea of people in the venue. You continued in what seemed like a hopeless journey before a strong hand grabbed onto your forearm tightly and pulled you into a secluded hallway. “Hey get your paws off me, my fiancé will-” “Are you sure about that love?”. Your heart jumped and your breathing hitched as you turned to see him, the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Edward Styles hovering over you with the cheekiest smile on his face. Harry looked mouth watering, he was dressed head to toe in Gucci and his shirt was unbuttoned showing of his bare chest. He smelt like his infamous Versace cologne, the same cologne he wore when you first met- the smell brought back memories of the two of you together. You let out a small huff in attempts to pull yourself together - Harry notices and chuckled softly, that smug grin never leaving his face. “ I’ve been looking all over for you. Come with me”

This was so wrong. So so so so wrong. Your future husband could walk in here at any moment and everything would be over, your dirty little secret would be out. The background history of you and Harry was simple, you had met Harry at a mutual friend’s party after having a bad argument with your fiancé. A full bottle of vodka in both of your systems was to blame for you never making it home to your fiancé that night and waking up in Harry’s arms the following morning. That’s as far as it was supposed to go between you two, but Harry couldn’t get you out of his mind so he reached out to your mutual fiend to get you number. He texted you everyday for a week until you finally gave in and met him for lunch at his hotel while he was in town which lead to him fucking you on the countertop, and after that you two couldn’t get your hands off of each other. You would sneak out at night, make up lies about working late or staying with a friend, just to have Harry’s cock buried deep inside of you. It was ridiculous and you knew it but here you two are making out and dry jumping like two high schoolers. Harry was attacking your sweet spot on your neck with his lips, it had only been maybe 10 minutes since you two finally found each other but you were already melting like butter for him. “ Harry..shit fuck… my fiancé ”, you moans softly into the air as Harry’s warm hands began to wander all over your body. He chuckled softly,” Is that suppose to scare me… That twat is irrelevant”. “ That twat is the man I plan to marry”, you retorted back pushing away from Harry. “ Oh please (Y/N) don’t give me that shit, just a week ago you were at my door crying about he’s fucking his assistant. How long are you gonna keep this act up?” His nostrils began to flare, he was trying his best not to explode. You calling the twat your fiancé was enough to make him want to tear down the walls of the hallway you stood in. “ Nick is a good guy… we are..” “Don’t you dare say it (Y/N), it’s a lie and you know it. If you were happy you wouldn’t be in my bed every night”. The two of you stood in silence, the echoes of Kiwi bouncing down the hallway, you bit down on your lip softly unsure of what to say. You thought you were happy but as the months passed you started to put on your clothes a little slower whenever you and Harry had quickie, you would dread having to leave Harry and go back to your husband. “ You’re not happy and you know it. It’s bad enough he’s enough of an asshole but he bores you . You’re bored ( Y/N). What you have it’s not love, your just scared for once to take a leap of faith” , Harry began to pace in front of you his veins were bulging out and you could tell this whole thing had angered him. “ I can’t just leave him… you know that”, you whimper and look down at your hands. You never meant to hurt anybody, you knew this was wrong from the start but seeing Harry in such distress because of your actions was a nightmare come true.
“ You can’t just make decide like this”
“ No I can’t but it’s very clear what you’ve decided”
“ Harry stop please”
“ No you stop! You would rather marry that piece of shit than to be with someone who actually loves you. God dammit (Y/N), I’ve loved you since I first met you! But you’re too blind to see it !”
“ Harry… I didn't”
“ Of course you wouldn’t have known, you’re too stuck up that twats ass to notice”
“ Stop. This stops right now . Enjoy your life with Nick”
Harry gave you one last glance, his eyes a mixture sadness and anger, before he walks back into the crowd of guest leaving you to suffer in your own guilt.

Missing My Voice (Tony X Fem!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, surgery, needles, injury

Request: OK, so I have another request (If you don’t mind, of course)! So can you do a Tony x Reader (adopted daughter/father relationship)/ Peter x Reader (boyfriend/girlfriend relationship) where the reader loves to sing and play the guitar and a ton of other instruments but goes mute during a mission (due to an injury), and how it impacts Peter and Tony? And can Tony like, go to a ton of doctors and stuff to try and find a solution? Whether he does or doesn’t is up to you. Thanks in advance!

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Tony was walking down the hall to your room to tell you, his daughter, and your boyfriend, Peter, dinner was ready. When he got close enough, he heard your guitar and a bit closer, he heard your voice singing along, which brought a smile to his face.

You had loved the art of music since you were a baby. Before you could walk or talk, you always smiled and giggled when your dad put music on. When you could walk you would dance and when you could talk, you would try and sing along. By the time you were 3 you had tried making your own songs, which your dad proudly recorded you singing. You got excited to go see musicals and to go to choir practice, as well as band practice. You had learned the guitar by age 5, and you kept learning new instruments for fun; the trumpet, harp, drums, piano… but your strong point was always your old guitar and your voice. You had sung and played in public, and several record deals wanted you, but your dad told them to come back when you’ve finished school. He didn’t want you to get too overwhelmed and lose your love for music.

He knocked and opened the door, and you stopped and looked up at your dad. Peter was sat watching you, and he turned as well. “Come on you two, dinners ready.” He announced. You got up and followed your dad to the dining room.

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| The Coven - Jongdae X Reader AU Series - Prologue |

Collaborative Series with @exosmutxoxo & @nunchiwrites

Vampire!Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Action, thriller, angst, fluff, (eventual) smut

Warnings: Violence, blood, mentions of abuse and sexual abuse, (future) smut

Word Count: 1,150

Allow me to set the mood…

You were barely breathing- a lifeless shell of a human being, left to stain the stone floors with your blood and tears. 

Wrists and ankles bound. Gagged. Blindfolded. 

The only sense you were spared amidst the murky darkness of the cellar was your hearing. Your ears were met with the soft, all-too-familiar rasps and muffled cries that came from your fellow female captives. None of the others were bound like you were, however. You knew that they wanted to comfort you, to free the itchy bindings from your raw skin. But you were painfully familiar with the consequences they would face if any one of them interfered. You knew how this was going to work, just as it did at any of the town’s other whorehouses.

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House of Horrors 

This hunt was like nothing you’d ever experienced. As soon as you’d entered the house you knew you were screwed. The entire house was cursed with some of the most powerful magic you’d ever had the displeasure of being sucked into. 

Walking into it was like walking into a funhouse. There was no way of knowing what was real. Your worst nightmares had come to life before your eyes, crippling you with anxiety and fear. As soon as you walked through the door the house had practically come to life, separating you and Dean from one another. The door closest to you slammed, barricading you from him. “Y/N!” Dean pounded on the door but you never heard him, despite the fact that you were right next to him. You pounded on the door, screaming his name back, but he couldn’t hear you either. Now that you had the time to think about it, you knew this was a set up. Fucking Ketch had set you up. He sent you here to die. 

“Fucking house.” You grumbled, making your way through it. It didn’t matter which way you turned, the house was ever changing. You could walk through a door one second and turn to go back and the door would vanish, trapping you in yet another room. You fought your way through rooms full of ghosts and other monsters until you finally made it to an empty room and dropped to your knees, completely spent, dripping with sweat, grime, and blood.

The sound of a cocking gun drew your attention behind you and you stood, turning to face the next obstacle in your path. “Don’t move.” You froze at the sight. The human who had killed your parents and kidnapped you as a child stood directly in front of you, pointing a gun at your chest. The human who you thought Bobby Singer had killed and saved you from. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t scream for Dean. This was your worst fear. 

The only thing you heard over the rush of blood in your ears was the firing of the gun. Once the bullet pierced your chest and you dropped to the ground, you could feel the magic of the house start to dissipate around you. The house wanted one of you to kill the other to get out. It was the only way. Things felt normal again and you moved your eyes back to your attacker, only to find Dean standing in his place, gun still aimed where you were once standing, blinking his eyes and shaking his head. “D-Dean?” 

“Y/N?” Dean whispered. “Oh God.” Dean dropped to his knees and cradled your head in his lap, brushing your hair from your face. “I thought you were Toni. You weren’t -”

“I know.” You choked, reaching up to put your bloody hand on his face. “Thought…thought you were him. Ketch set us up.” Your eyes rolled back in your head and your arm dropped like a rock. Blood gurgled in your chest and Dean couldn’t help but panic, grabbing your limp, lifeless body in his arms and running to the door. 

“You’re not dying, Y/N. Not today. I’m not gonna let him kill you like this.” Dean kept trying to reassure you as he placed you in the back of the Impala, screaming for Cas as he sped to the nearest hospital, already plotting his revenge on Ketch.

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Baby Project (Pt. I)

Tyler Joseph Series

Summary: Two long life enemies, who supposedly hate each other with a burning passion are forced to spend more time than preferred together.

(A/N): Hello party people, I wrote this because I fancy the thought of Tyler being a jock. I‘m quite positive that someone requested this as well. Enjoy x 

Words: 1,131

“Lastly, I‘d like to announce the big homework!“ the teacher calls out within the last three minutes of his lesson, making the whole class to let out a long groan and some muttered complains. “You‘re all thrilled to find out I see“ he adds wryly while bending down to take out a big cardboard box from under his desk, which seems to be quiet heavy, and drops it on the table, causing dust to fly everywhere. 

“I‘m pretty sure every one of you has seen one of these“ the professor says, as he pulls out a baby doll from the mystery box and holds it upside down by one of its leg. 

“What does that have to do with our homework, Sir?“ a guy asks, starting up a discussion among the other students. 

“Listen up!“, Mr Danforth exclaims quieting the class, “This is not just a simple task. It‘s what I like to call it, the Baby Project!“ he finishes enthusiastically and throws his arms in the air, letting go of the baby‘s leg at the same time, causing it to start crying the second it fits the wooden surface. Before any comments could be made, he continues speaking while trying to get the doll in his arms to simmer down. “Each one of you will be assigned a partner. Together, you‘ll have to take care of your very own baby for 14 days! Doesn‘t that sound exciting?“

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General prompts;
  1. 1. ”You buried her?”
    ”I didn’t see the point of hanging around with a dead body any longer than I needed to.”
  2. If you are so angry that you shake, you are too angry. Go get coffee or something and come you are calm.
  3. The ones who mourn their inevitable death will be sent to an early grave
  4. And what I am I supposed to do if the thing starts to rip me apart?
  5. At this point it’s just killing to survive. Not for sport, not for habits, not for no other reason to stay alive and survive this mess.
  6. You are not to lay a hand on a wife of the last King of this land, or the guards will be forced behead you.
  7. May I remind you what the last time you left your eldest son in charge, your majesty. It can never happened again.
  8. And just how did you think I could defeat all the demons of hell?
  9. You don’t have the slightest idea what they have see or done. And I for one, don’t even want to think about it.
  10. We have enough shit going on here in one city, why would we expand?
  11. Every time your name flashes on the phone screen, I don’t want to answer it. Because I know you will get me in trouble.
  12. ”Just to clarify, do I lose or win if I choke to death?”
    ”I mean it’d be a personal lose, but…”
  13. Well even after everything… At least you have your door left intact
  14. ”How was I supposed to know she’s a kleptomaniac based on one conversation?”
    ”You caught her trying to take your wallet!”
  15. ”Who invited the fucking pyro! I don’t need to be charged with vandalisms too!”
    ”So assault is fine, but vandalisms goes over the line?”
  16. Stop laughing, you are supposed to be dead.
  17. I knew he had come back to the city when the warehouse was set on fire.
  18. You guys are all kinds of fucked, you know that right?
  19. We could just kick it in, right? If she can’t pick it open, I mean.
  20. Why is it that you are the nicest of us all, but look the shadiest.
  21. ”You cannot win this war!”
    ”I am not trying to! I just want to survive!”
  22. My job is to dig my thumb down your old wounds until you scream out the secrets and lies you hold
  23. ”And if he shoots me to the head?”
    ”Well then we are more fucked than before.”
  24. Betray me, and I’ll make sure I’m your biggest nightmare.
  25. “Why did you do this?”
    “Because you have more than stressful life already, and… I thought you’d appreciate st least the idea of this.”
  26. “Do you know where he went?”
    “Well he said that he was going for a walk, so I can only imagine that he’s outside.”
  27. He felt like a piece of hand me down clothing. That nobody wanted to take a responsibility for, that nobody wanted.
  28. Well, well, now I just know how much of a death wish you have, coming to me for help.
  29. He had woken up screaming for the first time in a long time, sweat burning his eyes, the clothes sticking against his skin
  30. I know she’s the reason I don’t feel the same anymore when I’m alone, the reason I feel like crying when she’s mad enough to not speak to me. She makes me happier than I have never been, happier than I thought I never was going to be.
  31. Even if those were pure intentions, you did do it at the end and in their eyes, it’s the only thing that matters
  32. The knife in your hand is still dripping blood, mate. You need help with the body or something? Or is there a more sinister reason you are ringing my doorbell at four am?
  33. “And how did you obtain this car, mom? And why do you smell like you were drenched in a gas?”
    “What about you mind your own goddamn business? And don’t say anything about this to dad, alright?”
  34. Did you just push a kid with crunches out of the way, just to get the last hotdog?
  35. “Keep your back straight.”
    ”It’s pretty hard when rest of you is gay.”
  36. These things never worked out in the movies, so why did I even think I could pull this off in real life was fucking idiotic.
  37. He felt like a piece of hand me down clothing. That nobody wanted to take a responsibility for, that nobody wanted.
  38. Torture will always produce some false confessions and lies, with our without information.
  39. The newspaper clippings were glued to the front door and the pocket watch tied around the door handle.
  40. ”We are not harboring a fugitive in our house!”
    ”He’s not a fugitive, he’s your godfather!”
  41. What a better way to find out that you are a immortal than wake up after a nuclear blast to find everybody dead?
  42. I know it’s not the healthy way to think about it, but.. To me he’s not dead, he’s just not here at the moment.
  43. Wait, what are you doing? You can’t nail your shoes to a skateboard! How are you going to move, like you need to kick to get momentum to get from point A to point B.
  44. Ignore the fucking stumble on the chairs. I’m still cool as fuck. 
  45. ”Okay, how am I supposed to open this door?”
    ”Just kick it on the middle and push. I think I fucked it up when I slammed it yesterday…”
  46. Stop starting at me, I feel like you will punch me…
  47. ”Hey –”
    ”Don’t spoil the silence, dear.”
  48. Just because I don’t know what I’m doing, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do it.
  49. You motherfuckers are playing basketball and didn’t invite me?!
  50. It makes me feel so much better knowing you could severely hurt yourself doing this.
  51. “Why didn’t you try to stop me?!”
    “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that was my job!”
  52. He has moments of bravery, more than I can say about you.
  53. “The road is ending, what do we do?”
    “Ditch the car! Save yourselves!”
    “Don’t jump out of the -”
  54. The boss wasn’t expecting you to survive.
  55. Is she expecting me to go after her? Because you know, my knee is pretty messed up and.. Alright, I’ll do.

chapter titles;
  1. No Death For The Cowardly
  2. Man With A Purpose Has To Be Feared
  3. Ticket To Heaven Or Hell
  4. The Pain That Happens In Love
  5. We Cannot Change The Past, Time Boy
  6. Loosing Fingers Left And Right
  7. We Will Always Question Did We Deserve It
  8. Don’t Be An Animal, Use The Doors
  9. If Resulting In Slight Stabbing
  10. We Aren’t Who They Think We Are
The Boy Next Door- Grayson Dolan Pt. 2

A @dolansanonymous & @grethansdolans production

Part One , Part Three , Part Four , Part Five

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“No don’t go in there!” You mumbled. It was around midnight on a Friday. You were currently watching Nightmare On Elm Street with the blanket up just under your eyes. You’ve seen Nightmare On Elm Street about a thousand times by now but it’s always like you’re watching it for the first time.

You let out a scared shriek as Freddy literally sucks the life out of Sheila and quickly hid under the blanket. “I told you!” You said to the tv, taking the blanket off of you.

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Dean Winchester x Reader

@abbessolute​ asked for drabble prompt #5:  “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

If you want a drabble prompt request here’s the list!! Please send one in, they’re fun!

It was easy to see Dean was having an off day. Not sure why, but he just wasn’t himself, and you wanted to help him. It wasn’t easy seeing your boyfriend shutting you out, closing himself off from anyone who cared about him. You should be used to it, that’s always how he handled his problems. But you had thought the two of you had finally moved past that.

Trying to make him feel better, you had turned the radio to his favorite station, wearing nothing but socks and one of his FBI shirts just like in that one movie. But when you held your hand out as he walked by, wanting to dance with him, he just kept walking his gaze down, his shoulders slumped.

Trying to shrug it off, you had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. By the time you had made it back to the library, Dean was gone from view. Checking the kitchen, you saw him rummaging through the near empty fridge. “Why don’t we go to that diner you love? Just the two of us? We haven’t done that for a while now, and it sounds like fun!”

“I guess.” He grumbled, but you could have sworn he perked up a little at the thought. Rushing out of the kitchen, you found Sam, who was reading in his room.

“Dean and I are taking off. Need anything?” You asked, but he just shook his head.

“I’m good. But maybe you can get that blockhead of a brother to finally open up to you. I’m tired of his moping.” Sam told you.

“I sure hope so.” You answered, stepping out into the hall to meet Dean at the Impala.

Soon enough the two of you were seated in your favorite booth, a milkshake to share in between you. Fiddling with your hands, you watched as Dean looked almost everywhere but at you. It stung, but you knew something had him hurting, and he wasn’t trying to be mean.

But when his double bacon cheeseburger showed up, and then just sat there, hardly touched at all, you had enough. “ You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Finally, those green eyes that you had been missing turned up, staring at you with a mixture of pain and guilt. It was enough to have you biting your lip, wanting to crawl over the table and wrap him up in your arms. “Y/N, I don’t… it’s just…” He stuttered the words, not knowing where to start.

Reaching over, you grasped his hand. “Hey, do you remember our last talk? Where you promised not to shut me out anymore? I can handle anything you throw at me. You don’t have to bear that weight alone.”

“I know. I just…” He said before sighing. “Do you know our anniversary is coming up? We will have been together for three years now.”

“Our anniversary is what has you so down?” You asked him, your hurt showing a little through your words.

He shook his head emphatically. “No, not our anniversary. But what it means. It means that you have stuck with me through three years of this horrible life, and what have I given you in return? A couple of scars, nightmares that you can’t hide from me. But not what you truly need. A house, a family. A normal life. You deserve all those things and so much more, and it kills me that I won’t be the one to give them to you.”

Tears pooled in your eyes at how he was tearing himself up over not being good enough for you. “Dean, I don’t care about those things. I care about you, and our life together. Sure, it’s crazy and weird and dangerous. But I don’t mind. As long as that means I get to spend every day with you by my side. I love you Dean, and I will take that love over a white picket fence any day.”

“You just deserve the world.” He insisted. “I wish I could give you more.”

“Dean, I’m happy the way it is. Well, not with you sulking around me, missing out on my outfit this morning. But I’m okay with our life, and I want you to be too.”

“Okay.” He said, taking a deep breath. “But you’ll let me know if you want more? And I can try.”

“I don’t need more. I have you, and you are more than enough.” You insisted again, watching as the sparkle returned to his eyes, his stomach grumbling.

“Well, let’s finish this meal, and then maybe you can do another showing of that outfit? That’s too good to miss.” He said, acting a little more like the Dean you had fallen in love with.

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Incomplete 01

Gang!Mafia! AU series
Pairing: GOT7 x Reader x BTS
Rating: M because of content
Requested by Anon
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

There is a story about the boogeyman and as a small girl you were always afraid of him. You remember your mother always coming into your room when you were always afraid and checked your closet even under your bed. Your father would always tell you to grow up, that it is all inside your head. That it was a make believe story to scare little kids.

One night, your mother and father had taken you out to get some ice cream after going to see a movie. You were holding your mothers hand as she held your fathers. You looked up to see them laughing and smiling, and for once they weren’t fighting. But when you reached home, your father became defensive as if something was not right.

The crack of lightening and heavy downpour of the rain smacked the ground. The front door was wide open as if someone broke in. You’ve never seen your father hold a gun before and you’ve never seen him at work. Every time he took a phone call, he would go somewhere hidden. But when you saw him bring out a gun from the inside of his waistband of his pants, it frightened you. You held onto your mother. “Daddy?” You called out to him but he held out his hand as if he was silently shushing you.

“Shhh…” your mother shushed you as she waited for an all clear from your father as he continued to walk forward. She crouched down to meet your level. “I know you’re scared, but you have to be quiet.” She said whispering to you as you cried nodding.

The crack of lightening. Your father stepped inside the house now as it became quiet. Too quiet. Even with the heavy rain and crack of lightening, it was too quiet. Just as another crack of lightening struck the ground, gunshots went off inside your home. You looked around and saw no one.

“(Your/dads/name)!” Your mother called out.

Nothing. Just the sound of heavy rain.

Dark figures came out of the house with your father being barely alive and breathing. You started to hyperventilate as your breathing started to go rapid as your eyes met with your dying fathers. “Hand over the key and the girl and we will let you go.” They yelled to your mother.

You shared a look with your mother when your mother turned around to face you and gave you a kiss. She put slipped a small envelope into your pocket of your jeans and gave you her necklace. She whispered something into your ear before the bad men started to shout again.

“Come on! Whats taking so long?!” The dark hooded man yelled to your mother as a gun clicked.

“Ready?” Your mother whispered as she gripped your hand and began whisper counting.

1…2…3…“Now!” She whispered yelled to you as she took your hand and ran. A gun went off but you both kept running. She was running so fast it was hard to keep up, but you kept running in fear that the boogeymen would come find you and hurt you and your mother. Just as she pulled you over the bridge line, she slowed down. Panting. “We are almost there sweetie, just a bit longer okay.” She reassured you as you walked beside her.

“Okay mommy, but where are we going? What about daddy?” You asked crying quietly As you held your mothers hand. You looked around observing your surroundings. It looked like you were in a higher class of the city. A side of the city you’ve never seen before.

“Daddy will be okay. He is a tough man.” Your mother said gently but looked saddened as if she was withholding some information. “We are going to go stay with one of mommy’s friends okay.” She said as she started to limp but you didn’t notice.

You nodded your head as the rest of the walk went silent. When you finally reached the place your mother said you were going to stay at, you became frightened. The men guarding the big house, it looked like a mansion, let you through the gate because your mother was familiar with them. When you got to the front door, a man opened the door.

“My (your/mothers/name)…I never thought I’d see you come back. Come in…” he said as he ushered for your mother and yourself to come inside.

The rain and lightening became easier as it started to lighten. Your mother walked inside with you as you were amazed when you stepped inside. A grand staircase, a big foyer that separated into several sections and a beautiful crystal chandelier hung above you. Shining. Your attention was cut short when your mother started whisper talking to the man.

“She needs a place to stay. I don’t want that life for her. Please watch over her. She has the key but don’t let her know its true meaning. She loves flowers. (Favorite/Flower)s especially.” Your mother whispered out to the man as the man looked down at you with saddened eyes before he called one of his maids to take you upstairs.

The man looked at the maid as he was talking to her as your mother bent down to give you a kiss and that she would be up soon. “Take her upstairs and get her cleaned up. Don’t let her down here.” He had ordered the maid as she took your hand and ushered you to follow. You were hesitant at first until your mother nodded her head and reassured you that you were in a safe place now. The maid smiled down at you as you followed her.


There was a knock on your bedroom door as you laid asleep on your queen sized princess bed. “Miss!” Your personal maid yelled from your door. You grumbled awake. “Miss it’s time for school!” She had said to you as she now entered into your bed chambers as you still laid on the bed grumbling. “Miss, master is home and wants to take you to school.” She bribed as she tried to get you to get up.

Master. Your second dad. The man that has been watching over you ever since your mother and father passed away. You’ve blocked that memory out of your mind as a kid. You always had nightmares of the boogeymen, the bad men, to come and find you to take you away. Even now, the flashbacks come back. Piece by piece.

Your second dad, it took time for you to call him dad. When you got old enough to know, you had asked him about what life your mother said that night, but he would never discuss such things with you, nor would he discuss his job with you. He was always on the phone or in his office. A part of the house you were never allowed to explore.

When the maid told you that your dad would be taking you to school today, you jumped up so fast out of the bed that you almost fell from being tangled in the bedsheets. “Hurry get dressed miss, he’s waiting for you.” She said as she handed you your school uniform and shoes.

The standard uniform for your school. Only the richest kids attend. Your dad wanted the best for you as he knew your mother wanted this life for you. You actually liked it and made some friends. You were smart and hardworking but you weren’t like the average snobby rich kid. You were kind and gentle. Maybe that’s why you had a lot of friends.

You took your uniform And shoes from your personal maid and started to get ready for class. When you were finished, your maid handed you your purse like backpack as you were leaving your room so she could stay behind and tidy up. When you reached downstairs, your dad was waiting for you in the foyer room with a small box in his hand.

“Good morning…are you ready?” He asked as you smiled at him as he held a little box.

As you walked to the car following him you asked, “what’s in the box?” The driver of the car opened the car door for you as you slid in. Your father handed the box to you when you got into the car.

“Open it, its a suprise.” He said.

You opened the box to find a key. You looked at the vintage looking key and then your dad.

“You said you wanted a garden, if I remember correctly. So I invested for you to have your very own garden sanctuary.” He informed you with a smile on his face when he noticed the pure happiness on your face. You gave him a quick hug before you retracted yourself.

When the driver pulled into your school, you waited for the driver to let you out. “I may be late picking you up after school.” Your dad warned as he could have another late night. You nodded. “If I’m not here by Five P.M., call the house and someone one will come get you.” He said to you just before you got out of the car. He was going to tell you ‘I love you’ but his phone rang and the car drove off.

You sighed to yourself as you were thankful for the kind gift. You always wanted a garden. A sanctuary. A place to feel safe. A place to fill it up with your favorite flowers and even have a small pond with a fountain and fish inside. You found the setting to be quite relaxing. It reminded you a lot of your mother. As you walked up the walkway that lead to your school building, you heard something. You looked around to find the source as you saw two men eyeing you but you thought it was just a coincidence as they could just be hanging out so you brushed it off as you made your way inside the building to start your day.