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“If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see. If you look away, even for an instant then our hero will surely perish.”

The opening words for the new Laika production “Kubo and The two strings” immediately had me hooked and the movie didn’t let me go until the very bittersweet end. I went to see the stop motion film today at a friend’s suggestion and I’ll admit I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Art Parkinson voices our eleven year old protagonist, Kubo, a storyteller, the son of a sorceress and a brave samurai. It is a tale filled with adventure and imagination. It goes into the Japanese culture beautifully while not overwhelming you with too much information at once. It was just an overall amazing movie, in my opinion.

Iron Fist S1: a review

So I just binge watched the entire season of Iron First over the last two days. This is an origins story. Not how he got the iron fist power but how he became iron fist the hero. I knew it was going to be lots of human development and background rather than action sequences and mystical stuff.

As someone who has been watching superhero and martial arts films all my life let me just say, anyone giving this show (overly) bad reviews has been weaned on hollywood blockbusters and shows/movies pretty much overdoing it with the fight scenes. So watching more realistic scenes in IF seem slow and underwhelming by comparison. Also the styles used here are not the typical overly dramatic and violent ones you normally see in hollywood.

Finn Jones did an excellent job of playing someone who disappeared from the world at age 10, and is now back struggling to adjust to our world while being traumatized by all that he had been through. Sweet and naive, arrested development, rash and impulsive, confused and hurt, and totally clueless about how to woo Colleen.

The Iron Fist is a WHITE MAN. Get over it. Better yet google the original comics.

Jessica Henwick was perfectly cast as Colleen Wing. She was more badass than him tbh lol.

The chemistry between these two was so sweet and obvious, my newest ship. I’ve seen posters saying there was no chemistry. You gotta wonder, what do you kids define as chemistry these days? Cause not everything is about blatant sexual heat. But then again what can I expect from a generation that worships kim kardashian and nicki minaj. Sigh.

My biggest issue with the series was the pacing. Lord, so slow in some parts. I reckon if we cut out the unnecessary scenes and all that goddamn talking among the Meachums the seasom would have worked at 8 episodes. I found myself fast forwarding alot. The writing was spotty tbh. You gotta wonder if there weren’t different writers for different episodes, cause some were really good and others not so much lol.

Overall I give it a solid 3.5/5, though some episodes deserve to be a 4.

I just saw Now You See Me 2 and. Oh. My. God.

I’ve been a fan of the first movie since the day it came out, and I’ve seen it multiple times, so I was expecting something really amazing for the second one, and it did not disappoint.

Everything about this movie was so amazing and so mind blowing that by the end of the movie I was just ready to throw my popcorn into the air. I’m not giving any spoilers, but every single detail is important, even the insignificant ones. And the CAST. oh my gosh. Daniel Radcliffe morphed into the villain so well and it was intimidating to watch him because there is so much passion in his acting and it was just mind blowing.

Too be honest, I’m going as far to say it was better than the first movie.

Tl;dr this movie is amazing and you need to watch it, especially if you’re into secret societies, mystery, and magic.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS review by Steve Oatney —

Stop what you’re doing, and go see this movie.

That’s all I need, or want, to say, but you probably would like for me to say just a bit more, eh? Well, okay then. Let me say this: There are two movies at the top of my list for 2016. Were they Suicide Squad and X-Men: Apocalypse as I had hoped they might be? No. No they were not. My two favorite films of 2016 are Swiss Army Man (starring Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliffe) and now KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS is right up there, on the top rung, with it.

At a glance, Kubo looks like your everyday run-of-the-mill animated movie for kids, but it is so much more than that. Is it good for kids? Yes? Is it a silly cartoon? No. Kubo is the story of a young boy who has a knack for storytelling combined with a magical-power he can use while playing music. He can make paper dance, play, fold itself into origami, and even fly. His power was given to him by his mother, an other-worldly magic-user who falls in love with a human and they have a child together, against the wishes of her family.

As Kubo’s father, a once great Samurai, is believed to be deceased, and his mother’s health is failing, Kubo is a full-time caregiver to her. Then, things get interesting. Very interesting. Kubo only has one eye, as his grandfather (another other-worldly magic-user) took it from him in attempt to blind him from the world, believing that his family-members should be above all things earth-bound. Ever since, Kubo’s mother has done what she can to keep Kubo (and his one remaining eye) hidden from his grandfather and two aunts who can apparently only hunt for him at night.

Things go completely haywire when Kubo is caught off-guard while staying out too late and nighttime falls. In order to protect Kubo, his mother gives him temporary wings and sends him away while she battles her sisters who have now found the boy. Kubo awakes to find a monkey tasked with his protection. Together, they begin a search for three items. A magical sword, breastplate of armor, and a helmet, which are the only items that can help keep Kubo safe from his grandfather and aunts. Along the way they meet a humanoid beetle who used to be a human warrior and was cursed to live as a bug with no memory, but the beetle knows that the symbol on Kubo’s jacket is the same as his own warrior’s crest, so he pledges to help Kubo find the magic items, and the true adventure begins!

I’ll not spoil any more of the plot, but will say that the overall moral of the story is so touching, so heartwarming, and so wonderful, that it was a joy to see unfold. Believe me when I say that this achievement in animated filmmaking by Laika (The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, Coraline) is on par with the astounding work of Pixar and is not to be missed.

Did I mention that Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, George Takei, and Rooney Mara all voiced characters? They all do beautiful work, but Art Parkinson, who voices Kubo, brings the character, and the film, to life with the help of a HUGE team of animators who created this 3D stop-motion fantasy action adventure film of epic proportion!

As I said, and was tempted to leave as nothing more than: Go see this movie.

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hey! i wanted to ask u abt the dceu, do u think the direction wb is going in right now is the right path? theres alot of rumors lately abt whos directing wht and i wont lie ill be very concerned if mel gibson is directing a dc movie and the rumors about legend of tarzan writer dont make me feel any better i hope warnr bros is going in the right direction :(

Personally, I just take things as they come and don’t take a lot of rumors seriously. If Mel Gibson ends up directing Suicide Squad 2, fine. I just won’t be seeing that movie. If it’s someone else, then okay.

The Legend of Tarzan writer doesn’t concern me at all. IDK if you guys were paying attention to that movie, but it succeeded at the box office despite bad reviews, and was well received by audiences. It was a surprise success. That writer isn’t someone to be afraid of.

Of course there are a lot of rumors going around right now about writers and directors. There are a lot of movies that don’t HAVE writers and directors so they’re looking at people. I feel like the fandom, and other people, worry too easily. We have our next three movies set. Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Aquaman. Two of those are already done with a lot of positivity surrounding them, and Aquaman has a great team working on it. Personally, I’m not worried about the movies past Aquaman right now because nothing is set in stone about them. I encourage you to do the same.


“First rule of magic: always he the smartest person in the room.”

Now You See Me 2 the settle to the surpringly good first movie is directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, GIJOE 2) and written by Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted, Now You See Me, Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels, Super Mario Bros). Let me get this out of my system now… It should have been called, Now You Don’t! But I understand that would completely fly over any audience members who haven’t seen and like the first movie. Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it is essentially a comedy action thriller about a group of performance magicians (like Chris Angel and David Blaine, Lance Burton, etc.) who are paired together by a mystical calling. Each one possess their own style of magic, and together they form this apparently magical super group called, The Four Horseman. The mystery element is actually quite a fun and exciting caper, with quite the ridiculously good ending reveal. There’s no way you will catch the “tell” throughout the movie, and by the end, it’s so crazy you might not have expected it. It is a fun time, with likeable characters, I highly recommend it. I own it on Bluray, if that means anything. The sequel picks up 18 months after the ending revelation of the first, as The Four Horseman are now underground, on the run from government activity and suspicion. There demand and popularity among the public are at an all time high in success. There is one casting replacement from pretty Isla Fisher to the attractive Lizzy Caplan, as apparently Isla’s character left in the movie. The rest remain the same. It will be difficult to reveal certain plot points or criticisms without spoiling it, but I’ll do my best. An old enemy comes back into their now continued successful lives, and the magical mystery begins unraveling once more, as they need to band up with new friends to discover the secret.


- Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers, True Detective, Zombieland, No Country for Old Men, Seven Psychopaths, Triple 9, Out of the Furnace, Defendor, The People vs Larry Flynt, Kingpin, The Thin Red Line, Semi-Pro, 2012, Rampart, Hunger Games, *War on the Planet of the Apes)

- Mark Ruffalo (Collateral, Zodiac, The Avengers, Spotlight, Shutter Island, Brothers Bloom, Foxcatcher, Begin Again)

- Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, The End of the Tour, American Ultra, Adventureland, The Double, BvS, Rio, *Cafe Society)

- Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield, Mean Girls, The Interview, Masters of Sex, The Night Before)

- Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, Horns, Kill Your Darlings, *Swiss Army Man)

- Dave Franco (Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, Fright Night, Warm Bodies, *The Masterpiece)

- Morgan Freeman (Se7en, Shawshank Redemption, Unforgiven, Gone Baby Gone, Bruce Almighty, The Dark Knight trilogy, Amistad, The Bucket List, Oblivion, Lucky Number Slevin, Olympus/London Has Fallen, Robin Hood, RED, Lucy, Outbreak)

The biggest problem I had with this accepted sequek was that it became to incomprehensible and wacky that I lost some respect and admiration. Wherein the first movie actually gave reasoning and showed parlor tricks, giving us a hint of how things occurred, a plausibility (like a magician), the sequel was blown out of proportions. Although I will give director Chu credit with infusing his Chinese heritage in placing the story in Macau, as well as giving the movie elements of Ocean’s Eleven panache and flare, the plot was very convoluted. Every magic trick has three parts as we learn in Christopher Nolan’s best film, The Prestige: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. Now You See Me 2 succeeds in the pledge, it falters towards the end of the pledge by not allowing us to get insight and wonder, and it fails in giving us the magical Prestige. No matter how cool and suave the acting and tricks were, I was pulling at air to understand how some of them were even possible. It seems as if the universe of the movie became full on magical, and I’m okay with that for the future, I was just expecting the movie to continue its theme of Robin Hood-esque playable explainable tricks and illusions over unknown magic.


+ Main Cast

+ Woody Harrelson

+ style

+ Special Effects

+ Security check heist sequence


- Daniel Radcliffe

- Plot

- Ridiculously ludicrous at times

Although the plot was very convoluted, bouncing around the world, literally, I had a entertaining time. I feel like I had a funner time watching this movie than Warcraft. I still recommend watching the first movie, as I feel it is superior to the sequel in both strayed and style. But yes, even with a crazy very mixed character wise plot zooming from China to US, to London, etc. the actors did very well. I really liked the group as a whole, as their comraderie was very prevalent and led their pursuits. Individually they have their string suits, and together they form a much more cohesive and slick moving unit. The one downside in the acting of the man group was that they did not get the single moments to shine. The sequel does give you a 5min intro summary to catch up, but it also expects you to already be familiarized and welcoming of the Horsemen. The first movie gave them their moments to shine alone, but that’s because they had to be depicted as selfish and isolated to get the inevitable unlikely heroes banded together vibe. The rivalry between Eisenberg and Harrelson was still present as they play around with each other, mirrored to Franco’s greenhorn rookie fitting in. New entry, Lizzy Caplan does a good job at jumping in on the already close knit group. She serves as the comedic relief, and I’d say she pulled it off rather well, along with proving to be independent in no need of the men to back her up. Each of the Horsemen have their magical specialty whether it be hipnosis or card tricks or more, and each element is thrown in. On the supporting side, Mark Ruffalo brings his A game once again, proving that he can bring heart, emotion, and intensity to any role he chooses. Opposite him, Morgan Freeman surprisingly does not phone it in, as his smooth talking, one step ahead type character was legitimately fun to hear and watch. I was a hit disappointed with Daniel Radcliffe and the lack of Harry Potter inside jokes haha. His character served as the sort of antagonist billionaire baddie with infinite resources and thugs. There were elements of a lackluster Bond villain if he were to be much younger. Radcliffe didn’t really convince me, nor did he impress really. Once again, it is the Four Horsemen you want to watch, and I’d say they deliver in the entertainment field.

Some other aspects I thought note worthy, we’re the action and special effects. They looked both stylish and very cool, but like the tricks, when questioned, you don’t get an answer or possibility out of them. Some of the scenes were so out there that you just had to role with the punches this sequel preps over the initial movie. Don’t get me wrong, when the Horsemen did their acts and magic tricks, although they were legit magic at times, I had fun watching it occur (especially the card tricks). Where all these effects and magic seem to be headed is in the direction of a full out magical element underneath our known world. At this point, it seems like The Horsemen are actual magician sorcerers who can bend rules of reality. So if the likely third installment unveils the curtain and shows us the trick underneath completely and magically, I think they’d be accepted. Continuing along the path of saying they are merely illusions is not going to cut it anymore. Just go ahead and bring us the real magic, and hell, a evil sorcerer villain. It’ll be perfectly acceptable, as Dr. Strange is going to bring us back to some magicians on screen.

Overall, I had a good time with this lengthy magician comedy heist. I definetly think it is worth a watch, preferably after you watch the first movie. There are elements carried over from the first movie, but nothing that will leave you in the blind from not seeing it. Of course, you will miss the inside jokes, group mentality, and big plot twist by not seeing the first, but it is not mandatory. I’d say that Now You See Me 2 fits into the universe of the very style over logical substance of the latter Fast and the Furious. Once again, where the first movie actually allowed us to wonder and believe soon of the tricks were real, the sequel blows out all the windows and settles for anything is possible, nothing needs to be explained. With all that said, it is exciting, fun, Las Vegas cool, and has a very likeable group of characters.

7/10 & B$A


I’m tagging cause I want all of you to see this. Annie is an amazing movie and they remake is great I’ve gone and seen it three times.

And people aren’t seeing it cause annie is black and she’s meant to be white with red hair. Cause that’s how it was in the original.

But it’s a fricking remake and it’s set in the twenty first century the little girl they got to play Annie kills it.

If you want to go see a great family movie please go see this one it’s getting bad reviews because people are being racist.

I mean I’m as pale as you can get with blue eyes brown hair (red atm) I’ve got lots of people I can look up to who look like me. I don’t need to see more movies with people who look like me.

But this is so important this is a little girl who now feels comfortable because she saw a movie where the girl was like her.

Now that (almost) everyone and their dog can type something up and put it on the internet, or get on a youtube channel and ‘say stuff’ in a bombastic and self-aggrandizing manner, we’re seeing an influx of people who don’t know a mise en scène from a montage setting themselves up as movie critics. 

Unless you’ve got a degree in film criticism, just please tell me what you liked or didn’t like, as a person.

And, seriously, KAISER AT CELEBITCHY recuse the fuck out of yourself… don’t review a film and be a sarcastic asshole because you have a bone to pick and pick and pick and fucking pick about one of the stars.  Go pop your pimples, instead.

everyone in the tag like ‘UGH IM NOT GONNA SEE ABOUT RAY BC IT’S TRANSPHOBIC’ is just reminding me of little kids refusing to eat something just because it looks a certain way.

Give it a fucking chance and grow up? Like watch it then decide if it’s transphobic or not instead of throwing temper tantrums right now. Be mature about it and stop going about it in the ‘tumblr’ way. I mean I’m bigender. if I go to see it and I’m like ‘oh wow that’s bad.’ I’m gonna go home and write a movie review bc guess what they’ll probably value my opinion over someone’s who didn’t even fucking watch it. 

It’s amazing how many people on this website want to be treated like adults, yet can’t fucking act like one.

We went to see Now You See Me 2 this afternoon. It is the hottest, messiest hot mess I’ve seen in ages. I want to dislike it for being such a total narrative shitshow but it’s so goddamn glorious as a cheap action heist thriller that I just can’t. It is cognitive dissonance boiled down into a movie.

Also I’m pretty sure Mark Ruffalo beats the shit out of someone with a geoduck so I feel a little vindicated about the Foodieverse geoduck joke.

“if you’ve ever wanted to climb mount everest but didn’t want your dick to freeze and snap off, perfect thing for you- you can now watch it in a movie theater at room temperature” a thrilling and insightful review by jeremy jahns of the upcoming film ‘everest’ that has fully convinced me to see it 

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hello, i hope you dont mind me asking but im brand new in the dc world and ive never read any of the comics but i read your review thing and im wondering if non-comic readers will enjoy the movie just as much, do you think? or should i try to get a grasp on the comics before i watch the film?

i’ll admit i enjoyed this movie because it didn’t spend too much time taking my hand, slowly telling me what’s what and who’s who. it said “you’re a comics fan. you love these characters. see them living and breathing now, you deserve it”. it does explain enough, it just leaves things out that you’ll see in the following movies, things you might find unecessary now but if you’ve read DC comics you’ll be buzzing in your seat because !!!! FUCKING SNYDER!!!. i ’ve seen people call these moments easter eggs but they’re not hidden? they’re there for a few seconds, bright and clear as day, just never explained

you’ll still understand everything, it doesn’t introduce new concepts, it’s a continuation of Man of Steel in many ways. but maybe you won’t be as emotionally connected when all is said and done if you don’t know these characters. maybe you’ll find the pacing bothersome if you’re not used to DC comics because the way the scenes change is the same way panels change. it hasn’t been translated into hollywood format, it’s raw comic material which i found completely refreshing

my opinion is this: go and watch the movie. see these characters, feel them, the way they interact. understand things and allow things to confuse you, don’t be afraid to have questions. allow these images to inspire you to get to know these people. then go read DC comics, take your time. you have enough time until Wonder Woman and Justice League come out (Suicide Squad isn’t heavy with this characters anyway). this is a movie for the fans and you might think “okay… i’m not a fan” but the best thing is, you can be. the best thing is the DCEU will make people WANT to read comics, it’s not an exclusionary universe. people, hardocre fans, had different ways of getting thrown into the universe. if you want it, this can be YOUR way. the film’s characters are in character enough for me to consider this a great way of getting a glimpse of the comics :)


It Follows (2014) Indie Horror Movie Trailer

After a young girl gets involved in a sexual confrontation, she is followed by an unknown force.


It Follows came out 2 weeks ago to only 4 theaters. It did so well that for this weekend it is being released to 1200 additional theaters. If it’s playing near you I urge you go see this. It’s probably one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. I’ll be doing a mini review later today.


The Rated-R-ness isn’t that bad, depending on your personal allowances. I promise! The gore is real quick and not dwelled on, and trust me, I’ve seen worse. Same with the nudity–you never see a single penis, though it is made clear that (insert male character here) is buck naked. Now, there are plenty of male butts, but then, if Pixar can get away with a contingent of male asses, than Deadpool can.

As for the sex, there’s only some of it and it’s all in the beginning, in one big montage, then when that’s over you’ll never see anymore. I can’t tell you how graphic it is…because out of respect (and embarrassment), I simply averted my eyes for the sex montage. But I’m pretty sure you see more blatant fucking in Game Of Thrones than this.

Speaking of which, GOT is actually worse than Deadpool in terms of gore and nudity. You see more and worse in GOT than in DP. So if you can watch Game Of Thrones, you can easily watch Deadpool (the latter of which has better writing, imho).

Also, THE ACTION IS BEAUTIFUL. All throughout the movie, it is. Wonderfully choreographed, it was. Watched, it must be.

And the hUMOR IS ENLIGHTENED. There are plenty of non-dick related jokes, and they’re glorious. I promise, the comedy is good. Also, the fourth wall does not exist–and this is comedically taken advantage of multiple times. ;3


The side-characters and extras in this movie are amazing characters in their own rights. The taxi driver gets plenty of screentime, and every bit of it is gold. Colossus and Negasonic are wonderful additions, I couldn’t have chosen the limited X-Men appearances better if I’d had the full roster on hand. T.J. Miller’s character is every bit as hilarious and salty but lovable as you would think. Blind Al could have had more screen time, but she made excellent use of the time she had, hehehehe.

Also, there’s a Stan Lee cameo. ‘Nuff said.

Finally…this movie has the absolute BEST credits clip EVER!!! It was so good, I’m not going to tell you what it is AT ALL, even if we’re mutuals and you ask. …well, unless you’re a mutual who can’t do the Rated-R-ness, then I’ll relent.

But IF YOU CAN WATCH THIS MOVIE, THAN WATCH IT!!! Fox–no, Hollywood needs to know that great writing and loyalty to source material like what is displayed in Deadpool will be rewarded! Show them that we love this! Show them we want more! Box office sales is what gets their attention (just look at Disney and Frozen), so take advantage of the system!

That is all.

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Hey! Just saw some news where DC is planning to do a movie with just their female heroes and villains! And a lot of people are theorizing that it would be birds of prey or Gotham city sirens!! Which means.... CATWOMAN!!!

It does things to me that you want to deliver this news to me personally :)

It’s starting to look very good for Catwoman in the DCEU. So let’s review: Batman movie as been confirmed for a 2018 release and rumor has it that it might be influenced by Hush and virtually every villain is making an appearance. Now we’re being told that WB is working on some sort of female driven team(s) movie involving Harley Quinn which in all likelihood involves the Gotham City Sirens and I honestly didn’t think I’d live to see the day which means we could potentially be seeing Catwoman in not one but two upcoming movies.

This..this is the reason I joined the fandom