now you know where the icon comes from

ooc psa!

So I’m not at home again until Wednesday, I do have my spare laptop with me but I’m kinda OCD and because I don’t have all my icons on this one I hate to post since I can’t use them? >_> I know it’s ridiculous but I’ll be replying to shorter things likely that I can just download one free use icon of my FC at a time for, lol.

BUT NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS! I officially hit over 200+ followers last night, like omg where did you all come from? I didn’t do a bias list for 100, bc I thought I might be jumping the gun a bit, but I will be doing one for this once I get back home! I appreciate and love all of you so much, you guys seriously don’t know how much I was doubting my ability as a writer and RPer before I came here – each of you that follows me deserves your own personal hug.

Until the middle of the week, be excellent to each other my friends and stay awesome. <3