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Wtf let me fight all those people being assholes to you. You do you, babe. Those people can stuff it where the sun don't shine. *hugs*

Thank you!! This is normally such a lovely fandom and even when people disagree it stays fairly civil (at least in my experience), so I have NO idea where the anon hate was coming from. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an anti-Jonsa shit stirrer who decided to take advantage of a Jonsa disagreement. Who knows.

And I’ve turned off anon for now but thank you for offering to fight for me!!! (aka being the Brienne to my Sansa OMG i’m dead)

(PS: your icon gives me all the Bellarke feels, which I couldn’t resist mentioning even on my Jonsa blog!!!)

Beyoncé is honestly so iconic and amazing. It just like randomly hits me now and again that this queen is literally a true icon! Like everybody know who Beyoncé is no matter is you like her or of you don’t. This woman… no this goddess can do anything she wants just cause she is THAT BITCH! She could end somebody’s career without saying or do a damn thang! Like where the hell did she come from!? Who sent her!? What does she want!?! Beyoncé isn’t apart of the Illuminati because why would you need to be when you already run the world?! Beyoncé could slap the absolute shit outta somebody and nobody would care. That person would probably say thank you for the blessing. BEYONCÉ IS NOT OF THIS WORLD AND SHE IS HERE TO SNATCH ALL OF OUR EDGES Y'ALL! SHE IS HERE TO BE OUR SALVATION AND OUR END!

Boundries ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine

This is just an Imagine I though of and i hope you guys like it (Yes I will continue working on my request :)


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You groaned once again seeing yet another picture of Cameron holding a fans ass.Deep down inside you knew he wasn’t doing it intentionally but still he should be more careful . He’s ‘accidentally’ kissed two fans already,and You weren’t mad at him at all you new it was not intentional at all but it still hurt to see him holding girls,kissing them on the cheek and acting like a couple with them.

You didn’t want to seem jealous or make him fear doing anything with his fans at all you just wanted some boundaries so it wasn’t as offensive.He gets mad when a guy just looks at you So he should understand right? You thought .

After what seemed lie forever of trying to forget about it , Cameron called to face time from Dublin .Now that the tour was international you would never get to see him till the tours over which sucked.

‘Hey gorgeous ’He smiled wide rubbing his sleepy eyes, ‘hey baby did you just wake up?’ you asked. ‘yeah I did it’s 8:30 here ‘ he groaned laying back ‘oh okay well it’s 4 in the morning her ‘ you chuckled . ‘you stayed up ?’ he smiled, ‘of course I did I miss you and look forward to seeing your handsome face in the morning ‘ You chuckled .

‘well tank you I appreciate your kindness’He chuckled,’oh did you see some of the fan pictures it was crazy meeting international fans like this their so different than american girls it’s weird but awesome’He was so excited to meet all of his fans . 

‘oh don’t go switching side’s up now Dallas ‘ You laughed . ‘I’m not it’s just .. i don’t know I guess their accent’s and different look I guess I don’t know’he laughed along with you .

You didn’t want to break his joy or ruin his day, but your heart was breaking each time a new photo came out .

‘listen babe I need to tell you something ?’You bit your lip nervous .

‘yeah whats is it?’ he smiled at you .

‘okay well, I seen the meet and greet pictures and they were cute but ….I don’t know I guess I would appreciate some respect when it comes to taking these pictures ‘ You shot out .

‘what?’He looked at you confused, ‘well I seen numerous photo’s and you were holding them with your hand on their ass which I know was not intentional at all it’s just the way you were holding them, You’ve kissed fans by accident before and you hold their hands and act like a couple in that one minute and it’s just offensive because the fans know about us and our relationship and it can stir things up ‘you sighed relieved to get that off your chest .

‘Y/n I try and make them meeting me amazing and as best as I can , it feels weird having fans pay 150$ to meet me I try to make it worth their while . So I’m sorry if it offends you but I kiss my mom on the cheek,my sister on the cheek fuck even Aaron mom on the cheek ‘ You could tell he was upset and that made you angrier .

‘Listen Ass-whole since you think your all high and mighty in Dublin and have the right to use foul language at me I have a mouth too, I don’t fucking care about kissing people your close with on the cheek where it has no meaning at all . But seeing you kiss all the girls that are crazy over you and will do anything they fucking want I’m scared okay I’m scared i trust you not them, and for you too get mad at me for being hurt by that is wrong in all ways shit you hate when I wear certain things because of the looks I get ‘ You talked stern now .

‘well Y/n what do you do when I tell you to change ?’he smirked continuing ‘you wear them ‘.

He gave one last look before ending the conversation .

you gasped ‘You mother fucker’You said to yourself, gently throwing your phone to the end of the bed .

it didn’t take longer than 10 minutes for apology text’s from cameron to come in.

You decided to not reply but he continued So you just gave him a call.

He quickly answered with a sorrow filed voice, ‘hello’.

‘hi’You said .

‘listen baby I’m sooo sorry i was just really moody and I took it the wring way you know I love my fans and I don’t know for some reason I was thinking you didn’t like me meting my fans ..I know that’s not true at all, It was just a morning mind I guess’You could tell he was sorry .

you yawned before replying,’Babe I know, I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t trying to be offensive or make you feel other wise it was just my feelings and how I feel’You chuckled .

‘Yeah I know I’m so sorry for being inconsiderate and disrespect you an dour relationship’He said chuckling .

‘I know it’s not you it’s just in the moment I know it’s not intentional but apology accepted ‘You chuckled .

‘From now o the only Ass I will ever touch is your’s ’Cameron said causing a laugh from both of you, ‘That’s great’You replied .That phone calls wan’t very long since he had to get ready for mic check and everything .

But it made you feel loved that he took the time to own up to his mistakes and understand where you were coming from .


sorry it’s short I hope you liked it tho let me know pleas it would mean alot ! 

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Saw an earlier post where you expressed some degree of displeasure towards Pepper Potts being some people's favourite character. I'm not disagreeing, just curious as to what's the problem(s) with Pepper are. I am only familiar with the movie and Armored Adventures version and 2 issues worth from the Joe Q run where she was involved with Happy Hogan (if memory serves)

No no no no

Pepper Potts is my favorite character. When I started reading Iron Man, the way I decided what back issues I would search for was “does it have Pepper in it?” And because of that, I get really upset when people say, “Pepper Potts is my favorite character! Matt Fraction’s run was the best/amazing/perfect/I love Rescue!!” etc.

Because Matt Fraction’s Pepper Potts was fucking terrible. No resemblance whatsoever to the Pepper Potts of the past 60 years and the change was not for the better.

There are people who think any female superhero is defaultly feminist and applaud it as such. I disagree with that a lot. It’s like the Bechdel test: the Bechdel test does NOT assess if a work is feminist. It simply shows a terrible pattern. Even in 2015, a lot of movies still fail to meet this simple expectation of “two named female characters talk about something other than a man.” It is a low, low, low criteria that people still fail to meet. To me, a female superhero is the same way. A work is not feminist because there is a female hero. But it helps show how low the standard is. I shouldn’t have to be excited every time a female hero shows in comics because MY GOD, THERE IS ONE!

(Matter of fact, I feel more alienated with every new lady hero because they all seem to be distaff counterparts [and usually distaffs of Spider-Man! How many spider ladies do we need??]. Please give me a female hero whose heroic identity is rooted in HER and not the nearest man.)

So there’s this idea that Rescue!Pepper is defaultly more feminist and a better, more powerful character than the Pepper we used to have.

  • Matt Fraction’s Pepper has no bodily agency. Her body and her ability to be a hero is always, always used as a plot device in TONY’S story.
  • Matt Fraction’s Pepper is terrible in a fight. On at least two occasions that I can remember, the only reason she was not killed was because the bad guy remembered he had something else to do and just leaves. There’s one point where she turns her life-support off because apparently, her being alive gets in Tony’s way. (This didn’t make sense in context AT ALL, so I’m not going to waste my time explaining what was happening. It’s also insulting as fuck to Rhodey, though.)
  • Now, I would not take issue with Pepper being terrible in a fight if she practiced and got better. But she didn’t. And I wouldn’t take issue with Pepper being terrible in a fight if Fraction had not ALREADY ESTABLISHED that she was AMAZING. In the World’s Most Wanted arc, Pepper is the only competent character. Black Widow? Needs Pepper to save her. Maria Hill? Needs Pepper to save her. Madame Masque: Pepper breaks her bones and scalps her. Without armor. Soooo…how come after all that, Pepper can’t hold her own against Hammer Drones, Grey Gargoyle or those Spider-Man villains that I forget who they were?
  • She’s also, and this is the one that bothers me the most, an idiot. She knows she’s not making a difference and she’s bothered about it, but we never see her DO anything about it. There’s one point where she makes a really good point about the futility of the superhero justice system, but she doesn’t make a stand or try to reform it. Tony tells her that he can’t handle the Grey Gargoyle and it was horrible out there and he’s clearly deeply affected by what he saw, so Pepper, who doesn’t have nearly his experience or his familiarity with armor, goes a picks a fight with GG. Gets her ass kicked. “The old guard can’t handle it so the plucky newbie picks a fight” is only inspirational if the plucky newbie wins. Otherwise, the plucky newbie comes off as a moron.


Pepper was awesome.

First important thing to know about Pepper is that she is brilliant. And she’s very active in her brilliance. She’s the kind of person who if she is not pushing herself to the brink of working to death, she is whining about how bored she is. She works full time because just going to college wasn’t challenging enough for her. She needed to do them both at once. If you compile different runs, you can make a case for Pepper having three degrees. So it’s not like she worked her way through college once because she needed to work to pay for it. She worked her way through college multiple times because she was actively bored by not working her way through college.
So, Fraction’s Pepper “I Just Never Learn!” Potts bugged me on that front.

Second thing to know about Pepper is that she’s a fearless badass. Confronted by Titanium Man, she shot him point-blank in the chest. Kidnapped by Hawkeye and Black Widow, her advice to Iron Man is “IT’S A TRAP! STAY AWAY!” The Freak wants to carry you up a bajillion story scaffolding? That’s fine. Dr. Spectrum calls to threaten Iron Man with a Doomsday Device when you want to go home for the day? “We’re closed. Try again tomorrow.”

Third thing to know about Pepper is that she is not comfortable with the armor. Happy knew from the start that Tony was Iron Man and wanted to be an armored person, too. Pepper really put her foot down. And eventually, she cut Tony out of their lives because Happy wanted to fight along side him so badly. When Pepper learned that Tony was Iron Man, she was REALLY mad at him for several issues. She didn’t forgive him until he was in some shit and she realized “oh crap, I need to save him.” By the 90′s, she was more comfortable with it, but she was never very supportive. She questioned Tony of if this was the most effective way to save the world. So, Pepper having and loving this armor rings false for me. If she reassessed her thoughts on superheroes in the wake of Happy’s death and used heroing as a way to get closure, that would be a story I could get behind. But she just LOVES it after decades of disdaining and being uncomfortable. So like…that’s weird.

And finally, Rescue has no weapons because Pepper is a pacifist. HA HA Hahahaha NO Noooope, Pepper shoots guns. (Point blank. At your chest.) Nooooope, Pepper worked for Stark at his most war monger-y and totally lectured people on why his weapons were necessary. There’s a point in Fraction’s run where she tells Tony she doesn’t want anything that comes from his blood money.

Where do you think your paycheck comes from, Pepper?

I really hate Fraction’s run because his characterization was just terrible for everyone and it’s really frustrating for me that so many people put this run on a pedestal as the Best and Most Iconic run for Pepper. 

And I know I shouldn’t get mad at other people for liking what they like or demand now you have to read OTHER stories, but I can’t handle this total lack of critical thought. She’s not a better, stronger character because she is wearing a mask. 


I am a bit magic!cock-sexied out and very short of time, so I just rustled up a flash-fiction for ashermajestywishes sexy swanqueen saturday:

“I think I should give it a name.”

Regina took a few seconds to absorb Emma’s words. Post-orgasmic bliss was still upon her.

“A name?”


“Give what a name?”

“My magic cock.”

Regina cracked open one eye. Her brow furrowed.


“I dunno. Because it deserves one. Because we’d be able to mention it in public. In passing.”

“In passing?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I’m sure I don’t.”

“Like, ‘Will Frank be making an appearance tonight?’" Emma tried to mimic Regina’s deep, clipped tones - not very well, in Regina’s opinion.


“Ok, bad example.”

“Where the hell did ‘Frank’ come from?”

“I said it was a bad example. Jesus Christ.”

“What? No! That would not be appropriate at all.”


“Just because you’re the Saviour, Emma, does not mean you get to appropriate the spiritual icons of this world.”

“I didn’t mean-“

“It’s a cock, Emma. A lovely one, but it doesn’t need a christening. Now shut up and tell your nameless miracle to fuck me again. Hard.”

two things i got from last night’s pitch:

mike knows. i know the fandom’s consensus is that mike is clueless about what he feels, but after last night? he is too well damn aware about the nature of his feelings for ginny. lbr, blip honestly came out and said that the only reason he knew mike wasn’t sleeping with ginny was because he knew mike wasn’t that irresponsible. and that was mike’s face:

he wasn’t flabbergasted or overwhelmed about the idea that blip could even dare to think he’d ever be with ginny. nah, he remained silent because what blip said was true: he wasn’t trying anything with ginny because he wasn’t crazy to risk their career/her reputation/the team’s balance over something that mostly he thinks wouldn’t end up well.

so no, i don’t believe he doesn’t know how he feels for a second. he is intentionally keeping his distance and getting involved with someone that would be another obstacle to be with ginny. the fact it’s her agent is better cause ginny only becomes more of a ‘keep away: do not touch or think about’. 

and you know, i get where mike is coming from. there’s a 13 years age gap and that’s a lot. ginny is barely out of her teens and was thrown in a bizarre situation where she became a historical icon overnight. mike has been working in that world for 16 years, he has been married and got a divorce, he has gone through a wild phase after his divorce and now he is in a crossroad cause his career is hanging by a thread aka he is about to retire and he is trying to figure out what he wants to do next. they are living different moments in their lives right now. the fact amelia has a established career and she is just out of her divorce makes her more of a kindred spirit than you know…someone he actually wants for the sake of wanting and being drawn to (because that’s ginny as you know…canon established with late night calls and their easy rapport that even blip could notice that something was going on there). 

amelia is the master of denial. i mean, canon basically established that during the whole doctor’s office scene with her ex-husband. seriously, it was written in his face he didn’t want to be there trying for another kid. also, although he exploded in the doc’s office, he must have shown his unhappiness before because he wasn’t even trying to hide before. basically, amelia was trying to fix a situation that was already beyond fixing and she was too in denial to accept that. 

i see the same thing happening with mike and ginny situation. she is so clueless about mike’s feelings for ginny like??? i’m amazed tbh. i find her now more interesting than before. i thought she’d be more you know…cunning and try to manipulate the situation but she is clueless. she thinks it’s all hero worship/silly crush from ginny and normal concern to not bother the balance of the team from mike. i really want to see how it’ll play out.

Aoi: Daffun da!* =p
Aoi: I wish someone would make a game like Tomaranaku**. Something like the GazettE members driving!
Aoi: or how about a game where the GazettE members defeat their enemies by kicking empty cans? now that’s a totally new idea, isn’t it? and a name like KICK GAZE
Aoi: a puzzle game where you can change the icons and have to search for the chains would be fun too, ne. and a name like PAZU GAZE! the commercial would be PAZUUU! GAZEEEE!
(then he says something that I’m not sure how to translate)
Aoi: Hm, it’s just a joke but thinking about it is the most fun part, right!
Aoi: well then, seems today I’ll be able to sleep while it’s still dark, so good night. if you come up with any fun ideas, lemme know. g’night world. 

*from what I’ve understood, it’s a punch line of a character in a comedy show, that was also known as the ‘weird uncle’. he’d enter and say “Daffun da!” while making a funny face, accompanied by the sound of glass breaking and everyone else collapsed (?)  **Gekitotsu Toma L’Arc: TomaRunner vs L’Arc-en-Ciel (激突トマラルク?) is a Japan-exclusive racing game for the PlayStation. It is the sequel to TomaRunner and includes members of the Japanese band L’Arc-en-Ciel as playable characters.